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How To Tell If A Gemini Man Is Playing You (11 Obvious Signs)

How To Tell If A Gemini Man Is Playing You (11 Obvious Signs)

Geminis have a flirtatious nature, and it sometimes makes their partners doubt their honest intentions.

Now, you’re probably wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, and that’s precisely why we prepared this list of clear signs that he’s only playing mind games with you.

Men born under this zodiac sign are charming, enthusiastic, and outgoing. One of their most important personality traits is that they’re very clever.

They can do whatever they put their mind to. They can make you fall in love with them so fast and so very deeply.

That’s probably why many people say that Gemini men aren’t material for a serious relationship, but I must completely disagree with this.

When a Gemini man falls in love, he’ll never betray his partner, and he’ll stay faithful no matter what.

Yes, it’s true that most Gemini men like to play mind games in romantic relationships, but sometimes, it’s how they want to test the person they’re dating. They want to be sure that the other person has true feelings for them.

The fact is that male Geminis have a childish nature, and they change their interests a little too frequently. They’re also known for their short attention spans and their playfulness.

Sometimes, all of that makes it difficult to know what a Gemini man wants in a romantic relationship.

However, you can’t say that it means they’re unlovable. If you’re in love with a Gemini guy, dating him will be challenging, but once he falls in love with you, you’ll understand that it was all worth it.

When it comes to compatibility, men born under this air sign have a good connection with Aries, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Libras, and Aquarius. They’re least compatible with Virgo, Taurus, Scorpio, and Pisces.

Signs a Gemini man is playing you

It’s a little bit difficult to understand a Gemini man in a relationship. If you want to know how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, you should check these warning signs below:

He never initiates contact first

I know that it’s difficult for men to initiate contact, but come on, you’re a man. It’s your job, right?

I’m not saying that he should be the one to text or call first every time, but if he says he’s interested in you, initiating contact would definitely be a great way to prove it.

He can’t be so busy that he’s unable to send you at least one simple text message a day. If he never texts or calls you first, it means they don’t care about you.

Tell me honestly, when you really like someone, do you want to be in contact with that person 24/7? Well, it’s the same with men; when they’re really into a girl, they’ll spend every day trying to get to know her better.

I know it’s terrible when you see that he’s been active on Facebook or some other social media site all day long, and he never wants to text first.

He’s probably texting another girl he really likes, and the best thing for you would be to come to terms with it, let your Gemini man go, and move on.

If he’s always replying to your texts and calls, don’t let that fool you. He does it because he wants to keep you close, but the truth is, he doesn’t have serious intentions with you.

He stands you up

When a man really likes you and wants to be in a serious relationship with you, he’ll be reliable. He’ll be there for you whenever you need him, and he’ll make sure you’re aware of it.

He’ll never bail on you without a proper excuse because he doesn’t want to hurt you, nor will he jeopardize your relationship.

If a Gemini guy cancels a date at the last minute or he simply doesn’t show, it’s only because he’s playing with you.

I think I’m already familiar with the scenario. He was probably pursuing you in the beginning, but now he’s started to flake on you all of a sudden, for no reason, right?

I knew it: good old Geminis and their stupid, disgusting mind games. The thing is that it doesn’t have to mean they don’t like you or they don’t share some honest feelings for you.

Sometimes they do it because they think it’s how to make their partner go crazy over them.

Don’t fall for those sick games. You’ll only be disrespecting yourself that way.

Sending a text message to cancel the date and explain why is very simple, and if someone can’t do at least that much for you, then they don’t deserve you.

You feel like he’s hiding you from the rest of the world

Geminis, especially the male ones, are very social beings. Their circles of friends are huge, and they very much enjoy hanging out with their friends and family.

If your Gemini guy still hasn’t introduced you to at least some of his friends, your inner voice has probably awakened, and it’s telling you that something is off there. I’m very sorry, but I have to agree with it.

Of course, if you just started dating, it’s completely normal that you haven’t met his friends or family, but if you’ve been dating for a while and you still haven’t met the people he hangs out with every day, it’s probably because he doesn’t want to introduce you as his girlfriend yet.

Maybe it’s because he still isn’t sure of his feelings for you, or maybe he doubts your feelings.

However, trust me because this comes from a person who truly knows how Gemini men function: it’s probably because he’s just playing you.

He has been staying late “at work” a lot lately

Does it seem like he doesn’t have time for you anymore, and whenever you invite him out on a date, he always uses the good old excuse, ‘I’m working late tonight’?

Well, we all get stuck with work obligations sometimes, but when you truly love someone, you’ll never neglect that person because of it.

There is always a way to find a balance between your work and your love life. Geminis know that very well because their social life is way more important to them than their work.

He’s using his work as an excuse because he doesn’t want to spend time with you. Accept the fact he’s spending less and less time with you because the truth is that he’s just not that into you.

If you want to be sure, you can always find out whether he really has to work late every day or if he’s just using it as an excuse.

