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The Ultimate List Of Couple Goals For The Happiest Relationships

The Ultimate List Of Couple Goals For The Happiest Relationships

Lately, the phrase couple goals has taken a life of its own. You can’t scroll down your social media profiles (Instagram, Tumblr, Facebook) without this cute couple hashtag.

You see it in articles everywhere, and even your best friend claims to be an expert on relationship goals and wants you to take note!

Having couple goals is actually a sign of a healthy relationship (if you don’t take it too far, that is).

It shows you care about your relationship enough to set certain standards for yourselves and abide by them for the sake of keeping your significant other happy and your love life thriving.

Taking care of your long-term relationship is a noble act that only those in healthy relationships understand and aspire to.

Having a serious relationship is sometimes so much work, so it’s necessary to become that happy, silly couple and celebrate your special moments to make the relationship work.

Usually, when I see the phrase couple goals, especially written as a hashtag, it rarely signifies the actual relationship goals a couple should strive to maintain.

It’s usually just cute selfies of couples holding hands and screenshots of text messages between the two of them that one partner deems couple goals, even though they aren’t real relationship goals.

So recently I’ve decided to embark on a little couple goals mission in which I’ll explore a multitude of healthy relationships that I’m privy to while also branching out to different couples I don’t know in order to find out how they would define couple goals and what it means to them!

I’ve discovered some truly eye-opening truths from the married couples and serious relationships I’ve been researching and received some note-worthy relationship advice that I will forever cherish.

A Love life can be such an unpredictable journey that’ll take you for a spin and leave you forever changed in all the most unexpected, yet, inspiring ways!

Only that kind of love is worth fighting for because without ups and downs, how do you know you’ve got what it takes to survive?

The best relationship is the one you don’t feel the need to brag about because it leaves you so happy and fulfilled that any irrelevant humble brags would spoil all the love you’ve been experiencing.

The best couple consists of two people who respect each other’s differences, appreciate each other’s similarities, and find a middle ground without sacrificing their happiness. 

It’s not about looking a certain way and taking each other on expensive and luxurious date nights.

It’s about those little things you don’t read about in magazines because they’re not as attractive on paper, even though they’re the basis of any healthy relationship.

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Ultimate Couple Goals For The Best Relationships

What you’re about to read is a collection of one hundred percent real experiences from various couples that have been making their relationship work thanks to these little priceless bits of advice that can truly be considered couple goals.

At the end of the day, we all strive for happiness.

And if you’re able to make your life partner and best friend happy while feeling the same way, I’d take that as a win and keep doing what clearly works!

Once you realize it’s not about fancy clothes, expensive restaurants, and parading your love life on social media, you’ll see what I’m talking about here.

These relationship goals are what every couple should strive for and live by.

Take this as the best relationship advice you’ll receive because everyone can do it without breaking a sweat.

Read to find out if you and bae fit into the couple goals profile, and see how you can work toward that goal from today on.

1. You’re dedicated to spending time together while maintaining your independence

When two people get together, it’s inevitable that they’ll eventually start mimicking each other’s habits and behaviors without being fully aware of it. That’s what love does to people. 

But when you’re able to maintain your independence while still fully enjoying your time with bae, that’s what I would consider as being couple goals

Making time for your partner is of crucial importance, and making sure date nights happen regularly as well as being there through thick and thin. 

But only the best couples are aware of and understand the fact that alone time is necessary to grow on your own and spend time pursuing your individual goals and passions. 

2. Driving around together, simply enjoying each other’s company

Like I’ve already said, it’s the little things that mean the most. 

When you’re able to just sit in a car, without any particular destination in mind and drive around, knowing there’s nowhere else you’d rather be, that’s the sign of a happy couple with the right mindset.

Getting lost in this fast, unpredictable world is easy, but enjoying a simple ride with your significant other while appreciating that moment in time is what relationship goals are all about. 

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3. You’re willing to learn as you go

Real couple goals are when both partners are always willing to learn and embrace new things about one another without stifling each other’s growth.

It’s important to always have room to grow and mature as an individual as well as part of a couple. 

And true love means letting your significant other flourish into the person they aspire to be without holding them back. 

Learn about each other and accept each other through life and see how fulfilling a real healthy relationship can be.

4. Sticking to your romantic routines

As a couple, it’s crucial to have a little date night ritual that you stay true to because sometimes, it’s really hard to find the time for each other. This is why date nights are crucial and priceless.

It shows your partner you’re willing to do whatever it takes to see them, no matter where you are right now. Prioritizing each other is the number one rule of relationships.

5. Being gym rats together

You know what they say; couples who sweat together, stay together!

All kidding aside, going to the gym and taking care of your bodies as a couple (outside of the bedroom) is a major plus for your relationship.

It shows dedication to being healthy and fit while encouraging your partner to do the same!

6. Making each other’s day with little tokens of appreciation

Want to talk about couple goals? How about bringing your girlfriend flowers after work for no other reason than to bring a smile to her face?

How about picking up your partner’s dry-cleaning while he’s at work and giving him a reason to be happy and thankful for you as soon as he enters the door?

It’s those everyday things that make all the difference!

Helping each other out in small yet significant ways and therefore showing how committed you are and how much you love stepping up for them whenever they need you to (especially when they don’t even expect it).

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7. Hugs are all the rage

Do you know what I love even more than kissing? Hugs!

When I’m brushing my teeth (looking like an alien) and my man comes from behind and gives me a hug just because he can’t help it!

Does anything scream couple goals more than those unexpected signs of affection? Hug your person every chance you get, and show them how happy it makes you to be doing life with them.

8. Holding hands

Obvious much? I know, I know. But it can’t go unmentioned; it’s just too darn important. Hold your partner’s hand every chance you get.

