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20 Sure Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

20 Sure Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

If you’re looking for signs he wants to marry you someday and you’re not really sure if he sees you as his future wife, you’ll find the answers to your questions (and more) below!

When you really love a man, all you can think about is your future together. You hope the two of you will end up married and you can’t wait for him to finally pop the question.

But although everything seems perfect, he has never told you straight that he wants you to be his future wife.

That is when you start thinking of the following and similar questions: Is he scared of marriage? Does he need more time to pop the question? Does he really love me?

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You can’t be sure if he thinks about asking for your hand in marriage and you can’t seem to read between the lines. Why are relationships so complex? Why are men so mysterious and confusing?

Well, maybe they aren’t. If you want to know if he sees you as his future wife, all you need to do is look for the SIGNS but not just any signs.

Here are 20 clear signs that a man will display if he wants to spend the rest of his life with you and if he wants to marry you someday!

How Do You Know He Sees You As His Future Wife?

He sees you as his future wife if he takes special care of you, shares everything with you, and does all the other things that show how much you mean to him.

A man who intends to settle down with you will make sure to be an active part of your life.

If your significant other sees you as his future wife, he will never shy away from discussing marriage whenever it comes up in conversation.

If you want to know whether he’s preparing to pop the question soon, pay attention to the following signs he wants to marry you someday!

Obvious Signs He Wants To Marry You Someday

He makes you a part of his life

If a man truly loves you, trusts you, and appreciates you, he’ll make you a part of his life. He will also want you to be a part of his major life decisions.

This means that you will always know everything about him—you’ll know what he’s been up to, what his plans are, what is bothering him, etc.

If he plans on marrying you, he won’t go through life like a single bachelor and he will make sure you always feel included.

His life = Your life. Your life = His life. Your life + his life = Marriage.

Still, that doesn’t mean that he has to spend every second of his day with you but the point is that he’ll never make you feel like a stranger.

He will always keep you updated on every single thing in his life not because he feels like he HAS to but because he really WANTS to.

He introduces you to his friends and family

One of the most important signs he wants to marry you someday is the fact that this guy has introduced you to his family and friends.

This is a big step in every relationship and it’s (probably) only a matter of time when he will start looking for engagement rings.

He thinks of you as a huge part of his life and wants all the people important to him to get to know you as well. It is important to him that you get along with all of them, because those are the people he loves besides you.

He invites you to all of his family events and to hang out with his friends because he hopes you’ll form a connection with them. It’s evident that he sees you as marriage material.

With time, his family members and close friends have started seeing the two of you as an item and they assume you’ll end up together.

Besides, he is interested in spending time with your friends and family and he wants to get to know them better too, because he considers them to be a part of who you are.

This man tries really hard to impress them and for them to like him and this is a great sign of his future plans with you.

He hopes that all of you will become one BIG family someday and he knows it is important for all of you to get along well.

He talks about the future

Planning things ahead is an important part of every serious relationship. One of the sure signs he wants to marry you someday is the fact that he sees a future with you and includes you in his future plans.

He doesn’t have to necessarily talk directly about marrying you but he will imply that he plans to stick around for a long time.

This guy uses the word ‘we’ instead of ‘me’ when talking about the future because he sees you two as a team and as partners.

He simply can’t imagine living his life without you by his side and he doesn’t have any short or long-term plans that don’t include you. This indicates that he’s in for the long haul (and that should include talking about marriage as well).

He simply assumes that the two of you will spend weekends and important holidays together, because he doesn’t plan on letting you go from his life.

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He remembers the little things

If a man hopes you’ll become his wife one day, he will want to get to know the real you. This means that this guy pays attention to you and everything you have to say.

Therefore, he will never forget your birthday or anniversary or any other date or thing that you find relevant.

He considers you to be one of the most important people in his life, and therefore everything concerning you is important to him as well.

This man will notice the slightest change in your appearance and behavior.

He will always notice when you’ve done something with your hair, your new outfit, when you’re feeling off, or when you’re super cheerful.

