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15 Things That Attract A Married Woman To Another Man

15 Things That Attract A Married Woman To Another Man

This article is all about exploring the phenomenon of what attracts a married woman to another man.

A variety of factors have been cited throughout history as to why a woman may be attracted to someone outside of her marriage.

These can include emotional and physical needs and feelings of neglect or insecurity, as well as cultural and social norms.

What drives a woman to become physically and emotionally involved with other men? And what are some obvious signs she’s into someone else? Let’s find out!

What Attracts A Married Woman To Another Man?

In this article, we’ll explore the topic that has been puzzling us for ages: what attracts a married woman to another man?

We’ll reveal some surprising secrets that will help you seduce the married woman of your dreams.

1. Physical attraction

The first and probably the most common reason a married woman is attracted to another man is that she finds him physically attractive.

After many years of marriage, it’s possible that she doesn’t feel a spark anymore. Physical attraction is a natural force and something that can’t be ignored.

This force is so powerful that even a happily married woman can still be attracted to someone else. So when the affair starts, it usually only includes physical intimacy.

However, if you’re a great match and spend a lot of time together, it will also turn into an emotional affair.

2. A sense of adventure and fun

The second most common thing that attracts a married woman to another man is the sense of adventure and fun she gets from engaging in an extramarital affair.

A good sense of humor also comes with this package, and that’s what attracts her the most: dirty jokes, dark humor, and dad humor… anything is welcome!

A married woman wants someone who’ll make her day and with whom she’ll forget about her problems, at least for a little while.

Having someone who’s adventurous will give her some sort of excitement knowing she finally has someone she can explore new cities with or go for a hike.

3. Emotional connection and understanding

Falling in love comes spontaneously, and we can never choose who we find attractive. However, it becomes much easier when there’s strong emotional support between two people.

This connection between married people may seem strong in the beginning, but after some time, it decreases, and she becomes an emotionally distant wife.

So, the real reason she’s attracted to another man is that he probably gives her the necessary emotional support she so desperately lacks in her married life.

Often, a married man provides security and stability to the relationship but isn’t able to maintain the emotional support his wife needs, but obviously, you can!

4. Intelligence and wit

Married women have a thing for intelligent and witty men. They seem more mature and stable, but at the same time, extremely charismatic and charming.

And that’s the ultimate formula that will make a married woman say ‘‘bye, bye’’ to monogamy.

So if her male friend or coworker is intelligent, he’ll definitely even unconsciously seduce her with his stimulating conversation and charisma.

She loves the fact that she can finally have some stimulating conversations and not just talk about ‘‘How was your day, honey?’’ followed by radio silence.

5. Lack of intimacy

Sex is an integral part of every relationship. It’s not just a physical connection but an emotional connection as well.

When there’s a lack of intimacy in a marriage, it can lead to loneliness, depression, insecurity, and a variety of other negative feelings.

So, no wonder a married woman will go and find herself someone who’s willing to engage in sexual activities.

Although this is not the best decision for solving the underlying issue, it’s definitely something she thinks is worth risking her marriage for.

6. Respect and appreciation

Respect is the basis of every healthy relationship.

Married women are often tired of their husbands refusing to listen to their opinions or views, not helping around the house, and not respecting their boundaries.

That’s why they’ll appreciate the respect they receive from somebody else.

If the other man treats her with kindness and respect, respects her boundaries, and listens to her without judgment, she would be crazy not to fall from him!

Women aren’t just interested in physical attraction – they love when they find someone who cares about them and respects them. This is your ticket to entering her heart!

7. A sense of security and stability

Every married woman likes to feel secure and stable in her marriage, but not every married man is able to provide this.

Lacking stability and security in a marriage will make every woman feel vulnerable and concerned about the future, and we all know how important those two things are to us.

So if she feels that her marriage has been unstable for a prolonged period, she’ll definitely run out and find someone else who’s able to provide these things for her.

8. A willingness to listen and take her seriously

Women hate being neglected and unheard in a relationship, especially in something as serious as marriage.

