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Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

It’s not uncommon for us to be separated by our differences. Well, Leo and Aquarius couldn’t be more different, and yet there’s some invisible string that pulls them close to each other.

But, just how strong is that string? How compatible are they in love, marriage, and friendship? Are they really able to keep their relationship from falling apart?

If these questions keep you up at night, I’m here to help you find all the answers you seek. Just read on and you’ll have them all.

Are Leo And Aquarius Compatible?

Most certainly, yes.

These two signs have a very high compatibility level, and they are capable of maintaining any kind of relationship.

Leo (the lion) is a fire sign and is ruled by the Sun, whereas Aquarius (the water bearer) is an air sign and is ruled by Saturn and Uranus.

Despite being fixed signs, they are capable of easily adapting to change, which means they are also capable of overcoming every obstacle their opposing personalities bring.

Alongside Aquarius, other signs that are compatible with Leo are: Gemini, Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius.

Aquarius, on the other hand, is compatible with: Aries, Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Leo, and least compatible with the water signs; Pisces, Scorpio, Cancer as well as Taurus and Capricorn.

Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Love

Leo and Aquarius may be polar opposites, but that doesn’t stop them from forming the deepest of connections. When these two zodiac signs meet each other, they feel as if they have known each other for all eternity.

The energetic Leo, whose flamboyant nature never goes unnoticed by anyone, and the mysterious Aquarius, whom you can never truly get to know, couldn’t be a more perfect sign match.

Aquarius is drawn by Leo‘s fiery temper, and Leo, in turn, is tempted to find out more about the intriguing Aquarius.

This makes their love compatibility level extremely high, even up to 80%. They are completely different from each other, but their differences rarely stop them from forming a great relationship with each other.

Leo-Aquarius Relationship Pros

Both the Leo sun sign and the Aquarius sun sign are extremely ambitious, but in different ways. This allows them to offer each other genuine support instead of being jealous and secretly hoping for one another to fail.

Leo’s inexhaustible energy and enthusiasm will motivate Aquarius to become the best version of themselves.

Moreover, Aquarius isn’t the type of person to easily open up to someone, but Leo’s soft nature will create a safe environment for them to fully express all that they are.

Aquarius will, in turn, represent a big challenge for a Leo whose insecurities make them crave validation more than anything else.

When they see that they’re not able to get it from the strong-willed Aquarius who never cares what others think, they will instantly be inspired by their free spirit.

Leo-Aquarius Relationship Cons

Yes, Leo is a great lover, but they are also the ones who expect the same amount of affection from the other party. And, sadly, Aquarius isn’t prone to expressing their emotions as Leo is.

This may create problems because Leo eventually gets tired of their efforts not being reciprocated. They want love and validation, and they can’t stand not having it.

Aquarius, on the other hand, refuses to be that vulnerable. Too much emotional exposure leaves them feeling unsafe, and besides, they can’t fully be honest with themselves, let alone with another person.

Moreover, both of these signs deeply value their independence, so commitment issues may arise. If the fear of being in a relationship becomes stronger than their love, they might not last long.

Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Sex

With Leo and Aquarius brought together, sex is everything but boring. They bring out the wildest sides in each other, and even if they happen to stray away, they easily find their way back.

Leo is more of a romantic type whereas Aquarius loves fun and excitement. But, despite the great need for romance, Leo is more than willing to engage in whatever Aquarius has in mind.

Air gives fire life, so these two horoscope signs couldn’t be happier with each other in the bedroom.

Leo And Aquarius In Bed

Both signs seek power and control. However, Aquarius is very successful in making Leo their submissive. Leo enjoys being cherished in their hands, which isn’t much of a surprise due to their attention-seeking tendencies.

Aquarius, on the other hand, rejoices that they’re the one wearing the pants. They always try to come up with new ideas to spice things up.

This is why these signs often engage in exciting role-play scenarios or use different sex toys that will heighten the overall experience. Like I said… it’s never boring.

With Aquarius‘ creative mind seeking new ways to achieve sexual satisfaction and Leo‘s tendency for romance, they are just bound to have a good time!

Leo Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility

These two are very compatible due to the incredible chemistry they share and the excitement they bring into each other’s lives. The Leo man likes her instantly, and she easily reciprocates his feelings.

