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7 Ways To Fully Experience Spiritual Sexuality

7 Ways To Fully Experience Spiritual Sexuality

There are numerous approaches to having sex.

Some people enjoy a superficial understanding of sex – sex as an act to satisfy physical needs and sex that will come as a kind of release.

Other people enjoy emotional sexuality. Emotions and sex are one of the most significant types of intimacy. When these two intimacies come together, they lead to an eruption of sexuality.

Spiritual sexuality is partly desecrated. Not just by some believe that sex is something bad, something we should be ashamed of and not enjoy. But because many people think that spiritual sex is nonsense.

In fact, people who practice this type of sexuality may reach higher levels of pleasure and satisfaction. Now when you think about it, it doesn’t sound bad, does it?

That’s why I’ve provided you with 7 strategies that will make you completely forget about other sexualities.

What Is Spiritual Sexuality?

Spiritual sexuality can be defined in many ways, but there is only one goal: to reach something above the state of consciousness. It allows you to go beyond physical experience.

Sadly, many religious people have managed to narrowly define such a concept of sexuality and therefore limit people’s sex life.

The fact that many people nowadays enjoy short-term sexual pleasures and don’t feel the need to explore things additionally contributes to the bad reputation of spiritual sex.

Spiritual sexuality is all about spiritual development and the life force that nature provides, about worshipping the sexual union and entering the transcendent and the mystical.

How To Explore Sacred Sexuality: 7 Ways

The act of embodying and becoming the force and manifestation of love in your everyday life is known as sacred sexuality.

The ways of reaching such sexuality and how to use it as a shortcut to the transcendent will be described in the next few sentences. So let us start!

1. Establish spiritual connection

In order to have the best spiritual experience, we must be spiritually connected enough. If you want to be a spiritual person, stop seeing sex as something to be ashamed of. Sex is part of nature – it creates life and keeps us alive.

Spiritual sex is the final exam and your chance to shine.

However, if we want to get good results, we must complete our homework prior to the exam. Spiritual homework denotes all the time you and your partner spend outside the bedroom in an effort to connect spiritually.

This can be achieved by having meaningful conversations, creating your personal spiritual routine, and being honest with one another.

2. Your body is your temple

Since our bodies are temples, then think of the practice of sacred sexuality as some kind of ritual. Each of us takes care of our own temple. How to prepare your temple for the ritual is up to you.

However, some things are universal to all of us. For example, nobody really gets turned on by bad smells. Yeah… Hence, hygiene is very important. So, how do you really care about the human body?

Take a bath, apply oils and your favorite lotions… Let your partner associate a specific scent with you. Go for your favorite makeup, the kind that feels divine for you.

Jewelry can also be a great way to draw your partner’s attention to certain parts of your body.

When it comes to clothing, you should wear something that will give you a sense of ritual, maybe a robe or a slip.

3. See your partner as someone Divine

It’s hard to think of your partner as someone divine, mostly because you cannot separate your time in bed from everything else.

Stop thinking about disagreements and problems outside the bedroom and focus on your soulmate.

Start imagining your partner in the best possible form, without any flaws. As a person who will complete you and with whom you will have the peak of your sexual experience.

This is the only victorious shortcut to empowering erotic energy and seeing your beloved as someone divine.

4. Trust your intuition

Allow yourself to explore sexual intimacy in any direction you want to go.

Even if you feel that this is not it, you always have the right and the power to withdraw. Your intuition can be wrong, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.

So if you try it, and it turns out to be wrong, at least you will know for certain what you prefer and what you don’t.

In the end, no one can say with certainty that it will end badly. Maybe you’ll have the best time of your life.

5. The right environment makes things better

When having spiritual sex, remember that your bedroom is your place of worship, and you should treat it as such.

An old feng shui principle states that the bedroom should be the least cluttered area of the house. But why? So that nothing distracts you during your sexual practices.

For these purposes, it is important to remove any trinkets or excessive amounts of books. More closeness can be achieved from a minimal room that radiates essentialism.

The TV is the biggest distraction of all, so avoid turning it on at all costs.

Instead, you can try turning on sensual music in the background, which would undoubtedly contribute to fulfilling enjoyment and connection. All outside noise should be kept out of the room.

The only three things in the room should be you, your partner, and the music. Perhaps a mirror on the ceiling is also a good idea, as you will be able to fully experience different sex positions.

Try using bedding that will serve as a representative of your spiritual practice. Decorate the area with rose petals, and don’t forget to light the candles!

6. Start using essential oils

If you want to start having sacred sex or just…great sex, then include oils in your sexual routine. There are numerous oils for various purposes.

Essential oils will help you in many ways:

• Increase genital stimulation,

• Boost your confidence,

• Lift physical pleasure,

• Relax and destress.

There is even a type of essential oil that will help you concentrate better during spiritual sex.

7. Include aftercare in your routine

In order to understand this ritual as something truly sacred, now it’s time to honor it.

As post-sex blues became a common thing, people started paying attention to taking good care of themselves after sex. This includes physical, mental, and emotional aftercare.

One of the ways to get closer to your partner and maintain the sexual union even when the sex is over is to talk about your experience and highlight all the positives and negatives.

We need to let our partners know that we appreciate all their devotion and commitment during the sexual ritual.

In order to reach spiritual well-being, you can also do something together – watch a film, make something to eat, etc.

Some people may prefer to have their own time, which will allow them to think clearly about their own emotions and experience.

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Advantages Of Spiritual Sex

One thing is for sure, with spiritual sex, there are very few disadvantages, mostly benefits!

• Wider domain of things you desire,

• Letting go of sexual repression and shame,

• Allowing your sexual energy to flow freely,

• Greater experience of the present moment,

• Better communication with your partner,

• Improving your mental health.

Tantric Vs. Spiritual Sex

Tantric sex is a practice that originated from tantric teachings in Hinduism. Tantra is known as the technique of being the master of your own body and mind. It literally translates to “loom, weave, system’’ in Sanskrit.

Tantric sex is all about:

• Being in an erotic trance,

• Not ejaculating and releasing the energy,

• Having ecstatic mystical experiences and being illuminated,

• Tantric orgasm is a deep, relaxing meditation.

Spiritual sex, on the other hand, may or may not necessarily include these things.

This type of sex is not all about worshipping the human body and accessing the transcendent but rather making you closer to your partner and encouraging stronger orgasms.

This type of sex extends far beyond neotantric practices. It may include whatever feels right to you.


What are the types of intimacy?

Types of intimacy can be divided into emotional, mental, spiritual, physical and intellectual.

What do the 7 chakras mean?

The 7 chakras are the 7 energy centers of the body. It is believed that they are energy-spinning disks that should always be open and aligned.

What is kundalini?

Kundalini is a form of mediation thought to have the potential to entirely activate your sense of awareness.

Final Thoughts

Sex is an important part of our lives. The way we like to experience sex also speaks to the way we live.

As we are human beings, we often see sex as mere lust and the fulfillment of physical pleasures. Little do we know that sex can serve as a gate to other states of mind.

Variety is the beauty of life, and sex is a part of it. To make your sex life more valuable and superior, embracing spiritual sexuality is one way to do it.

The ugly truth is that, despite the type of sex we engage in and the number of orgasms we have, there will always be a part of us that will not be satisfied…

But no worries! That’s exactly why you have spiritual sexuality!

Every time you include it in your sexual life, you may find something new, something better…