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How To Flirt With Your Husband In 30 Sassy And Seductive Ways

How To Flirt With Your Husband In 30 Sassy And Seductive Ways

Back in your dating years, you used every chance you got to seduce your then-boyfriend.

You would wink at him, have a wide smile every time you saw him, tease him and touch him whenever possible.

However, when your marriage started falling into a rut, all of this got lost on the way.

So, now the thing you are trying to figure out is how to flirt with your husband.

You two have been married for ages and the butterflies are long gone.

Whether you like to admit it or not, the truth is that you started taking each other for granted.

You’re not going anywhere, so there is no point in trying, right?

Well, sadly, this is how most married couples start to think after some time. In fact, it’s perfectly normal for the chemistry to fade away.

So, what can you do to make things different in your marriage? How can you revive the passion in your relationship and spice things up?

How to turn on that little switch in his head and make your husband fall back in love with you?

How to be a more seductive wife? How to flirt with your husband?

Kiss him when he least expects it

Sadly, after years of marriage, a lot of couples lose the habit to kiss and hug each other unexpectedly.

I’m not talking about kissing when you both get home, when you wake up or before you go to sleep.

I’m talking about seeing your husband doing some chores around the house and you walking out just to give him a big, fat kiss.

I’m talking about passing by him in the kitchen and leaving everything you are doing for a kissing session.

Therefore, if you’re trying to figure out how to flirt with your husband, this is one of the answers.

Every once in a while, surprise him with a kiss and remind him what butterflies feel like.

Arrange date nights

If you’re wondering how to flirt with your husband again after years of marriage, the answer is actually pretty simple; investigate some new date ideas for you two.

I’m sure you two were dating at the beginning of your relationship, just like any other couple.

You both planned your encounters carefully and you both tried hard for each one of those dates to be special.

However, it all changed once you said your vows. At first, you were so happy about moving in together that you didn’t even think about going out.

Later, your busy lives caught up with you. Even if you had the desire to arrange a date night, you were too tired to do so.

Well, it’s about time that changes. No matter how busy you are, always find one or two nights a month to pretend that you’re in your dating years again.

To spice things up, you can act like you’re on a blind date. Let your husband court you and meet up with each other once again.

Shower together

No matter how tired or busy you are during the day, you always have enough time and energy to take a shower before going to bed.

Well, why wouldn’t you use this time to spend it together?

Naturally, you won’t announce this to your hubby. Instead, the next time you see him going to the bathroom, just surprise him and join him.

Make this a habit of yours and turn it into a great bonding experience.

Use food as a simple way to his heart

This might sound like an old-fashioned cliché but trust me, it really is the truth.

Men are actually pretty simple beings and they can always be lured in with the help of food. I’m sure your husband loves a good meal as well.

For example, you can serve him your own handmade fortune cookies. Find a recipe and put a flirtatious message inside each one of them.

Alternatively, make him an edible love card. Write him a love message on a piece of cake or write, “I love you,” with alphabet pasta.

At the end of the day, believe me, he will be more than happy if you just prepare him his favorite meal after a long day at work. This will show him that you care.

Write a list of ‘reasons why I love you’

I’m sure you’ve already heard about the idea to write a certain number of reasons why you love your partner.

Well, this is another thing that never goes out of style.

No matter the type of man your spouse is, a gesture like this will certainly put a smile on his face.

However, don’t allow him to read all of your reasons right away. Instead, you can, for example, write down 365 reasons why I love you.

Put them in a jar that you can decorate according to his taste.

Now, he’s got an entire year to read each one of the reasons; one reason a day.

Make love coupons

Love coupons are a fun way to bring something new to your marriage and to spice up your everyday life.

Besides, this is a simple act of love toward your husband that he’ll simply be thrilled with.

Basically, you print out or write down a bunch of favors or kind gestures your spouse would like to receive from you, accompanied by some sweet messages.

