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11 Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You (+How To Handle It)

11 Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You (+How To Handle It)

Every real estate agent will tell you the same: the neighborhood you’re moving into is just as important as all the other factors you pay attention to when buying a property. Living in an area where you are not liked is everything but easy but sadly, more and more people face this situation.

So, what are the signs your neighbors don’t like you? What is the best way to handle this issue? And even more importantly — is it possible that you’re the annoying neighbor and that their dislike has a motif?

If you read on, you’ll find all the answers you need!

Signs Your Neighbors Don’t Like You

Here are the most common signs your neighbors can’t stand your guts. Can you relate to any of them?

1. Avoiding conversations

The first red flag of hateful neighbors lies in the fact that these people do everything in their power to avoid talking to you. It’s not that they won’t talk about some serious issues only — they avoid the small talk as well.

When you greet them or ask them how they’ve been, they give you a one-word response or ignore you completely. None of your conversation starters work and breaking the ice with your neighbors seems impossible .

At first, you thought that you were dealing with introverts who simply don‘t enjoy talking that much. But if you look at things closely, you‘ll see that you‘re the only one your next-door neighbors don‘t communicate with – they have no problem chit-chatting with everyone else in the neighborhood.

2. No eye contact

If you’re looking for signs your neighbors don’t like you, the thing you should pay attention to is their body language. And eyes are the first on that list. After all, they are the windows to the soul, aren’t they?

Even if your neighbors are trying hard to hide their dislike for you, their eyes will reveal the truth.

What happens when you meet them at the front door? Are they more than happy to greet you? Or do they avoid eye contact at all costs?

If it’s the latter, you already know they can’t stand you. Maybe they think of you as the annoying neighbor they want to stay away from or are just never in the mood for chit-chatting.

Basically, if your eyes don’t meet, it’s easier for them to avoid talking to you!

3. Disagreeing with all of your proposals

When all of the homeowners or a group of neighbors meet at a neighborhood or HOA meeting, this person always works against you. It doesn’t matter what your suggestion is about— they’ll always disagree with it. They vote against all of your proposals.

The worst part is that most of the time, they don’t have any arguments to support their claims. It’s not that they truly dislike your proposals— they simply vote against them because you’re the one who made them.

At this point, all of this has become quite personal.

4. Complaining about everything you do

Look, I get it. If you’re a bad neighbor who is mowing in the dawn, not picking up dog poop, or whose loud music can be heard miles away, there is nothing unusual about the fact that your next-door neighbors complain about you. After all, you’re making their life more difficult.

Nevertheless, if you‘re not doing any of these things but they‘re still picking holes with you, it‘s one of the signs your neighbors don‘t like you. Everything you do bothers them, including your wind chimes, the sound of your car, or the way your dog barks every once in a while.

It‘s like they‘re just looking for an excuse to tell on you – as if you were still in kindergarten. However, now, the consequences can be more severe.

If you’re renting the place, they call your homeowner all the time to whine about every little thing you do. But sadly, they don’t stop here.

It’s enough for you to have a couple of friends over and they’ll call the police immediately to tell them that you’re throwing a party and that your loud music keeps them awake.

5. You’re not invited to their parties

I bet you feel awful when your neighbors throw a barbecue or a little get-together without inviting you and your family. Of course, this wouldn’t be an issue if they didn’t invite the entire street when they’re throwing a party. To be exact, everyone but you.

So you end up just sitting at your front door, listening to their music and watching everyone having the time of their life while you’re excluded. And you have no idea why this is going on.

6. Badmouthing you

Any neighbor can have an issue with you— no relationship is perfect. But the crucial difference between a bad and a good neighbor is in the way they address these potential issues.

A good neighbor will come to your front door and openly talk about their dislikes. If you’re a new neighbor, they’ll come to say hi and introduce you to the rules. If your loud music bothers them, they’ll ask you to turn it down before calling the police.

However, neighbors who don’t like you will never have the decency to behave like this. Instead, they’ll use every chance they get to badmouth you through the entire neighborhood. It’s like they want to get everyone “on their side” and convince the entire neighborhood not to hang out with you.

But you know what’s the worst thing about this? It’s not that they keep on talking trash about you— it’s their fake smiles when they run into you.

Other neighbors keep telling you about the gossip they make up but whenever they see you, they pretend to like you!

7. No boundaries

Your next-door neighbors can become your best friends or your worst nightmare— it all depends. If you’re dealing with people who have no concept of personal boundaries, you may have a long-term problem.

These people are nosy and they want to know everything about your life. Yes, this is one of the signs your neighbors don’t like you because they’re digging through your life just so they could badmouth you and expose your secrets.

But they don’t stop there. These people literally dig through your trash cans and Amazon packages. That’s not all: they’re also trespassing without respecting the property line, they’re eavesdropping on you and your family, and they are frequently at your front door uninvited.

