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30 Best Ghosting Responses He’ll Remember Forever

30 Best Ghosting Responses He’ll Remember Forever

So, you’ve been ghosted. Well, welcome to the real world.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying it’s okay. In fact, it sucks, to say at least. However, people ghost each other all the time.

And there is not much you can do to deal with ghosting. Except send them one of these texts. Here are the best ghosting responses they’ll remember forever!

What to reply to someone who ghosted you

If you really want to send a text to someone who ghosted you, just tell them that you’re disappointed in them. You see, this is a sign of disrespect and immaturity. They should have just been honest if they didn’t see you two as a good match.

But whatever you do, don’t sound bitter. Even if they broke your heart into pieces, don’t let them know it.

30 Best Ghosting Responses To Leave Him Wondering

Each of these texts will make his jaw drop:

1. “I thought we were both adults, but I guess I was wrong about you.”

Ghosting is one of the most immature things anyone can do. It’s childish and whoever acts that way is anything but a mature adult.

That’s exactly what this guy needs to hear. Tell him that you expected more from him and that he disappointed you in the worst possible way.

I’m not saying you’ll get a response, but don’t worry – he’ll at least feel ashamed for doing this to you. Let him know he’s not a real man and probably never will be.

2. “Oh, I wasn’t aware that you were into cartoons. But now I see that Casper is your favorite. Well, well, you should have just said so.”

People ghost each other all the time for different reasons. But that doesn’t make it okay. So instead of pretending to accept it because it’s become the norm in modern dating, be upfront about what your ghoster did.

This response is great if you don’t want him to think of you as pathetic. But at the same time, you want to call him out on his actions.

In that case, this is probably one of the best ghosting responses you’ll find. You’re indirectly telling him how childish he is, and you’re making fun of his behavior.

3. “Have a nice life.”

Okay, let’s face it – this text has passive aggression written all over it. The last thing you want for him is a nice life.

Obviously, you don’t want him to drop dead or anything like that. However, you don’t want him to find the love of his life and live happily ever after either.

Usually, I would never advise using passive aggression. It’s toxic and immature. But hey, sometimes you have to fight fire with fire and respond in a similar manner.

This text is enough for him to realize that you two are done.

4. “Do you think you’re some kind of player for doing this? Well, guess what – you’re not.”

Don’t let him think he’s some kind of a macho man for behaving like this. Instead, ruin his self-esteem by reminding him what a douchebag he actually is.

You’re not one of those girls who are afraid to call a man out on his actions. Of course, you won’t call him names or insult him directly.

But this text message will do it. You’ll feel much better after giving him a piece of your mind.

5. “Just checking to see if everything’s okay.”

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about Tinder (or any other online dating app) or someone you were actually dating in real life – if a man hasn’t responded to your last text in a few days, it’s likely that he ghosted you.

But there is a slight chance that something really did happen. I know what you must be thinking now: No matter what happened, at least I could get a text back.

The benefit of the doubt

And I’m sure you’re right. Nevertheless, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.

What if he had a family emergency? What if he lost a loved one? What if he got in a car accident? What if his phone broke and he lost your number? What if he got robbed?

I know, most of these scenarios sound like sci-fi, but hey, these things really do happen. So, it’s fine to send him a text message like this.

Show him that you care. You’re mature enough not to jump to conclusions. Before you accuse him of anything, you’re asking for an explanation!

However, be careful. This is not one of the best ghosting responses if you see him posting things on social media or if your friends run into him and tell you he’s perfectly fine.

6. “I’m sorry, did you just ghost me?”

Did you have the audacity to ghost ME? Don’t you know how lucky you were to get a text back from me in the first place? Who do you think you are, you pathetic loser?

Well, you won’t send him this text. Or you will if that’s how you really feel. But “I’m sorry, did you just ghost me?” will be more than enough – he’ll understand the real meaning.

7. “Don’t worry, I won’t stalk you or anything. But you could have just been honest.”

What type of person disappears into thin air without providing any closure or an explanation? You would be perfectly fine with it if he had the decency to tell you that he found someone else or that he simply didn’t feel a connection between you two.

Don’t worry: a text like this isn’t desperate. You’re just teaching him how to behave in the future. Besides, you’re saving some other girl the hell you went through.

8. “Since you disappeared, I guess we both agree that this dating thing wasn’t going anywhere.”

It’s time to beat him at his own game. Make it clear that you had no romantic interest in him either – you just didn’t want to be the first one to tell him you’re not interested.

Trust me: this is one of the best ghosting responses. It will leave him wondering why you didn’t like him. It will destroy his ego and self-esteem in the blink of an eye.

9. “2015 wants its move back.”

Ghosting isn’t so last year. It’s so outdated and unnecessary, and it went out of style a few years ago. Well, to be exact, it was never in style, but you get my point.