When you’re walking down the street, going shopping, crossing the road or simply craving their touch.

I can’t stress how important it is to hold hands to keep the spark alive. Not much can trump physical touch.

9. Expressing love in the silliest ways

Every couple has their own silly things that only they get and weird ways to show their love to each other that may seem peculiar to outside people but to them, they’re the sweetest things ever. Let me give you an example!

When I was with my ex-boyfriend, he’d always get me a huge teddy bear (the kind you win at fairs) whenever I was feeling sad or low.

To others, it may seem over the top or weird, but to me, it meant the world!

He knew why I loved those big, fluffy stuffed toys (a personal reason only he was familiar with), and he’d always make my day with that simple yet thoughtful gesture.

10. Going grocery shopping together

This one may seem a bit out there, but I’ve discovered that every single couple I talked to during my little research expedition had one thing in common; they would all go grocery shopping together as much as possible. 

They told me that since they live life together, eat together, and clean together, it only made sense to go shopping for things they’d be making and later on consuming together.

I was surprised how much that actually made sense. You’re doing life together, so why not go do those everyday life things together as well?

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11. Taking silly selfies together

You’re just lounging around on your sofa, looking not so glamorous while bae is holding you in their arms and watching Netflix, and what’s the most natural thing to do at that moment (other than the thing you just thought of)? Take a silly couple selfie!

And the best thing? You don’t give a shit what you look like! You don’t even feel the need to splash it all over social media.

It’s just a beautiful, calm moment between two lovers, and you wanted to commemorate it. It’s just for the two of you to remember this special moment.

12. Knowing what bae wants without them saying a word

When you’re in a long-term relationship, reading your partner’s mind kind of becomes second nature, don’t you think?

When you’re truly in love and dedicated to your relationship, you’re able to read their mind without them having to utter a word.

So when you’re significant other is having a hard time with something, you already know what it is, no words necessary. 

And that makes it easier on both of you as sometimes, it’s hard to express what you want, but when you have a partner who reads you like an open book, it feels like true couple goals right there. Sometimes, words are very unnecessary.

13. Taking a bath together

This doesn’t require much explaining, right? After a long-ass day at work, and God knows how many issues later, taking a bath with your bae is the truest form of total relaxation.

Your naked, relaxed bodies enjoying each other with bubbles all around and a glass of wine sitting right next to the tub while slow jams are playing on the stereo… What more can a person wish for?

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14. Wearing matching clothes and rocking them proudly

You know those awesome jackets that say ”My King” and ”My Queen” on the back? How cool would it be to get those for each other for Christmas and then rocking them when you’re feeling badass-y?

Now that’s something worthy of social media attention with the biggest couple goals hashtag ever. Just a thought.

15. Realizing how in love you are at the most random moments

Sometimes, I’ll be sitting on the bed, doing my crossword and when I look up, I’ll see my man dancing like a lunatic in his pajamas to his favorite jam and singing at the top of his lungs while going from our bedroom to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

It’s those moments when I realize how darn lucky I got and how in love I am with this man.

There’s nothing I’d rather be doing in those moments than watch him during his one-man show, happy as a clam.

That’s my happy place, and nothing will ever be able to trump those silly, special moments.

16. Talking about the hard things

You know… it’s easy being in love when the road is smooth and there’s nothing disturbing your romantic flow.

But life rarely gives you smooth sailing from beginning to end.

There will come a time when shit will hit the fan, and you won’t be able to find a solution.

The best relationships are those that go through the biggest storms and manage to come out the other end.

Yes, it’s going to get difficult, and you won’t always have an easy time loving them the way you do now.

But couples who stick it out are those that face their issues head-on and talk it all out. No passive-aggressiveness, slamming the door or ghosting.

Talking about it until you find a middle ground. That’s relationship goals.

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17. Picking each other up after long trips

Is there anything more exciting than bae returning from a long-ass work trip and you counting the days until they’re back in your arms?

What makes it even better is when you’re the one picking them up from the airport and that long hug after locking eyes and running to each other as if you’re in a movie. Priceless!

18. Loving each other’s families

If you want your relationship to work, one of the biggest contributors to that is being appreciative of your partner’s family.

If this person is who you intend to spend your life with, then his family is going to become like your family too. And making the effort to know them and to love them is what relationship goals means.

It’s really important to your partner that you get along with their family and that means truly doing your best to embrace them.

Couple goals don’t just mean being cute and silly together. It’s about family, loyalty, and upheld promises.

19. Weekends in (spent cuddling in front of the TV)

Yes, it’s important to have date nights and have fun nights out with each other.

But the thing that’s just as important are quiet weekends in, when it’s just the two of you, snuggled up under your blanket, talking, laughing and having movie marathons.

As you grow older, you start seeing the importance of those simple, comfy moments spent doing nothing but choosing it over anything else.

That’s when you know you’ve achieved true couple goals. When you can spend your weekends just enjoying being together and not needing to go out and party your ass off.

20. Being connected emotionally, intellectually and sexually

The basis of any long-lasting relationship is being on the same wavelength. It doesn’t just happen, and you certainly don’t vibe with everyone which is totally fine.

But the happiest couples are those that feel connected on an emotional, intellectual, and sexual level. The happiest married couples know the importance of these essential pieces of marriage advice

There’s no need to hide any parts of yourself. There’s no sugarcoating anything. It’s always complete honesty,and you know that you’ll always be heard.

You’re in sync on all levels, and you’re one hundred percent in the same place.

Emotionally, you fulfill each other. Intellectually, you’ve always just been able to get each other, and sexually, you’re compatible, open, and totally free. 

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