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17 Obvious Signs Your Female Neighbor Likes You

17 Obvious Signs Your Female Neighbor Likes You

Has the girl next door been acting suspicious for a while now? Does she behave so differently when you are around and use every opportunity to be with you alone?

It’s like she has some romantic interest in you. And it’s not like it isn’t mutual, right? ? Well, just to be 100% sure about it, you should check out these clear signs your female neighbor likes you.

Trust me, there are so many little things you don’t pay attention to that could reveal your neighbor’s true feelings. She’s probably trying to hide it, but sooner or later, her behavior and actions will expose her, and you’ll both need to lay your cards on the table.

17 Obvious Signs Your Female Neighbor Likes You

Pay attention to each and every single one of these subtle signs your female neighbor likes you because that’s the only way you’ll know for sure what is really going on.

1. She points out that her relationship status is single AF

Whenever you guys talk about anything, she always tries to emphasize that she’s currently not seeing anyone. Just think about it… Why would someone try to point out so desperately that they’re single if they don’t like you, right?

If she only considers you a neighbor, or in other words, if she doesn’t like you romantically, she probably wouldn’t even bring up her love life in your conversations.

That’s right, this is a clear sign that a woman likes you. She’s letting you know that she’s single, and she’s giving you the green light to make the first move.

You don’t quite need a dating expert to figure that out. She wants you badly, and she is showing it loud and clear.

Now, it’s all up to you… If you like her, don’t be afraid to invite her out. If you don’t care about her in that way, don’t make any moves because that may damage your relationship.

2. Also, she shows interest in your love life

If she’s interested in your personal life, and especially your love life, it’s a giveaway sign she’s fallen hard for you. She probably hasn’t seen you bring any girls home, and she wants to know whether you’re currently seeing anyone.

Even if you aren’t single, that doesn’t mean that she’ll stop hoping that maybe one day you two will be together. She’ll keep flirting with you and hope that one day you’ll give her a chance.

On the other hand, if you aren’t dating anyone right now, she’ll start with her methods to win you over. If she isn’t too shy, she might even admit her feelings to you, and if she’s bold enough, she may invite you out on a romantic date.

I have a piece of advice for you…

If you don’t like her, or if you already have a girlfriend, don’t string her along. After all, you live near each other, and it’ll be too awkward to see one another every day if you try something and if that thing between you ends badly.

3. Her body language isn’t so innocent

My favorite thing about body language is that you can’t fake it because you can’t control it too much. You can try to act and hide your true feelings, but sooner or later, your body language will start talking on your behalf.

So, as much as she tries, if she likes you, her body language will tell you. She won’t be able to stop flirting with you, and you’ll notice her body shivering every time you come close.

You’ll also notice how she always tries to touch your hand when you’re near or how she leans towards you every time you two talk.

Playing with her hair is also one of the big body language signs a female neighbor likes you. And yes, we can’t forget the good old biting of the lips. When a woman does this when you’re talking to her, it means that she’s attracted to you.

4. She shies away from making eye contact

She has an open body language, while at the same time, she can’t maintain eye contact with you. Do you know why this is?

It’s because she is afraid that her eyes might expose her, and that’s why she looks away every time you catch her gazing at you. With time, and as she gets to know that you like her, too, she’ll be able to hold her gaze even after you catch her looking at you.

You’ll notice that she can maintain eye contact with pretty much everyone except you. It’s actually sweet because that’s how you’ll know that she has a secret crush on you.

5. She can’t hide her smile when she sees you

It’s like her lips are set to automatically smile every time she sees you. And it’s because she is head over heels for you and misses you every day.

Running into you makes her day, and it’s obvious that she can’t hide it. She would like to see you 24/7, but she knows that isn’t possible, so she’s incredibly happy when she gets to see you on the street for at least a minute or two.

6. She cares about your well-being

Does she always ask you about your well-being? Is she the one who cares for you most when you get sick? Does she bring you soup or hot beverages to get better faster?

If she does, is it really necessary to talk any more about this? She cares for you in a way no other person does, and I truly hope you’ll be aware of it one day… Before it’s too late…

7. She feels free to ask you personal questions

In the beginning, you didn’t talk about your personal lives because you thought it was out of line. However, she decided to change that, and now, she wants to find out more about you and your life, and that’s why she asks you personal questions all the time.

If you don’t feel okay talking about it, you should be direct and tell her that. She’ll most definitely respect your wishes, and she’ll wait until you’re ready to share more details about your personal life with her.

