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Dear Ex, You Were Right. I’ll Never Find Another Like You-I Found Someone Better Than You.

Dear Ex, You Were Right. I’ll Never Find Another Like You-I Found Someone Better Than You.

You were such a misogynistic, arrogant asshole. I hope to God no one finds someone like you. It’s no wonder all your ex’s left you.

To all those who had a bad relationship and were told the famous “You’ll never find someone like me”, this is for you.

Because God only knows how many people hear that everyday.

Remember when you used to blow up my phone when I didn’t reply within a couple of  minutes? Remember when you got mad that I wanted to spend time with my friends and family?

Remember when you swore you would never treat me like crap? Well, I do. You treated me like absolute trash.

You claimed you “loved” me when all you ever did was hurt me. You sure had put on a great show when we were together.

I now realize it was just a way to get me under your thumb so you could control me.

Remember when I moved in with you, thinking that it was going to be amazing? Well, I was sadly mistaken. You just wanted me all to yourself, and that’s what you got.

Remember when you didn’t even let me spend Christmas with my own family?

You never let me have sleepovers with friends, or even let me go take a walk by myself? Why were you so controlling?

You got what you wanted—what more could you have possibly needed? How was that love? You claimed you loved me but no one isolates and controls someone they so call, “love.”

It took me 4 years to finally realize you were using me for your own benefit. Before I left, you kept crying, saying that I’ll never find someone like you.

Well, I hate to break it to you but, I found someone so much better than you—so technically you were right, they’re nothing like you.

They actually give me space; they don’t make me feel controlled or like I am obligated to do shit for them—unlike you did.

I hope you learn from your mistakes because no one will want to be with you if you do not change your ways.

So, have fun being single. Have fun cooking your own food and wiping your own ass because I am not around to do shit for you anymore. Yeah, I said it.

Remember when you used to make me cook every single meal for you because you were a lazy piece of shit? I remember it all too well.

Also, remember when you were “sick” and I literally had to give you a shower and clean your whole damn body because again, you were lazy and used me for your benefit?

Not anymore. I am not at your beck and call any longer. By all means, you can try to find someone that will be your slave, but I am no longer and I can thank God for that.

Ever since I left, life has been great, so don’t think for one second that I miss you—because I don’t.

Go ahead and tell your narcissistic self that it was MY fault and that you didn’t do anything wrong because deep down, you know you treated me like shit.

I honestly hope you feel sorry for yourself, and I hope one day, you will miraculously realize that I was the best thing that ever happened to you—not the other way around.   

Sincerely, your much happier ex.

Ex’s are Ex’s for a reason, and I believe they were put into our life as lessons.

To all the people who had a crazy ex, an ex that just treated you like garbage, an ex that you wish would kinda… die a slow and painful death? This is for you..

by Courtney Lynn