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How To Tell Someone You Like Them (60 Different Ways)

How To Tell Someone You Like Them (60 Different Ways)

You know how people say: if you love someone, let them know? Hah, if only it were that easy… right? The fear of rejection simply makes us freeze in front of the person we like every time we try to confess our feelings to them.

However, we don’t even have to do it directly because there are so many ways we can show them. So, stay with me, and you’ll learn some important dating advice on how to tell someone you like them without saying it.

I know that just thinking about confessing your feelings to your crush is nerve-wracking.

Even if we aren’t afraid of rejection, we worry too much about whether we’ll get positive feedback or not, and it puts so much pressure on us.

On the flip side, it’s always better to prove your feelings to someone through your actions because words don’t actually mean a lot when it comes to love and such deep emotions.

Ok, now, let’s cut the chatter and get down to brass tacks.

How To Tell Someone That You Like Them

Of course, the easiest way would be to be upfront and confess your feelings to your crush face-to-face. However, I know that for most of us, that’s not an option at all.

That’s why I made this little guide on how to tell someone that you like them without being direct about it. Also, just to ensure everything goes well, I will also offer you a few tips to help you deal with the outcome.

Take a step back

Before you take this important step, you need to pull back for a moment and think about it. You need to be sure that you really like them as much as you think and then make a move.

If you’re still rethinking it, don’t do it. That way, you can only hurt that person and their feelings.

First of all, work on your self-esteem

You need to be confident to make this move. If you have self-esteem issues, you’ll think that there is no way that the other person feels the same about you, and it’ll discourage you completely.

Then, make sure they’re single

When you like someone, it’s completely natural that you want to find out more about them and get to know them better.

However, their love life is what you should be focused on. If you find out that they aren’t single, you should abort the mission immediately. ​​​​

Let your body language scream “I like you”

One very important part of how we flirt is the one we all kind of neglect a bit: our body language.

Maybe you didn’t know it, but a person can figure out a lot about you and your feelings just by observing the way you behave when you’re around certain people.

So, when you’re around your crush, you need to have that open body language. It simply means that you’re showing them that you’re open to them and that you would like them to make a move.

Tell them using your eyes

Eye contact is also extremely important when it comes to flirting.

When you’re talking face-to-face, make eye contact with your crush and try to maintain it as long as they don’t look away. If they’re into you, they’ll probably want to maintain it for as long as they can, and they’ll also probably smile very gently after one of you looks away.

‘Accidentally’ touch their arm

Tell your crush you like them by touching their arm and making it look like an accident. They will probably see it as an accident the first time you do it, but after a few times, they’ll most likely get the message you’re trying to send.

Let your flirty nature out

I’m sure you’ve already tried this one. However, now is the time to step up your flirting game to win over your crush once and for all.

Laugh at their jokes, even when they’re not that funny

Even if they’re the funniest person you know, I’m sure that sometimes they’ll tell a joke that won’t be funny to you or that you won’t understand.

However, the point is that you should even keep laughing at those lame jokes they tell. You’ll probably be the only one in the room laughing, so it’ll make them understand a few things.

Get in their ‘good friends’ circle

I think this one is quite simple. To show them you’re into them, you need to find out more about them. What are their likes and dislikes and things like that?

And to do so, you’ll need to become their friend first.

Remember their birthday

I think we can all agree that we only remember the birthdays of people we truly care about. So, is there any better way to tell your crush you like them than by remembering their special day and maybe surprising them with a small gift?

Give them a cute nickname

A sweet, romantic pet name will simply scream “I like you” to them.

Simply invite them out

Honestly, you have nothing to lose. If they accept the invitation, it’s a clear sign they like you back. On the flip side, if they reject you, it’ll also be a red flag that you should give up on them.

Either way, you win. I know rejection hurts, but it’s so much better when it happens in the beginning before you fall head over heels for them.

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Wear that perfume they like so much

Always try to look your absolute best when you’re around your crush. If they’ve complimented your outfit or your perfume, you should try to wear those things more often.

Focus on spending time with them

Before you actually admit your feelings to your crush, you need to get to know them better. So, spending time with them is an absolute MUST.

Compliments are always welcome

You may be wondering how to tell someone you like them without actually saying it. Well, the answer is pretty clear: shower them with compliments. It’ll be impossible for them not to realize that you’re very much into them.

Leave your comfort zone aside

I’m sure most of these things are out of your comfort zone, but the thing is, if you want to show your crush you’re into them, you really need to forget about your comfort zone.

