Have you ever thought about what happens when a man falls in love? How does he feel?

Is there some chemical reaction happening in his body every time he sees the woman he is crazy about?

Does he feel any physical attraction right away? How many stages of love are there?

Before I explain anything, I would like to emphasize that not all relationships are the same.

Not all men and women love the same way. They don’t have the same outlook on life.

They are driven by different things. And that is more than okay. The world would be such a boring place if we were all the same. Differences exist to break the monotony.

Since it is all about men in this article, I would like to explain what happens exactly when men fall in love.

•  How much time do they need to tell someone: “I love you”?

•  How a man feels when a special woman is next to him?

•  How does it feel to kiss your crush for the first time?

•  How do they behave on the first date?

•  Which level of physical attraction is enough to stay with a woman?

•  Can they fall in love with their best friend?

smiling man showing something on his phone to smiling woman

•  Do men ever think about true love before it even happens?

•  Do they use some kind of dating app to find a potential partner?

•  Do they try to contact a relationship coach to help them organize their relationships?

•  How does it feel to fall in love for the first time?

•  How do they know they have found true love?

•  Is there a difference between when men fall in love and when women fall in love?

•  What is romantic body language when a man is in love?

•  Can a man be happy with one woman for the rest of his life?

•  What does a man think when he falls in love?

•  What happens when a married man falls in love with you?

•  What happens when a married man falls in love with another woman?

•  Do men and women fall in love in the same way?

•  Do guys use dating apps or social media sites to meet women?

•  What is the best relationship advice after a relationship is over?

•  Are there men who say; “I love you,” on the first date?

You can find the answers to these and many other questions in the explanation below. First, let’s talk about the stages of love and what each of them mean.

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•  Stage 1 – Honeymoon stage

In this stage, everything seems to be so perfect. You are showing your love to each other on social media sites and sending cute emojis to each other. In the initial stages like this, people feel a rush of adrenaline every time they see their partner.

They are on cloud nine. They think about their perfect man every day and dream about their next date. During this stage, everything seems great. There are no problems and nobody thinks there will be any. All they feel is pure happiness.

•  Stage 2 – Things start to get serious

This is more serious than the previous stage. In this one, you are still crazy about your partner but you also think with your head. Lovemaking is not as wild as before but there is still love there. Only this time, it is a more mature one.

You know what you have and you are happy with it. You don’t want to start a new relationship with anyone else because you feel good with your partner.

•  Stage 3 – Something has changed

If you are able to get through a crisis at this stage, you will save your relationship. Here, we are talking about mature love. At this stage, many relationships crack because partners take each other for granted.

It looks like they don’t enjoy anything because their life is all about taking care of the kids, paying the bills and doing their tasks.

They don’t have time for each other because there are priorities that they need to handle. Some of them reach their breaking point in no time and that is when everything falls apart.

•  Stage 4 – Seeing things as they are

If you reach this stage, just know that you are feeling the real deal. Every relationship coach will confirm this statement. You are allowing your partner to be themselves, with all their flaws.

You finally understand that they are a human being and that they are not perfect. A lot of women reach their happiest period at this stage because their partner finally accepts them just the way they are. Love at this stage is based on mutual understanding and respect.

•  Stage 5 – The real deal

At this stage, couples have reached real and unconditional love. It is something that doesn’t happen so often. You need to be with your soulmate to be able to feel this kind of love.

At this stage, don’t need any relationship advice anymore because you have reached love with the person who means the world to you. When a man experiences this kind of love, it will continue for the rest of his life.

Now that I have explained the stages of love and their meanings, I would like to proceed with the things every man feels when he falls in love.

1. He feels a way he has never felt before

           romantic couple hugging beside sea during golden hour 

When a man is in love, he feels like he’s on cloud nine. He can’t believe that something as beautiful as love has entered his life and that he is that lucky.

He smiles all day long, has a lot of positive energy that he gladly shares with his friends and nothing can spoil his mood.

All he wants is to create a long-term relationship with the woman he is head over heels in love with and he would do anything to keep her in his life.

That’s why he does things he hasn’t done before and is not scared of the new emotions that overwhelm him.

He knows that something strange has happened to him but he feels so damn good in this state.

He doesn’t think about problems and all he wants is to spend all of his free time with the woman he loves.

He buys her flowers, writes romantic prose to make her happy and acts goofy when he is with her. His love life finally makes some sense now and he couldn’t be happier.