For example, if he says that he has to work late, offer to bring him a late lunch or dinner. If he refuses, it’s simply because he doesn’t want to see you.

You can also surprise him at his workplace and bring him coffee, for example, and if he starts acting rude, it’s a clear sign that he isn’t exactly thrilled with your sudden visit.

And if you don’t find him at his workplace, it’s an even clearer sign that he’s playing you with his work excuses.

Avoiding confrontation

This zodiac sign is ruled by Mercury. That means they’re blessed with excellent communication skills. They’re really good talkers, and they have the power to talk their way out of any bad situation.

However, if they aren’t that into you, they won’t want to spend their precious time arguing with you about things that aren’t at all important to them.

It’s just like Anna Kovach, the relationship astrologer, says, “When he’s being all smooth and avoiding topics you want to discuss with him, then this is one of the signs a Gemini man doesn’t like you.”

He doesn’t want to define your relationship

If you aren’t quite sure where exactly you stand with him and you’ve been seeing each other for a while now, you have every right to talk with him about defining your relationship.

If he isn’t willing to do that still, or if he says that you should wait and see where things go, it’s a major red flag that he doesn’t want a serious relationship with you.

This situation is known to all women who have dated a Gemini man. They’re afraid of getting into a serious relationship with someone because they think it’ll monotonize their life and that the relationship will sooner or later fall into a routine.

No matter how much you love him, you can’t keep wasting your precious time waiting for him to make a decision. If he isn’t afraid of losing you, he’ll want to keep things casual between you, which you should never accept or agree with.

He’s flirting with other girls

Okay, there are so many people who have a flirtatious nature, and we already know that men born under this zodiac sign are natural flirts, but it’s so lame to flirt with other girls when you’re taken, and it’s even worse to do it in front of your girlfriend.

However, the truth is that even they know how to tame their flirtatious nature when they’re genuinely in love with someone. They know it’s hurting their partner, and that’s the last thing they want.

If he’s flirting with other women, and if he especially does it when you’re around, it’s also one of his odd games. Maybe he wants to make you jealous, or maybe he’s doing it to prove to you that he still can seduce other women.

Spending holidays together is a big NO

He doesn’t want you to meet other people in his life who he honestly cares about, nor does he want to celebrate important holidays with you. Hmm, is there anything awkward about this to you?

Do you feel like he’s hiding you from others because he’s actually hiding something else, or would it be better to say someone else from you?

I’m sorry I have to be the one to break it to you, but you’re probably right.

Spending holidays with the people you love is the most beautiful thing, and if he doesn’t want to do this, it’s because he doesn’t actually love you.

He’s always setting rules

There should never be rules in a good, healthy relationship. You can’t ‘command’ what your partner should or shouldn’t do.

If your Gemini lover is making up rules about when you’ll see each other or how many times you’re allowed to call or text him a day, it’s a clear sign he’s playing those sick mind games of his with you.

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Your relationship has become a real emotional rollercoaster

When you’re in a healthy relationship with someone you truly love and are sure that the person loves you the same way, it should never feel emotionally draining.

Of course, there will come some challenging periods, and you’ll go through so many different emotions, but it should never feel like you’re constantly on an emotional rollercoaster.

If your relationship has had more downs than ups lately, something is definitely going on. You can’t stay in a relationship that’s sucking your soul out of you every day.

You don’t exist in his plans for the future

When you’ve been dating someone for a long time, and both of you are sure of your feelings, it’s perfectly normal that you start picturing your future with that person.

Putting that person in your plans for the future means that you care deeply for them, and you want to share your life with them.

Even though it’s hard for a Gemini man to imagine his future with only one woman, once they fall in love with someone, they’ll make that woman a part of all of their future plans.

If your Gemini has clear future dreams and goals and speaks about them often but doesn’t ever mention you in them, it’s because he doesn’t intend to stay with you. You’re just someone with whom he’ll play until the next girl comes.

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Key takeaways

Even though a relationship with a Gemini guy can sometimes be very challenging, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible or has to be too emotionally draining.

The sign of the twins, Gemini, has a very childish and flirtatious nature.

They’re afraid of routine both in their love life and their personal life. That’s why they have that adventurous spirit, which makes them change their interests constantly.

That’s the reason why it can be pretty difficult to know sometimes whether they’re really in love with you or if they’re just playing with you.

However, being in a relationship with a Gemini can be very rewarding because it’ll be fun and interesting for sure.

Trust me. If a Gemini man falls in love with you, you’ll have a man by your side who’ll never hurt or betray you.

I hope that this little guide on how to tell if a Gemini man is playing with you helped you to realize if your Gemini lover has honest feelings for you or not.

If you recognize any of these red flags, I recommend that you reconsider your relationship. Don’t ever spend your precious time on someone who clearly doesn’t want to make any effort to keep you in their life.

If your Gemini man doesn’t treat you with respect or doesn’t reciprocate your feelings, I know it’s hard, but you should leave them behind and look for someone who’ll appreciate and love you the way you truly deserve.