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How To Attract A Taurus Woman: 16 Tips That Won’t Backfire

How To Attract A Taurus Woman: 16 Tips That Won’t Backfire

You’ve met a woman who’s beautiful both inside and out, and who’s fearless and bold. A woman who’s radiant and charming.

Of course, we’re talking about a Taurus woman, and I completely get you if you fell in love with her at very first sight.

It’s impossible not to. Women born under this earth sign simply have a personality that makes every man go crazy about them.

Now, let’s cut to the chase and find out how to attract a Taurus woman and win her heart over forever.

First of all, I want to warn you to prepare yourself because you’re about to embark on a very challenging journey. You must be aware that it won’t be so easy to attract a Taurus woman.

However, in the end, you’ll realize that it was worth every trouble you had to go through and every effort you had to make.

We’re talking about a once-in-a-lifetime woman here, so it’s normal that you’ll have to walk through a patch of thorny bushes to get to her heart.

A Taurean woman is emotionally very strong and stable. They aren’t drama queens at all, and they’re always in good touch with their emotions. That’s indeed a quality every man will appreciate.

They’re also bold and independent women who don’t like to be told what to do. No matter how much a Taurean woman loves a man, she’ll never allow him to control her in any aspect of her life.

You’ll never be able to play mind games with her because she’s very intelligent and she really doesn’t have time for that. She’s loyal and she appreciates loyalty above everything else.

Ruled by Venus, the Taurus woman is also known as a Goddess of Love. This nickname is appropriate for her because she is truly in love with life, love, and all other beautiful things.

We mentioned some of the really remarkable traits of a Taurus woman; now it would be fair to talk about their flaws a little bit.

The ruling planet of this zodiac sign is Venus, and that explains why Taurus women are drawn to luxurious things and why material possessions are so important to them.

A Taurus woman is good with managing finances, but she will also fall for a guy who’s able to support her financially.

She’s stubborn and can be pretty harsh and blunt.

Most people think they’re cold-hearted when, in fact, Taurian women are only straight-forward and will always tell the truth no matter how ugly and hurtful to the other person it may be.

They’re also quick to temper and a little bit possessive, so you definitely shouldn’t do something that might piss them off.

As I said, you’re dealing with quite a remarkable woman here, but it’ll be pretty tough to win her heart over.

How To Attract A Taurus Woman: 18 Efficient Tips

Women born under this zodiac sign are very special ladies indeed. Even though they hide the key to their heart very well, it’s possible to find it.

It’ll take time, for sure, but once you manage to win her over, you’ll see it was all worth it because she’s really a woman who’ll stay committed and loyal to you for the rest of her life.

So, if you want to know how to attract a Taurus woman, pay close attention to these tips below.

Become her friend

If the Taurus girl likes you back, the first thing she’ll want to find out is whether you are trustworthy. In order to prove it to her and get her trust, you need to become her friend first.

If you start out as friends, it’ll be easier to maintain the relationship with your Taurus lady later.

Through friendship, you’ll both get a chance to get to know each other better, which will be a huge plus when you decide to start a romantic relationship.

It’ll also allow you to connect on a deeper emotional level, not only physically. Being friends first will also help you two to make sure whether you truly are a good match.

Be confident

You’re dealing with a bold, fearless woman here, and you need to show that you’re bold as well. So, if you want to seduce her, you must man up and show your confidence every time you approach her.

She needs a real man, and if you want to win her over, you need to prove that you’re exactly what she is looking for.

You need to prove to her that you’re aware of your flaws, but that you’ve embraced them instead of allowing them to stop you in any way.

If you have any self-esteem issues, it would be a good idea to work on that before you go on the adventure of seducing a Taurus woman.

Work on your body language and improve your self-image because that’s the only way you’ll leave a good impression.

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She needs an independent man

Taurus girls are independent, and it’s no wonder they want a man who’s independent, too. She’ll never fall for you if you don’t have a clear perspective for the future or if you’re still under your parents’ influence.

Remember, she needs a real man, not a young teenage boy.

She doesn’t have time to be dragged into childish mind games, and she’ll definitely never settle for being someone’s one-night stand.

