It’s time for men to step aside and let women take the lead. Since the beginning of time, men craved to be the ones in charge to satisfy their egos.

However, they’ll have to set their egos aside – the female led relationship era has begun.  

Despite the fact they were always living in a man’s world, women made sure to mark their place in the history of powerful people – from ancient times and the amazing Hatshepsut, Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Elizabeth I, to today’s powerful Indira Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, and Malala Yousafzai.

We lived to see women lead not only families but entire nations, so why not transfer this power to a type of relationship and make it a loving female-led relationship?  

Letting the woman take charge in a relationship is not something every man is ready to do, but more and more give the power to their women.

It can be power in the bedroom, a certain aspect of the relationship, or completely taking over the entire relationship.

Those people who don’t find this to their satisfaction have to understand that the gender role doesn’t mean anything anymore.

Everyone is entitled to do whatever they want and more than capable of making their aspirations come true.

What is the definition of a female led relationship?

woman holding man on tie

Although there is no official definition of what female-led relationship (FLR) is, the name itself gives several clues right from the outset.

This kind of relationship includes a dominant woman – a decision maker.

If a man trusts her enough, he could experience a loving relationship in which he won’t have to be responsible for anything.

This strong woman is only one of many in the sea of powerful women who have decided to take control of her life by her own hands.

You’d be surprised how many men are comfortable with being a submissive male.

In a female-led relationship, there is no power struggle. There are no constant arguments in an attempt to prove that one person is more important than the other.

A man can see himself as a submissive man if he has to cook, clean up the house, or take care of the kids.

But in a loving FLR, the female leads, which mean the chores and responsibilities don’t have a gender stamp on it. FLR is not the same as feminism.

Equating FLR with feminism is the most common mistake people make when it comes to these types of relationships.

Regardless of what most think, the woman in an FLR relationship does not assume the role of a man.

Although she is dominant, she does not wear the pants in the house.

A woman in charge mustn’t lose her femininity while her dominance grows.

What needs to happen and what usually happens is the exact opposite. Her sexuality grows with her dominance.

In situations when feminism is avoided, men tend to purely enjoy being in this kind of happily ever after relationship. Why women want a female led relationship?

passionate couple kissing on couch

Their wishes are quite obvious to detect. Who wouldn’t want to arrange their life to their liking without having to fight for what they want?

Women like FLR relationships because there is no tension, there is no power struggle, there are no more arguments about housework.

Most importantly, any woman would sign right now for the chance to form her man to her liking.

And the best of the whole situation is the man doesn’t mind being dominated. What’s more, he loves you better.

He gives you affection and love because you’re taking responsibility over the important things.

He doesn’t see it as being submissive, but rather not having to take initiative until the end, for the rest of his life.

Why men want a female led relationship? Although it might seem ridiculous that any man would want to be in a relationship where he’s dominated – especially if you consider their big egos – some men genuinely enjoy being in an FLR.

At first, it’s puzzling why any man would want that kind of a relationship, but from a closer look, it makes perfect sense.

There is no more arguing, his life at home is much simpler and more relaxed, not to mention that sex life gets increasingly better with more kink.

Types of female led relationship

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•  Type 1 – This is the mildest type of woman domination in FLR. The woman takes the lead only in a few life situations and she doesn’t feel quite comfortable doing it.

•  Type 2 – This is the moderate type of woman domination in FLR. In this second type, the woman takes the lead in everyday matters, but she sets boundaries on what she wants and what she doesn’t want to do.

•  Type 3 – This is a serious level of woman’s dominance in an FLR. The woman takes control of almost everything. She assumes “male roles” as if they were meant for women. As a result, sex is freaky and kinkier.

•  Type 4 – This is an extreme level of woman’s dominance in the relationship. It’s not that common, but it’s out there. A woman takes over completely, treating her man like a servant. She controls his life and every aspect of their relationship.

Type 1

Out of all levels of female led relationship, this is the mildest one. Usually, women in these situations never wanted to be in an FLR relationship, but the man proposed this brilliant idea, so they went for it.

The woman is not comfortable with such a relationship scheme because this approach goes against her opinions about relationships.

However, she is willing to give it a try by letting her man take over some basic chores around the house.

Dominance is not a side of her with which she agrees that well – she’s just not that type of a person.

It’s not likely she’s going to embrace dominance. She’s already struggling with what her man has asked her to do.

Regardless of what level the woman is on, it’s always possible for her to go to a higher level of dominance in the relationship. It’s not a rule, but it can happen.

Type 2

young couple lying in bed and looking at each other

This level is a bit more advanced. At first, the woman is not that eager to start such a relationship, but after getting a taste of what it feels like, she starts enjoying the benefits that FLR gives her.

These women won’t dare to take things too far because they sincerely think that a woman-dominated relationship will take their relationship in a different course – one that will lead their relationship into ruin.

The only reason she agreed to this “relationship experiment” is because she’s willing to explore and try new things. All within the boundaries of what she considers to be normal.

Type 3

The woman is the one in charge of this kind of relationship. Instead of following the old patriarchal system, the woman switches roles and takes the lead. The man doesn’t mind this control switch at all.

This kind of relationship arrangement is not at all innocent. The woman allows herself to take control of almost every aspect of her man’s life. She controls the finances, sex life, and pretty much his life overall.

Type 4

This hardcore type of FLR relationship is characterized by the woman gaining total power over the man.

She controls every little aspect of his life, where he plays the role of a servant. He must indulge her every wish and lead his life the way she orders it.

