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The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing A Taurus Man In Bed (& Much More)

The Ultimate Guide To Pleasing A Taurus Man In Bed (& Much More)

Introverted, stable, stubborn, realistic. Each one of these personality traits describes every Taurus guy you know. But do you have a clue about what’s hidden under the surface? Could you tell me anything about a Taurus man in bed?

Pretty much nothing, that’s right. After all, let’s not forget that this man is a perfect gentleman who doesn’t go around, blabbing about his sexual experiences and adventures.

To be exact, most of the time, he seems so reserved that you can’t even picture him in a sexual setting. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a beast hiding under that mask of a serious, restrained man.

If you want to satisfy a Taurus man in bed, there are things that you will have to do to make him happy and pleased.

This horoscope sign is one of the most sensual signs of the whole zodiac, so it won’t be a big problem for you to make him reach cloud nine.

You just need to be persistent in your decisions and try not to make any mistakes.

If this already sounds like too much, CLICK HERE to learn all there is to know on how to please a man by appealing to his emotions through the act of lovemaking.

Why Are Taurus So Good In Bed?

young man enjoying the smell of womanAccording to Tarot and Astrology, Taurus guys are one of the best lovers of all the star signs. After all, Venus, the goddess of love, is their ruling planet, so this shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

Also, let’s not forget that this is an Earth sign, which means he is in touch with all of his senses.

When you’re sleeping with a Taurean man, you shouldn’t worry about him not providing you pleasure. This is one of the most sensual zodiac signs so he’ll never turn his back on you until he gives you the ultimate satisfaction.

Also, he likes taking things slowly, and which woman doesn’t enjoy that? Yes, that’s right: that includes extended and imaginative foreplay.

Learn The Language of Desire & every possible technique to win both his body and soul by making his fantasies come true.

14 Naughty Ways To Turn On A Taurus Man In Bed

sexy woman in bed whispering on man's earI know that getting a Taurean man in the bedroom is not your only goal. But if you want to keep him around, you’ll have to rock his world under the sheets as well. Here are some bulletproof tips and tricks to make this horoscope sign go crazy about you.

Scent of a woman

A Taurus guy is extremely driven by a woman’s smell. So, if you want to seduce him, choose a perfume that will sweep him off his feet.

Let it be sexy and provocative, and you can wear nothing but the perfume on your skin.

You can even call him while he is at work and tell him that you are waiting for him and that the only thing you have on your skin is perfume.

That will make him so turned on and he will lose his mind in his desire to just have you.

Once he smells your perfume on his skin, he will be so entranced and nothing else will exist but you and him in your hot game under the sheets.

If you pass this test, you will make him kill to be your boyfriend. But please make sure that you don’t do something like this if you are not planning to have a relationship with him.

Don’t play with his feelings because you surely wouldn’t want him to play with yours, right?

Your voice

If you want to win over a Taurus man in bed, use your provocative voice.

Don’t rush when you are talking and give him some time for his feedback.

Ask him if and why he likes when you talk provocatively. Tell him that you really like to tease him like that and that he can’t do anything because you are the one who has control over him right now.

I am sure he will lose his mind when you start talking slowly, looking him in the eyes all the time.

You can also add a little bit of dirty talk, just to spice things up in bed.

This is a game of lovers and you are allowed to do anything that crosses your mind.

Talk slowly, tease him, and walk seductively. Tell him you want him so badly and that you can’t wait for him to rip off your clothes and make love to you long into the night. Trust me, with this kind of foreplay, only the sky’s the limit!

Touch him

sexy couple kissing in bedSince a Taurus man is extremely sensitive to touch, you can use that as your secret weapon. Touch him in the places he likes to be touched.

For a Taurus male, these places are his ears, neck, and lips. Make sure that you start kissing him gently in these places, asking him what he wants to do to you here and there.

Make sure that you are the one who controls everything so he can just let himself go and enjoy.

Make him feel like no woman has made him feel before because that is something that will help you keep him.

You can also use some sex toys like a feather to tease him in his erogenous zones.

That game of touch and talk will drive him crazy, so only minutes will be separating him from tearing off your clothes and making love to you in a wild and amazing way.

Wear sexy lingerie

All men are visual human beings, and a Taurus male is no different. He wants what he sees, so ensure that he is satisfied with the way you look.

Make sure that you wear something sensual, but not something that will show everything immediately.

Be a secret he would want to explore. Don’t give him yourself right away and tell him that he needs to earn you.

In that way, he will do anything that you want and he will be amazed by your lover skills.

You can wear some silky lingerie that shows off your amazing curves and makes him think about you all the time.

With a mix of sexy lingerie, dirty talk, and hot touches, he will be yours in the blink of an eye.

And not only that, but he will remain yours for the rest of your life.

Music and candles are your friends

attractive woman posing in lingerie on bedA Taurus man likes a nice atmosphere while making love. So, if you want everything to go well for both of you, make sure that you light some scented candles and turn on some soft music.

We all love those things because they make us feel good, but a Taurus man likes them very much.

That will relax him even more and he will just be focused on dancing with you until he smells your seductive perfume that will make him so turned on, he’ll tear your clothes off and make love to you wildly. And yes, more than once in one night.