He will also notice your weird food cravings and mood swings during PMS as well and he won’t run away to his man cave but he will be there to comfort you. That’s how you know that he’s a real man, girl!

He asks for your opinion

Men are known to have fragile egos, which makes them claim that they are always right. But if your boyfriend asks for your opinion (especially when he needs to make an important decision), it means he values it.

And not only that—he values you as a person, he thinks your attitudes are good and he doesn’t mind taking any advice from you.

This man obviously plans on marrying you, so he wants to see where you stand regarding different subjects. He also wants to know your preferences, dislikes, coping mechanisms. He wants to know what inspires you and how you deal with problems.

He hopes that the two of you will spend the rest of your lives together, so he knows that there will be numerous common decisions you two will be making.

He is comfortable showing his vulnerable side

If he’s comfortable showing his vulnerable side in front of you, this is a clear sign he trusts you completely. We all know that men are extremely sensitive about protecting their masculinity and appearing vulnerable in front of others.

So, if he doesn’t have problems being vulnerable in front of you, it means he sees you as his best friend, lover, and his confidante!

He sees you as his special woman who knows how to comfort him, who doesn’t judge him and who makes him feel free to be who he really is.

Indeed, if you ask any relationship expert about the importance of communication, they will accentuate vulnerability as one of the most important aspects of bonding.

Trust me, there isn’t a single man in the world who would marry a woman with whom they don’t feel comfortable letting down their guard and showing their vulnerable side. If he doesn’t have any problems with that, then you know he sees you as his future wife.

He is protective

It is in every man’s nature to protect the woman he loves. It’s the same with your boyfriend. He doesn’t think of you as just his girlfriend but also as his family and he considers it is his duty to make sure you are okay.

This man thinks of you as his partner and he doesn’t plan on allowing anything bad to happen to you. In a way, he already acts like a husband.

It doesn’t mean that he thinks you can’t take care of yourself, he just wants you to know that he has your back, no matter what. If you need help with a certain task, you can count on him! If the whole world is against you, he will stand by your side.

He will defend you against everything and everyone and will never do anything harmful to you and those are signs that you are a huge part of his life and that he wants for it to stay this way for a long time.

He takes special care of you

When a man truly loves you and wants a future with you, he will take care of you and your needs. That means that he will be worried about your physical health, as well as about your emotions.

This guy will never think of your problems as foolish. Instead, he will always try hard to help you resolve them. If you tell him that something or someone is bothering you, he will instantly jump into problem-solving mode.

It will be important to him whether you’ve eaten, had enough sleep, if there is something bothering you and if you have everything you need.

Besides, he’d never do anything that could make you feel sad, because your happiness is crucial to him. That’s how you know that he sees you as a priority (and his future wife as well).

He enjoys spending time with you

When you end up marrying someone, it means that the two of you will be spending a lot of time together, for the rest of your lives.

Now imagine spending the rest of your life with someone who is ultimately boring and uninspiring. This doesn’t sound very inviting, right?

Therefore, if your boyfriend enjoys spending his free time with you and it looks like you never bore him, it is definitely one of the signs he wants to marry you someday.

It is probable that the two of you enjoy similar things in life, so it is not a problem for him to make compromises in your relationship with activities and places to visit.

This man obviously finds you interesting and wants to know everything about you and it means he won’t have trouble being with you forever.

He knows that even staring at the ceiling with you will be a fun activity because he’s head over heels in love with you.

He shares everything with you

Usually, men don’t like sharing their personal details with just about anyone. But it is different when it comes to the woman they plan on spending their life with.

This guy is very certain that you are the one, so he doesn’t have any trouble opening up to you and reaching this level of closeness with you.

You know everything about his past and he doesn’t hide anything from you.

You know this man’s deepest fears, hopes and dreams and he certainly wouldn’t reveal that much about himself to someone who he didn’t plan on keeping in his life.

This man obviously sees you two as an item and he doesn’t have to pretend to be someone he is not just so you would like him more.

He is certain of your love and knows that you love him for who he really is and he isn’t scared to show you his true colors.