However, despite the high relationship compatibility, certain problems just can’t be avoided…

The Aquarius woman wants personal space and independence, and if the Leo man interferes with her desires, she won’t be too pleased.

On the other hand, Leo loves being loved and praised the whole time. Unfortunately for him, she isn’t always that eager to please him.

What can they do?

Well, with Leo’s energy levels and Aquarius’ undying creativity, they can always find a way to save their relationship from falling apart.

If you’re either Leo or Aquarius, and you’re in a desperate search for answers, here are some pieces of advice to keep in mind:

• It’s valid if your Aquarian partner needs more personal space. Before anything else, they are individuals with their own needs.

• It’s also valid of your Leo partner to expect more love from you. You don’t have to become the embodiment of affection, but you can still try a little for their sake.

• Different personality traits don’t have to tear you apart. Let them be what brings you closer together.

Aquarius Man And Leo Woman Compatibility

This love match is a very likely one to happen. She is drawn by his intellect and unpredictable nature, whereas he instantly falls in love with her sweetness and charm.

Despite being primarily romantic, she always finds a way to turn him on, and he pleases her in return, so their sex life is also great.

However, since the Aquarius man isn’t ruled by his heart, but rather by his head, he isn’t willing to give the Leo woman the constant reassurance she seeks. This results in her feeling unwanted and unloved.

What can they do?

Well, ignoring him certainly isn’t the way to go. Still, the problems can be dealt with easily if only both parties are prepared to work hard.

If you’re either of these signs, start solving your problems by following these pieces of advice:

• Stop competing with each other. Neither of you is above the other person.

• If your partner needs to be reminded of your love more often, why not do it?

• You can’t expect praise all the time, though. Learn to love yourself more.

Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Marriage

Marriage is the most serious of all bonds. Once you sign the papers, that’s it. You’ve agreed to be with the other person till death do you part.

Knowing that Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs… is such a bond really possible?

Can Leo live their life hungry for love and attention?

Can Aquarius be in peace knowing that their free spirit is trapped, and that there’s a person out there who’s waiting for them to be someone they simply can’t be?

It’s hard to say.

But, one thing is for sure… Leo and Aquarius are highly compatible with each other despite all the differences, and this makes them capable of overcoming them.

They only need to realize that being different isn’t a danger to their love, but how they feel about being different is. Embracing each other as they are all the while striving to be better people is what will keep them alive.

Are Leo And Aquarius Soulmates?

They can be if they decide to fight for each other.

Each relationship requires a certain amount of effort to be maintained, and so does this one. They can’t rely on their high zodiac compatibility level and do nothing for the sake of their bond.

Besides, being compatible with someone only means that you have a great chance of working things out. But, whether it will succeed or not depends entirely on you.

Yes, sometimes you sense that someone will be your soulmate the second you lay eyes on them. But, unless you decide that you are worthy of each other’s efforts, all of the original magic disappears just like that.

Do Leo And Aquarius Get Along?

The answer is yes.

As we’ve established, difficulties may arise due to their opposing personalities, but they, nevertheless, enjoy each other’s company.

Leo is fascinated by the uniqueness of Aquarius, and Aquarius, in turn, is excited by Leo’s vitality.

With this kind of mutual admiration and appreciation, it’s impossible for them not to get along. They are both passionate extroverts who love fiercely, and their differences rarely stand in the way of what they want to build together.

Leo And Aquarius Compatibility In Friendship

The same as with romance, Aquarius-Leo compatibility in friendship is very high. What connects them most is their constant desire for success and loyalty to their loved ones.

Aquarius always has a new idea to share, and Leo rejoices in hearing it and encourages them to bring it to life. Neither is likely to abandon such a supportive friend who is truly glad when they move up in the world.

Moreover, when either of them finds a person they truly cherish, they do their best to nurture that friendship. The way they love others is different, but pure in its core, and that’s what they both value in each other.

Final Thoughts

Well, that invisible string is clearly stronger than we thought! Not much can separate Leo and Aquarius. Each trouble that comes their way is merely a lesson that helps them embrace each other even more.

Those troubles can have negative consequences only if these two signs decide that the other party isn’t worthy enough to be fought for.

But, since that rarely happens, you can now be at peace knowing that nothing can stand in the way of their unbreakable bond.