The good thing is that your neighbors won’t hear your moans because they will be drowned out by the music. So, are you ready for some crazy action under the sheets?

Kiss him gently

This man is driven by touches and kisses. So, what you need to do is kiss every inch of his body and, while doing it, show him that you really like to do so.

He won’t be pleased if you just kiss him here and there and get straight to the point.

Show him you adore his body and that there is no place you would rather be than in bed with him.

He is sensitive and he likes to take it slowly. Give him all he needs and I am sure that he will reciprocate.

Bear in mind that he wants to enjoy every second of making love with you because that is what makes him feel at his most masculine.

Be prepared for a lot of orgasms because he is very good at using his tongue.

In fact, when he is in a good mood, he will go the extra mile and make you feel like no man has ever made you feel before.

Once you try the taste of his lips, you will get so addicted to them and you won’t be able to let him go.

Take it slow

couple kissing on the bed while candles ligthing upHave one thing in mind: regardless of his past sexual experience, a Taurus male will rarely take initiative in the bedroom. This doesn’t mean that he doesn’t know what he’s doing- it’s just a Taurus man trait.

So, don’t ever rush him- especially when it comes to introducing new things to your sex life. Instead of pressuring him, just make a subtle suggestion and before you know it, you’ll get what you want from him.

Whatever you do with a man like this, make sure that it is slow. Undress slowly, talk slowly, and dance slowly.

He just wants to capture every moment with you; he will cherish that memory and keep it in his mind forever.

He wants to enjoy every touch, every smell, and every moan of yours.

He wants to feel that he has you and that you are completely his. If you show him that you want to please him in any possible way, he will lose his mind about you and he will never let you go.

A Taurus man simply can’t live without a woman who would do all for him.

A woman like that is a real treasure for him and he would do anything in his power to keep her close.

So, if you want to keep this zodiac sign happy, make sure that he always knows that only he can have you.

This is a big turn-on for both Taurus women and men, so don’t forget that. If you want to keep him only yours, do things slowly in the bedroom.

He will know how to appreciate that and I am sure that he will know to return the favor. And you know what I am referring to, right?

Be honest

If you want to turn on a Taurus man in bed, make sure that you are honest all the time.

If you think that you will turn him on by telling him how big his dick is, forget about that.

He knows his body better than you and he knows his size. It will look like you are making fun of him and that can hurt his feelings.

He will feel bad while you think your words will make him feel good. So, in the end, it can just make everything worse because he won’t feel good enough for you.

If you really want to compliment him, tell him that he is perfect for you.

That is something that he will appreciate and he will know that you really always say what you think.

He will be so happy to have a woman like you beside him and will do anything in his power to keep you.

He won’t just treat you right at the beginning of your relationship, but during it as well.

He knows perfectly well what kind of a woman he has at his side and he will never do anything that would hurt you or make you suffer. You are the ideal woman for him and you will always remain one.

Tease him

young woman gently kissing her boyfriendWhat is better than good, old-fashioned teasing to seduce a man? Try to think of some things that you could use when teasing him.

Undress and dress again in front of him, ask him what he wants to do with you, or what he wants you to do to him.

Also, make sure that you are talking slowly all the time, looking straight into his eyes.

Be confident and show him who the real master is. Trust me, you will sweep him off his feet if you just play this game wisely, and it will be one of the best experiences in your life.

Also, show him that you are not shy and that you would do anything to please him completely.

After he sees that you are the master in running the game in the sheets, he will choose you and only you.

And when I say choose, I mean that he will choose you not only once that night.

Show your vulnerability

A Taurus man likes to be protective, like all men. So, if you want to take your relationship to a whole new level, show him your emotions.

Show him that what you feel for him is real and that no other man is above him. Let him know the real you with all your pros and cons.

It is true that he likes some wild sex, but underneath it all, he wants a woman whom he will take care of when all the adrenaline from making love has faded.

A Taurus man actually loves that old-fashioned kind of love, but he doesn’t admit it because he thinks everyone will mock him.

So, when you have a moment, remind him how special he makes you feel and that there is no other place you would rather be than in his arms.

Please bear in mind that he just wants to protect you and he wants to feel that you are a human being and not just a sex machine!

Because, even if it doesn’t look like it, he is just a good soul who is looking for a woman to be his partner through life. Who knows, maybe you are the one he is looking for?

Show him that you are crazier than him

couple flirting in the kitchenIf you show your Taurus man that you are crazier than him, he will compete with you and it will be interesting to be a part of that.

He likes when a woman he dates is fun and interesting, and if you act like that, he will cherish you more than anything.

Not only can you show him that you are crazy in public, but in private as well.

One great way to satisfy a Taurus man in bed is to be one crazy motherfucker he will never wish to replace with another woman.

Be as crazy as you can be and show him that you are enjoying every second.

Let him see that you like to experiment in bed and that you like to be the dominant one.

So, if he wants to switch roles he will have to go the extra mile and do things he has never done before.

Every day with you will be like a roller coaster of crazy emotions he will enjoy like a little child.