That’s actually why she’s looking for an independent man who’ll share that same opinion.

Aries, Aquarius, and Gemini men will easily spark her interest because they have a mind of their own and they’re truly in love with their independence.

Don’t think that just because you both appreciate your independence even when you’re in a romantic relationship, you won’t be able to compromise or how it may endanger your relationship.

On the contrary, it can only improve it.

Be emotionally available

If you want to grab her attention, you must show her that you’re in touch with your feelings all the time and that you aren’t afraid of communicating your emotions with her.

A Taurus woman doesn’t have time to guess what’s happening with you or why you have become distant all of a sudden. She wants to be able to talk with her man about everything.

So, if she asks you a personal or an intimate question, you should answer it honestly. Also, be prepared to talk about your past relationships because she’ll most assuredly go there, too.

Prove to her that you’re trustworthy

The qualities a Taurus girl appreciates the most are loyalty and trustworthiness. So, if she ever tells you a secret or confides in you, you shouldn’t tell it to anyone else.

Show her you’re a man of your word and that she can always trust you. If you promise her that you’ll do or won’t do something, you must stand behind your words and keep them.

If you ever give her a reason to doubt you, it’ll be almost impossible to win her over after it.

It’s a well-known fact that Taurus women don’t easily forgive others, and even if she forgives you for a mistake, she’ll surely remember it forever.

Be an active listener

Well, to be honest, all women like to be heard. We all want our partners to really listen to us because there’s truly nothing worse than talking to someone who makes you feel like you’re talking to a wall.

Most people see Taurus women as alpha females, but that’s actually only a facade they have because they don’t want to get hurt by someone they love.

They’re actually very gentle and emotional women who only want to be loved and respected.

That’s why it’s hard for them to open up to someone because they don’t want to seem weak. You have to earn her trust first, and once you manage to do that, she’ll slowly open up to you.

When that moment comes, listen to her carefully and don’t ever interrupt. Try to remember as many details as you can because she’ll appreciate it also.

When she opens up to you, it’s important not to judge her and to show understanding.

Wow her with romantic text messages

Taurus women don’t like to waste time texting, so don’t even think about sending them some long romantic messages.

I may be confusing you, and you’re probably wondering now how to attract a Taurus woman through texting, right?

Well, it’s actually pretty easy. Just pay attention to their style of texting and you’ll know how to text with your Taurus crush.

Keep your texts short, charming, and funny. If you need to text her something important, be direct and don’t beat around the bush because that’s something they hate the most.

Of course, it would be a great idea to surprise her in the middle of the workday with a cute text.

It would also be nice to text her after a date and write how you had a great time with her or impress her with a genuine compliment over a text.

Treat her as a real gentleman

A Taurus woman is a true lady and she wants to have a good old-fashioned gentleman by her side. Simply put, she will fall for a true gentleman like a Gemini or a Libra man is.

If you make a mistake or do something wrong, you should admit it and ask for her forgiveness immediately.

We all make mistakes, but we don’t all want to take the responsibility for our mistakes. That’s something only a true gentleman will do.

Believe me, the little things are those that matter the most. Open a car door for her, don’t keep her waiting, reply to her texts immediately, keep your language clean…

You see, these are all some little things that will cost you nothing, but will mean everything to her.

Surprise her with a luxurious gift

I think that most astrologers would agree that the best way to capture a Taurus woman’s heart is by being affectionate and surprising her with gifts very often.

Money matters to them; they like material things and expensive gifts, and it’s a well-known fact.

She’s a woman who’s ambitious and who knows what she wants from life. She’s also a very successful, hard-working woman who is used to luxurious and finer things.

I’m not saying that you should immediately buy her a nice car; ordering a fine wine and some good food will be perfectly enough. A designer bag or a nice piece of jewelry will do the work, too.

Don’t think that she’s a gold digger just because she’s used to finer things. She’s just a woman who works hard to afford herself things she likes and enjoys, and she wants her man to do the same.

Plan a killer adventure date

You’re dealing with a woman who has a quite adventurous spirit. She isn’t afraid to jump out of her comfort zone and try new things.

