Wide hips have always been a sign of fertility. They look attractive and sexy and there is no guy who can resist them.

There are many women around the world with wider hips who don’t like them.

Maybe they had some health problems or they just don’t like that feeling of always bumping into something with their hips.

On the other hand, some of them love them because they like their body shape. Also, it is scientifically proven that guys like curvy girls more.

It has something to do with desire and fertility because men find curvy women ideal material for having children.

There is something about them that brings all the boys to their yard.

They simply can’t resist them. It has been like that from an early age and it hasn’t changed even now. It is like an enigma nobody could understand.

But no matter whether you have big or narrow hips, the most important thing is that you accept and love your body. That is the only way you could be truly happy.

When you love your body, you have more self-esteem and nobody can ruin it.

But if you have big hips that you sometimes like and dislike, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Your hourglass shape attracts men

beautiful blonde girl with short jeans standing outside

Even if you didn’t know it, your hip size can sometimes affect whom you will date. There are guys who like women whose hips are like Kim Kardashian’s.

If you have a similar body shape, you can be positive that guys will try to seduce you. For them, your body is ideal and they wouldn’t change anything about it.

When they look at your small waist, they can’t believe that someone so perfect actually exists.

When they look at big-hipped women, it looks like they are watching their favorite movie on fullscreen.

They feel enormous satisfaction and they wouldn’t trade it for anything in this world.

You can’t lose your bodyweight so easily

woman doing squats with barbel in gym
Girls with these kinds of hips know what I am talking about. It is not so easy to lose weight because of all the body fat that is accumulated there.

You won’t have so much belly fat because of your bone structure. But it will definitely be hard for you to lose some weight.

You will have big thighs because they are an extension of your hips. Many American women know this too well because it is impossible to find the right jeans.

Every pair of them gets worn between the legs because they are always touching each other. That can be a pain in the butt sometimes.

Your hormone levels are higher

woman holds measuring track around her belly

When you have larger hips, it is always a sign that estrogen, the female hormone, accumulates in your hips.

Because of this hormone, you are known to be more bloated, you gain more weight and you can have problems when moving.

Some doctors say that a higher level of estrogen means eating poorly and not having enough exercise.

That is why you need to move often. You should walk or run and eat healthily. Otherwise, all the fat you get will be glued onto your hips.

You can give birth more easily

smiling pregnant woman sitting on bed

Women with wider hips are known to give birth more easily. It is all about that hip width that enables them to have less pain and give birth in no time.

Their pear-shaped body saves them in moments when they should feel a lot of pain. People call those kinds of hips childbearing hips as well.

It is because women with larger hips give birth much more easily than women with narrower hips. A baby can easily slip through and you won’t even feel anything.

It won’t hurt you like it will hurt someone with narrow hips, that is for sure.

So, if you also have these kinds of hips, you should be happy because there are women who would kill just to look like you.

You have problems while shopping

woman looking for clothes

Curvy women always have tons of problems while trying to find the right clothes.

It is sometimes impossible to find jeans that will fit you well because of your big hips.

It seems like all the clothes were made for skinny girls who have narrower hips and you can’t seem to find anything that could work for you.

Even if you have hips like Kim Kardashian, you sometimes just hate the fact that you can’t squeeze into something that you have fallen in love with. It is the curse and blessing of the pear-shaped body type.

But if it makes you feel better, it is better to have hips like that than to look like a toothpick in everything you wear.

You are self-conscious because you want the best for yourself

woman wearing black dress and sunglasses

One of the traits of hourglass shape women is that they are extremely self-conscious.

They sometimes try to find ways to make their hips smaller but they don’t know it is an advantage for them.

Some of them always ask themselves: “Why are my hips so wide?” not knowing it makes them pretty attractive.

But the advantage is that if you eat well and regularly exercise, you won’t have any problems with your bodyweight.

You will just be irresistible while the rest of the girls will want to have dangerous curves just like you.

Leggings look perfect on you

woman in yoga pants stretching

I am dead serious when I say that this is a piece of clothing that you should wear more.

Your hips and your butt will be highlighted and you will look amazing.

