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87 Best Replies To The Question ‘How Much Do You Miss Me?’

87 Best Replies To The Question ‘How Much Do You Miss Me?’

Sometimes, we all get caught out by the simple question “how much do you miss me?”. We lack the words to communicate our feelings and fear that our response won’t be good enough.

I know this is especially important for those in long-distance relationships because these are the kind of text messages those couples send most often. Making a long story short… To help you avoid that, I’ve compiled this list of the best responses I found online.

So, dive in and find the perfect responses to sweep your SO off their feet.

How Much Do You Miss Me: Cute Answers

1. I just always wish you were here so I could tell you how much I love you.

2. You’re kinda, sorta, basically, always on my mind.

3. As much as I want to tell you right now how much I miss you, I am running short on time and words as I am too sleepy right now! I miss you every second! Good night!

4. I wish I could express the extent I miss you. Only then would you realize the need for a kiss.

5. The truth is, I miss you every second of my life. What about you? Do you miss me back?

6. I just wish I could fast-forward time to be with you again.

7. Like a mouse misses its cheese. Do u miss me?

8. I’m counting the days by the minute until we see each other again.

9. Not really sure how much I miss you because you can’t count to infinity.

10. I know that absence may make the heart grow fonder, but it’s still hard. I miss you beyond words.

11. Promise me that you won’t leave again. You can live in my heart for free.

12. How much I miss you, it has no shelter and no limit. Do you miss me much too?

13. I’ll just say that I’m reaaaally looking forward to cuddling with you later.

14. Let me explain it this way: if I am a heart, you are its beats.

15. Yes. In fact, I want to smother you with kisses right now. I love you so much!

16. Thoughts of you are what fill my mind up all day long.

17. Babe, I miss you so much. A tight hug from you right now would mean the world to me.

18. You’ll know when I see you!

19. I am counting down the days until we’re together again.

20. This distance between us is making me crazy. I’m literally missing you every second of every day.

21. You give meaning to my life, so yeah.

22. I never thought it was possible to miss someone this much.

23. I miss you more than you’ll ever know. I just wish you were here right now.

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Did You Miss Me: Top Ways To Reply

1. I know you missed me, but I missed you more, and I always will.

2. You know I always do. Your absence leaves an empty space in my heart that no other person is ever able to fulfill.

3. Why? Did you leave my mind even for a second?

4. I have missed you with every breath I take.

5. Every day without you felt like a year.

6. I missed you so much that every part of me ached for your presence.

7. Yup, life wasn’t the same without you.

8. I’m not able to express in words how much I truly missed you.

9. Am I making it too obvious? Oops, my drool just dripped.

10. Even if we had the whole of last night to ourselves, I still didn’t get enough of you. And, the truth is, I never will. I will always miss you the second you leave and wait for you to come back, even if we are separated for years.

11. I’m sorry for everything, and I’ve missed you sooooo much. You’re my best friend, my soulmate, my true love, and you’ll remain that forever.

12. Trust me, I never realized that days would be so long without you.

13. Being with you and not being with you were the only ways I had to measure time.

14. Come, let’s talk about that in bed.

15. Your absence left a void in my life.

The Best Responses To “Why Do You Miss Me?”

1. I miss you because my heart feels incomplete without you.

2. I miss your smile that lightens my world.

3. I miss the way our hands intertwine.

4. I miss you because you’re the only one who knows how to calm me down when I’m sad.

5. I miss sharing every little piece of my day with you.

6. I miss you because you are always there in the times when I’m not capable of loving myself.

7. I miss you for your amazing sense of humor.

8. I miss your long, meaningful hugs.

9. I miss you pulling me in by my shirt and kissing me.

10. I miss you because all my problems seem to disappear when we are together.

11. I miss that feeling of seeing you walk in the front door after a long day at work.

12. I miss you because you’re the only one who loves me in times when I act like I don’t love you.

13. I miss falling asleep next to you.

What To Say When A Girl Says, “Do You Miss Me?”

Here’s a list of sweet things to say to your girl when she asks if you miss her.

1. Well, as much as I want to respond to this message, I am too eager to meet you in my dreams and express the same emotion. How about I reply to you in my dreams? See you there, baby girl. Good night. <3 <3

2. You are for my entire life. I miss you the same number as my heart has beat since the first time I looked all starry-eyed at you.

3. Babe, I miss you more. A tight hug from you right now would mean the world to me.

4. Well, I’d have to forget you to miss you again, which is not possible. <3 <3

5. No, because you are always in my heart.

6. I miss you so much that I can’t sleep well at night because you are always on my mind.

7. At least twice as much as you missed me.

8. I have not been myself ever since you went away.

9. All I can say is that, now, my world can start moving again.

10. I always wish you were here so we don’t have to miss each other this much. And I can’t wait to hold your hand again. I love you, babe. Never forget that.

11. More than you can imagine. Do you want me to come and show you?

12. I just can’t wait to have you back in my arms.

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Funny Ways To Reply To The Question “How Much Do You Miss Me?”

1. If I say yes, would I get a kiss?

2. I suppose you have been mistaken; I am not on the same page as you are!

3. I missed you one second extra than you missed me.

4. Are you sure you are messaging the right person?

5. Not today, Satan!

6. Sorry, but who is this?

7. There’s only one way to know for sure, can you leave again?

8. This is a hell of a NO! I’m currently busy with getting my own life back on track, and I sure am not planning to revisit the past ever again.

9. Eh, maybe 5%.

10. As a matter of fact, I’m not done missing you yet. So, could you disappear for a bit longer?

11. I really don’t have time for this again.

12. If you’ve come home empty-handed, then no.

13. Really? You’re that bored?

14. Crap! I knew I forgot something!

15. To be honest, I feel so miserable without you. It’s almost like having you here.

16. Look at my tail. It’s wagging in delight!

17. New phone, who dis?

18. Like a squirrel misses her acorns and nuts.

19. You’re always in my (dirty) thoughts.

20. Those dirty dishes in the sink missed you. Why not start with them?

21. Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

22. I would tell you to go f*** yourself, but I’m pretty sure you’d be disappointed.

23. Yes, like a headache.

24. I only have one question for you: How many drinks have you had?

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In Closing

Now, you’re armed with the best responses to the question, “how much do you miss me?” Your loved one will never again catch you off-guard with this question.

These replies don’t only answer their question. The meaning of these text messages goes beyond that. Each and every one of these responses (except maybe the funny ones) convey your feelings towards your loved one too.

Believe me, your partner won’t be disappointed when they get your reply. The only effect these replies may cause is them falling even harder for you.