You can write things, such as ‘one kiss’, ‘showering together’, ‘a foot massage’, ‘neck rub’, ‘two minutes of holding hands’, ‘a half an hour cuddling session’ and so on.

Once your partner receives these coupons, he has the right to use them whenever and wherever he likes.

You can be asleep or tired but you have to fulfill the promise from the coupon.

Of course, every coupon can only be used once and will have an expiration date, after which he can’t use them.

Send cheeky photos

What could be a better or more romantic way to heat up your romance than by sending your husband naughty photography of yourself?

Once he gets the photos, his imagination will go wild and he won’t be able to control the urge to see you.

The most important thing here is not to announce your intention. Surprise him and send the photos out of nowhere.

Tease him by sending the photos in the middle of an important meeting, when he is at work.

This way, you’ll make sure that you’ll stay on his mind for the whole day until he comes home.

Give him compliments and words of affirmation

No matter what your husband’s love language is, we all love a word of affirmation or two and seeing that we’re appreciated in our relationship.

Besides, it’s a common misconception that only women enjoy being complimented.

People assume that it’s a man’s job to tell his other half how beautiful, pretty or intelligent she is, while she is the one blushing.

Well, this couldn’t be further from the truth. You see, men like being praised as well.

Even though your husband will never directly fish for compliments, this is certainly one of the most romantic ways to flirt with him.

For starters, make your husband realize that he is appreciated and that you’re happy to have him around. Boost his self-esteem and show him that he’s a real stud.

Arrange a couples massage

It would be awesome if you could afford a spa day every once in a while.

It can be a romantic weekend or just a few hours at a nearby place where you’ll get massages and have some time to relax.

However, if you’re out of time or money, you can always arrange a day like this at home.

Be your husband’s massage therapist and give him a sensual body massage or rub his neck to clear the tension.

Besides being beneficial to his health, this kind of physical touch also brings you two closer.

Have a book club night

Whether you like it or not, the fact is that you and your spouse spend most of your time apart.

Well, that is why you should pick a book that both of you can read in your free time.

Afterward, arrange a book club night but just for the two of you. Once you’ve finished reading, sit down and comment on it.

Just make sure you pick a love story. Compare the characters in the book with you two and use their story as background for flirtation with your husband.

Have your own secret language

A simple way to strengthen the bond between you and your significant other is to make you both feel that you’re a part of a team.

You should have your own little world that nobody, including the rest of your family members, can have access to.

Create a bond when you’re around others by using a secret language and codes only you know the real meaning of.

For example, if you see your husband wearing the shirt he wore when you two met for the first time, you don’t have to comment on it in front of everyone.

Instead, just give him a mysterious smile and compliment the shirt.

Alternatively, you can use some references about what happened last night. Tease him and make him remember your encounter, without anyone else realizing it.

This way, he will understand the background of your compliment and only you two will remember that special night.

You two will feel like children, united to hide your love from the rest of the world and that will make it even more special.

Leave love notes in unexpected places

Remember those reasons why you love your husband? Well, another way of writing them down is on a bunch of Post-its.

However, the trick is to put these little notes in unexpected places so your husband gets a surprise every time he sees one.

You don’t have to only write, “I love you.” You can also compliment him or just put smiley faces on the little notes.

Put these love notes in his lunch box, leave them on the bathroom mirror (you can use your lipstick or dry erase markers) or in his pocket, on the bedroom door or on his windshield.

Make sure he keeps finding them throughout the day, so he can never stop thinking about you, even if he tries.

Dance for his eyes only

Dance is one of the purest forms of seduction. It doesn’t matter if you have the moves, a woman dancing for her man’s eyes only is the most sensual thing in the world.

Well, this is exactly what you should do. Dim the lights in your bedroom, wear a daring outfit and put some relaxing music on.

Ask your husband to lie back, relax and watch. Seduce him by dancing right in front of his face but don’t ask him to join you.

In fact, don’t even let him touch you. His only job is to enjoy your moves and body and that is exactly what will tease him the most.

Arrange a scavenger hunt

When you have some extra time on your hands, arrange a scavenger hunt.

