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81 Best Love Letters For Her Straight From The Heart

81 Best Love Letters For Her Straight From The Heart

Do you want to surprise the woman you love by writing her an I love you letter, but you’re afraid you’ll blow it because you’re bad with words? Don’t worry, I’m here to save you.

You won’t blow anything. On the contrary, you’ll make your partner the happiest woman alive. This list of the best, most romantic love letters for her will help you with that.

Your only job is to carefully go through these letters and text messages and choose the one you like most. Now, wait no more, an important task lays before you… Go and make your woman feel happy and loved.

Romantic Love Letters For Her

1. You always make me feel like there’s nothing you’d rather do than be with me. You listen when I talk, you make me feel worthy, and I can feel how much you care. You radiate love and warmth and kindness, and you make me want to be a better person. I am the luckiest man alive to get to be with you. Thank you for loving me, and thank you for being you.

2. Nobody has ever measured how much love the heart can hold. But I know that if someone could, they would not be able to measure the love I have for you in my heart. I love you more than you know, more than I can ever tell you.

3. Your beauty is breathtaking. Your kindness is inspiring. Your love is astounding. I never thought I would be so lucky to be with such a wonderful woman. I am grateful every day to have you in my life. Nothing in this world could make me love you less, and I can’t wait to see what our future holds.

4. Darling, to me, you are the dearest person. And it’s not just that I love being close to you. You are more beautiful than a sunset in summer. You are more precious than the most precious gem. You are sweeter than sugar. You are more enchanting than moonlight. You are special, exquisite, unique, and delightful, all at once. And the best thing is, somehow, you chose me to be with you. I love you.

5. All the poems and romantic letters, songs, and novels that I would never have come to, you made them have meaning for me, and they are a place I often return to. In all these relics of love, I leave little promises for you and hope that maybe we can have a portion of these beautiful love stories to call our own someday too. Here’s to hoping that comes trueu.

6. You are my dream come true, the reason a smile never leaves my cheeks, my pearl of passion. I just want you to know that I cherish you! I want the best for you because you love me; I am so glad to have you as my sweetheart. Every day and night, your love is always in my heart.

7. Hey, love. You may not expect a love letter at this time, but my undeniable urge to express my love for you has made me write this letter. I just want to say that I love you, and you make me the happiest person ever. I promise to keep making you happy, and I will try to love you more than you love me. If possible, I will try to love you more with each passing second. Always thinking about you.

8. Have I told you yet how incredibly awesome I think you are? Or that I think about you all the time? And that I haven’t felt this way about anyone in a very long time? Because you are absolutely amazing, thoughts of you fill my head all day and night, and I’m, without a doubt, falling in love with you.

9. Time goes by so fast. It feels like yesterday when I met you and thought that I was in big trouble as I lost control of my heart as soon as I laid eyes on you. Being with you has been the most amazing experience of my life. I think I love you so much that I wouldn’t even be able to breath without you.

10. I hope you know how much you mean to me and that I will always be here for you. You can count on me in good times and bad. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how special you are and how much I love you. You are my best friend, my partner, my soulmate – forever and always.

11. It amazes me how much you have loved me over these years. I have never known love as pure as yours. Thank you for making this world a better place and existing in it. You and I have a magical bond, and I would give up anything to keep it. I love you!

12. Have you ever had a love that was so difficult to explain? So hard to describe. I’ve never been in love before, and I am not sure how to handle this. The way you make me feel is exhilarating, amazing, and perfect. You are all I think about, the only thing I want. You are the one for me, and no one else will do. Thinking of you makes my heart race. The night we spent together seemed like a dream!

13. From the deepest, most cherished, and precious part of my heart, I want you to know that you have a place in it. My soul longs for you and only for you as bees for flowers. My dear, I want to bring the meaning of love with you. I will take care of you as no one else will.

14. My most beloved woman. Without you, I do not exist. I need you and you alone to survive the storms of life. You are the perfect woman for me. I could never meet someone better than you. You’re the meaning of a great experience, and I couldn’t love you more.

15. I Love you. I don’t care who knows it – I am proud to love you! You’re the only one for me. My heart is so full of love when I’m with you, but when I am away from you, my heart aches because I miss you so much. My dreams are often filled with us together, and they make me happy. We were meant to be together, forever.

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Emotional Love Letters For Her That Make Her Cry

1. You are, without a doubt, the most wonderful thing in my life. I never dreamed I could feel about someone the way I do about you. You’re beautiful, sweet, kind, and caring, and I love you more every day. I can’t imagine a day without you, and I vow to make you feel as special as you make me feel. Thank you for making me the happiest person alive.