So, if a married woman feels like her husband isn’t listening to her, she may have difficulty expressing her feelings…

So those feelings just bottle up inside her until she decides that it’s finally time to find someone who’s willing to take her seriously!

On the contrary, if she finds someone who validates her feelings and opinions, stops what he’s doing to give her his full attention, and is patient when she talks, of course, she’ll fall for him!

9. Genuine kindness and thoughtfulness

When her love life becomes a little rusty, nothing can fix it as well as genuine kindness and thoughtfulness. But what to do if these things are missing?

Well, if you’re wondering, ‘‘What attracts a married woman to another man?’’ here is your answer: a lack of kindness and thoughtfulness in her marriage.

Kindness means being understanding, patient, and generous. It can be as simple as holding a door open for someone, helping with a task, or just offering a friendly smile.

For a married woman, simple acts of kindness can make her feel appreciated, loved, and valued. So yes, kindness can be a reason why she finds someone else attractive even though she has a partner with miserable husband syndrome back home.

10. Married but lonely

I’ve read so many lonely wives’ letters to husbands that I’m pretty aware of how damaging the feeling of loneliness in a marriage can be.

Women begin to isolate themselves due to a lack of communication and intimacy with their spouses.

Social media has the ability to exacerbate loneliness when people compare their own marriages with other seemingly perfect couples.

This leads to the desire to find someone who will make the loneliness go away, and if someone else spends quality time with her, shows affection, and simply…talks to her, then she’ll definitely be attracted to him.

11. Attention

What actually causes the above-mentioned loneliness is a lack of attention from her husband.

When a married woman has a husband who ignores her, doesn’t spend quality time with her, and doesn’t compliment her, it’s normal for her to start to feel lonely.

It’s also normal to expect that she’ll be drawn to someone who pays her enough attention. Paying attention is the best way to win a woman’s heart.

So if her special someone else buys her flowers, has good communication with her, and openly expresses his feelings for her, it will melt her heart and make him the best guy she’s ever met!

12. An ability to make her feel special

Most married women have one thing in common: they want to feel special. When her husband never does anything special for her, be sure someone else will!

The lack of special moments and attention can cause the spark in a marriage to fade.

This creates a void in the relationship that can be difficult to fill and often leads to the married woman falling in love with someone else.

However, in some cases, women only want to feel special and not the person who’s making them feel special. So, be careful!

13. A strong character and strong values

These traits are something every woman wants in a man, no matter if we’re talking about older or younger women – every woman loves a mature guy!

A clear sign you have a good partner is if he has a strong character and strong values.

The world today is full of men who lack these qualities, so when you spot a man who has them, it’s like you’ve found a buried treasure – only the treasure isn’t goals but his ability to make decisions that are in his and your best interest.

14. She has a critical and controlling husband

Critical and controlling husbands are every woman’s worst nightmare. She doesn’t need someone who doesn’t trust her and will try to control every step she takes.

This can be emotionally damaging if it continues for a long time, so no wonder she’ll look for someone who will be her safe place.

When she’s married to someone who’s overly critical and misinterprets everything she says, then every relaxed and open-minded man will get her attention.

15. Her partner has an addiction

When her husband suffers from an addiction, it creates an avalanche of problems, starting from mental health issues and having a selfish husband who only cares about drugs and spends all their money on them.

Therefore, a married woman will feel helpless and powerless and try to find stability and comfort elsewhere.

She’ll turn to a male friend for comfort, which can result in an inappropriate friendship and later on falling in love with the other man.

10 Signs A Married Woman Is Attracted To You

So now that we know what attracts a married woman to another man, you’re probably wondering what the signs are a married woman is attracted to you.

It can be tricky to tell, but there are some telltale signs of attraction that cannot go unnoticed. So let’s see what those signs are.

1. She touches you frequently

They always say that actions speak louder than words, so if a married woman constantly initiates physical touch, it’s probably one of the biggest signs she’s attracted to you.

These may be seemingly random, subtle touches, like brushing your arm with her hand when she talks to you or giving you a hug when she sees you.