However, it’s important that you feel comfortable

I know this sounds confusing. I just want to tell you that you should step out of your comfort zone a bit if you’re sure it’ll help you win over your crush.

BUT, you should never do things that make you feel bad about yourself, not for your crush, nor for anyone else.

Kiss or hug them goodbye instead of saying it

This will simply show them that you don’t think of them as just friends.


Don’t think that it’s enough for a small gesture of love to make your crush realize you’re into them. You need to shower them with subtle hints all the time, or at least until you get any kind of feedback.

Wait for the right moment

Every relationship expert will give you this, in my opinion, the most important piece of relationship advice. It’s highly important how you do it, but it’s also important when you do it.

Unfortunately, I can’t tell you the exact moment you should do it. The fact is that no one can determine it, but once you get positive feedback from the other side and are a hundred percent sure of your feelings, you’ll definitely feel that you’re ready for this step.

Your first time needs to be special

No, I’m not thinking about THE first time, so tame those dirty thoughts of yours. What I wanted to say is that the first time you want to confess your feelings to your crush needs to be special.

As I mentioned above, you need to choose the right moment, but it’s equally important to pick a nice place to do it. It’ll probably be something that your crush will remember forever, so try to make it very special for them.

Be upfront and admit it to them directly

How to tell someone you like them: it’s simple – just tell them. This is definitely the easiest way to do it. Of course, this is only if you’re brave enough to do it directly.

Remember, always stay positive

Keep thinking positively, and positive things will start happening. On the contrary, if you’re pessimistic about the possible outcome, those negative thoughts will overwhelm you, and you’ll be too scared to take this step.

Even if you get a reaction you didn’t hope for, you still need to keep that positive attitude. Remember, there is always something good in every bad.

God always knows what He is doing. If He didn’t want to cross your paths, it’s because He wanted to save you from that person and possible heartbreak.

8 Things You Should Never Do

There are also some things you should never do or say because they may actually push your crush away. So, if you want a positive outcome, below are some things you should never do or tell your crush.

Make a big deal out of it

First of all, I want to warn you that you should lower your expectations or forget about them completely. You don’t know what the outcome will be, so don’t expect too much out of it because your own expectations may break your heart.

You’re just at the beginning of a potential relationship, and you shouldn’t really make a big deal out of it. If they’re the right person for you, everything will be fine. And if they aren’t, well then, you’ll have to wait for the one, for your true soulmate.

Drop it right in the middle of your convo

This is one of the worst things you can do. It can really confuse the other side and drive them away from you completely. And that’s the last thing you want, right?

Public declarations are a huge no-no

These kinds of things should really be handled privately. Again, you don’t know what the outcome will be, and if you get a negative one, you would only be embarrassed in front of all those people around you.

So, when you wish to confess your feelings to your crush, the best way to do so is while you two are together and all alone.

Say “I love you” on your first date

Please, please, please don’t ever do this. I do believe in love at first sight, and even if it hits you, don’t confess it on your first date.

Trust me – you’re not ready to handle the outcome of a situation like this. Your date will think that you’re either crazy or a creep, and that will probably be the last time you’ll see that person.

You know how Tyra Banks says: “You don’t have to have a ring on your finger to say,I love you.'”

Most relationship experts agree that you’ll just feel when it’s the right moment to say those words out loud, but it’s definitely not on your first date.

Ask your best friends to do the job for you

I know your pals and besties are always there for you, but you shouldn’t involve them in this. This is something you need to do yourself.

You don’t need any intermediaries that will relay messages between you and your crush. Your best friends need to stay out of this, or you may put them in an uncomfortable situation.

Use alcohol as liquid courage

Don’t ever admit your feelings to someone when you’re drunk. The next morning, when you sober up, you are gonna regret it for sure.

Also, the other side won’t know if you were telling the truth or if it was just the alcohol talking. You will definitely avoid each other for some time because your drunken confession will have created tension between you.

Wait for them to come out with their feelings first

Girls, I know that you’ve been told that you should always wait for the man to step up and admit his feelings first. But, listen to me, it’s such bullshit.

We’re braver than men, and that’s a fact. So, why would you wait for him to muster up the courage to approach you first? If you received any kind of positive feedback from him, I say go for it.

Take that step first and show him that you aren’t a coward, unlike him.

Give yourself a deadline

Don’t ever blackmail yourself with a deadline. It’ll only put greater pressure on you, and you’ll feel even more nervous.

