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How Often Should You Text Someone You’re Casually Dating?

How Often Should You Text Someone You’re Casually Dating?

Casual dating is different from ordinary dating in many contexts, but today we’ll be talking about the eternal question: ‘’How often should you text someone you’re casually dating?’’

When casually dating someone, texting frequency serves as a measuring instrument that separates your casual dating from serious dating.

When you’re seriously dating someone, you invest in your conversation, want to get to know them better, and aim for a long-term relationship with them.

However, it’s always best if you are a little deliberate about casual dating. So, what does this mean?

How Often Should You Text Someone You’re Casually Dating?

If you both agreed on casual dating, you’ve probably set some primary rules for your relationship. But most of those rules don’t help you decide how many times a week you should text them.

So, let’s divide this into two parts and start with the important one:

1. Two types of people when casual dating

First category: maybe they don’t want to text all day long (or never) and are someone who likes solving everything quickly over a phone call or face to face.

In that case, you shouldn’t text them if you really don’t feel the need to. If you agree to keep your relationship casual and aren’t looking for a soulmate in each other, there’s also no need for texting.

This leads us to the second category of people who date casually. It’s also okay if you’re casually dating but still want to receive texts from each other.

Maybe you don’t want your casual partner to be just another person from a dating app; you want to get to know them better and respect the relationship you two have, even though it isn’t an exclusive relationship.

In this situation, texting someone 2–3 times a week is enough.

2. Texting habits

You probably understood their texting habits in your early stages of dating, which is important because texting habits will dictate your relationship.

So, if you notice that they use emojis, double-text you, send pictures or cute good morning texts, I don’t see why you shouldn’t do the same thing.

On the contrary, there are people with annoying texting habits: they use periods at the end of every message, need days to return a text, and when they reply, it’s because they correct your grammar.

They may be really good people in real life but are horrible texters with a communication style that isn’t compatible with yours. Therefore, try texting them as little as possible, and engage in real-life conversations.

Therefore, understanding their texting habits is one of the answers to the question: ‘’How often should you text someone you’re casually dating?’’

4 Signs You’re Texting Them Too Much

Even if you clearly set your rules for casual dating and know their texting habits, you could still text them too much.

This constant texting can harm your casual relationships, but how do you stop if you don’t even know that you’re texting too much?

No worries, here are 4 signs that you’re constantly texting him:

1. You want them to respond immediately

If they always reply a lot later to the messages you send them, you’re probably being annoying, especially if he replies with a short message.

Just be aware that you and they have different definitions of ‘‘too much,’’ and what you find to be too much isn’t considered too much for someone else.

They have a different texting style, and that’s normal. But besides that, you’re only casually dating, so there should be no need always to text them. Unless it’s a girl or guy you like?

2. You double-text them

If it’s your first time casually dating, you might have problems with double-texting.

You may be on cloud nine about them or simply want to tell them how your day went, but no one in a casual relationship wants to see a bunch of text messages the moment they pick up their phone.

Although you have the best intentions, sending multiple texts will only trigger some insecurities if you see that they’re online but not replying to you.

3. They’re ghosting you

Some people just don’t want to text in between dates, regardless of how many text messages you’ve sent them. You’re probably offended if you see that they posted a recent post but didn’t reply to you.

If and when this happens, remember the rules you set on your first date regarding your casual relationship, and don’t be surprised if they ghost you.

4. They always left you on read

If you’re constantly being left on read, you’ll soon start overthinking everything you’ve texted, especially if you’ve sent a flirty message and they didn’t reply.

I am sure that nothing has changed from their perspective, but if it’s a casual dating thing between you two, you should be aware that they have their own life and aren’t interested in something more than what you two have.

5 Tips When Texting Someone You’re Casually Dating

Having a casual thing between you and someone else can make your relationship a little bit harder because it’s the exact opposite of a serious relationship.

One of the many things that are different here is your communication style with your partner. You need to pay extra attention to how much and what you text each other.

That’s why we’ve prepared these 5 tips that might make things easier:

1. Start an interesting conversation

Starting a conversation with a simple ‘‘Hello’’ won’t get you anywhere. If you’re interested in their reply, try to make the first message as interesting as possible.

If you have something to say to them, don’t type ‘‘Hey, what’s up?’’ Rather, go immediately with what you want to say.

This way, you will be able to deliver the most important thing you want to say immediately, increasing the chance that they’ll respond to you, but also, you won’t double-text them and look like a creep!

2. Don’t use cliches

Nobody is a fan of cliches, especially someone you’re casually dating. When you’re casually dating, you both know exactly what you want from that relationship, no more and no less.

Besides that, cliches are a sign that you lack original thoughts and can make you look lazy and uninterested in the conversation and relationship.

3. Don’t double text

Well, it’s pretty obvious why you shouldn’t double-text them. Double-texting is usually a sign that you’re more interested than the other side, and trust me, you don’t want that when dating someone casually.

It’s okay that you’re interested in your casual partner, but being too interested is a turn-off in these situations because people who choose a casual relationship usually only want that and nothing else.

4. Use your emojis wisely

Trust me, people have developed a science for sending the right emojis over the years.

Therefore, if you send too many hearts, it may come across like you’re developing feelings that go beyond this casual relationship. The same goes for the heart-eyes emoji or the smiling face with heart emoji.

5. Don’t wait for a response

The last thing you should do is expect an immediate response from them, which will only complicate your relationship.

If you don’t get a response right away, they are probably busy with work, personal issues, or out for a drink with friends.


Should you text every day when dating?

It all depends on what kind of dating you’re into. If you want to start a new relationship with someone you’re totally interested in, there’s nothing wrong with texting them every day.
But how much you text them during the day can impact the course of your relationship.
You don’t want to be annoying or double-text them while waiting for them to text you back immediately, but you also don’t want to act cold and distant. You should find the golden middle between these two things.

How long until you should text someone after a date?

You can wait a couple of hours or a day to text someone after a date, especially after the first one.
Leave some mystery and try to reflect on the date. See what you liked and if there are any red flags you should pay attention to.
On the contrary, if you had a really good time and saw how open and friendly they were, you can also text them that you had a really good time and wait for their response.

Bottom Line

It’s all fun and games when you’re casually dating someone until you start to think about how often you should text someone you’re casually dating. 

So, how often should you text someone you’re casually dating?

When all’s said and done, the most important thing is that you set the rules clearly at the beginning of a relationship: what is considered too much texting, how many times a week you should see each other, and if it’s okay to date more the one person.

When you’ve set your rules, you’ll see that casual dating is a great way to relax and have a good time with someone!