He hopes that there will come a time when the two of you will share a life together, so he thinks pretending and lying at this point wouldn’t make any sense, because his true face would be revealed sometime soon anyway.

He doesn’t have a problem with showing affection in front of other people

In case you didn’t know, men are extremely competitive creatures. From cars to girls, they have this urge to compete with others in almost anything.

Also, they have an urge to protect their treasure from others. If a man is truly in love with you, he will see you as his little treasure.

If a man wants to marry you, he will never hide you from others. Instead, he will be proud to be with you and he will want everyone to know that you are his girlfriend and future wife.

This guy will never be insecure about expressing his feelings for you and he won’t have any trouble showing affection in public and when you are around other people.

He gives you the keys to his apartment

Most men like having their personal space just for themselves aka man cave where they can reset, spend some time alone or with their male friends.

No matter how madly in love a guy is with you, he will probably want to have a place for himself, where he can relax, play video games, or just do nothing.

Therefore, if your boyfriend has given you the keys to his apartment, it is undeniably a good sign that he plans on marrying you sometime soon.

According to him, the two of you living together and marrying each other is a matter of time and a question of pure formality.

This shows that he is more than ready to take your relationship to the next level and he thinks about settling down with you.

He wants to move in together

One of the most important signs he wants to marry you someday soon is him suggesting the two of you move in together. Even if he doesn’t talk directly about marriage a lot, it is obvious that he wants to share his life with you.

Moving in together is a huge deal—it can ruin a relationship or it can show you that the two of you really are meant to be together.

Either way, it is something you don’t do with just anyone and it is proof of how serious his intentions for you are.

When you move in together, you are practically already married, just without any legal documentation.

This guy loves you enough that he wants to spend every day of his life with you.

Besides, if he thinks you two are compatible enough to live together, it is obvious that he thinks that you can also be married sometimes in the future.

Remember, when a man wants to move in with you, the next thing you can expect from him is to get down on one knee and pop the question.

He wants to get a pet

Another sign that a man wants to marry you and that he plans to start a family is the fact that he initiates getting a pet together.

First of all, that is a living creature that you both would take care of together and something that will bond you for the rest of its life. Literally, this pet will be your baby which is so cute and romantic.

Also, any kind of pet requires a lot of responsibility and maybe he wants to see how the two of you would get along sharing that kind of responsibility.

Having a pet is great preparation for a future life and having a family together and although you may think of it as not such a big deal, it is actually a huge step forward for the two of you because it can be a big test for your relationship.

That means that he assumes that the two of you will stick together for a long time (or at least he hopes that it will be so).

He is your biggest supporter

When a man has serious plans for you, he will do his best to have your back through thick and thin.

If he plans to marry you, he sees you two as a team and he is ready to hold your hand and to go shoulder to shoulder with you through life.

Therefore, he will always help you with all of your issues and concerns and he will go out of his way to show you his support, whenever you need it.

He wants you to know that he will be there for you and that he won’t abandon you the moment things get rough and that is something a husband would do.

You two hang out with his married friends

No matter what anybody tells you, the surroundings are very important for everyone.

If your boyfriend hangs out with single bachelors and players, it is likely that he won’t have any serious future plans with you.

But if most of his friends are happily married couples, it is natural that he thinks about it too.

He sees that marriage is nothing to be afraid of and that it should be the next step in his life as well. And every time his friends are with their wives, he invites you to come along.

That means that he considers you to be his plus one and his partner and that you are nothing less to him than his friends’ wives are to them.

He saves money

If a man is planning to propose to you, he will be extra-careful about money. He will save all the money he can before the wedding day, because Lord knows he’ll need it.

You may think that your boyfriend has suddenly become cheap but it is more likely that he actually plans on popping the big question and that is the reason for him cutting his budget.

So, if you notice that your significant other is making a huge effort regarding money-saving, this is one of the signs he wants to marry you one day.

EXTRA TIP: If you’re curious about his intentions, you can ask him about his sudden money-saving urge. Perhaps his answer will surprise you (in a positive way, of course.)