2. You are good enough, smart enough, loveable enough, beautiful enough, and strong enough. I want you to believe all that and take good care of yourself while we embark on this new journey. You are going to be okay. I believe in you.

3. I ask myself every day what I did to deserve such an incredible woman. The way you look at me, the way you kiss me, and the way I feel when I’m with you make me want to hold you close and never let go. I feel so alive when we’re together. I can’t believe I’m so lucky to have found my soulmate.

4. My love for you is stronger than any physical boundary, stronger than any emotions that may come our way. I love you more than words can describe, and even thinking of a world without you in it is just plain scary. You have done so much for me, and I will do anything for you in return.

5. I love you and promise you that I will always love you. I promise to take care of our families, the ones we already have and the one we will have in the future. I will always be loyal to you because I truly love you. I hope to marry you someday soon.

6. The love we have is so special, and I absolutely adore everything about you. Even after all this time together, my love for you continues to grow. Thank you for loving me, for putting up with my bad habits, and for sharing your life with me. You make me feel whole.

7. You mean the world to me. I say this from the bottom of my heart. You have proven to me that love doesn’t cost a thing because I can’t possibly imagine what I could have done to deserve this kind of love. Thank you for sharing part of your heart with me – I promise to hold and guard it with my life. I will love you forever, and nothing can change that.

8. Hey, baby! You know I am bad at expressing myself as I am a shy person. I am writing this letter to tell you that I don’t say it out loud, but you are my everything. You are my girl, and I love you. You are the only reason I get up every morning. Please never forget this. I love you.

Deep Love Letters For Her

1. You have such a wonderful way of bringing joy into my life and making me fall more in love with you every day. I want to spend the rest of my days showing you just how much you mean to me and how much I love you. You are everything I ever wanted and everything I’ll ever need. I love you with all of my heart.

2. I want you to know that you are loved and valued every day. Do not worry about the small stuff. You are going to be okay. Life is too short to think so much about trivial things. I hope you do not regret anything in life.

3. There’s something about you that makes it near impossible to think about anything else when we’re not together. Just the thought of you makes me smile. Knowing I’m going to see you brightens my day. I talk all the time about you with my friends and work colleagues. I’m having a fantastic time getting to know you and want you to know I think you’re really special.

4. Love is an everlasting flower with the fragrance of adoration, respect, and appreciation. My love for you will go from now until infinity. I only see a future without end with you. Whatever promises I’ve made to you, be sure to see me do as I’ve said. I’ll kill your lonely days and create happy ones. My queen, I have no reason to take you for granted.

5. When I think about my life before I met you, it seems so empty and meaningless now. I thought I was happy before we were together, but the truth is that I had no idea what real happiness even was. You have brought new meaning to my life. You are the most amazing woman I’ve ever met, and I want to love you forever.

6. I want to let you know that love is something eternal; the aspect may change but not the essence. Love asks no questions and gives endless support. Through love, I want to express all of my heart’s feelings for you. I love you so much.

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Heart Touching Love Letters To My Wife

1. I cannot believe that I will refer to you as my wife in a day or two. You do not know how much I love you, but I can tell you it is more than you can fathom. So here’s a sweet love paragraph to my wife-to-be to say that I cannot wait to live the rest of my life with you and enjoy the big and small moments of our lives together. With love, your soon-to-be husband…

2. I can’t begin to tell you how much I love you, how happy you make me, and how grateful I am to be married to you. Even after all this time, I love you as much as ever. I’m not great at expressing it, but I want you to know I appreciate everything you do. You are an amazing woman with a loving heart, and I’m proud to share my life with you.

3. I love you in a way that I will never forget. When life brought us together, I knew it was for a reason. You are my destiny. We were written to be each other’s partners in life. I promise to always stand by your side and love you every day.

4. How on earth did I get so lucky to have you as my wife? You are beautiful inside and out, and you continue to amaze me every single day. Our years together have been the best of my life, and I can’t imagine being without you. There’s no one in the world I’d rather brave life with.

5. You know you are my best friend, and I am so glad to have you as my life partner. Things have been super easy for me with you by my side because of how understanding you are. You have made my life truly fun by being in it, and it means the world to me.

6. When I think back over our time together, I can’t help but think of how far we’ve come. We’ve certainly had our share of ups and downs. But we always come out on top – stronger than ever and better for having faced it. I love that we continue to grow together and can overcome anything. I love that you are who I get to live life with.