And so will he when he gets this text. You’re making fun of him in a polite way; without actually insulting him. However, this one line will be enough to destroy his self-esteem.

10. “You haven’t replied for some time, so I’m over it by now. Bye.”

I’ll be honest with you: if you didn’t get a reply to your last message, there is not much need to notify him that you’re over him. But hey, if that’s what you want, this is the text you should send him.

Let him know that he’s in the past, where he belongs.

11. “Please, don’t try turning up again when you realize what you’ve lost.”

You’re the best that could ever happen to this man. It’s a clear fact – everyone knows it, so why wouldn’t you remind him of it, as well?

Sooner or later, he’ll realize what he’s lost. After all, they all come back, one way or another.

Nevertheless, make it clear that he won’t be getting any second chances. You won’t return his phone calls or reply to his texts once he gets desperate about getting you back.

This was the first time and the last time he had the opportunity to behave like this.

12. “Just wanted to tell you that was a sign of huge disrespect. No mature woman would let you behave like this.”

He’s had enough time to respond to your last text. Now, it’s a sign of huge disrespect, and it’s not something you’re willing to tolerate.

But you’re not the only one. No real woman would let him behave like this. He can only treat immature girls who don’t know what they want in this manner.

Why wouldn’t you make it clear that you’re not one of them?

13. “Thanks for ghosting me. I really mean it. You saved me a lot of trouble.”

Here’s another witty way to make him regret ghosting you. This guy disappearing into thin air wasn’t such a big deal.

On the contrary, it was actually a blessing in disguise. You could have fallen in love even harder for an immature coward like him.

What if you realized what a douchebag he really was after years of being in a relationship? You’re actually lucky you got the chance to see it right after the first date or after a few exchanged texts.

Or maybe he saved you the trouble of leaving him? I guess he’ll never know what you really meant in this message.

14. “What’s up, Barney Stinson?”

Of course, you’re being ironic. But if he doesn’t live under a rock, I’m sure he’s watched How I Met Your Mother and knows who Barney Stinson is.

However, you’re not paying him a compliment. If he is smart enough, he’ll remember that Barney’s behavior pushed Robin to leave him. His playbook actually made him miserable in the long run.

Or you’re just making fun of him for trying to be a player but obviously, failing at it? Both interpretations are great!

15. “It looks like your battery’s been dead for over a week. Do you need a charger?”

Again with the irony. You’re letting him know you know what he’s doing, and you don’t take it personally. Instead, you’re making fun of his childish behavior.

Of course, you don’t think his battery is dead. But you assume that he’ll try and use a lame excuse like that. So you’re basically beating him to it.

16. “I’m sorry, but I have to break up with you. Apparently, not talking for over a week doesn’t work that well for me.”

Here’s another witty and funny response. You’re pretty much stating the obvious. What he did is not cool, and you’re not planning on putting up with his behavior.

This text will especially come in handy if you’re dealing with a love bomber. You know exactly the type of person I’m talking about.

This guy kept talking about some imaginary standards. He told you he wanted a serious romantic relationship, and he even told you he had strong feelings for you.

But all of a sudden, he disappeared and is now nowhere to be found. Basically, you’re just making fun of all of his lies and showing him you’ve finally figured out his true colors.

17. “Just texting to tell you that I cheated on you last night. I mean, we’re still together, right? Because you never broke up with me.”

This one is hilarious. Once again, you’re using irony and your amazing sense of humor to your advantage.

But that’s not all. You’re also telling him that you’ve found someone new in a witty way. Of course, you won’t just text him and tell him: “Hey, I met a guy last night. Please, be jealous.” Instead, this is the way to do it.

Was it just a random hookup? Did you go out on a first date with someone special? He’ll never know.

Either way, he’ll be jealous – I can promise you that. He’ll wonder how you replaced him so quickly.

Here’s another hack: you don’t have to actually meet someone new to send this text. Just make sure your story checks out! (Don’t send this text if you’ve been out with mutual friends the previous night or posted a photo of you watching Netflix all by yourself all over social media.)

18. “Should I block you right away or wait to hear the smart excuse you have prepared?”

This literally means: “Keep all of your excuses because none of them will work.” You’re warning him not to even try and outsmart you because he will fail miserably.

You know what his next move will be before he even plans it – that’s how sharp-minded you are.

Besides, you’re telling him that you’re about to block him. As a relationship expert, I assure you that he’ll find this alarming.

He’ll probably reply to this text, begging for a second chance. If you block him, he knows things are really done between you two, and you’re serious about moving on.

Please, don’t fall into this trap.

But hey, don’t send this text if it’s an empty threat either. You really have to block him unless you want him to see you as a fool he can keep on playing with.