8. Ignoring you completely

One of the not-so-subtle signs your neighbors don’t like you is the fact that they ignore you. They’re not doing anything to harm you – they simply act as if you don’t exist.

Don’t get me wrong, this is always better than them harassing you or bad mouthing you. However, being ignored without a proper reason isn’t comfortable either.

When you say hi, they don’t reply. You send them a friend request on social media but they decline it.

When you invite them to a party or bring them some homemade cookies, they don’t open the door even though you heard they were in the house.

When you confront them, they tell you that they’re busy. Well, remember that people make time for what they want!

9. Their facial expressions and body language say it all

Fake smiles, eye-rolls, arms crossed, feet pointed away from you, always being at distance… All of this seems irrelevant but psychologically, these are actually all warning signs of unresponsive body language.

Simply put, if your neighbors are displaying these body language signs, they don’t like you very much. However, they’re polite enough not to say it out loud and they’re obviously trying to hide their negative emotions from you.

10. They never accept your invitations

You’ve noticed that your neighbors are not very fond of you so you have decided to make some changes. But these people don’t return your calls nor do they ever accept your invitations for lunch or a party. Even if they say they will show up, they cancel at the last minute!

One thing is clear: these people don’t want to hang out with you. And I’m sorry to break it to you but it seems that there is not much you can do about it.

11. You just feel it

Finally, your intuition is never wrong. Even if your neighbors aren’t displaying any of these signs they can’t stand you, your gut feeling knows that they’ll never be friendly.

You’re a human being, not a robot, and it’s natural that you feel someone else’s vibe. The fact is that these people send off negative energy whenever you run into them.

Even when they’re doing their best to be nice and polite, you can see right through their fake smiles— they can’t fool you.

What are the signs of a jealous neighbor?

If your neighbors are guilty of these behaviors, they’re jealous of you!

1. They copy everything you do

Jealous people are the biggest copy-cats in the world. They want to become you so desperately that they are not even aware that they’re copying everything you do.

If you do any work around the house, expect your neighbors to follow. If you mow your lawn, they’ll start doing the same immediately after. If you put some Christmas lights on your house, they’ll do the same.

But they’ll always try doing a better and bigger job than you. If you buy a new car, they’ll buy a more expensive one, even if that means taking an unnecessary loan!

2. Backhanded compliments

These people won’t insult you openly. Instead, they’ll give you backhanded compliments and hide them behind their fake smiles.

For example, they’d tell you that your house remodeling looks great. But they’ll also add that it was about time you did it and that they don’t know how you could have lived in such an ugly house before.

When they come over, they won’t tell you that your living room is a mess. But they will try to be nice and offer you their help since they see that you obviously don’t have enough time to tidy up.

The examples are endless but I’m sure you get the picture. If your neighbor makes these comments, they don’t like you and they’re doing their best to make you feel bad.

Why? Well, simply because they’re jealous!

3. They brag about their successes

Did you ask your neighbors about their paycheck? Did you show any interest in their fancy house renovations? No, you didn’t.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop them from bragging about their successes all the time. It’s like they’re not doing anything nice in their life for their own sake— their only goal is to rub it all in.

4. …while diminishing yours

At the same time, nothing you ever do is good enough. They’re doing their best to diminish your worth and to point out all the ways you could have done something better.

Why are they like this? Well, because they’re envious!

If you put up your decorations, they will tell you how you could have arranged them differently. If you’re mowing your lawn, they’ll offer advice on the mower you should buy. If you’re repairing your house, they have an opinion on the color you should have chosen.

Of course, you never ask for their opinion. However, that doesn’t stop them from giving it to you over and over again!

5. They spy on you

A jealous neighbor will always spy on you. That’s the only way they can gather intel on your life so they can be better than you.

So, don’t act all surprised when you see them snooping around your house or going through your mail. Of course, if you confront them about this, they’ll tell you that they’ve heard some noise and that they were just checking in to see if everything was okay.

Don’t believe them, especially if something like this happened more than once!

How do you deal with neighbors that don’t like you?

Is there anything you can do when you see all the signs your neighbors don’t like you? What is the best way to handle this tricky situation besides making them move?

Let me tell you a little secret; my neighbors didn’t like me either. They were mean to me and here is what I did about it.

1. Try the friendly approach

Before jumping to conclusions and being hostile, try the friendly approach. Maybe your neighbors just need some more time to get to know you (especially if you’re new in the neighborhood) or maybe they’re just introverts who don’t open up as easily.

Either way, the best thing you can do is to invite them over or to take them a homemade cake. This way, they’ll notice that you mean well and that you want to be on good terms with them.

If they’re reasonable people, this kind of approach will do the trick. They’ll admit that they were wrong about you and they’ll change their ways in no time.

2. Ask them what’s bothering them

Another good idea when you notice signs that your neighbors don’t like you is to be an adult about it. Instead of going around the street, looking for information, or coming up with your own scenarios, just go to them and ask for answers.