You share assets

One of the obvious signs he wants to marry you is the fact that the two of you share assets.

It is irrelevant whether you have bought a house or a car or you have a joint bank account—the point is that you have started living as a team and as a married couple.

Your money is his money and vice versa and this is how things will be once you get married. I can’t resist the urge to accentuate this info in the following way:

His money = Your money. Your money = His money. His money + Your money = Marriage.

This man obviously plans on sharing his life with you, if he is ready to share his belongings. So, are you ready to do the same?

He talks about having kids

If you keep hearing your boyfriend talking about kids and how he would like to have them in the future, it is obvious that his biological clock is ticking and that he wants to start a family sometime soon.

He doesn’t tell you straight that he wants to have children with you but he implies it casually or even jokes about how nice it would be.

He often talks about potential names for your kids and what they would look like. This is one of the most obvious signs he will marry you someday.

This man thinks of you as mother material and he loves and respects you enough that he hopes you’ll be the mother of his children.

Besides, whenever he sees a kid, he runs off to play with them, showing you his fatherly qualities. He mentions this because he wants to know where you stand regarding this topic.

He wants to know if you would like to have kids and he wants to talk to you about raising his potential children.

He makes you feel like you are the only woman in the world

If your boyfriend thinks of marriage as something serious and long-term, he will want it to last for a lifetime.

Therefore, one of the signs that this guy wants to marry you someday is the fact that he makes you feel like you are the only woman in the world. Because for him, there really doesn’t exist anyone else.

He only has eyes for you and he isn’t afraid to show you that. You never feel like you have to compete with another woman for his attention and love because you know you have him just to yourself.

All of this means that he obviously takes your relationship seriously and that he doesn’t have any problem spending the rest of his life with just one woman, if that woman is YOU. Congrats, girl!

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What Does A Man Want In A Woman He Wants To Marry?

Every man wants to marry a woman with certain qualities that are important to him such as her being trustworthy, supportive, inspiring, and so on. Physical appearance is also an important factor when it comes to attractiveness but it is not crucial in marriage.

Here are the things a man wants in a woman he wants to marry:

He wants a woman who will get along with his friends and family

Every man wants to marry a friendly woman who will get along with his family members and close friends. If a man senses that a woman is a potential source of drama, he will not be so tempted to marry her because, obviously, he doesn’t want his life to turn into hell.

A man wants a woman who will not have problems cracking jokes in front of his friends or his father. Every man wants to be with a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Period.

A woman who is great with kids

If a man desires to have kids one day, he will want to marry a woman who is great with kids, obviously! Besides that, she needs to have motherly qualities such as being caring and gentle.

No man would marry a woman for whom he thinks she wouldn’t be a good role model to his future children. She needs to have that something that reminds him of his mother.

In other words, a man wants to marry a woman who feels like home to them. So, when a man says he wants to marry you, you can be sure that you are the most special woman in his life (next to his mother, of course).

A woman who is supportive but also not afraid to contradict when needed

A man wants to marry a woman who is supportive of his decisions but also a woman who is not afraid to tell him when he’s wrong. A woman who knows how to keep her man grounded is simply precious.

Not a single man would marry a woman who agrees with everything they say and doesn’t have her own opinion on things. Okay, some men would but such men are in minority.

A woman who is trustworthy

Trust is the basis of every healthy relationship. Period. Any man would decide to marry a woman who is trustworthy because they know the value of such quality.

Being in marriage means dealing with all kinds of situations and difficult challenges. When you know that you can count on your partner and trust them completely no matter what, life is so much easier.

A strong and passionate woman

“Behind every successful man, there is a strong woman.” I dare you to name one man who doesn’t want to be successful? And I thought so.

A strong and passionate woman is a real jewel and an inexhaustible source of creativity, fun, and solutions for most difficult problems. So, yes, such a woman is every man’s dream.

A woman with a good sense of humor

Marriage is tough. Ask anyone who is married and they will tell you that it’s not that easy as they thought it would be but that’s completely normal and expected.