On the other hand, if you want to get to know her on a deeper level, you should ask her some personal questions too. And, of course, you should answer those questions she asks you honestly.

If you’re interested in building a romantic relationship with her, this could be the perfect opportunity for you guys to get to know each other and bond. That would definitely make a strong and healthy foundation for your relationship.

8. She compliments you almost every day

It’s no big deal when a neighbor pays you a compliment. However, when one of them pays you numerous compliments every day, it’s a clear sign that something is going on there.

She doesn’t do it because she wants to get her revenge on you. She does it only because she really appreciates you and everything you do.

If you want to date her, it would be nice to pay her some compliments too. She’ll know that you have a very nice opinion of her, which will be another sign for her that you’re interested in her romantically.

9. She’s already broken the touch barrier

Has she already gotten touchy on several occasions? Has she ever hugged or kissed you on the cheek? Maybe she touched your legs or hands while you were sitting next to each other?

Trust me, none of those situations happened by accident. She probably saw some signs that you like her, too, and those are her ways of flirting with you. Or, in other words, to let you know that the attraction is mutual.

In that way, she also wants to encourage you to make a move. And if that’s really true, if you like her, you should start working on building that emotional and physical connection between you two.

10. She brings you small gifts all the time

Does she cook for you often? Does she bring you a piece of cake or a cookie every time she makes a delicious dessert? Does she surprise you with a small gift from time to time for no reason?

Trust me, it’s not because she’s such a kind and caring neighbor. Okay, she may be all of those things, but it also means that she is trying to grab your attention.

After all, you know what people say, you can win a man’s heart through his stomach, and she’s probably trying to use that technique to win you over.

You should also pay attention and try to investigate whether she does it with other neighbors. If you’re the only one who gets so many acts of affection and appreciation, then things are pretty obvious… She’s crazy about you.

11. She is always the first person to offer you a helping hand

Last night, I was making dinner and went outside just to take out the trash, and all of a sudden, something went wrong in the kitchen. The meal I was preparing caught fire in the oven, and my neighbor saw it from across the street and immediately came to help me.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with that because neighbors should help each other whenever they can. And I really need to mention how awesome the neighbors I have are.

However, isn’t it a bit awkward when one particular neighbor wants to help you with basically everything you do in and around the house? When you have that one neighbor who is always ready to offer you a helping hand without expecting anything in return?

It definitely isn’t awkward, BUT only if that neighbor cares about you more than you think. If your girl next door cares about you in the same way, I think it’s unnecessary to say that she has strong feelings for you.

12. Her social media is full of small hints

She sent you a request on your social media accounts a while ago, right? Then, I suggest you should visit her profile a bit and see what has been hiding there.

If she likes you, you’ll find some proof of that on her social media. Look at her posts and her selfie captions. Do you see anything suspicious there?

Does she ever reach out on social media? If she does often just to see how you have been or what you are doing, it’s a clear sign she misses you.

You can really understand so many things if you just take a look at her Facebook or Instagram profile.

Also, pay attention to posts where she has been tagged because her girlfriends may mention you in some way to tease her or to give you a sign that their frendie likes you.

13. She is jealous of the other female neighbors

Basically, she’s jealous of every other girl in the neighborhood who approaches you or smiles at you. And she shows it in a very obvious way.

She doesn’t even try to hide her jealousy because she can’t anymore and because she wants you to know that those things bother her. Of course, there should be a line to that jealousy.

If you notice that her jealousy is making her possessive, you should act and talk to her about it.

Think about it, you aren’t even in a relationship. What would happen once you engage in one? Will she have those jealous outbursts every time another girl tries to talk to you?

I’ll admit it’s cute to see your significant other or your crush being jealous of other people around you. However, if that jealousy is unhealthy, you should deal with it in time.

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14. Her girlfriends already know about you

If she has already told her girlfriends about you, it’s one of the most definite signs your female neighbor likes you. And be sure that she’s fallen hard for you because when a woman tells her besties about her crush, she’s already determined to win him over.

Now, if you like her, you’ll have to leave a very good impression on her girlfriends. You’ll have to win them over and get them to ‘accept’ you.

To a woman, her besties’ opinions mean a lot, and if you don’t get a good ‘grade,’ if you don’t pass their tests, you have a very small chance of winning their friend over for good.

15. She openly flirts with you

In the beginning, she probably flirted with you in a subtle way. That’s because she didn’t know much about you, and she didn’t know whether it’d ruin your relationship.

