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Hand Placement While Kissing Meaning: How To Hit The Right Spot

Hand Placement While Kissing Meaning: How To Hit The Right Spot

Today, we’re going to decipher the whole hand placement while kissing meaning and focus our attention on some really juicy tips regarding kissing.

Kissing is more than just pressing your lips on your partner’s. It’s much tastier than that.

To be a good kisser, you need to know how to use your body in ways that will make it so much more irresistible to your other half.

From your first kiss up until today, you’ve surely picked up a few tips on how to improve your tongue action.

We all know that the first time can sometimes suck (pun intended) but today, there’s no excuse to be a bad kisser.

Lucky for you, I’m going to share some really handy pointers and help you incorporate your body language and hand gestures in your makeout sessions.

Kissing is sensual foreplay and a fantastic turn-on on for what’s about to go down.

But to be able to really nail it and take it to the next level, you need to know how to use your hands.

Just like there’s more than one kind of kiss (more on that later), there are different techniques of how to involve your hands.

Below, I uncover the places your partner really wants to be touched, different meanings for different types of kisses and bonus tips for steamy makeout sessions.

After implementing what you learn here today, I guarantee you that your bae will be kissing you with passion and desire.

No more wondering where to put your hands when kissing. This is how you make it hot and spicy.

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11 Places Your Partner REALLY Wants To Be Touched

Often unsure of where to put your hands while kissing? Here are some interesting ideas that will definitely come in handy.

Playfully run your fingers down their chest

If you’re not sure how to position your hands mid-kiss, here’s a sweet tip.

Playfully run your fingers down their chest and stop before you get too south (just to be a tease).

It’s a sure-fire turn-on that definitely won’t go unnoticed. Anything is better than doing nothing really, so you can’t go wrong with anything, as long as you try to make it hot.

Seductively touch their waist

I love it when my man touches my waist. And before you start getting self-conscious about your body, try to see yourself through their eyes. They clearly love it!

So that should make it a bit more comfortable in case bae returns the favor.

They’re the last person who would judge your body. They just want to enjoy it and help you enjoy it too.

Try holding hands

This is great for a first-time kiss. Once you get home from the date and you’re both standing there, hoping the other one will initiate things, you take charge.

Hold their hands, look them in the eye, smile coyly and start pulling them closer.

Close your eyes and give them a sweet kiss while holding their hands. It’s simple but effective and for sure won’t be easily forgotten.

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Gently grab their face and pull them closer

Now, if you’ve passed the first kiss mark, and you’re much more comfortable with each other, I suggest grabbing them and pulling them toward you.

Let them know you really want it by holding their face (gently though) and keeping them so close that they can feel your breath.

The atmosphere will be so hot that it’ll only be a matter of time before they kiss you passionately.

Put your arms around their neck

The neck is definitely an erogenous zone for many (myself included). There are so many things you can do to their neck but in this instance, just put your arms around it.

That way, they have nowhere to go (nor will they want to) and they know you’ve got them all to yourself. Your hands are busy, they can’t run away and it’s all too hot to handle.

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Lock fingers

This is a level up from holding their hands. Why not take it to the next level?

I’m not certain what it is about locking fingers that feels so intimate and sensuous but there’s definitely something there.

Softly run your hands through their hair

It doesn’t matter whether they have short or long hair; either will do the trick if you do it right.

In my opinion, though, short hair can only improve things because it’s less likely you’ll get stuck.

This is definitely one of the best options when you’re totally unsure of what to do with your hands.

Just make sure they don’t mind it first. If they do, you can just proceed to one of my other suggestions.

Stroke their inner thighs

Probably not on the first date though (LOL). Joking aside, now we’re getting kinky.

As your partner is kissing you and your hands are just awkwardly flailing around, stroke their inner thighs.

This is fantastic foreplay and will definitely make them feel a certain way.

I don’t need to get into graphic details but just the thought of my man gently caressing my thighs makes me want to go home to him ASAP.

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Wrap your arms around them

While holding their neck is a great idea, here’s another option. Wrap your hands completely around them.

Naturally, this is for more established couples who share a genuine connection.

If this is only a first date or the early stages, it might seem forced. Wait it out until this feels like the most natural thing to do.

Guide their hands where you want them

When it comes to the hand placement while kissing meaning, this is probably my favorite bit.

Why? Because I get to control where my partner’s hands go. Isn’t that kind of a turn-on?

So, when you’re wondering where the heck should I put my hands to make it hot, do this.

Take control of their hands and place them anywhere on your body you see fit. Trust me, they’ll like it a lot.

Put your hands in their back pockets

Here’s a classic that works like a charm and is hot on a few levels. Firstly, it keeps your hands firm.

Secondly, you get to feel their behind under the pretenses of merely needing somewhere to place your hands.

And thirdly, you’ll just know that they’re enjoying every bit of it. That, my friends, is the whole point.

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18 Pro Tips To Make Your Makeout Sessions HOTTER

Kissing is a big deal and you want to do it right. Here are 18 pro tips to help you figure out what your partner really wants and how to provide it.

Start slow and sensuous

You never want to be aggressive right from the get-go. No. Take it slow and easy.

