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Why Do Women Get Fat After Marriage? 13 Eye-Opening Reasons

Why Do Women Get Fat After Marriage? 13 Eye-Opening Reasons

As you were preparing for your special day (read: wedding), you wanted everything to be perfect. Apart from choosing decor and arranging other things, you also made an effort to be in top form!

Okay, some of you didn’t but I’m sure the majority of you were on some kind of diet right before your wedding day. After all, looking good in your wedding dress is a priority!

And then, BOOM!

Right after the wedding, you started to gain weight.

Is it because the stress about the preparations is finally over? Or is it because of all those post-sex food cravings in marriage?

Why do women get fat after marriage? I know plenty of women (including my mom) who gained some weight after getting married. Well, today we’ll solve that mystery once and for all.

Below you’ll find all the answers to why women gain weight after marriage!

Why Do Women Get Fat After Marriage?

Well, they mostly start gaining weight because of pregnancy and having less time for themselves. Here’s a list of possible reasons that perfectly explain the syndrome called “wife gaining weight”:

1. It all starts with honeymoon feasting

At last! The stress from all the wedding preparation has vanished into thin air. So, it’s no surprise that newlyweds start gaining weight while on their honeymoon.

This is especially true if a couple spend their honeymoon at an exotic destination. I mean, you have to taste all that new food, so feasting is non-negotiable.

It all starts with honeymoon feasting sessions, a sense of security, and happiness. After all, there is nothing more fulfilling than spending time with your loved one, and enjoying good food together, right?

2. Your partner is a foodie

Why do women get fat after marriage? Well, if your partner is a foodie, gaining kilos is simply inevitable. Hell, if your partner is both a foodie and damn good in the kitchen, you’re bound to gain lots of weight, girl.

You can expect frequent food improvisations, visiting new restaurants, and frequent watching cooking shows (which will make you even more hungry). ?

3. Post-sex cravings are more frequent

Changes in your sex life can also impact your weight gain. Yes, having regular sex is helpful for weight loss but post-sex cravings aren’t really.

Let me rephrase this for you. You’ll be more physically intimate than ever, which means there will be more post-sex cravings. Ice cream, chocolate, pommes frites, pepperoni pizza, YUMMI!

If you ask me, post-sex cravings are equivalent to being pregnant because in both cases you have certain food cravings that are stronger than you.

4. Pregnancy

In most cases, women gain weight due to getting pregnant. That’s when all those weird food cravings start interfering with your usual food regimen.

All of a sudden, you become a pineapple addict and you can’t imagine your life without apple juice or peanut butter. The food you used to avoid eating suddenly becomes your favorite. There are no rules here.

Since you’re carrying another life inside you, there’s no space for being selfish when it comes to food, right? You eat what your body (read: your baby) craves.

5. Less time for yourself

Household chores, going to work, cooking, feeding a baby, you name it. Once you get married, you realize that you no longer have as much time for yourself as before.

So, why do women get fat after marriage? Because they become SUPERWOMEN!

From early morning to bedtime, they make sure that everything runs smoothly in their household and marriage. Because of that, they don’t have much time left for exercising or focusing on their diet.

6. Increase in stress levels

Did you know that an increase in stress levels promotes obesity? A hectic lifestyle, schedules, marriage chores, kids, jobs… All these things increase your stress levels and as a result, turn you into an “eating machine”.

This is called “emotional eating”. Basically, it’s when you eat because you’re feeling stressed out. You think food will make you feel better and it does (but only for a moment).

Once you realize that you started gaining lots of weight, you eat even more to suppress those negative emotions. So, weight gain after marriage can turn into some kind of limbo where food becomes your main source of joy.

7. Entering the comfort zone

Entering marriage means entering a comfort zone. You no longer stress about “being single forever“ and you‘re genuinely happy with your partner. You feel at ease, secure, and loved.

Not only does the quality of your life increase, but your appetite as well.

My friend is a perfect example of that. She gained lots of weight after 2 years of marriage. When I asked her about what happened to her diet (because I know she was a gym freak), she just told me: “I’m happy and secure”.

It turns out that couples who feel secure, loved, and happy are more likely to gain weight in their marriage. This is also mentioned in an article called “Health Psychology” in 2013.

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8. Change in metabolism levels

Did you know that right after you hit the age of 30, your metabolic rate starts decreasing? If you link this to gaining weight, things are pretty much self-explanatory.

Once your metabolism starts decreasing, you’ll start gaining weight much faster than before. Yes, this also means that you’ll have to exercise more than before in order to burn fat.

Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this double-edged sword called marriage. ? When you finally enter the comfort zone, your metabolic rate starts decreasing. You get some and you lose some. I guess that’s life.

9. More socializing = more food

One of the main “culprits“ of couples‘ weight gain in marriage is more socializing. I’m pretty sure that you know what I’m talking about.

Wherever you go and whatever you do, you constantly hear someone inviting you for dinner. Or you’re the ones inviting others for dinner, right?

When you combine your friends and family with his friends and family, it’s a surefire recipe for gaining weight. ?

10. Being less conscious about your looks

Why do people get fat after marriage? It’s because you become less conscious about your appearance. The harsh truth is that single people are often more conscious about their looks than married couples.

It’s because single people have more time for themselves and they are more focused on working on themselves (and attracting a potential partner).

Healthline explains this “phenomenon” in the following way: ”The reason why happy couples gain weight is because they are less motivated to maintain their weight when they don’t need to attract a mate.”

So, once you get married, it’s all about who will eat the last piece of cake, who will do the dishes, and who will eat all those leftovers. ?

11. Sleep deprivation

Sleep deprivation is a given among married couples with kids. So, why do women get fat after marriage? Because married life with kids is bound to deprive you of sleep.

You feel like you’re in a constant race with sleep. Just when you think you’re close to getting the minimum amount of sleep, things change immediately.

Not getting enough sleep influences hormonal changes in your body and you end up eating more and more. Gaining weight becomes a result of not getting enough sleep.

12. The change in eating habits

Every family has their own eating habits. If your husband’s family members aren’t really conscious about their food intake and regimen, this might reflect on you as well.

Whenever they pack you some leftovers, chances are it will be something that promotes weight gaining. If your partner‘s eating habits don‘t match yours, sooner or later, one of you two will start mimicking the other.

Change in eating habits is inevitable unless you have the same mindset regarding your food regimen.

13. “Leftover queens”

A lot of married women tend to gain weight post marriage because they become “leftover queens”. I suppose you already know what it means.

It’s when you cook (or order) more food than you can eat and, as a result, you end up with tons of leftovers. Of course, you won’t even think about throwing all those leftovers due to so much effort invested in preparing food.

That’s how, ladies and gentlemen, women become leftover queens. They usually eat all those leftovers while their husband is asleep. They do it for the greater good because throwing away food is simply not an option.

How To Prevent Marriage Weight Gain

The weight loss journey can be really challenging and because of that, it’s better to prevent it while it’s not too late! It can influence your well-being.

• Stick to your workout routine

I‘m pretty sure exercising is the last thing you would want to do but, believe me, it‘s totally worth it. Once your fitness routine becomes a part of your lifestyle, you‘ll literally become addicted to exercising.

Needless to say, that workout routine will help you relieve stress and improve your overall mental health.

• Consider joining a gym

That stubborn belly fat ain’t gonna melt away by itself and you know it. Joining a gym is probably one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life. Why?

Because you’ll be perfectly fit and hitting the gym can always be your excuse to leave the house for an hour or two. ?‍♀️

• Or get a PT (personal trainer)

Let’s not fool ourselves. Personal trainers ain’t cheap but if you can afford them, they’re the best investment ever. Apart from motivating you to keep sweating, they will also draw up a meal plan specifically for you that will keep you fit. Having a personal trainer truly is a blessing (especially if they are your spouse).

• Update your food regimen

You don‘t need a personal trainer to teach you how to eat healthily. With the internet and hundreds of tips on eating healthy food, you can do it all by yourself.

If you want to lose weight, you should definitely avoid eating too much ice cream, sweets, and carbs. People gain weight because they eat certain types of food that promote it. Updating your food regimen will fix that. I suggest sticking to a holistic lifestyle.

• Get some tips from a dietician

If you don’t believe the internet and advice from regular people, seek help from a dietician. Just kidding! You should do it regardless!

After all, they are specialized in nutrition so you can expect them to give you the best advice regarding losing weight and balancing your meals.

• Get yourself checked out at the doctor

Sometimes, the main reason why we gain weight is because of some “underlying issues“ in our bodies. By this I mean that the reason why you’re gaining weight might be illness, hormonal disbalance, or a lack of essential vitamins and other things in your body.

If you suspect that this might be the case, getting yourself checked out by a doctor is strongly recommended.

Health Is Number One Priority!

Why do women get fat after marriage? Lots of factors influence gaining weight in marriage (we’ve listed the most common ones above).

What I want you to remember is that your priority should never be looking good on the outside. It’s not just about that. It’s about your health because that’s the number one priority.

You should exercise and eat healthy food primarily because of your health because a healthy woman = happy woman. ?