7. Since we became parents, it’s been a busy roller coaster. I know that we haven’t spent as much time together as we should, but I want to tell you this in writing: I love you and thank you for being an amazing person. Every great thing in my life is somehow related to you, and though it might be hard for us now, our love will remain constant. I know we are always busy, but please remember that I love you.

8. From high school to dating and from being mere strangers to being love birds, my life with you has been so great. It’s been a joyride. I would love to step it up to the next level because you would make the perfect wife. I feel so lucky to know someone like you. I love you so much.

9. I still remember our first date and the first time I laid eyes on you. Seeing you in that white dress, I knew it was love at first sight. Here is a reminder that I still love you after all these years, and nothing will ever change that. Thank you for always being by my side and helping me grow in life. We have come a long way from our first date, but I will continue to date you all my life.

10. It’s our anniversary, and I love you more than ever! You are my other half. I want to be with you forever. Every day, you mean so much to me. I miss you when we are apart, and your smooches light up my day. I am happiest when you are near. I hope we never part.

11. You’ve seen me at my best and my worst, yet you continue to love me. You always stand by me when I’m feeling down and support me when I need it. It amazes me how you always know how to make me feel better. You always have the right words or know when to just let me be. I love you more than ever and feel blessed to have a wife like you.

Sweet Love Letters To Girlfriend

1. Even though things aren’t always perfect, I wouldn’t trade a single second of our life together, especially those moments when it’s just us. I love creating memories with you, I love talking to you, I love laughing with you, and I love simply being together. I love cuddling and holding each other and planning our future. You are an amazing woman, especially to me.

2. I love you now. I have loved you since the day I first met you. I cannot think of a day in my life without you. I love you just the way you are. You are perfect to me, just the way you are. You don’t have to worry about anything being wrong with you.

3. I want you to know how much I enjoy our time together. You are so awesome to be around – you’re sweet, funny and kind, not to mention beautiful. My favorite days are when I get to see you, and I spend our days apart wishing we were together. I think about you constantly and can’t wait to get to know you better.

4. I can write an entire book describing my affection for you. You have such a profound influence on my life that I couldn’t erase the memory of you even if I lived a million years.

5. My heart only beats for you, and my eyes always look for you. You are the most special person, and you complete me in every sense. I am always going to love you more than anyone else, and I will always be by your side because we are meant to be together for eternity. Love you.

6. Do you have any idea how incredible you are? I am truly a better person because I know you. Your kindness and compassion are contagious, and I think the world needs more people like you. You’re so easy to be around. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and look forward to learning even more about you.

7. Falling in love with you has been the best thing for me in this life. I still wonder how such a beautiful, loving, and caring girl can love someone like me. I think I have just been lucky. I promise to always be there for you, to keep you happy and smiling.

8. I know that I can’t give you the world, but I promise to hold on to you forever. There is nothing that would give me greater joy than to see you happy always. You are the best thing since God made man, and forever will you be the queen of my heart. Your love is everything to me.

9. I love you so much. It seems like I have fallen in love with you…you are just the best! Now, all I want to say is that I can’t live without you and don’t ever want to. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me, and you make my life complete.

10. Happy birthday, babe. You are my dream come true, the love of my life. I wish you happiness and fulfillment because your presence in my life means so much. Now, I am the calmest I’ve ever been, no longer worrying because you are by my side.

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Cute Love Letters For Girlfriend

1. If I haven’t told you lately that you’re a wonderful woman, that I’m so thankful to have you in my life, and that I love you more with each passing day – you are, and I am, and I do. I am beyond happy to call you mine, and I cherish every moment we share. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together.

2. It has been 21 days since I last laid eyes on you and saw you waking up next to me. This long-distance relationship is not the easiest, but I want you to know that I love you, and I am counting the days until I get to see you again. I’m planning a great weekend away for us, but the destination will be a surprise. I hope you like it.

3. You know what I love most about you? Your expressions. I love to look at you when you are happy, angry, or when you cringe at small things. Basically, I can’t take my eyes off you. I really can’t, and who could blame me? Only an idiot would take his eyes off such a pretty face. I love you, my sweetheart.

4. I’ve been trying to find the right words to tell you how much you mean to me, but nothing seems good enough or unique enough for someone as wonderful as you – someone so beautiful, kind, caring, and gracious. I decided the best way to confess that I’ve fallen for you is to simply say it – I love you.