Physical contact is her way to create a connection between you two without saying a single word. When you’re alone, she’ll use the opportunity to touch you more sensually, such as caressing your face or neck.

2. Her body language tells you

Female body language can tell you if a married woman is interested in you. For example, if she makes prolonged eye contact with you, this is her way of getting your attention.

Also, she’ll seem nervous around you and will try to mirror your behavior. So, expect that she’ll laugh at your jokes and agree with your opinions.

She’ll act flirty around you and will probably ask you flirty questions. Those are some pretty easy-to-spot signs when it comes to her body language.

3. She lies to her husband about where she is

This can manifest in a variety of ways, from sneaking away for lunch with you to not telling your husband about an outing you two had together.

Okay, you might think this is just a harmless white lie, but in fact, it might be a sign she’s attracted to you.

If a married woman is into you, she’ll feel the need to keep her interactions with you a secret. She feels guilty or embarrassed about her feelings, so lying can help her maintain a sense of control over the situation.

She knows that by lying to her husband, she’s able to protect her marriage and, at the same time, build trust with you.

4. She talks about her marital issues with you

When a woman is attracted to someone, she’ll often confide in them and seek advice. You are probably someone who can give her a natural opinion on problems occurring in her marriage.

You will be more objective and less judgmental than her spouse. She’s hoping for your support and understanding, something she never receives from her husband.

But she’s also trying to gauge your reaction to her marital issues. If she sees that you’re compassionate and understanding, she’ll feel a deep emotional connection with you.

She’s probably also hoping to get a romantic response from you.

5. She’s in a good mood when she’s around you

One of the most reliable signs of attraction, however, is the woman’s mood when she is around you.

If she is in a good mood, it’s a sign that she is likely interested in you, especially if she’s usually reserved or serious.

You’ll get final confirmation that she’s into you if she utters comment like ‘‘I love how I forget about my problems when I am with you,’’ or ‘‘Your jokes are so funny they make my day.’’

6. She texts you all the time

If a married woman constantly looks for excuses to text you, it’s probably because she’s attracted to you.

She wants to stay connected with you, especially if she hasn’t seen you for a while. Also, this is a great way to flirt with you.

She may be too shy to flirt in person, but that’s why social media exists! She will be less shy and more open and even use this as an opportunity to confess her feelings for you.

7. She becomes playful around you

Teasing you and acting playful around you is a sign she’s attracted to you.

She looks you right in the eye and makes bad jokes about how your favorite soccer team lost last night. And no, this isn’t a sign she hates you.

On the contrary, it’s a sign she’s really into you. I know you’re probably thinking that this behavior is childish, but trust me, she’ll do it in a very classy manner.

Why? Because she knows she’ll get your attention and that you’ll think about her later.

8. She wants to spend time alone with you

If a married woman wants to spend time with you, it’s a sign she’s comfortable enough being alone with you, and it provides an opportunity for her to be more flirtatious without any interruptions.

When two people who like each other find themselves in a private space, the possibilities are endless, and she knows that and isn’t afraid to take the risk!

9. She’s overly interested in your private life

Being coworkers and acquaintances is one thing, but being that interested in your life is a sign she’s definitely into you.

She wants to know everything about you, your zodiac sign, your hobbies and interests, and your favorite meal and TV show.

This is her way of getting to know you better and gaining a better understanding of who you are.

10. She talks about the future with you

If a married woman makes plans for the two of you to do something together, it’s a sign she has feelings for you.

Pay attention to what she says – if she mentions activities like getting coffee, checking out a new restaurant, going to a movie, or attending a Coldplay concert, it could be a sign she’s interested.

Don’t be afraid she’ll just want to remain friends – the more she suggests doing activities together, the more likely it is that her feelings are romantic.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, what attracts a married woman to another man isn’t a big phenomenon. Physical attraction is the most common thing that attracts a woman to someone else.

However, we can also say that she also finds everything she lacks in her own marriage attractive, whether it’s respect, intimacy, or attention.The conclusion is simple: love is unpredictable and mysterious, and it can draw a married woman to someone else in the most unexpected ways.