Sooner or later we all have some toxic people in our lives.

That’s the way that cookie crumbles.

Even you are a positive person, sometimes you will attract negative ones. I consider myself a positive person but somehow I always attract negative people.

And they are so stubborn. You cannot use indirect ways to tell them to go. You need to aim straight to the head. It hurts but unfortunately there isn’t another option.

I must admit it is very difficult, and not pleasant at all, to tell people to move out from your life.

But think twice about the effect they have on you.

Can’t you see that they are complaining all the time?

Can’t you see that they love to gossip and hurt other people?

They all do that because they are selfish. They will never have a high – quality relationship with anyone, including you.

Let’s get something straight!

You probably wouldn’t eat some food if you know it is toxic. Or you wouldn’t let your kids play near toxic places.

So, why is it so difficult to get rid of toxic people from your life?

Trust me, if you do that, you will do yourself a HUGE favor.

Once they are gone from your life, you will be a positive person again and trust me, it is worth it.

Here are some elegant ways to tell them you don’t want them in your life anymore:

1. Recognize signs of toxicity in people.

woman in darkness sad

By doing only this, half of the job is already done.

You just need to listen carefully to everything they have to say. You need to find out what kind of relationship they have with others.

What is the main topic of your talks? Do they just complain and gossip all the time?

Or can they enjoy a sunny day even though their problems are big like the Great Wall of China. Only people who can be above their problems are pleasant and happy ones.

If you feel uncomfortable in someone’s company, chances are big that you are dealing with a toxic person.

2. Toxic people don’t leave easily.

serious man with sunglasses

They are like leeches.

They find a victim and stay close so they can suck all the energy out. I also call them emotional vampires.

I think this name suits them well. Those people don’t care about you.

And you know why?

It is because they want to please themselves and not you. They are selfish and they don’t think about your needs.

A leopard can’t change its spots. When you experience a situation like this, it is the time to tell them to leave. Even if they try to fool you or act as a victim, be persistent in your decision!

3. Establish boundaries and don’t apologize for them.

blonde pensive woman

You should know that toxic people will make a living hell out of your life.

YOU are the only person that can prevent this.

So, don’t be afraid. It is your decision to be happy and enjoy your life. They can’t help you with that.

Have some boundaries. They are made so others can respect you.

If they don’t do this, you probably know what your next step is!

4. It is okay to say: ‘I don’t want to see you again.

bold man in nature

Better late than never. If you see that you really don’t feel good and pleasant with some people, it is because they are so toxic and that affects your life.

Why not say: ‘I don’t want to see you again.’?

It is true they will be hurt and will probably wonder why this happened. If you explain you don’t feel like hanging out, they will probably leave.

They will not beg you to hang out with them because they have huge egos and are proud. It doesn’t even matter.

This wasn’t your goal in the first place. The truth is you will immediately feel a lot better when you see their backs.

And yes, wish them a nice life…far away from you!

4 Elegant Ways To Get Rid Of Negative People