However, you will be the gift waiting for your spouse at the final destination.

Ask him out on a date but don’t tell him where you will be waiting for him. Instead, make him investigate your location.

Leave traces and directions at each level he passes. Finally, when he does find you, give him a night he’ll never forget.

Play love songs

Music is a way to all of our souls and your hubby is no exception. Therefore, if you want his heart to pound a little faster, I have a zero-effort idea for you.

Just put on some love songs and heat up the atmosphere right away.

It would be best if you put on the songs that played when you two first met or had your first kiss, the song from your wedding dance or ones that remind you of another important event in your relationship.

When your husband is away from you, just text him a link to one of these songs or make a playlist for his ears only.

Use social media to your advantage

Modern problems require modern solutions. Therefore, if you’re worried about how to flirt with your husband nowadays, I advise you to use social media to your advantage.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying that you should post too daring photos of yourself and allow other men to comment.

Instead, use direct messaging for this purpose. For example, DM your husband with a steamy photo of you.

However, don’t let him save the photo and put an auto-destruct timer on it. This way, you’ll always leave him wanting more.

Also, you can just post a status update or a Tweet about how much you love him.

This is a great reminder for him that you’re proud of your marriage and that you want the entire world to see it.

Text him out of the blue

You’re wondering how to flirt with your husband through texting. Well, let’s do a little experiment.

Take your phone and analyze the text messages you’ve been sending to and receiving from your husband in the last few months.

I bet that most of them are you telling him to get the clothes out of the dryer, him explaining how to change a flat tire, you reminding him that it’s his mom’s birthday or him telling you to pick up the children on your way home from work.

I’m sure you can see where I’m going. There are no more sweet text messages like from the beginning of your relationship.

You know very well what I’m talking about; those texts that never failed to put a smile on your face.

Well, it’s time to change that. When your husband least expects it, send him a love text, a flirty text, or a flirty joke.

If you two didn’t see each other before going to work, send him a good morning text. Tell him how much you love him and that you can’t wait to see him, just like that, out of the blue.

Use cheesy pick-up lines

Imagine this scenario. Your husband is getting ready for work, you’re both cranky and tired, waiting for another busy day ahead of you.

You’re at your doorstep, walking him out. He is putting his shoes on and you tell him, “Hey, don’t forget to tie your shoes. I don’t want you falling for anyone else.”

As cheesy as this pick-up line sounds, trust me; it will brighten both of your days. It will put a huge smile on your husband’s face and it will sweep him off his feet.


Your husband might pretend to be this big, tough guy. He probably wants everyone to see him as this macho man who has no vulnerable side and who never shows affection.

However, I can assure you that the truth is quite different and that is why one of the most effective forms of flirting is cuddling with your spouse.

Whenever you go to bed, always make sure you’re as near him as possible. It doesn’t matter how long you two have been together, never fall asleep with your backs turned to each other.

Even if this happens and you’re too hot to be too close to each other, let your backs and butt cheeks touch.

When you’re spooning, don’t expect him to always be the big spoon. Instead, just wrap your arms around him and let him feel protected and secure next to you for a change.

From time to time, ask him to stop whatever he’s doing and put his head in your lap. Allow him to have a break for a moment and relax in your presence.

Have a romantic movie night

You don’t have to go to the cinema to enjoy a movie with your other half. Instead, you can do it in an intimate setting in the privacy of your own home.

Naturally, you won’t pick an action movie. Instead, choose a romantic comedy or an epic love story.

If you have space, get yourself a projector, put some pillows on the floor and turn your bedroom into a real cinema.

A horror movie is also a good choice, just because it gives you a chance to cuddle next to your husband every time a scary scene pops up.

All that is left is to make some popcorn and to make the best out of your night.

Use inside jokes

Teasing your husband with some healthy humor is always a great idea. No, you should never make fun of him or mask your insults with jokes.

Instead, use some inside jokes, especially when you’re in the company of your best friends or other family members.