The biggest benefit of type 4 female led relationship is the sex life. The kink gets crazier by the minute.

The level of freaky sex depends solely on the woman. It may vary from mild kinky sex to extreme BDSM situations.

The benefits of a female led relationship

Although opinions are divided when it comes to FLR and whether or not it is beneficial, here are 10 amazing reasons why female-led relationships just work.

1. Women are organized and efficient

woman in underwear sitting on man with suit on sofa

Let’s admit it – women are more organized and efficient than men when it comes to working long hours and taking care of the home.

It’s not that we doubt men can do any of those things, it’s just there’s the possibility that they won’t do them well enough.

Naturally, women pay more attention to the details and feelings of other people, while men keep it simple and avoid any additional complications.

And when a woman organizes household chores between the partners, you can be sure that they will be equally divided between the two.

2. They’re fully aware of everything

couple sitting at cafe and looking at phone screen

Women are fully aware of everything – from what’s going on in their men’s heads to every part of the house.

When she’s in charge, you can be sure that she will do her best to keep everything together, even if it takes hours of talking and arguing.

She will get to the core of the problem and won’t stop until it’s solved.

3. Their multitasking is on point

business woman having a call while sitting at desk

There’s no denying that women are amazing and kick ass at multitasking.

Some women run their companies, take care of their homes, make sure that their kids are alive, AND still keep the spark in the bedroom going.

When it comes to men, they can only deal with one thing at a time. Giving the power to her is easier because she already has it. It just feels good if men admit it.

4. Better sex life

woman in underwear on man while he grabbing her butt

You’d be surprised to know how many men want to be the submissive one, especially in the bedroom.

When the woman is in charge, this will result in a spicier and happier sexual life for both partners.

She will get what she needs the way she needs it, and men get off on the fact that they’ve satisfied their woman.

5. No reading between the lines

young happy couple sitting in living room and typing on laptop

When you take the guesswork out of everyday situations, things run smoothly and efficiently.

If partners in a female led relationship have a problem with each other, they are more likely to express it immediately and deal with it.

Relationships of this kind are more straightforward and open than traditional ones, simply because women understand the importance of communication more than men do.

6. Improved communication

smiling couple looking at each other in cafe

Couples who are in an FLR relationship express their feelings better than others, which gives them a chance to maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

This is because they understand that mindless shouting or giving each other the silent treatment leads nowhere.

They understand the importance of communication and expressing themselves for their relationship to succeed.

Women are naturally more sensitive and aware of issues than men, which is amazing because you get to tackle the problem before it gets out of hand.

Once you get all the little things out of the way, all that’s left for you is to enjoy the smooth sailing.

7. Equality

woman pointing at laptop with smile with her coworker while standing at office

In this kind of relationship, the man doesn’t hold all of the power, even if he earns more.

Both partners are equal and this is gender equality at its finest.

There is a good distribution of power – it’s something both of them can enjoy and profit from – because it’s easier when two people are fighting for a relationship rather than only one.

Putting women in charge of certain aspects of the relationship, and even all of it, can only bring good things (as long as she doesn’t take advantage of her power).

8. No pressure

smiling couple sitting in living room

Once the female holds the reins, there’s much less pressure on a man to keep his lady happy.

As we already know, women are much better at handling multitasking, so putting her in charge allows the relationship to thrive and things to run more smoothly.

If she needs help, she won’t hesitate to ask for it. If she needs you to just hold her, she will have no shame about asking you to do so.

If she needs you to take charge for a week because she needs some time for herself, she will do it because she’s already made sure that you communicate and understand each other.

She already knows that you respect her for more than just her body and she knows that she can rely on you.

9. A higher sense of satisfaction

Man holding hand of woman standing near tree

When everything runs smoothly, there is a higher sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

No one likes it when they get stuck in a relationship with no communication, no way of expressing emotions, and everything in chaos.

In the FLR relationship, there’s no worrying that things will get out of hand because women have a higher sense of responsibility when taking care of children and the household than men do.

So, there’s no doubt that she will do a great job in leading the relationship, too.

10. Learning experience

Young lovers enjoy coffee while looking at each other in a cafe

Whether you try a female-led relationship just for a while or completely change the dynamics of your relationship, there’s no doubt that it will be an enlightening experience for both of you.

Switching roles can help see both sides of a relationship and thus appreciate the efforts of the other one more.

Every relationship needs something to spice it up, to switch things up a bit.

So, what’s a better way to do that than by switching roles and giving your woman all the power?

You’d both be surprised how empowering it is for both sides.

But… It’s important to keep the balance

Regardless of the type of relationship you’re in, balance is always more than welcome. No relationship can function to succeed in the long run if only one person makes decisions for both partners.

Type 1 of FLR  is too mild and Type 4 is too harsh. If you and your partner find yourselves somewhere in the middle, your relationship will reach a new level in no time.

How to create balance? A strong woman should encourage her man to take more initiative and contribute to their relationship in his own manner.

Other than that, respect always plays an important role in any union between two people.

If respect is not mutual, the relationship will very quickly turn into a disaster.

Most men will agree with the saying: If a woman is not happy, no one is happy. There is a lot of truth hidden behind these words.

And actually, it’s everything female led relationships are about. Essentially, it’s not about only having complete control. It’s about communication more than anything else.

If a man talks to his woman, he will understand more about her and what she wants.

With mutual respect and communication, the relationship is set for success.

Female Led Relationship: How Strong Women Keep The Control