That’s why if you want to attract her, you should be a little adventurous, too. The next time you invite her out, plan something different for your date.

For example, if she’s into horoscope and astrology, take her to tarot reading or something similar that isn’t quite familiar to you.

However, you are just getting to know each other, so don’t plan something too intense because you still don’t know her well and don’t know how she will react to it.

She’ll appreciate your effort more than anything, and will definitely start thinking about your next date immediately.

If everything goes well on this date, you should immediately start planning the next memorable adventure date.

Challenge her

Women born under this earth sign are highly intelligent.

Even though they have that ‘no-nonsense’ approach to life and are pretty easy-going, there is nothing else Taurus women like more than being challenged.

She needs to see that you’re as energetic and active as she is. That’s why you have to play hard to get sometimes to spark her interest.

Of course, this is a step you should make only if she has already dropped some hints that she’s interested in you.

Give her just enough personal space to make her wonder where you are and what you are doing. It’ll definitely give her a reason to start missing you, which will make you reach out soon.

Show interest in her interests

In the process of getting to know each other better, you’ll find out what her interests are. Even though they may not be similar to yours, you have to be interested in them.

If she has a hobby, it would be a good idea to ask her to do it (whatever her hobby is) together sometimes.

For example, if she likes reading books, you could ask her what she’s reading right now, read that book yourself, and then discuss it with her. It’ll definitely show her how much you’re into her.

Win her over with humor

How do you attract a Taurus woman? Simply, make her laugh until her ribs start hurting her. She will definitely fall for a man with a great sense of humor.

Most people think that Taurus women are too cold and closed off, but that’s far from the truth. They also like to hang out with people and they always like to hear a good joke.

That’s why your sense of humor will be of huge importance in winning over your Taurus lady. Charm her with a few hilarious jokes and she’ll be yours for sure.

Build a physical connection

As much as a Taurus lady cares for the emotional connection between her and her partner, she cares for the physical one, too.

She’s a queen of seduction, so if you manage to spark her interest, it won’t be hard to realize it.

This doesn’t mean that you should immediately try to take her to bed because you would leave a completely wrong picture about yourself that way.

But, a gentle touch or a romantic at-home night date is definitely a good way to start building a physical connection between you.

Show her you can keep up with her

As you can see, Taurus girls are very active and energetic. They’re always on the move because they have so many goals and dreams they need to achieve.

A Taurean lady doesn’t have time to waste; that’s why she’ll never date a man she can’t picture herself with in the future. So, just to be clear, she won’t fall for you if you can’t keep up with her life tempo.

Be very patient with her

I know I said that Taurus women don’t like to waste time, and if they like something, they’ll want to have it right away. However, things are a little bit more complicated when it comes to their love life.

As much as your Taurean lady seems fearless and strong, she’s actually a woman who is afraid of love.

She’s afraid of being hurt by someone she loves, and that’s why when it comes to her dating life, she prefers to take things slowly.

She might even be a little bit indecisive in the beginning, but that’s all because she really wants to be sure that your intentions are honest before she starts anything serious with you.

Try to be understanding even if she sometimes pushes you away. You’ll see how your patience will benefit you in the end.

I already said that it’ll be hard to capture a Taurus lady’s heart, but it’ll definitely be worth everything in the end.

To Conclude

I hope this list of tips on how to attract a Taurus woman will help you win over the heart of your Taurus lady. You just need to be persistent and very patient.

If you follow all these tips carefully, she won’t have any choice but to fall for you. It’ll be a difficult journey for sure, and it’ll take time, but the truth is, all great things take time.

It’ll be a little bit easier for a Virgo man, a Capricorn, a Scorpio, or a Pisces to attract a Taurus woman because these star signs are the most compatible with them.

While we’re talking about a Tauruses’ love compatibility, it’s also important to say that men born under Aries, Sagittarius, and Aquarius zodiac signs will have to try a little bit harder because, in general, these star signs don’t get along well with Tauruses.

I wish you all the luck with your Taurus lady and I hope you’ll manage to find the right way to her heart. If you do, consider yourself a lucky man because you’ll get a woman who’ll be loyal to you forever.