Don’t be aggressive about it. Just tell them that you couldn’t help but notice that they feel strong animosity towards you and you want to know what’s wrong.

Instead of acting as if you are ready to fight, make sure they realize that you’re ready to hear them out and that you want to know what’s bothering them. Are you the bad neighbor? Did you do something to offend them?

If you want to reach a compromise and improve your relationship, this is the way to do it!

3. Change your bad habits

However, you don’t have to wait for your neighbors to tell you what you’re doing wrong. Some things are common sense and signs of good manners.

Think about it yourself: if you were your own neighbor, would some of your habits bother you? Turn down your loud music, don’t throw parties all the time, and take care of your front yard.

Greet your neighbors when you see them, be considerate about their schedule, don’t mow your lawn in the middle of the night, respect their privacy and property line and never show up on their front door unannounced.

If your neighbors change their ways after you change your bad habits, they obviously had a reason not to like you all along. Yes, the truth is that it would have been better if they were open about it instead of being all passive-aggressive. But at least now you know what the problem was.

4. Ignore them

You’ve tried practically everything. You are nice to your neighbors, you follow all the HOA regulations, and you’ve offered them your friendship. You’ve become a neighbor everyone would want to but even that didn’t open the path to their hearts.

So, what can be done about it? Well, sadly, nothing! The only way to get rid of these toxic people is to ignore them.

Don’t let their nasty looks and comments get to you. Guess what: you don’t have to react to everything that’s bothering you! Remember: it’s their loss!

Is it rude to ignore neighbors?

Yes, ignoring your neighbors, especially the older ones, is quite rude and is a sign of bad manners. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to become best friends with them.

You’re not obliged to invite them over for coffee or to mow their lawn when they’re not around. Nevertheless, greeting them when you run into each other or giving them a hand when they need help would be nice.

However, not all of your neighbors deserve the same treatment. If you’re dealing with nosy neighbors who badmouth you or ones who clearly can’t stand you, ignoring them is the best way to go!

What makes neighbors annoying?

I hate to break it to you but if you do some of these things, you’re the annoying neighbor!

1. Trespassing

Besides being impolite and rude, trespassing is also illegal. A friendly neighbor can mow your lawn or water your flowers when you’re out of town (and this is only acceptable if you agree to it). But they’re certainly not allowed to snoop around your property.

There is something called a property line and everyone must respect it. Otherwise, you have the full right to report them to the authorities!

2. Stealing your wi-fi

If your next-door neighbors keep on stealing your wi-fi, that classifies them as annoying neighbors.

I mean, these people were your guests once and you gave them your wi-fi password. Nevertheless, this wasn’t an invitation to cut off their Internet and to permanently connect to yours just because the signal is stronger.

Of course, you can always agree on splitting the Internet bill if both of your houses have good reception. And if your neighbor has a hard time connecting to their Internet, you should definitely give them access to your wi-fi at that time. Nevertheless, it’s one thing if they asked!

3. Noise

There is nothing that screams “annoying neighbor” more than constant noise. Even though you don’t actually live together with your neighbors, you should all still respect each other’s schedules.

Listening to loud music in the middle of the night or yelling all day is definitely not acceptable – especially if you live in an apartment complex when you’re just one wall away from your neighbors.

If someone wants to be free and as loud as they can, moving to a large estate without anyone around is the only possible solution!

4. Pets

Your neighbors are allowed to have pets. However, they’re not allowed to have a farm of chickens who wake you up every morning.

The same goes for dogs and cats. There is nothing wrong with owning one or even a few dogs and cats. But if their dog barks all the time or if their pets make a lot of noise or if their smell affects you, that is not okay.

And don’t even get me started with the dog poop. Every dog owner must collect after their dog!

5. Not respecting HOA regulations

HOA regulations deal with all sorts of things, such as landscaping, front yard, decoration restrictions, pet limits, and so on. Annoying neighbors are the ones who don’t respect these rules.

They’re the ones who never mow their lawn, so you just wait for a real-life crocodile to appear on your property line. The ones who put up bright lights at Christmas that you can’t sleep at night and the ones who destroy the image of the entire neighborhood.

6. Illegal parking

Your neighbors are not allowed to park in your front yard or in front of your doorstep unless you explicitly gave them permission to do so. The same goes for parks and green spaces.

It’s not your problem that they don’t have a garage or enough parking space! Don’t tolerate illegal parking but please, take legal action against it.

Don’t even think of cutting their tires or something like that. Instead, warn them and if this doesn‘t work, call the cops on them!

To Wrap Up:

You’ve seen all the signs your neighbors don’t like you and you’ve done everything in your power to change this. However, nothing happened— they didn’t become your number one fans overnight.

Now what? These people are not your friends and they most certainly don’t have a legal obligation to like you.

It’s one thing if they’re trespassing or doing other illegal things or are making your life more difficult. In that case, you should definitely take action against their behavior.

However, if they just openly dislike you, without doing anything to you, I’m sorry but you’ll have to deal with it!