Tease him and refer to some ‘you just had to be there’ moments.

This is another way of keeping your secret little universe intact and shielded from the rest of the world.

Most importantly, these inside jokes will serve you as a reminder that no matter the circumstances, you’re still the same people from the beginning of your relationship.

Yes, you may have kids now. You probably have a mortgage, you pay your taxes and you’re two responsible adults.

However, those kids you were when you first met are still alive, hidden inside of you.

Have some alone time

The number one problem between married couples that is actually one of the main causes of all the other problems in their relationship is a lack of alone time.

This is actually pretty expected. You’re torn between your career, the kids, your extended families and all other duties adult life brings.

So somewhere along the way, you happen to forget that you are not just parents or taxpayers; you’re still a romantic couple.

That’s why I’m begging you to always find time for just the two of you.

If you have kids, find a babysitter or ask your family members to take care of them for a few hours.

Don’t worry, this doesn’t make you bad or selfish parents. In fact, it’s just a sign that you value your marriage enough that you want to work on it.

Maintain deep eye contact

When you like a guy, the first thing you’ll do to attract him is look him deeply in the eyes.

After all, deep eye contact is a commonly known body language sign that you’re into someone.

Nevertheless, when people are in a relationship, they lose the habit of looking at each other in the eye. It’s like they forget the importance of this initial contact.

That is why you should use every opportunity you can to look at your partner seductively. It doesn’t matter where you are, who is with you or what you’re doing, just give him ‘that’ look.

I can assure you that it will instantly wake up the butterflies in his stomach, just like it did at the beginning of your relationship.

Also, don’t forget to check him out when he passes by you. Let him know that you still find him attractive and handsome after all this time spent together.

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Wear seductive outfits

You and your husband live together so most of the time, he probably sees you without any make-up on and in your PJs, sweatpants or loungewear.

Let’s get one thing clear; nobody expects you to look like you’ve just gotten off a runway 24/7.

After all, you’re not a Barbie doll, you’re a real-life woman whose only purpose in life is not to dress up.

However, if you’re trying to figure out how to flirt with your husband, wearing seductive outfits from time to time is the way to go.

Don’t wear anything too revealing. Instead, make him guess what’s underneath all of your layers but always be intriguing.

You can also play a little game in which he picks your outfit for the day just because he is the only one who’ll get the chance to take it off in the evening.

Try it for yourself and you’ll see that it works like a charm.

Don’t forget about physical affection

Physical contact is a crucial part of every romantic relationship. It keeps you two bonded and it keeps the intimacy alive.

Nevertheless, I’m not talking about bedroom activities here only. I’m referring to hugging your partner, holding hands and using every opportunity you get to touch him.

Basically, you’re not verbally flirting but instead letting your bodies do all the work. Trust me, this will create amazing energy between you two.

5 Great Tips And Tricks On How To Flirt With Your Husband

Stop wishing, start doing

Naturally, you should never forget that you’re a lady. However, that doesn’t mean that you are allowed to be a passive bystander of your marital relationship.

Therefore, if you see that your marriage should be spiced up a little, it’s your job to take matters into your own hands and fix it.

In fact, you share all responsibility with your husband to prevent this from even happening.

The number one mistake women make while dating and continue making in marriage is expecting the male to do all the work.

Yes, you’re a lady and according to some traditional standards, the man should court you.

However, you can’t expect him to be the only one keeping your entire relationship alive, without you lifting a finger.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you here is that you should start making the first moves in flirting with your husband.

Instead of wishing for your marriage to be more exciting, start doing something concrete about it.

Take over the initiative and don’t wait for a miracle to magically happen. Trust me, your husband will love to see you so determined.

Mystery is at the heart of creativity

Whatever the flirtatious activity you choose, always make sure that you don’t reveal too much. Believe me when

I say that your spouse will go even crazier over you if you become a little bit mysterious.

Don’t misunderstand me; you shouldn’t exaggerate and make him doubt you. It’s not okay to keep important stuff from your significant other.