Work your way toward wherever your makeout sesh is leading (though I’m fairly certain I know).

This is especially important for couples who are still getting to know each other’s bodies and cravings. Easy does it.

You’re slowly building the atmosphere for something that will be well worth the wait.

And the more time you take, the more gratifying the end result will be.

Look them straight in the eye

The power of eye contact is astonishing. As you’re making out, be sure to look them in the eye during moments when you’re catching your breath.

But don’t say anything. The intense quiet will do all the talking.

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Change speed

While it’s crucial that you start slow, with time, you can turn it up a notch. See what your bae responds to and stick to it.

You can do it slowly, then get a little intense and passionate and then go back to slow-burning it again. Hey, to each his own!

Gently suck their lower lip

I love it when my man nibbles and sucks my lower lip.

Of course, it’s always important not to take it too far but if you’ve been at it for a while, I’m sure you know each other’s limits.

Kiss their jawline

Did you know that the jawline is actually one of the hottest erogenous zones? And kissing them there will definitely make them want to take it to another level.

Now, this isn’t one of those passionate, go-crazy-on-me types of kisses.

A jawline kiss is a romantic kind that is done between two loving and caring partners. It may not be savage but it definitely indicates your needs.

Don’t overdo the tongue action

Don’t go crazy with the tongue. You don’t want to appear all slobbery.

While a French kiss is the hottest kind (to me at least), you still want to make it pleasant for your partner.

Use your hands any way you like

Pull them to your lower back or wherever your imagination takes you. As I’ve already stated above, using your hands is a big deal mid-kiss.

So follow all these juicy tips and tricks for the best possible experience.

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Moan or sigh

Be vocal about it. And no, moaning and sighing aren’t done solely in the bedroom. You can be aroused in different ways too.

And if your partner is doing a good job getting you there, I’m sure it’ll come naturally.

Take a short but hot pause

Don’t forget to breathe. While you’re getting hot and heavy, it’s difficult to make yourself take a break. But do so nevertheless.

Just don’t make it too long and make sure to show them your satisfaction with your body language and eye contact.

Take charge and straddle them

Don’t let them have all the control. At one point, take charge and straddle them. If they grind back, that’s an extremely good sign that they’re thoroughly enjoying it.

Using your body when kissing makes it ten times hotter and lets both partners see that the other one is really into it.

Feel their heartbeat mid-kissing

Passionate kisses do a great job of getting you in the mood and they inevitably make your heart race like crazy.

If you’re doing something right, their heart rate is going to be off the charts. And that will only make you want to go harder.

Whisper sweet nothings in their ear

Being vocal is really important so that your partner knows they’re doing it right.

Now, I definitely don’t mean that you should be having full-on conversations while making out.

Just softly whisper in their ear something like: “Oh, I love what you’re doing now,” or, “This is really doing it for me, keep going.

Go beyond the lips (explore the territory)

Why kiss only their lips? See what else is out there.

Go wherever your mouth (and their desire) takes you especially now that we’ve deciphered the hand placement while kissing meaning.

Now, you’re ready to do stuff you never dared do before.

And in my experience, you’re only going to discover so many things that make kissing that much more exciting.

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Gentle biting (no teeth)

This is something that not everyone will be on board with but for those who are, why the hell not?

I love adding new things to my repertoire and so far, gentle biting has proved to work wonders.

One thing you should always be mindful of is watching out for their teeth. You don’t want to accidentally cause them pain.

Unless, of course, that is something that floats their boat (no judgment here).

Respond to their needs and follow their body language

What is their most sensitive area? What makes your partner moan like crazy? What is their body language signaling?

These are all the questions I want you to ask yourself the next time you’re enjoying foreplay.

You can’t forget that your partner’s needs matter just as much as yours. So follow what their body is telling you and don’t swerve off course.

If the mood is right, get a little rough

Everyone has different erogenous zones and we all like different things in the bedroom.

While getting rough may seem a little too overboard for some, to others, it’ll be just what the doctor ordered.

Personally, I love getting rough. And if your partner is someone who’d be open to exploring new things, try it out.

Take things slow and don’t catch them off-guard. Communicate and be in sync.

Don’t forget about kissing the neck

Never forget about a sensual neck kiss. In case you didn’t know, the neck area is filled with nerve endings that make it very sensitive to the touch so use this to your advantage.

Kiss their neck and don’t stop. Most people I know are huge fans of this.

A neck kiss is not something that’ll make your partner uncomfortable as it’s pretty standard and yet, it can instantly elevate their mood.

Fulfill your fantasies by role-playing

Finally, some good old role-playing. A little kink goes a long way. No matter what anyone might say or how awkward you feel about it, healthy foreplay does wonders for a relationship.

It changes up your usual relationship dynamics, gives you a new sense of power and allows you to escape the real world for a bit.

Plus, it’s behind closed doors, so no one will ever know. Give it a shot and see what a thrill it is.

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What Does Their Kissing Style Say About Them?

There are so many different types of kisses and it’s important to know what type your bae is. This will help you pinpoint it.

The gentle peck

There are many ways to kiss a girl (or boy) and the gentle peck is one of the simplest ways to do so.

