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The Strongest Girls Are Those With Soft Hearts

The Strongest Girls Are Those With Soft Hearts

You are a fairy-like creature, so rare and so special in this world. You’re the type of woman who finds everything to be too emotional and too touching.

You are a big empath and you simply cannot deal with it if someone special to you is upset for whatever reason.

You want to make everyone’s day better and you need to reassure everyone how important they are to this world and to you.

You don’t really care for rationality, although you usually choose it, but emotions are your biggest priority. You have high emotional intelligence and you try to teach everyone how important their emotions really are.

Somehow, society has labeled you as a weak person, someone not able to hold their tears in at public occasions, or who laughs too hard when it’s supposed to be a serious situation.

Aren’t they the weak ones? They don’t know how to recognize their emotions and express them and that’s why you’re superior.

You don’t need to act all tough, to act like you don’t have feelings at all to impress someone, you stay true to who you are no matter what anyone might be telling you.

That’s what makes you so strong! You know what people think of women like you, those soft-hearted good girls, but you’re not ashamed of it! YOU EMBRACE IT! Just like you need to do.

And, also, it doesn’t matter how many times you’ve been broken. You may cry your eyes out but you stand up to the world, you show all of us how strong you really are.

With that strength, you go into the world with a smile, ready to love again!

We mistake nice and kind, soft-hearted people for weak individuals, but why do we do this?

a woman walks down the street

You are not weak. Not now, not ever!

You need to apologize to yourself for all those times you thought your emotions to be a bad thing. But, for sure, you don’t need to apologize to anyone else for having them.

You are real. You are passionate. You are loving and caring.

Not many people can define themselves with these characteristics. But you can, so be proud of yourself.

We are taught that emotions should be kept to ourselves and we have become cowards, not wanting to show what’s on our minds or in our hearts because of the way people might react.

We are so scared to show our feelings because we might get vulnerable enough for someone to hurt us. But you don’t care.

You never cared about what people would think if you started crying because you saw a little stray puppy on the streets.

Do not let the world tell you what to feel and how to express who you are. Don’t let it sharpen your soft edges.

Make them visible to all those people who will love you for what and who you are.

I wish for you to find someone who loves your outbursts of love and appreciates your tears. I want you to be aware of the strength you have within you that no one else has.

And if someone ever tells you that tears are for the weak, know that they need the most guidance.


The Strongest Girls Are Those With Soft Hearts