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25 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul (+5 Ways To Get It Back)

25 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul (+5 Ways To Get It Back)

Guess what: selling your soul is not only something you see in science fiction movies or hear about in New Age philosophy; it’s actually a real deal.

In fact, plenty of people have done it, the most famous person being Robert Johnson. He was a famous musician who, according to legend, sold his soul to Lucifer and, in return, got his talent.

But let‘s talk about you for a bit. Is it possible that you’ve done the same? After all, you’re here for a reason.

Well, it’s time to face your fears and see the truth for yourself, as harsh as it might be. After all, it is the only way for you to get your soul back and find yourself.

Here are the top signs you’ve sold your soul. But don’t worry – this is not the end of it. If you continue reading, you’ll also get a tutorial on how to fix this awful situation.

25 Signs You’ve Sold Your Soul

I won’t lie to you: none of these signs is flattering, and you won’t be happy recognizing yourself in them. However, you must be honest with yourself if you want to make some changes!

1. You’ve hurt a lot of people

sad woman sitting curled up on sofa

We’re all human beings, and we all make mistakes. Sadly, sometimes, these mistakes include breaking other people’s hearts. But as long as we don’t do it intentionally and put extra effort into not hurting anyone, we’re not bad people.

However, what differentiates you from everyone else is that you’ve deliberately broken so many hearts. Basically, you don’t give a damn about other people’s feelings.

I don’t care if we’re talking about a bus driver you accidentally met or about your friends and family – you keep causing people harm.

2. You’ve abandoned your moral principles

You once had some core values you respected. They had nothing to do with religion or with socially acceptable behavior.

You had a set of moral principles you stuck to. You knew the difference between good and bad.

However, all of that is gone now. You’ve lost your true self, and you’ve walked all over your core values to get what you want.

3. You’ve lost your purpose in life

Here’s another thing you’ve lost along the way: your purpose. Even though you act all happy and satisfied with your life, the truth is quite different.

At the end of the day, you know that your life has no meaning and no point. You live day after day without anything giving you joy. And that is something no amount of money can compensate for.

You don’t know why you were put into this world in the first place. There is nothing to guide you, and you’re surrounded by darkness, without any light at the end of the tunnel.

You’re empty on the inside, and no matter what you do, you’re surrounded by this void you can’t escape.

4. You’ve replaced long-term love for short-term lust

One of the signs you’ve sold your soul is that you’re responsible for losing your true love. Yes, I’m talking about romantic love here.

You’ve replaced your forever person with the world of lust and meaningless sex. You’ve chased away a loyal, trustworthy person who thought of you as their whole world for a bunch of casual hookups who only give you temporary pleasure.

You’ve replaced someone who nourished your soul with someone who satisfied nothing but your body.

5. You put money and profit first

young woman looking through window at night

It’s in human nature to strive for success and to give their best to improve their quality of life. However, you’ve gone too far.

You’re obsessed with the amount of money you earn. To you, profit comes first. It’s more important than your own time and energy. You prioritize it over your friends and family.

But you don’t use any of the money you’ve earned to help people. You pile money and see it as a status symbol – nothing else.

6. You manipulate people into getting what you want

You trick people and take advantage of their weaknesses. You manipulate everyone around you into giving you what you want.

And after you’re done with someone and no longer need them, you throw them away like garbage. You use the sneakiest and the most toxic manipulation techniques there are. And the worst part is that you don’t see anything wrong with it.

7. You’ve destroyed the relationship with yourself

One of the most important signs you’ve sold your soul lies in the fact that you’ve managed to destroy the most important relationship in your life: the one you have with yourself.

You think there is plenty of self-love in your life, but trust me, you’re doing it the wrong way. The truth is that you have no self-respect left, and you most definitely don’t appreciate the person you’ve become.

8. Negativity has got the best of you

When you sell your soul to the devil, negative emotions and pessimism overwhelm you and eventually end up destroying you. You don’t see a way out of this misery you’ve fallen into.

You’re depressed, and you’ve lost all hope in a better tomorrow. You’ve started surrounding yourself with negative people, but most importantly, you yourself have become negative and toxic.

When was the last time you smiled sincerely? Or the last time you laughed out loud?

As far as you’re concerned, things will forever remain like this. There is no room for self-improvement and prosperity, and nothing in your life will change.

9. You refuse to take responsibility

You know what’s probably the worst part about selling your soul? Yes, there is something worse than all of the things mentioned so far.

It’s that you refuse to take responsibility for your actions. When you do someone wrong, and when you break an innocent person’s heart, you behave as if nothing happened.

You don’t apologize, and you don’t do anything to repair the damage. Even when someone blames you for your wrongdoings, you try to manipulate your way out of it.

You just continue on with your life as if nothing happened.

10. Your words don’t match your actions

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One of the sure signs you’ve sold your soul is that you make false promises just to get what you want. In the same way you don’t stand behind your mistakes, you also don’t stand behind your deeds. Of course, I’m referring to your bad deeds.

Your words rarely match your actions. You don’t care if your false promises hurt anyone along the way, and you don’t give a damn whether someone believes them or not – as long as you acquire the gain you were going after in the first place.

11. You’ve lost faith in God

Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying that it’s mandatory for you to be religious or to belong to a certain religion. However, one of the crucial signs you’ve sold your soul is that you once had a strong faith in God, but now it’s completely gone.

Call it what you want: God, a Divine force, the Universe. The point is the same: you’ve lost touch with your spiritual self, and there is no greater force guiding you through life.

Isn’t that proof enough that Satan has taken over?

12. You put the trinity of satisfaction over everything

The trinity of satisfaction is money, sex, and power. Yes, you’ve got it right – earthly pleasures. Well, this is what you prioritize over everything else in your life.

Remember those moral values you lost along the way? This is what you replaced them with.

13. You’re selfish and egocentric

Being selfish to a certain extent basically means that you’re not a fool, and you don’t let others use you. So, that’s a good thing.

However, you’ve gone past that level ages ago. Now, you’ve just become an egocentric maniac with narcissistic traits.

You have this sense of entitlement, and you’re convinced you’re better and more important than anyone else. Your well-being is the only thing that matters!

14. You put social standards over your core values

You depend on others’ opinions. You seek their validation and do whatever it takes to be socially accepted.

To put it simply, you pretend to be someone you’re not just so society admires you and people like you more. At the end of the day, you don’t give a damn about why they treat you with respect and kindness.

Is it all fake? Are they being nice to you because they’re using you or because they really care about you?

15. You don’t stand up against injustice

tired young woman sitting on sofa thinking about something

If it doesn’t concern you personally or directly, you won’t fight against any injustice around you. You could literally peacefully look at the whole world burn, but as long as you’re untouched by it, you don’t see a reason to stand up against it.

This goes hand in hand with your egocentrism, doesn’t it?

16. You’re fake and dishonest

You lie and twist the truth to suit you. At the same time, you’ve lost the idea of true love, and I’m not only talking about the romantic kind here.

Even when you act as if you care for someone, it’s all fake. You’re only doing it to get something from these people – there isn’t an ounce of selfless love in your system.

Basically, you’re living on autopilot. You’re fake when you smile, when you’re nice, when you greet people, and when you perform any other social duty. You’re doing it all because it is expected of you, not because you actually feel it.

17. You’ve destroyed someone’s life

Remember how we talked about all the hearts you’ve broken? Well, as if that wasn’t enough, here is another sign you’ve sold your soul: you’ve completely shattered someone’s life.

I’m not talking about the fact that you hurt this person in one situation. You’ve left some serious scars on their soul and changed them for good.

It doesn’t really matter if you’ve destroyed them emotionally, financially, or in any other way. The point is the same: you played with another human being’s life.

18. You hate plenty of people

It’s not that you just don’t love a lot of people. Things are much worse than that – you actually hate most of the people in your surroundings.

You’re envious and jealous of some of them. You feel pity for others, which also results in hate. And what about the ones that are left?

Well, the truth is that you don’t have a specific reason for hating them – you just do.

What you don’t know is that you most hate those with the purest souls. You feel they have something you don’t, and you can’t stand that.

19. You’re vain and superficial

To you, physical appearance comes before inner beauty. You judge people for how they look or dress, for their wealth and social status. You don’t put any effort into digging beneath the surface and meeting the real person, which makes you super shallow.

At the same time, you have a fragile ego, which makes you extremely vain. You want people to admire you regardless of whether they’re honest and what motivates them. These are the things that feed your superficial side more than anything!

20. You’re ready to do anything to get what you want

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Have you ever heard that someone is ready to walk over dead bodies to reach their goal? Well, newsflash: this saying applies to you as well.

No, I’m not talking about this in a good way. I’m not saying that you’re not a quitter and that you’re motivated to get what you want.

I’m referring to the fact that you don’t choose honest means to make things happen. You’re more than willing to deceive, lie, steal, and harm others just to achieve your final goal.

21. You control others

One of the signs you’ve sold your soul is that you’ve become a control freak. You have this sick desire to possess the people around you.

And the best way to do that is to control every little segment of their lives. Even when you pretend to be kind and compassionate, you’re doing it to gain power over someone.

It appears as if you’re trying to control other people’s souls since you’ve already lost yours.

22. You gossip and mind other people’s business

Let’s get one thing straight: your life is a total mess. But instead of dealing with it and finding ways for self-improvement, you’re concerned with other people’s business.

You’re a champion of gossiping who enjoys drama more than anything. You’re always in other people’s business, telling them how they should live their lives.

Of course, you don’t know how to keep a secret. Not just that – you’re more than willing to spread lies and rumors about those who were foolish enough to trust you.

23. You’re greedy

When I tell you that you’re greedy, I’m not only talking about money and material possessions here, even though you’re greedy when it comes to that as well.

I’m talking about the fact that nothing is ever enough for you. No matter how much you own or have, you always want more.