No man will be able to resist you but you know that, right? You can feel all their looks on you when you turn around.

That is a great compliment and you should be happy for being blessed with hips like this.

Plus, when you add some exercises for wide hips, you will have the perfect body.

Once you get the body you will be proud of, you will try to highlight it even more for dresses for your hips. And you know what? You will be dressed to kill!

Hipped women are more intelligent

curly hair woman looking tablet

It is scientifically proven that women’s hips have something to do with her intelligence. The bigger hips a woman has, the more intelligent she is.

Also, there are Omega-3 fats in your hips which can be good for your baby if you are pregnant.

Hip size is a major factor there, even if some people don’t think it is right.

If you are not sure whether your hips are wide or not, you can always calculate your hip ratio.

You just need to divide your waist measurement by your hip measurement.

In case your hips are wider than other girls, you can be positive that you can easily pass the entrance examination to Harvard. You are intelligent and that is never going to change.

You will have more sexual partners

woman in red underwear lying next to man in jeans

Women with big hips are known to have multiple sexual partners. I am not talking about many a one-night stand but rather about longer relationships.

When you have hips like that, they will attract many guys and sometimes you won’t be able to resist them.

Maybe you will just have fun or even fall in love with a man who fights for you.

It depends on the woman. In all of this, you shouldn’t think that your other body parts are less important.

But your hips are things that are easy to see as soon as someone looks at you. And that’s why they are so special.

You have a small waist all women envy you for

woman in bikini on the beach

This is another great thing when having bigger hips. Your waist immediately looks smaller than it is and that is the reason all clothes look so great on you.

Just know that your body type is ideal because women who have hips like you were considered desirable in Ancient Greece.

There is almost none of the belly fat on your tummy and you don’t have to hide anything like most women do.

When some weight loss happens, the first place it goes from is your stomach.

I don’t need to tell you how lucky you are. Some women would kill just to get rid of the fat from their stomach.

You have problems with weight loss

woman doing exercise on the beach

Even if you want to lose weight from some parts of your body, you simply can’t.

You will always have big thighs and bigger hips. If you lose some weight, those body parts will remain as they are.

They won’t change at all while the rest of your body will go through some changes. You have that kind of bone structure so your hips always look big.

You don’t need to do exercises for bigger hips because you are already blessed with them. All dresses look perfect on you and women can only envy you.

Wherever you show up, you look like a goddess and men simply can’t take their eyes off of you.

High-waisted clothes look amazing on you

side view of woman wearing jenas with black background

Skirts or jeans, it is the same because they all look great on you. Because of your tiny waist and your large hips, this kind of clothing makes a perfect shape of you.

You’re the one that men can’t resist but watch. All women would love to have hips like you because when you get dressed like this, you simply take everyone’s breath away.

You don’t know how lucky you are. That’s why you should enjoy your amazing curves and be proud of them.

When you dance, everybody stares at you

woman listening to music and dance

Okay, you know what you have and how it affects men, right? So, when you get on the dance floor, you don’t even have to put a lot of effort in because your hips will do it all.

Even if you move them just a little bit from side to side, it will look like a big move.

Everybody will be hypnotized by the way you move your body in a sexy way.

And you know what? You will feel damn good in that situation. That will just give you the urge to move more in a rhythm and to dance like nobody is watching you.

You can easily make a lot of space around you

curly hair woman wearing eyeglasses while standing in public transport

When you are on public transportation, for example, you can easily make a lot of space around yourself. You just have to enter the bus and let your hips do the rest.

Since your hip width is a bit larger, people will instantly make some room for you.

That means that you won’t have to be squeezed next to someone who probably hasn’t taken a shower that day.

One more time, your perfectly-shaped hips saved you from fainting. What would you do if God hadn’t blessed you with hips like that?

People will be commenting on your hips… a lot

man whispering to woman around friends

Wherever you show up, your hips will be the main topic. Some will love them.

Some will say they don’t like them. But at the end of the day, you know that you have it all to make any man go crazy about you.

Those who say that they don’t like them are probably women who would like to have hips like you. They are talking like that because they want to make you feel bad.