However, when she gets to know you a bit better and finds out that you’re currently single, she’ll change her flirtation technique and start seducing you in a more obvious way.

I’m sure she won’t cross any lines because she’ll be afraid that something may go wrong, and she probably won’t want to endanger your current relationship.

BUT, if she gets a positive reaction from you, if you start flirting with her, too, some lines may be crossed.

16. The other neighbors have noticed that something is going on between you two

Have any of your neighbors noticed that she has caught romantic feelings for you? Have any of them noticed the chemistry between you two?

If they have teased you or asked about what’s going on between you two, it’s obvious that it’s true. She likes you and wants to be with you.

No matter how much you try, you can never hide love and those kinds of romantic feelings. If you care about someone in that way, you’ll have to show it sooner or later.

You can’t hide it from your neighbors, friends, and loved ones, especially because they’re the ones who know you best. They know how you behave when you’re falling in love with someone, and they can read your body language when you’re around the person you have feelings for.

17. The signs of attraction are too obvious

There is a magnetic attraction between you, and you aren’t able to hide or deny it anymore.

That chemistry is inexplicable, and no matter how much you try to ignore it, it’s still there and only becomes bigger and stronger.

It’s basically been like that ever since the first day that girl next door came knocking at your door and wished you a warm welcome to the neighborhood. The first moment you looked each other in the eyes, you both knew that something was going on there.

Every morning you run into each other and wish one another a good morning, and both of you secretly wish to wake up together the following day. However, neither one of you is bold enough to finally make the first move and go out on a date.

I hope you’ll soon gather the courage to do it because if you wait too long, you might lose her. And who knows, maybe she’s your soulmate. Trust me, if that happens to be true, that’s something you’ll never be able to forgive yourself.

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What Do I Do If I Have A Crush On My Neighbor?

First and foremost, you need to find out whether your neighbor has a crush on you. If they have a romantic interest in you, too, the next step should be asking them out.

On that date, you get the chance to confirm once more whether they truly like you or not. If something goes wrong, don’t blame yourself for trying. If you don’t try, you’ll regret not taking that chance forever because you’ll always wonder whether they were your soulmate.

My dating advice is that you need to leave your fear of rejection aside. It’s better to feel pain for wrong choices than feel regret for missed chances.

I agree that living in the same neighborhood may be a disaster if your relationship ends badly. However, living next door to someone you’re in love with but can’t be with because of your lack of courage is by far worse.

How Do You Make Your Neighbor Fall In Love With You?

Whether it’s your female or male neighbor, the best way to make them fall for you is to build a strong emotional connection between you.

And you’ll create that strong bond by getting to know each other on a deeper level and by spending quality time together.

Letting your affectionate side out will also help. Offer them a genuine compliment and buy them a small, romantic gift from time to time, and they’ll fall for you sooner than you think.

Don’t be too pushy, and don’t forget their boundaries. Just because you live in the same neighborhood doesn’t mean you should be together 24/7.

Give them space but also offer them safety and stability by making it clear that you’ll always be there for them, no matter what.

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How Can I Get My Neighbor’s Attention?

If it’s a new neighbor, the best thing would be to visit them and offer them your help. You can also offer them a tour around the neighborhood, and don’t forget to emphasize that if they ever need anything, they can come to you.

If your neighbor crush has been living near you for some time, you can simply invite them out. It doesn’t have to be a date immediately – you can invite them to hang out as neighbors/friends.

Also, if you see them working in the garden or around the house, you should offer to help.

If you know they’re sick, you should bring them soup or some kind of hot beverage. And of course, bringing them gifts for special dates will definitely grab their attention.

Try to find out a bit more about them. Find out what their likes and dislikes are and what they like to do in their free time. Show interest in their interests and hobbies, and I promise it’ll instantly get their attention.

Wrapping It All Up

Tell me now, do you have good news? Did you recognize most of these signs your female neighbor likes you? If you did, and if the attraction is mutual, I’m really happy for you.

Be careful, though. It may all sound like a fairy tale being with someone you can basically see and visit whenever you want.

However, don’t forget to stay present in real life… It may be very awkward if things between you fail and you keep seeing one another every day.

Good luck, and I hope this article will be a starting point for your relationship. Now you know she likes you, and all you have to do is gather the courage to take the first step and invite her out on the most romantic date ever. I feel that love is in the air… ?