Of course, you shouldn’t put it off for too long either, but don’t pressure yourself into anything. Before you take such an important step, you must be ready and a hundred percent sure your feelings are honest.

If you’ve been crushing on that person for a long time, then you’re aware that it’s the real deal and that your feelings won’t go away easily. That’s when you should start thinking about admitting it to that person.

How To Tell Someone You Like Them Over Text: 9 Efficient Tips

Whew, this will be a piece of cake. In this modern world of social media, online dating, and dating apps, it really has become easier to show a person you like them.

Of course, you won’t just type “I like you” and send it to your crush, but it’s definitely ok to let them know how you feel over text than do it face-to-face.

In the following part of this article, I’ll teach you how to flirt with the person you like over text or social media. I promise that you’ll become a real texting pro when you finish reading this small guide.

Give them your number

Of course, you can’t start texting with someone if you don’t have each other’s numbers. So, when your crush asks you for your phone number, don’t play hard to get or hesitate to give it to them right away. Instead, just dictate those numbers for them.

Don’t let them wait for your reply

Don’t play the ‘leave them waiting’ game. Your goal is to make your crush understand that you like them, right?

Then, reply to their texts straight away, and it’ll show them you’re head over heels into them.

Follow-up texts are forbidden

Well, this is the rule only if you’ve just started texting…

If you’ve been texting for a long time, then it’s perfectly okay to send a follow-up text every now and then. BUT keep those messages plain, non-demanding, and very short.

Let them know you’re thinking about them

Just a simple ‘thinking of you’ message can show your crush that you’re into them. If you don’t want to be so direct, you can start your convo with, “I was doing something that reminded me of you, blah blah…”.

Like their pics and posts on social media

This doesn’t mean that you should immediately add them to your close friends list on every social media platform you have and like basically everything they share on it.

Just hit the like button every now and then. It’ll be enough to show them they have managed to spark your interest.

Include pics in your texts

If you’ve already been texting for a long time, you can send them a selfie from time to time. If they send a selfie back, it’s a very good sign they are into you too.

Snapchat them regularly

Snapchat is my faaaav social media. Somehow it allows you to find out where a person is and what they are doing.

Well, that’s only if your crush is a Snapchat maniac like I am and sends a snap like every half an hour.

Send them a romantic song

This is also a great, not-too-obvious way to tell someone you like them. Simply choose a song that will explain all you want to say to them.

For example, Ariana Grande – Into You. Is there a better song to let someone know you’re deeply into them? No? I couldn’t agree more with that.

Use flirty emojis while texting

Even though most people don’t take this seriously, emojis can really help you out when it comes to texting and conveying the right message.

So, if you never add an emoji at the end of your messages, it’ll make the other side think that they’re boring you. The truth is that if you don’t use emojis when texting someone, it can set a very cold tone to your convo.

20 Everyday Simple Things To Show Someone You Like Them

Here is how to tell someone that you like them but in a not-too-risky way. You can drop hints and do some of these little things below every day that will make them realize how much you genuinely care for them.

1. Ask how they are doing FREQUENTLY

2. Always make time for them

3. Feel their feelings

4. Give compliments

5. Make them LOL

6. Cook for them

7. Get their favorite snacks

8. Surprises are always a good idea to show someone you care

9. Pay attention and listen carefully while they talk

10. Kiss and hug them without a reason

11. Send random sweet text messages

12. Convey your feelings in a romantic letter

13. Don’t let them go to sleep without a goodnight text

14. Drop by for a surprise visit

15. Set an activity date

16. Hold their hand

17. Make plans for just the two of you

18. Show interest in their interests

19. Introduce them to your BFFs

20. Become their go-to person

In A Nutshell

I hope you enjoyed our article and learned a few tricks on how to tell someone you like them without actually saying the words “I like you.”

Be brave. Don’t let your fears hold you back or prevent you from doing things your heart tells you to do. Don’t ever allow your fears to make you lose the person you love.

Even if you don’t get positive feedback, it’s no big deal. Even if you get rejected, it’s really not the end of the world.

Everything happens for a reason. If they don’t get your message or give you ‘not interested’ feedback, it’s just a sign that they aren’t the right person for you.

It just means that you should wait for the right one. Wait for your soulmate. Wait for the person you won’t even have to bother to show how you feel because they’ll be able to read it all from your eyes.

Let me tell you something… To be honest, I actually do believe in the saying we talked about at the beginning of this article. I would just add a few more words at the end of it…

If you love someone, let them know… Or, just let them go.