2. He acts in a way he thought he never would

closeup photo of man holding woman hand in the car

When a man is in love, he changes his outlook on life. Now he has some priorities and he will not give up on them.

Even if his friends tell him that he acts like a wuss, he doesn’t listen to them and does everything in his power to make the woman he loves happy, more than anything.

He will spend every free moment with her, text her to ask how she is doing and spend forever on the phone with her before bed.

He has changed and he is totally fine with it. He likes the way she makes him feel and he would do anything to form a long-term relationship with her.

He simply wants to love her and commit to her and everything she does or says is so sweet to him.

He is in love with her way of thinking and acts protective because he doesn’t want anyone to hurt her. But best of all is that he feels good in his own skin and he wants this feeling to last.

3. He dresses up more often

fashion man wearing sunglasses and white shirt on street

Now that he is a taken man, he wants to look as good as he can for his girlfriend.

That’s why he spends more time in front of the mirror every morning and wisely chooses his daily outfits.

He wants to look good even if the two of them are just going out for a coffee.

Also, since he now has someone who can help him shop, he often listens to what she has to say about the clothes he is about to buy.

He always asks her if she finds something nice and if the answer is in the affirmative, he gets it.

He surely doesn’t want to wear something his girlfriend doesn’t like because he thinks she has better taste in fashion.

Also, he helps her when she goes shopping and it’s no problem for him to spend three hours in a mall while she tries to find the perfect jeans or a jacket.

Please know that a man who is not in love would never do something like this, so you can just imagine how much he loves his girlfriend.

4. He thinks about the future with her in it

couple laughing in the kitchen

When a man is in love, he will start thinking about the future with his new partner.

Maybe it won’t happen at the beginning of their relationship but as they spend more time together, he will start thinking about their life together.

He will try to find out if she is the right one and if she can truly make him happy.

Maybe he won’t mention anything about it to her but the fact is that he will think about it a lot.

He will secretly start looking at some nice houses that they could live in at the beginning of their life together. Then he will start eyeing engagement rings and will face some new emotions that will make him feel good.

He will be so thrilled that he has finally found the woman of his dreams, the one who understands him, who is his best friend, his lover and his human diary.

He still can’t believe that the woman he fell for is so perfect and he can only thank God for sending her into his life.

He wants to be with her on her bad days and good days and there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to make her satisfied and fulfilled.

5. He introduces her to his parents

man introducing a girlfriend to his family

Every man in love will want to introduce his girlfriend to the people he respects and loves the most.

If he takes his partner to meet his parents, it is a sign that he sees a future with her.

It is just a proven sign that his love for her is strong and that nothing can destroy it.

His big wish is that his parents like his new girlfriend and that she gets on with them as well.

He especially wants her to have a good relationship with his mother, since she is the most important woman in his life.

He doesn’t want to be torn between his mother and beloved; he wants the two of them to get along.

By just inviting his girlfriend to the house he grew up in, he is showing her that she is more important than any other woman and that he already pictures a future with her.

So, girls, if your guy has invited you for lunch at his parents’ home, you can be positive that he has some serious plans.

6. He puts her first

romantic couple kisses on the park bench

When a man is in love, he will put his loved one first. Her happiness will be more important to him than his own and he will treat her like a queen.

Just know that only strong men can do something like this because they are sure of themselves.

You can’t expect expensive things from cheap people. A weak, beta man will never do something like this.

But if you were lucky enough to have a strong and independent guy in your life, the one who knows that you are a high-quality woman and who gives you credit for the amazing things you do, you can be sure that he will give you the love you deserve.

With him, you won’t go throughout any type of abuse because he will treat you like the apple of his eye.

When a man is head over heels in love, he will do anything to make his woman happy and provide her with all the things she deserves.

Love, respect, affection and support will be your everyday routine and you won’t feel neglected at any time.

7. He will never cheat on her

smiling couple looking at each other while sitting on table

When a man is in love, he will have eyes for one woman only. He won’t let anyone near him because he doesn’t want to risk losing the love of his life over a one-night stand.

A man like this will do everything in his power to protect and improve the love relationship with the woman he loves and he will never disrespect her.

All he wants with her is love and commitment and he won’t stop until he reaches his goal.

I must say that it is a little bit different when men fall in love because every man will feel things more intensely than a woman.

You see, women tend to fall in love many times in their lives, while men don’t do something like that too often.

But when it happens, he will know it is the real deal. When he starts feeling something as beautiful as love, he won’t even think of being unfaithful because he doesn’t ever want to see her cry.