Naturally, the biggest desire you have is for power and influence. You want it all for yourself, and you don’t know when it’s time to call it quits.

24. Your addictions control you

older woman standing by window

Whether you like to admit it or not, you’re not in charge of your addictions; it’s the other way around. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about drugs, pills, alcohol, gambling, or something else: your addictions control you.

You probably never realized this, but your addictions are the result of your greed. You don’t know when to say “enough,” and look where it’s gotten you.

25. You are not happy

You live a fake life. You act like you’re the happiest person in the world. After all, why wouldn’t you be? It looks like you have it all, doesn’t it?

However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. You’re anything but happy. Instead, deep down, you’re a miserable human being who’s never felt worse despite getting everything you’ve ever wanted.

Well, that’s exactly how Lucifer tricks you!

5 Ways To Get Your Soul Back

Good news: it is possible to get your soul back, even after selling it to Satan. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to do it!

1. Be ready for some major changes

cute young woman sitting on dock

I’ll be honest with you: this won’t be easy. Regaining control over your soul is a long, exhausting process that will take a lot of your time and, more importantly, energy.

However, what matters is that you’re truly ready to make a crucial difference in your life. And I think that you really are – otherwise, you wouldn’t be searching for signs you’ve sold your soul.

You know you have a problem, which means that you’ll have to change your entire lifestyle, including your habits and way of thinking. If this is too much for you, give up right away!

2. Fix what can be fixed

The past can’t be erased, and it most certainly can’t be undone. You don’t have magical powers to stitch the hearts you broke back together.

However, you have the chance to apologize for everything you’ve done. You have a chance to help the people whose lives you’ve destroyed.

I’ll be honest with you: most of your victims won’t accept your amends. But that’s not the point.

What matters is that you know that you did everything to fix what can be fixed. You know you’ve put maximum effort into correcting your mistakes, and that will be more than enough!

3. Make peace with yourself

sad woman sitting on floor

After you’re done asking for the world’s forgiveness, it’s time to rebuild the relationship you have with yourself. It’s time to accept your own apologies and gain inner peace.

You’ve done some horrible things. But there is no going back, and you have no other option but to forgive yourself.

What you must do is make up with yourself.

4. And with God

The next step is connected to greater forces. Even though you’re not religious, at least ask the Universe to forgive you and help you.

Get in touch with your spiritual side and begin the path of your spiritual awakening. Go back to your faith, and it will bring you much more hope, love, and optimism than you might think.

Make peace with God and start praying in the way you feel most comfortable. Hopefully, He will return your soul sometime soon. And if He doesn’t, you’ll at least regain your calmness.

5. Reinvent yourself

You’re turning a new, fresh page in your life. What does this mean?

Well, for starters, there is no going back to your old ways. Don’t think that you’re off the hook even when you get your soul back.

You must continue living your life as this new, reinvented version of yourself forever.

Instead of being rude, become respectful. Instead of being selfish, become altruistic. Instead of being greedy, become generous.

Most importantly, instead of hatred, fill your heart with love!

How Do You Know If You Have A Soul?

tired woman sitting curled up on her sofa

If you have a soul, you’re in touch with the human part of your personality instead of being a robot and a slave of the trinity of satisfaction (money, sex, and power).

You cherish your spiritual side, you believe in a greater force, and you have moral values you wouldn’t give up on, even if your life depended on it. You stay true to yourself and to these values because you know it’s the right path to take.

People who have a soul are kind and emphatic. They don’t take advantage of others for their own pleasure.

One of the most obvious signs that you have a soul is that you appreciate love, affection, tenderness, companionship, tolerance, and generosity more than material goods. You know what really matters and what values are timeless, and which ones offer your short-term satisfaction.

What Does It Mean “Sold His Soul”?

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Selling your soul means literally means exchanging it for short-term pleasures, such as a lot of money, fame, control, or something else. Basically, you make a pact with Lucifer, and you give him your soul while he, in return, gives you some of the things you’ve asked for.

At first, you think that this is a win-win situation, but as time goes by, you realize you’ve made the mistake of your life!

When this happens, you lose all of your moral principles, you lose touch with God, and most importantly, there is nothing left that makes you a decent human being. There is no more kindness, love, compassion, or humanity left in your stone-cold heart.

The worst part is that selling your soul doesn’t make you happy. That’s Satan’s trick – he actually makes you miserable despite giving you exactly what you want.

It is only when you sell your soul that you understand how much you needed it all along. That is when you understand that Satan has actually filled you.

To Wrap Up:

very sad woman sitting on her bed

There is no doubt that you’re now desperate, knowing that you can relate to most of the signs you’ve sold your soul. However, don’t let this discourage you.

You’re here, aren’t you? Well, that means that deep down, you know that something is off. You’re slowly coming to terms with how valuable a human soul actually is.

And that’s a start. It means you’ve made the first step towards repentance. Trust me – it is a bigger step than you might think.

It is a sign that you’re a great candidate for getting your soul back!

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