The thing is, a peck is not exactly a romantic type of kiss so it won’t show your partner that you want them romantically.

If you get a peck from a love interest, it’s not looking good. It means one of two things: A) they’re either really scared of being intimate or B) they’re not really into you.

Either one doesn’t instill hope. Let’s pray you don’t get this type of kiss from someone you’re into, as that would be a bummer.

The goofy, endearing kiss

The goofy kiss is something you’ll get from a goofball (duh).

This is someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously and just wants to make you laugh so they’ll either make a funny face or blow a raspberry while kissing you (or anything in-between).

Don’t be weirded out by this. Just because they’re trying to make it funny, doesn’t mean they’re not into you. It’s just their style of humor.

Be happy that they’re trying so hard to amuse you.

While a regular kiss would do the trick, making it fun means that you’re with someone who can find a positive in everything.

The octopus smooch

As you can probably guess, an octopus smooch means that this person is all over you.

They use their hands, body, head, the whole nine yards. This person will grope you and really go all in.

While this is not always the most pleasant kind of kiss, it definitely shows their interest (and that they’re probably not particularly experienced).

You can use this as an opportunity to show them how it’s done or just leave them if this is a deal-breaker.

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The no-tongue kiss

Basically, this is a closed-mouth kiss. If you get kissed like this, it can mean a few things. Your partner may simply be on the traditional side and they’re not into Frenching.

They might really be taking their time, trying to respect your needs and slowly building the tension before the tongue action. Or, they’re not really feeling it.

If this has happened more than once, it’s most likely that they’re just not sure how to tell you that they’re not into you.

But if you’ve only recently started going out, it’s perfectly reasonable. Just give it time.

The Casanova-style kiss

This is the type of kiss you’ll read about and then really want to experience for yourself. This person knows what they’re doing.

The kiss is not slobbery, goofy or too aggressive. It’s just enough to never want to make you stop.

Also, they always know how to do the right thing with their hands. They’ve got the whole hand placement while kissing meaning figured out.

Their body will perfectly follow yours and it will feel as if you’re in an erotic movie, only you’re not just pretending to enjoy it; you’re really having the time of your life.

The careless, sloppy kiss

This kiss is similar to the octopus smooch but not as ‘damaging’.

A person who kisses you carelessly and doesn’t really pay attention to how sloppy they are doesn’t really care much to be honest.

Sure, they’re there and they’ll give you a kiss but they don’t care if it’s not good for you. And that’s not someone you should ever want to be with.

You deserve a person whose kiss makes your heart flutter, not someone who’ll just slobber all over you while clearly thinking about something else.

The French kiss

French kissing is one of the most sensual types of kisses. It’s an open-mouth kiss that involves the tongue and a lot of it.

It takes a few rounds to get the knack of it but after some hits and misses, you’ll see what the fuss is all about.

Usually, your partner’s eyes are closed and they slowly but surely touch your tongue with theirs and wiggle it around.

It’s all about having fun with it and really being connected.

Frenching means that your partner is really feeling you.

I mean, you don’t just go around French kissing random people so if this has become a habit between you, it’s more than good. It’s the dream.

The neck kiss

As I’ve already mentioned, the neck kiss is a really special kind of kiss. Being kissed there means that your bae really desires you.

It’s erotic and sensual while sending you (on the receiving end) shivers down your spine.

If you get kissed on the neck a lot, it means that they see you in a really erotic, exciting way.

But at the same time, this could also signal that your partner fears emotional intimacy.

My advice is to take note of how often you get kissed on the neck, as opposed to being, let’s say, Frenched.

You don’t want to be with someone who can’t kiss you on the lips.

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The overly gentle kiss

Does the person kissing you act weirdly protective and gentle? Almost as if you were made out of glass?

This may be a signal that they’re really trying to restrain themselves, despite wanting to do more.

At the same time, this overly gentle kiss might also mean that they’re insecure. They don’t want to risk doing something you won’t like.

You can give them some words of encouragement to move things along.

This person could be a really good kisser but you’ll never know until they let go of their insecurities. And this is something you can totally help them with.

The vampire kiss

Okay, so I probably don’t have to explain too much about this one but here goes.

A vampire kiss means that the person is going all Edward Cullen on you. They’re acting as if your neck is their most prized possession.

But fear not. This doesn’t mean that they actually mean any harm.

It’s more likely that this person is into some really rough action. Either that or they’ve seen Twilight way too many times.

If this kind of kiss is their preferred choice, they’re probably into BDSM. Now, if you’re into this sort of thing, cool beans.

But if it’s not really your cup of tea, you can totally tell them and switch to some of the above kissing styles.

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Final Thoughts

After uncovering the hand placement while kissing meaning and learning new steamy kissing tricks, I think you’re ready to show your partner what you’ve got.

Remember, it’s all about knowing your audience and responding to their needs. Try a few things out and see what they like.

Then, take your makeout sessions to the next level by following the above tips.

Figure out whether your bae is into the neck kiss, the French kiss or doing it Casanova-style and give them what they want.

If you do it right, they won’t know what hit them (and boy, will it pay off under the sheets).

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