However, being predictable all the time isn’t attractive either. You see, once you become your husband’s comfort zone, you’ll stop exciting him.

He’ll always know what he can expect from you; what kind of text he’ll get, what you will wear, what you’ll buy him as an anniversary gift and what kind of birthday card he’ll get.

In this scenario, there is no room for butterflies anymore. In fact, everything becomes too monotonous to the point where it even becomes boring.

That is why you should always keep your mysterious side alive.

Do your best to keep on surprising your husband, no matter how long you two have spent next to each other.

Always be unique and creative. Have him wonder what you have prepared for him next.

Have him anticipate your next move. Leave him in blissful agony since it’s the only way to be constantly present in his thoughts.

Beauty is how you feel inside…

As long as you’re wondering how to flirt with your husband, it means that you want to make him happy, am I right?

However, that can’t be possible until you make yourself happy first.

No, I’m not advising you to turn into a selfish wife who only cares about her own well-being overnight.

I’m not advising you to become an egocentric who neglects her spouse and spends all of her time satisfying her own needs only.

Nevertheless, you know what they say: A happy wife equals a happy life.

Therefore, if you want to achieve harmony in your marriage, first and foremost, you have to achieve peace from within.

You can do each one of the things mentioned in this list.

However, if your husband notices that you’re pessimistic, naggy or unsatisfied with your life, your entire flirting project will fail before it even gets started.

Therefore, I’m begging you to work on your inner happiness before anything else. Only once you are happy will you be able to bring joy into your marriage.

As much as you love your spouse, please love yourself more. As much as you respect him, always respect yourself more.

You might not believe me but sometimes, a genuine smile has a better impact on your significant other than all possible surprises.

… but physical appearance rules the world

Even though your inner beauty should be your number one priority, that doesn’t mean that it’s okay for you to let yourself go completely.

I know it’s nowhere similar to when you were a girl. Back then, you knew exactly when this man was coming to pick you up.

You met him a few times a week so you had all the time in the world to put all of your make-up on, do your hair, dress your best and always look charming.

Besides, you didn’t have most of today’s obligations.

There were no kids, you didn’t have to worry about household chores and your hair didn’t smell like the food you were cooking that day.

There is absolutely no way for you to physically be the same person you were when you two first met each other.

Now that you’re married, this man sees you in every possible form.

He sees you when you wake up in the morning, when you’re sick with a fever, when you’re sleep-deprived thanks to your newborn baby and when you’re having cramps or the worst headache.

However, you should never forget that he fell in love with the carefree girl from the beginning of the story.

He went crazy for the girl who was always dressed up, who never failed to have a fresh hairdo, who was rarely ever tired and had full make-up on, no matter what.

Well, the truth is that this illusion is long gone.

Now that you two live together, he realizes that your facial complexion is not as flawless as it appeared, that you don’t have naturally long eyelashes and that you don’t sleep wearing nothing but your most expensive perfume.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should become untidy. You can’t become completely careless regarding your physical appearance.

No matter how much your husband loves you, trust me that your flirting journey will bring you to your destination faster if you show him that you take care of your looks, at least to a certain extent.

Keep your eyes on the prize

Finally, whatever you do, make sure your husband gets your undivided attention. There is no point in doing all of this flirtation if your mind is somewhere else.

You’re trying to win this man over once again. Therefore, he needs to feel that he is the center of your universe.

It’s important that he knows you have eyes for him only. Make him feel important and show him that he matters to you.

Pay attention to everything he’s telling you, especially the little things. Let him know that he is being listened to.

Don’t misunderstand me; I’m not saying that you should start suffocating your husband and be on his back all the time.

However, I’m just asking you to put him back on top of your list of priorities.

This man is one of the most significant people in your life and it’s about time he becomes aware of that as well.

I hope that these tips and tricks on how to flirt with your husband will be helpful.

I can assure you that each one of these romantic ways and pieces of advice will bring something new to your marriage. After all, if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself!