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How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text With 140 Love Messages

How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text With 140 Love Messages

Women show emotions on a daily basis. We all know men don’t tend to do that. They learn to behave this way because of other men around them.

Even when some things are sad and shocking, they aren’t allowed to cry because they need to “act like men”. This can create problems in a relationship because women want to see their partner’s emotions.

If they don’t see enough of this, they might feel like he doesn’t care so much. What can you do to fix this? How to make a guy cry over text? Keep reading this article if you want to find out.

How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text

woman sitting on a chair and button on the phone

1. You’re more than just my boyfriend and lover; you’re my prince charming.

2. You know how to keep me motivated. Thanks for being my inspiration.

3. I want to spend all my time with you without caring what the future may hold.

4. I’ve never felt so complete with anyone before. You make my life feel like a fairytale.

5. I can’t dream of being separated from you because I know I can’t survive without you.

6. From being so different, we grew inseparable.

7. You are the most important person to me in this whole world, even though I think you are my world.

8. Sometimes, I ask myself how my life would have been if I’d never met you. But, I don’t want to imagine a life where you’re not by my side.

9. I don’t have to remind myself that I love you. It’s something I can’t ignore because you make every moment of my life precious.

10. I’m ready to make sacrifices to ensure that our love survives. This long distance relationship is hard, but you make it feel like it’s worth it.

11. You put me before you all the time. You’re my sweetheart.

12. If I were asked to write a letter to my boyfriend, I would think of all the cute things to do for him. I would write love paragraphs of how I can’t survive without him.

13. You add essence to my life and make everything more vibrant, my sunshine.

14. I want to spend the rest of my life with you ‘cause I can’t spend a single day without you.

15. I am so crazy about you. You are the most wonderful man out there.

16. I consider myself the luckiest woman in the world because I have the best boyfriend ever. I want to spend the rest of my life with you.

17. We spend hours together, and it feels like seconds. I want to be with you till the end of time.

18. I can’t explain how one man can take over my heart. You’re the best thing that ever happened to me.

19. Thank you so much for adding all the happiness and joy in my life. You are the cutest man I have ever met in my life.

20. I am in love with the most wonderful man in the world. I will never leave you, honey.

How To Make a Guy Cry Over Text With Cute Paragraphs

a smiling woman sits on the couch and buttons on the phone

1. I love you more than the fishes love water and more than birds love flying. Words can’t express the extent of my love for you.

2. I can’t explain how we’ve been together for so long. Everyone thought we’d fall apart, but we’re still standing strong.

3. This note is a letter to my boyfriend; the love of my life. I would have written heart-touching quotes to express how I feel, but I’ll keep everything short by saying I love you so much.

4. Your actions show me you’re such a good guy. You’re not just my boyfriend; you’re an angel sent from heaven to be by my side.

5. I want to spend the rest of my life with you, and I pray nothing separates us.

6. Looking at you makes me happy. Being around you gives me a sense of living.

7. I didn’t know anything about love, but when I met you, I realized what dating a real man is. I had to do things out of my comfort zone, but it’s the most beautiful feeling because it helped me change myself and be a better person.

8. I am thankful to you for being such a loyal man. You are the best man I have ever met in my life. I love you so much, my handsome man.

9. You’re not just my boyfriend. You complete me and keep me going every day. You’re my best friend.

10. Your presence in my life has made me the happiest woman in the world. I love you more than everything.

11. You have brought huge positivity in my life. I am so blessed and happy about that.

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12. Before meeting you, I never thought I was going to fall in love with anyone. But now, I know what true love is, and it’s only because of you.

13. The world is a better place because you’re in it. You make me so happy.

14. Most cherished events in life come unplanned, and you’re one of them. I adore the day you became a part of my life.

15. Being around you is worth more than I can write in words. I dedicate so many love quotes to you, but I feel that’s not enough to describe our love.

16. When I look into your eyes, all I can see is love. It gives me confidence that our love will stand the test of time.

17. When you hug and kiss me, I am the happiest woman in the world. You are the most important person in my life.

18. I think of you all the time, and dedicate love songs to you.

19. The stars shining in the sky remind me of nights by your side. I’ve never felt this way about anyone until you.

20. You give me peace and comfort. I know everything will turn out fine when I’m beside you.

How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text With Heart-Warming Messages

the man sits on the couch and holds the phone in his hand

1. I want to be with you regardless of the situation we’re in. I know sometimes it’ll be tough, but I don’t care about that as long as I have you by my side.

2. You gave me hope of something worth fighting for at the end of the day.

3. Honey, I will always be there when you need love and care.

4. I know I’m the only woman in your life, and I want to let you know that you’re also the only man in my life.

5. Love is more than mere words; it’s something that demands expression. You’ve shown me both the written and expressed part of love.

6. I miss you. I miss staring deep into your eyes because they warm me up and make me feel safe.

7. Loving you has been one of the best things that happened to me.

8. I love holding your hand, being cuddled by you, and being by your side.

9. You’re calm and patient with me, and that’s what I love about you.

10. You are the one who always lives in my heart. I can’t stop thinking about you for a single second because my heart is with you.

11. If anyone has been through what we’ve been through, their love would have faded. But, our passion has faced all obstacles and triumphed.

12. The pages of my life were colorless, and there was no music in it… not until I met you, and everything changed.

13. I want to be stuck in time with you.

14. If I had to do this all again, my heart would still choose you.

15. The most beautiful thing about being with you is that I can be myself.

16. I want us to build our love story in a way that our kids will look up to us.

17. You’re the man of my dreams — the one I always imagined falling in love with someday.

18. I’m always going to send you romantic lines, even when you’re my husband.

19. You understand me even without words.

20. There’s something unique about you. You don’t just make me happy, but you make me feel like I’m special, and I want to make you feel special, too.

How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text With Touching Love Letters

a man sits at a table and reads a letter

1. I love when I can feel your breath on my skin and hear your heartbeat loud and clear.

2. I never knew fairytales existed until I found myself in one.

3. You make many sacrifices for me, and that’s how I know you’re serious about me.

4. There’s nothing more beautiful than waking up and knowing that someone loves you.

5. We might be millions of miles apart, but nobody can set the love in our hearts apart.

6. I’ve always wondered what true love is, and I’m grateful that I got to experience that with you. You’re an essential part of my life.

7. I wouldn’t replace you with anyone else. I wouldn’t trade our memories for the most prized ornaments.

8. We’re two different people, yet we know how to sync so effortlessly.

9. To me, you are the most important person in the world. I am so blessed and happy that I got you in my life.

10. I love sending good morning texts to the best boyfriend in the world. I have so many sweet words to say, but know that I always want you by my side.

11. The fear of losing you has given me the willpower to fight for us even more.

12. My heart longs for you each day. Being away from you is too much to handle.

13. You don’t find reasons to criticize or judge me. You love me for who I am. Thanks for showing me unconditional love.

14. You know someone is in love when they’re willing to sacrifice everything. You’re ready to give the world to me, and that’s how I know you’re my true love.

15. Even though I gave you a million reasons to leave, you have always looked for a valid reason to stay with me, and now I know you won’t leave me.

16. I want to build my life with you. I want to grow old with you, have kids, and spend the rest of my life with you.

17. I’m forever grateful that you gave me this opportunity to experience love like this.

18. There’s always a reason to smile when I’m with you.

19. The truth is, I’m not just in love with you, but you’re the love of my life.

20. Our love for each other gets stronger by the day. We’ve conquered so many challenges, and it has brought us closer.

Text Messages That Would Make Any Boyfriend Cry

brown-haired woman standing on the street and button on the phone

1. Being with you reminds me so much of the first time we met. You’re a real catch; a diamond among others.

2. Every night when I’m sending you a good night message, I think of falling asleep in your arms, and I feel like I am in paradise.

3. This note is a love letter to the one who has my heart. It seems I can never find the right words, but you make me feel loved, and I find reasons to fall in love with you all the time.

4. Loving you is like breathing. It’s something I can’t do without.

5. Thank you so much for bringing a huge change in my life.

6. I wouldn’t trade being with you for anything else.

7. Trying to count everything I love about you is like trying to count the stars in the sky.

8. You care for me so selflessly, and I love you for being that way.

9. You may not have bought the most expensive gifts, but the love you’ve given me is more expensive than anything you can buy.

10. I will keep loving you like this till my last breath.

11. Whenever I’m writing romantic words to you, I feel so happy to have you in my life.

12. Every time I’m with you, I get butterflies in my stomach.

13. There has never been a time that I regretted loving you.

14. You’re the kind of man people dream of having.

15. If I could write appreciation messages to you, I’d tell you how great of a man you are. I have many sweet things to say, but the most important one is that you mean the world to me.

16. You showed me what it means to enjoy life truly.

17. I love that you haven’t given up on me. For me, that’s the truest definition of love.

18. Sending flirty texts is something that I hope we continue to do forever because it’s not just about love; it’s about showing that we find each other attractive after all this time.

19. I want our relationship to be like a never-ending fairytale.

20. We’re a match made in heaven, and nothing can separate us.

What Can I Say To My Boyfriend To Melt His Heart?

a smiling man and woman sit at a table and drink coffee

1. We grow more similar each day because we’re both making sacrifices to see each other happy.

2. My life is better now all because of you.

3. You’re more than just my boyfriend; you’re my best friend.

4. We’re far from perfect. but together, we make love worth trying.

5. Living without you is impossible. I can’t think straight when I’m without you even for a single day.

6. I don’t want to have any reason to be separated from you. Whenever I’m down, you’re the only person who’s there to pick me up.

7. I love the way you are, and I would never try to change you.

8. Whenever I close my eyes, I only see your face.

9. You can understand my emotions the same way I can understand yours, and that’s magical.

10. Being with you keeps me motivated to chase my dreams.

11. A small list of things I love doing more than anything: lying on your chest, listening to your heartbeat, and gazing at the stars with you.

12. There were a million things you did to make me fall in love with you.

13. If my heart could speak, it would say it’s overwhelmed by the love you shower on it.

14. Hearing your voice is the most beautiful part of my day.

15. I’d feel bad if I had to live in this world without you. You complete me.

16. Being with you brings joy to my heart.

17. I don’t want us ever to have a reason to be apart.

18. These are love messages to let you know I feel loved, and I’m happy I met you.

19. We make the most wonderful couple in the world, and we’ll be the happiest one, too.

20. My love for you is more than love; it’s an addiction.

How To Make A Guy Cry Over Text With Deep Love Messages

a sad man sits on the pier and buttons on the phone

1. I have the best boyfriend in the world, and I’m not afraid to speak it out loud.

2. There are a few things that make me happy, and you’re one of them.

3. Thinking of your love gives me the strength to fight for another day.

4. You are the best man I have ever seen in my life.

5. Your love has taken over every part of my heart.

6. I wish I could see you every single minute of my life.

7. Every day opens up another page of our beautiful story.

8. I am so blessed to have you, baby.

9. I’ve seen the way you take care of my family. I may not always say, “thank you,” but I’m more than grateful.

10. My life was empty before I knew you, but loving you gave me hope.

11. It feels like I’m in my fairytale. I can’t believe that I’m yours.

12. You’re a part of me that I can’t let go of, ever. Losing you would be like losing myself.

13. I pray that we keep fighting for what our heart wants. Being with you is all that matters.

14. I don’t know how I’d survive knowing you weren’t by my side.

15. I can’t be with anyone else except you.

16. I don’t know what the future holds for both of us, but I’m eternally grateful to have you right now.

17. I feel protected in your arms. We can take on the world together. Nothing can stop us.

18. I can’t imagine losing you, my lover and best friend.

19. I’m grateful that I got a boyfriend that doesn’t make me feel sad but gives me reasons to laugh.

20. Every day, my love for you grows stronger. You are my true love.


Men show less emotions, and they rarely cry, but that doesn’t mean that that side of them will stay hidden forever. Perhaps he just needs some time to relax and see if he can trust you.

Crying is a big deal for men, and they only do it in extreme situations, so be patient with him, and over time, he will open up to you.

This article shows you how to make a guy cry over text, so if he’s in love with you, you’ll see tears rolling down his cheeks with these messages.