5. Words alone can’t express how much I love having you in my life. I never believed in angels until I met one. You’re such a beautiful woman with a heart as pure as gold, and out of your loving-kindness, you have shown me the light in the dark and put an unending smile on my face. I couldn’t love you more!

6. I’m not very good at expressing my feelings, but I want you to know I’m having a great time getting to know you. I admire your kindness and compassion toward others and how you light up every room you enter. Your smile makes me smile. Your laughter makes me happy. Your presence excites me. You and I are the perfect “us.”

7. I hope to have you see all the beautiful things, smell all the heady fragrances, taste all the delicacies, have the finest of all experiences, and have the chance to be your partner in all these experiences. To be able to see you croon because the food is too good or jump up because an experience is so thrilling, to turn around and smile at me because you feel so happy or to beckon me forward to look at something you like, is what I wish for this Valentine’s Day.

8. Darling, I want to confess that whenever I am with you, it is like having my emotional batteries recharged with joy. Your smile radiates into me. Your touch sends little shivers throughout my body. Your presence pleases my mind and soul. I love you… madly, sincerely and completely.

9. Spending time with you is undoubtedly the greatest thing ever. It’s the most enjoyable thing I have ever done in my life. When I’m with you, baby, I have the time of my life, and time flies by. But when we are apart, every second is spent in agony waiting to see you again. I love you, and I miss you so incredibly much. I can’t wait to see you again!

10. You must know that the birds in the sky sing when they see your beauty, and the flowers tremble with happiness when they feel your soft cotton hands.

The only thing left to say is thank you for being part of my life and thank you for so much beauty. Remember that I love you to the clouds.

Short Love Letters For Girlfriend

1. I can’t forget the first time I saw you. I have never not been in love with you since. You have made it so easy that I have forgotten what my life was without you. I am not versed in writing, but I promise I love you more than I can express in words.

2. I don’t need the sun because you are the sun in my life. Your shine brightens up my life, and I am very sure I’ll love you forever.

3. Every time we are apart, I want you to know that I constantly think of you. I wish I had a chance to text you with real beautiful flowers or send you my heart in a message, with kisses as attachments.

4. I love you. I am in love with you, and I think I will always love you more than anything. I don’t say it enough, and this letter is an effort to let you know how much I love you and how special you are to me.

5. Because of you, my life has become magical and worth living. As candlelight brightens a dark room, so too do you light up my world.

6. The love you have given me is so special. My whole day is filled with thoughts of you. Falling in love with you is the best thing that ever happened in my life.

7. You show me your love every day. I thank God that I found a girl like you. Please forgive me for not having enough time to chat with you more often, but I promise I will make up for it when we are together.

8. There are thousands of yesterdays and billions of tomorrows, but there is only one today, and I will not let the day go by without showing my love for you, telling you how I feel about you each day. I love you every day of my life.

9. You know you are my angel and my heartbeat. You make up for everything life deprives me because you are a priceless treasure. I loved you from the beginning, and I like how your smile gives me confidence. I am forever yours, my darling.

10. You are the part of my life that I have been searching for all these years. Finally, I found you. I have never felt this way in my entire life; I want to be with you always.

Long Love Letters For Her From The Heart

1. I never believed in love before I met you. I only had the idea that something like love existed, but when I laid my eyes on you, I saw it coming alive. You have made my soul come alive, and my heart couldn’t stop loving you for a mere moment. I am utterly grateful to destiny for you and your love.

You are the sweetest thing in my life, and there is nothing else I would ever love as much as I love you. Thank you for being in my life and making me believe in true love. With you, I feel truly alive.

2. With the dawn of each day, I will always make you feel special and loved. With each sunset, I will always treasure and adore all of you. You add meaning to my life in how you love all of me just as much as the rainbow beautifies the blue sky after a heavy downpour.

I can’t imagine a life without you because with you is a lifetime of unending love, happiness, joy, and peace of mind and body. You know I love you, right? Well, I do. Always have and always will.

3. I wanted to say this in person, but I know how much you love little gestures of love, hence, this letter. Thank you. Thank you for your support when I know it’s even harder after my big promotion to juggle things as selflessly as you do. You have made my life easier, and your selfless efforts make me love you even more.

I don’t know what I would do without you. You are the nucleus of my life. Thank you so much for being an extraordinary partner. I love you.