19. “All of my friends keep telling me you ghosted me. But I know they’re lying. You’re probably just saving the world or something equally important.”

Two can play this game. Of course, he knows this is not true. He is perfectly aware that you’re making fun of his actions. Nevertheless, it’s still one of the best ghosting responses you can send!

20. “Come on, stop with all those texts. You’re literally obsessing over me, and it’s becoming too much.”

If it were up to you, you would send him something like: “Why aren’t you sending me messages anymore? Please, text me. I’m dying to hear from you.”

And the worst part is that you would be dead serious.

However, you wouldn’t send a text like this if your life depended on it. And you shouldn’t.

So you use reverse psychology with a touch of humor. If this doesn’t get him to respond, nothing will.

21. “I see you’re running for the starring role of the next Ghostbusters movie. Well, congratulations, you won it. But guess what: you lost me!”

You’re playing with words here. And you’re doing one hell of a job with it! You start with a silly joke but end up totally destroying your ghoster.

When he begins reading it, he assumes that you’re just kidding. He surely has a way back into your heart and life.

And then, boom – all of his hopes are dashed. You’re out, and you don’t plan on taking him back!

22. “I’m warning you: if you don’t text the text right away, I’ll walk the walk.”

So, this man talked the talk. He made all the false promises and sweet-talked you into thinking he’s serious about you.

But all of a sudden, he forgot how to text the text. Well, in that case, you’re walking the walk.

Yes, that’s right: you’re walking away for good. And there is nothing he can do to make you change your mind.

23. “Is Halloween approaching, but nobody told me? I see you’re playing a ghost.”

He’s ghosted you. But he’s also wearing a mask. Halloween, masks, get it?

He has no courage to show you his true face. He wasn’t brave enough to talk to you and tell you what was on his mind.

He’s clearly playing pretenses, and you are laughing at it.

24. “I totally get you. I can’t stand texting either. You’re completely right. We should get together more often instead of spending time on the phone.”

Use this text as a trick. Let him think that you’re actually inviting him on a date. I’m sure he’ll fall into this trap.

He’ll think that you’ve forgiven him for ghosting you. Not only that: you’re the one reaching out first, even though he did you wrong.

Once he replies, just block him!

25. “If you think I’ve spent the last week waiting for your text, without anything better to do, you’re totally right.”

Well, if we’re being honest, that’s exactly what you’ve been doing. You were checking your phone over and over again. Not only that: you also listened to the news, waiting to see his face in the missing persons report.

But hey, if you put it like that, do you think he’ll really believe you? Play with his mind a little bit: after reading this text, he’ll get the impression that you’re making fun of him, which you’re actually doing.

26. “I see you have a hard time writing. If you want, I can lend you a dictionary. You just need to come and pick it up at my place.”

Every man will interpret this as a booty call, and he’s no exception. And who could resist a text like this?

So, when he texts back and asks when he should come over, just stop replying. Who’s the ghoster now?

27. “It was nice knowing you. No, wait. It was nice knowing me. Knowing you sucks!”

You two aren’t a good match – that’s clear. But that’s not because there is something wrong with you.

You’re perfect – he’s the one who ruined it all.

28. “Guess what, I’m not a mind reader. You should have just told me where we stand – no hard feelings.”

Ghosting someone is awful and disrespectful – you don’t need to be a clinical psychologist to know it leaves a mark on the other person’s emotional and mental health.

But this man is obviously unaware of the consequences of his actions. That’s why you should remind him about good manners.

Make it clear that you’re not offended by the fact he didn’t think of you two as a good match. You’re hurt by the lack of respect he showed you.

29. “Do you know the best ghosting response? I could really use it now because I want to text you, but I’m literally clueless about what to write.”

This one is hilarious as well. Yes, you’re lowkey making fun of yourself for being in this situation. But I assure you he won’t see it that way.

Instead, you’ll get his attention, and he’ll text you back right away. And that’s exactly when you should show him that it takes two to tango!

30. Nothing

Every relationship expert will give you the following dating advice: one of the best ghosting responses is to not respond at all! No response is a response!

It means giving your ghoster a taste of their own medicine.

Instead of coming up with the perfect comeback, focus on yourself. Redirect the energy you’re wasting on them to personal progress and self-care.

Trust me – it’s the best response you can give them!

To Wrap Up:

Let’s just be clear about one thing: these texts shouldn’t serve as a way to get your ghoster back. I’ve given you a list of the best ghosting responses to outsmart him and make him remember you.

Please, don’t use them as a ticket back into his life or as a way to renew your romantic relationship. If this man did this once, I assure you that he’ll do it again.

So please, don’t give him the green light to continue doing this to you.

You’ve told him what’s been on your chest, and now there is no need to keep on texting him (or to reply to his texts any longer). Put a stop to all of this!