But don’t let them get away with that. On the other hand, when guys say they don’t like these kinds of hips, they are saying it because they would like to have you but they can’t.

So, don’t bother your pretty little head with what people say and enjoy your amazing curves all the time.

The shape of your body is always trendy

woman standing in front of wooden doors beside leafs

Believe it or not, women’s hips are more important than you think. You must have heard stories about guys falling in love with a girl’s eyes or smile, right?

But many of them will take a glimpse of your booty and your hips when you aren’t looking. It is not wicked or anything but their biological drive.

It is totally normal for a guy to explore the body of a woman he is into.

That makes him fall for her even more, if physical appearance is important to him.

But you shouldn’t worry about that because your body will always be trendy.

Guys will stick to you like glue and your hips will hypnotize them just like that.

In case you ever hated your hips, just know that they can help you to get a relationship more than you thought.

Short dresses are a pain in the butt

woman in white dress

Even if all kinds of dresses look perfect on you, short ones can create some problems.

When you have bigger hips and you want to wear a short dress or a mini skirt, just know that it won’t all go smoothly.

When you try to walk, every dress or skirt will go up a little bit. It depends on the material and on how tight the dress is but most of them will go up while you walk.

That is the problem every woman with large hips is facing. That’s why you should try to wear midi skirts and long dresses because everything will stay in its place then.

It doesn’t look the same as wearing short ones but at least you will look good.

If you want to go the gym and do some exercise then put on some cool leggings because they will highlight your butt and your hips even more.

Some chairs are not your best friends

woman having back pain while sitting on chair
When you have bigger hips than the rest of the girls, you might find some chairs not very comfortable.

Nowadays, there are some chair models that look like anything but chairs. They are small and not even children can properly sit on them.

So, it is no wonder that a girl with bigger hips can’t squeeze onto a chair like that.

That can be annoying and you will definitely hate your hips in all those moments.

But the good news is that you can always stand at the bar and have a drink or find other places where you will feel comfortable.

Body fat around your hips decreases the possibility of diabetes and heart disease

close up photo of woman holds belly fat

You are definitely wondering how the fat around your hips can decrease the possibility of diabetes and heart disease.

Well, instead of all the fat going all around your stomach, it actually goes to your hips and moves away from the heart.

That means that your heart will be surrounded by healthy muscles and not by fat.

That is how women with bigger hips are protected and they never usually suffer from diabetes or heart disease.

It can save their lives and it affects their quality of life. I know that you are happy about having bigger hips right now, right?

No matter what, you should love your hips

blonde in bikini walking on the beach

Your hips are a part of your body and you should love them. I know that you sometimes want to have smaller hips but when you look at all the pros and cons, you will realize bigger hips are great.

Not only will you look more feminine but you will attract more guys. Also, your self-confidence will be high because everyone will admire your body.

Whatever you wear will look great on you and you will have more chances to have some fun.

Sometimes that will be a one-night stand and sometimes just shaking your hips while a hottie in the club holds your waist.

In the end, I just want to say that we were all born different. But we should love and embrace our bodies because those are our shrines.

We need to take care of our body just like we are taking care of our mind.

I realize that some of you won’t be satisfied with some parts of your body.

But please bear in mind that what you don’t like is what makes you so special and unique.

If you don’t like your big breasts, just know that there is a woman out there who will pay for surgery just to have breasts like you.

In case you don’t like your amazing curves, just know that there is a woman who goes to the gym every day just so she could look like you.

If you don’t like your long legs, just know that there is a woman who would do anything to have long and attractive legs like you.

If you don’t like your naturally red hair, just know that there is someone who is dyeing their hair just to get the same color.

It is all in your head. If you love your body, you will be confident about it. But if you don’t, you will always ask yourself if you are good enough.

The point is that we shouldn’t take our bodies for granted. We should enjoy them while we can because we won’t always be young.

Our body will transform over time but if you love it, you will accept every change.

So, love it and take good care of it. Love all your wrinkles, your red hair, the spots on your face, your long legs or arms.

Love every simple imperfection because that is what makes you so perfect.

That is what makes you you!

Wide Hips: 20 Things You Should Know About Those Amazing Curves