4. There are no words in the dictionary that could describe the feelings within me for you, my dear. You’ve turned out to be the best thing that has ever happened to me in my entire existence. It’s always a joy to see you happy each and every day. I want to make you mine and get to feel your subtle touch, your pretty lips, and your body. I want you to shower me with care and love as you express your feelings for me.

And I wish we will be together forever, until the end of time. I love you so much more than you could ever imagine.

5. There are a thousand ways to say I love you around the world, but only one way to prove it: through actions. You have proved that you love me unconditionally time and again. You were the only person by my side when the world was against me. I have known ever since that day that you were the one for me.

I try to love you and take care of you as much and as well as I can. I hope you know that I have the best intentions always, so forgive me if I ever hurt you or caused you pain. I love you now and forever and will never leave your side.

6. My sweet heart, you know that I love you so much. I love you because of your calm and understanding nature. I fell in love with you the moment I looked into your eyes, but I was so afraid of letting you in and being hurt again. I’m so glad you didn’t give up. I cannot imagine what life would be like without you. I adore you so much. I miss you a lot. Please call me when you’re free. I am always waiting to listen to your sweet voice.

I love you so much, dear, and want to spend my whole life with you. I can’t live without you for a moment. I want you to be with me my whole life.

7. Sometimes, it’s hard to find the words to express how much you mean to me. If it were possible, I would fly up into the sky and write I love you in bold letters so the whole world could see and know that I am crazy in love with you. You have filled every dark corner of my heart with love, and now it shines brighter than the sun. How am I ever going to match this?

All I know is that I love you, and I think we should run away into the sunset together forever.

8. Hey, my heart! I do not think that you expected or know it, but I simply wanted to thank you for everything. I know it’s not always easy to be with me, but still, you stay. You bring me back to reality again and again. If anything bothers me, you’re the first to know and also the one who does not believe me when I say that everything is fine. What I feel for you is something new, something special! You give me so much love, affection, tenderness, and the feeling of being important.

Every time I look into your eyes, I can see my future. You are the best, most wonderful, greatest, most brilliant, most perfect thing that could happen to me. I love you so indescribably – there are no words. You are my heart, my life, my future.

9. Since the pandemic hit and I got to spend every hour of the day with you, I have realized the many little things you do for me that make my life easier. You always cook my favorite meals and make sure that my clothes are clean, dried, and ironed. You manage your office hours, household chores, and run errands all at the same time, and I have never appreciated you for any of this.

Thank you. Thank you for being an extraordinary human being and partner. You have made this lockdown feel like normal, and I thought that was impossible. I love you, and I am so grateful for you.

10. My love is forever yours. Come rain or shine, I will treat you like a diamond and never let you get away. Even if you are far away from me, you will never leave my heart, even for a second. My love for you will blossom until my dying days because I have felt purpose, and I want to show you.

While I might not have the most tantalizing words at my disposal to express my love for you, I will manage these three words (I love you) to let you know that my world revolves around you all year round.

You know how I feel about you, and I want you to also know that there is no mistaking it. My love for you is real, and I will love you forever because you are the only one who deserves to be loved this tenderly.

11. A truth of life, yes, that’s you! You are my everything, my dear. With you, everything seems so new. You are my girl, and I love you a lot. You are always there in my every thought. I don’t know how to express my feelings for you. Whatever I say will be true. Baby, you are the reason I am so happy in life.

You are my only reason for survival. I don’t think I would be able to live a day without you. Without you, it would be really difficult to stay. I will always keep loving you. I just want to tell you that I love you.

What Do You Write To A Woman You Love?

I know that most men aren’t good with words, and that’s why they don’t like to confess their feelings to their partners. Actually, they often don’t know how to.

But, the truth is, it’s only important to speak from your heart. Just tell her how much you love her and appreciate her presence in your life.

Tell her that she motivates you to become a better man. Also, don’t forget to thank her for everything she does for you and your relationship. For a woman, feeling respected, loved, and appreciated is the most important thing.

Also, what you write to your loved one isn’t the only important thing – how you write it is also important. If you really want to impress your lady, write her a handwritten letter. It will show her that you really tried hard to surprise her.

Final Words

As you see, even if you aren’t good at writing love messages or love notes, you can now surprise your lady with a romantic letter. Of course, you could always add to it and personalize it as you want.

Believe me, you can’t even imagine how much she’ll appreciate this act of affection from you. It’ll mean the world to her.

I know you’re in a hurry, and I won’t keep you any longer, so go and make your loved one’s heart melt with one of these sweet love letters for her. Try to take a pic of her expression when she reads your letter because I’m sure it’ll be priceless.