He doesn’t want to be the reason she suffers and most of all, he doesn’t want to break her or make her incapable of loving someone again.

8. He will protect her

lovely couple hugging and holding a dog

When a man loves a woman, he will do everything in his power to protect her from anything bad that can happen to her.

If someone tries to hurt her or gossip about her, he will stand up for her in her defense and won’t let people slander her name.

He will even fight with his friends or other people who mean a lot to him if need be, just to protect the love of his life.

Because to him, she is all he needs to be happy. She is like the oxygen to his lungs that he can’t live without.

She is the only person who can lift him up with only one hug and one kiss when he feels bad.

To him, she is his reason to live and be happy. Without her, he would be so lost. But with her, there isn’t anything that can bring him down.

With her, he feels like the happiest man alive and that’s why he loves her so much.

His love life finally makes sense and he doesn’t mind going the extra mile for her. In fact, he does it with pleasure.

He wants to spoil his loved one and to make her feel special. He would do anything for her; she doesn’t even have to ask.

He will see it all in her eyes because he knows them so well.

9. He will tell his friends about her

smiling male friends talking and drinking beer

Every man in love will speak of his special girl to his good friends. He is happy and he wants to share his happiness with the people who mean a lot to him.

He will tell them that he has never felt like this before and that he believes that he’s found the right one.

Also, he will want to introduce them to her because he wants her to become a part of his life in every sense of the word.

He wants to welcome her into his world and to make her feel good there.

Also, when he introduces her to his friends, he will want to hear their opinions because they are really important people in his life and what they say will mean a lot to him.

Just like he wants her to get along with his parents, he also wants her to like his friends.

Both his friends and his girlfriend are important to him and he doesn’t want them to be on bad terms. He wants them all to be one big happy family.

10. He will spend all his free time with her

man teaching woman to play a guitar

When men fall in love, they want to spend every free minute with the women they love.

A man will surprise her by taking her lunch to work or organizing dinner after work so the two of them can relax a bit.

He will take her on planned trips and he will give her cute surprises that will melt her heart.

And the most important thing is that he will do all of it with enormous love and affection and he will enjoy every second while doing so.

Every wish she has will be his obligation and he won’t think twice about making it come true.

When he spends time with her, he will think up interesting things that both of them can enjoy and capture every memory together in his heart forever.

A man in love won’t be afraid to tell his beloved how much she means to him and how much he loves her.

Even if it will be hard for him to wear his heart on his sleeve, he will do so and it will be the best thing ever for him.

11. He will tell her he loves her

man holding flowers and waiting for girlfriend

A man in love won’t have any problem telling his loved one that he loves her.

He will probably need some courage to do so but that feeling will be stronger than him and at the right moment, he will share everything that has been pressing on his heart for such a long time.

He will expect one thing from her, though. He will expect that she tells him she loves him in return because in that way, all of his love and sacrifice would make sense.

If she feels the same way and admits all her feelings to him, he will be over the moon and won’t need any other reason for happiness. This is what it really looks like when a man falls in love!

12. He will feel like the luckiest man alive

smiling couple lying on bed and looking each other while holding a hands

When a man loves a woman, he will definitely feel like he is the luckiest man alive.

He won’t be able to believe that a girl like her actually decided to date him.

This new relationship will bring him so many feelings he has never felt before but he will like them all. He will totally change his body language when he is with her.

Even if there are a lot of women around him, he will have eyes only for the one!

Every man will probably talk about his girlfriend to his best friend for hours, wanting to share his enormous joy.

He will do things he has never done before just because he will feel what he has never felt before!

13. He will love everything about her

couple lying on floor and looking each other

Only a man who is in love will love everything about his partner. The way she talks, walks and does things will be amazing to him.

Whenever she tells him about something that happened to her, he will look at her, admiring the spark in her eyes.

He will be over the moon every time he is with her, feeling like he has never felt before.

That is the main difference between a man who is in love and one who isn’t.

14. He will put some effort into making her happy

smiling couple lying on floor

When a guy falls in love, he will do anything he can to make his girlfriend happy.

He wants to see the spark in her eyes and he will do things he never thought he would.

He will go through so many changes but he will embrace all of them.

Not just with the new person in his life but because he feels great with all those changes. New love is what he really needed to feel satisfied and fulfilled.

And now he has a chance to enjoy it, he will use it maximally. He wants to try new things with her.