SOLUTION: Marrying someone with a good sense of humor (which has literally become a norm). Who doesn’t like to laugh and have a good time 24/7? Hence a sense of humor is the hottest quality one can have.

If a woman knows how to make her man laugh and turn even the dullest situations into sheer fun, he will stick to her like glue. He will know that life with her will be a romantic comedy and that his friends will be jealous AF because he married such a cool chick.

A LASTING attraction

Yes, physical appearance matters but to a certain degree. What matters more is a woman’s personality. Every man knows that both he and his partner won’t look the same a few years from now. So, marrying someone just because of their looks is ridiculous.

Two words: TRUE LOVE. Every time he looks you in the eye, he wants to know that you are his soulmate. He wants to praise all your imperfections, he wants to fall in love with the real you (not your makeup or your clothes) because that creates a lasting attraction.

Men want to marry a woman with whom they will keep falling in love multiple times till the rest of their lives (or for as long as they are together).

How Long Does It Take A Man To Know He Wants To Marry You?

There are plenty of factors such as compatibility, financial readiness, and flaws that a man considers when deciding if he wants to tie the knot. Usually, it takes around 6 months to 1 year for a man to see whether he’s compatible with you. Still, the perfect timing depends on man to man and many other factors.

Here are three main factors that men consider when deciding if they want to marry you:


Before deciding to marry you, a man will want to make sure that you two are compatible meaning that you share the same values and principles. The ability to compromise is also an important aspect of compatibility.

You don’t have to agree on everything but you have to be able to compromise. Usually, it takes around 6 months to 1 year for a man to see whether he’s compatible with the person he’s dating. So, don’t expect it to happen on a first date.

Financial readiness

A man will not want to jump into marriage unless he’s one hundred percent sure that he’s financially prepared for it. Truth be told, getting married will cost a lot starting only at the engagement ring and the costs don’t stop there but they multiply through time.

If a guy plans on marrying you, he might be already saving some cash for that occasion. Usually, it takes years for a man to save up before deciding to tie the knot.


Marrying someone without knowing their flaws beforehand doesn’t sound promising, right? So, before deciding that he’s ready to tie the knot, he will want to know your flaws and he will want to know if he can accept them.

Every man knows that living with someone for the rest of his life means being able to accept the person for who they are with all their imperfections and flaws. So, he wants to make sure if he will be ready to do that.

Usually, it takes a man a year or more to figure out all your flaws. Some men need more time to do that because this greatly depends on the other person, too, and their ability to be open and honest.

A man will know that he wants to marry you when he realizes how much he loves you and he can’t imagine his life without you. So, when he says he wants to marry you, know that he’s TOTALLY ready.

How Do You Know If He Will Never Marry You?

If he downplays your relationship in public, refuses to talk about marriage and future plans, then you know he will (probably) never marry you.

Here are more signs that indicate he’s not that interested in marriage and that he might never marry you:

  • He downplays your relationship in public
  • He hasn’t introduced you to his friend and family and isn’t interested in meeting yours
  • He’s not interested in discussing future plans
  • His lifestyle is like a bachelor’s
  • He has never shown any interest in weddings or marriages
  • You have never talked about marriage
  • He gets angry every time you initiate a conversation about future or marriage
  • He talks about how young you two are and that you shouldn’t rush things

If he threatens to break up with you every time he has to deal with relationship problems and challenges, then this is a big sign he’s not ready to get married.

Perhaps he hasn’t shown any interest in marriage because he doesn’t feel financially ready for it. Also, some men (and women) see marriage as just a piece of paper, so you have to keep in mind that, too.

Here’s my humble relationship advice: If you think that he’s not that interested in getting married but he’s genuinely in love with you, don’t force him. Give him some space and time and everything will fall into place.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’re familiar with all the signs he wants to marry you someday, I hope you’re at ease. If you’re not, don’t worry much about it. What matters is that the two of you truly care about each other and that you’re in love.

“Timing is everything. If it’s meant to happen it will. At the right time. At the right place. For the right reasons.” – Unknown