He wants to visit places he has never been before while she is with him. And most of all, he wants to wake up next to her.

15. He will make love to her

romantic couple is about to kiss on bed

When a guy falls in love, he will wait for his partner to be ready to have sex. He won’t push her, nor will he emphasize it all the time.

Even if he wants to sleep with her, he will wait for the right moment. He won’t take advantage of her like some fuckboy would do but instead, he will make that moment special.

And when it happens, it will be sensual and sweet. It will be like in his dreams.

He will feel heavenly and from that day on, he will start loving her even more. That is how one woman can change a guy and his feelings.

Her real power lies in her heart and if you give yourself enough time to get to know her, you will truly be one happy man.

16. He will help her

side view of man comforting woman at home

You know how some guys change in relationships? If you have ever been in love, you know what it feels like to have someone who will take care of you and who will support you. That is what a man who loves a woman will definitely do.

He will help her with everything she needs because he cares. He will be with her during her moments of sorrow.

Even if she tells him she is okay on her own, he will stay to wipe away her tears.

And during her happy moments, he will be there to tap her on her shoulder and to tell her that he is so proud of her.

The thing is that all guys should treat their partner this way. But unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer of them who don’t do this.

So, if you have a guy who makes you feel special and unique, don’t ever let him go because he is a keeper.

17. He will always be there for her

lovely couple lying on bed man hugs woman from back

A guy who is always with his partner is definitely worth fighting for. If he is with you to help you with some advice, to hug you when you need it and to comfort you, you are one lucky girl.

Men like him are rare nowadays and it looks like it is easier to break up than to fix a relationship.

That’s why you should cherish every man who makes the extra effort for you. You should tell him that you love him just like he tells you he loves you.

You should be proud of him for being the way he is. And you should thank God for having him in your life every single day.

18. He will sacrifice things because of her

smiling couple walking to the gym

When guys fall in love, they do things that they thought they would never do.

For example, if a guy loves to sleep in, there is nothing in this world that will take him out of bed.

But when he falls in love and his girlfriend asks him to go jogging with her early in the morning, he will do so easily.

It all happens in his brain actually. When someone in his life is worthy of things like this, he will do them.

And he won’t even find it troublesome at all. In fact, some guys totally change their lifestyle because of the girl they are dating.

There is nothing wrong with that but they shouldn’t transform into someone they are not just to make someone like them.

19. He will be in a positive mood all the time

lovely couple laughing in living room

Love is an amazing thing! And those who tried it know it too well. But there is something about guys and the way they behave when they fall in love.

They are simply not the same person anymore. They are super happy and super excited every time they are about to go out with their partner.

They talk about her to everyone. They even do some crazy things just to make her happy.

When you talk to them, there is a positive vibe all around and they don’t take their  smile off their face. They simply glow and they feel great about it!

20. He will travel with her

couple taking selfie on sidewalks

There is nothing bad about traveling with the woman you love. It will be a good way to get to know each other much better. Also, you will have fun and see places you have never seen before.

Every couple enjoys something like this because they can run away from everyone and devote to themselves completely.

In fact, when they stay alone together, they have more time to talk and listen to each other.

They can learn things they didn’t know about the other. They can try new things and enjoy them together.

These are all some small things that make a good and healthy relationship.

And if it is with your soulmate, it will definitely result in a positive way.

21. He will tell her all his dark secrets

back view of couple sitting outside with candle

When a man starts trusting a woman, he will tell her all that lays on his heart.

Maybe there are things from his past that he hasn’t shared with anyone else but he will with you.

But there is something about you that makes him feel good and calm.

Maybe it is your voice or your eyes that make him calm and relaxed.

Maybe it is the way you hug him or kiss him. But no matter what it is, it is about you. And that is what matters the most.

22. He will marry her

     lovely man kisses smiling woman forehead

This is the most logical thing that happens when two people are in love. If you two are compatible and if you get along well, a wedding is something you should do.

If you feel that you are ready and if your partner is ready too, you shouldn’t wait at all.

You will be husband and wife sooner or later so why wait for something that both of you want.

Most men get pretty nervous before they pop the question but when a girl says she wants to get married to them, all their efforts will pay off.  

So, there you have some of the most important things every man will feel sooner or later.

There are guys who are truly made for love and those ones really deserve to find a woman who will respect and love them. Hope you all will be that lucky and find a partner just like that.

When A Man Falls In Love, These 22 Amazing Things Happen