You will become his favorite drug, someone he can’t live without, and he will proudly tell it to everyone.

When he finds what he has been looking for, he will never wish for another woman in his life.

Compliment him in a hot way

A Taurus man loves compliments and a lot of them! If you date a Taurean man, make sure that you pay attention to his outfits because he loves to be complimented for his clothing combinations.

He pays a lot of attention to the way he looks, so don’t be surprised if he asks you to spend the day with him in a gym.

He loves to look good and he will want you to be in good shape as well.

Going to the gym is as normal as eating and that is something he never skips.

If you compliment him while you are making love, it will be a bingo because that is the best way to satisfy a Taurus man in bed.

By just knowing that you think he is sexy, he will get turned on and he will do anything to show you who the real best under the sheets is.

It won’t be a problem for him to go the extra mile and experiment with you.

In fact, that will make him feel awesome since he loves the adrenaline.

By just telling him you love the way he looks, you will put a smile on his face that won’t rub off that easily. Can’t you see what you are doing to him?

Be tolerant, but tell him you’ll spank him when he deserves it

couple talking on the balconyTolerance is key to every stable relationship. If you want to satisfy your Taurus man, you just need to be tolerant of him.

I am not saying that you will get over any shit he does, but to just understand him when he explains how he feels and why he did something.

He – like all of us – has some things that he likes and he needs a woman who will be able to understand him.

If he was late because he was playing video games with his best friend, you don’t need to be so harsh on him.

That is something that makes him feel good and he probably lost track of the time.

He didn’t want to offend you or make you feel bad. He was just having some innocent fun and he forgot about the hours.

Things like this happen all the time in all relationships, so you don’t have to worry that it is a big problem.

It is just something that can be solved by communication and that is what you always need to do in situations like this.

And if you can’t communicate properly, you can always tell him that you will spank him to get what you want. I am sure it will always work!

Be open-minded and always tell what you feel (even in bed)

Maybe you thought that you will never seduce a Taurus man by saying what is on your heart, but that is not true.

In fact, if you are always open-minded and if you tell him if something is off, he will know how to cherish that.

This is definitely a good way to win him over and make him yours. This kind of man loves women who wear their hearts on their sleeves and if you behave like this, you will make him yours forever.

That rule should be followed in bed as well. If you need something to make yourself feel good, just ask him directly.

Be completely honest about the new things you would want to try in a relationship and your Taurus man would be all too happy to hear that.

So, if you want to keep him in your life, always say what is on your heart and never pretend you are someone you are not.

Only the way in which you don’t lie, you don’t pretend, and you are totally yourself is the right one.

Maybe it won’t work in all relationships, but it surely will work in the right one. And that is what matters the most, right?

Taurus Man In Love

smiling couple flirting by the tableBefore we cut to the chase, just know that you will have to go an extra mile if you want to make a man in a Taurus sign like you and become yours.

He will give you all of himself if you treat him with love and respect, so pay attention to your behavior.

Nothing is too much for the woman he loves, and if you succeed in seducing him and making him fall in love with you, he will be yours forever.

So, for all of you who are trying to win this man over and make him yours forever, we have brought you some of the most excellent tips that will blow his mind. Stay tuned!

Taurus Man Compatibility

charming couple cuddling in bed and talkingDo you have a chance of keeping a Taurus guy forever? Are you two a match made in heaven or in hell? Well, it all depends on your zodiac sign.

Compatible with: Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Capricorn, Virgo

Incompatible with: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aries

Aries woman

Both Aries man and Aries woman are impulsive while Taurus is stable. Besides, these two signs are incredibly stubborn and that’s the main reason why they rarely work.

Taurus woman

Here we have a perfect match. Both being loyal and faithful, they understand and complete each other. In this case, their similarities bring them together.

Gemini woman

You can give it a shot but if you’re a Gemini, you’re not compatible with a Taurus guy. Even though the sex will be everything but boring, your real-life relationship is sadly doomed to fail.

Cancer woman

If you’re a Cancer woman, you and Taurus are ideal for each other– especially when it comes to the bedroom. You’re both passionate and enjoy taking things slowly.

Leo woman

man in love hugging woman on the couchOnce again, we have a couple that functions amazingly under the sheets but is not such a great match outside the bedroom. Their sensuality and passion make their intimate moments memorable. But it’s exactly this passion that makes their romance unbearable.

Virgo woman

Both Virgo men and women always know what they want. In this case, as a Virgo female, you want a Taurus man and you have no doubts about it.

Your physical attraction is undeniable and if you put a little bit of effort, your relationship can be a total success as well.

Libra woman

Even though both Libra and Taurus have Venus as their ruling planet, somehow these two zodiac signs don’t always go well together. To be exact, in most cases, they don’t have what it takes to surpass their initial differences.

Scorpio woman

If you’re a Scorpio woman, you two will have a blast in the bedroom. The chemistry and the tension between you two could be cut with the knife.

Nevertheless, your life together (outside of the bedroom) won’t be all sunshine and butterflies. Having Taurus man traits in mind, it’s no wonder that these couples usually don’t last. You’re both stubborn and jealous.

Sagittarius woman

A Sag female and a Taurus guy don’t make a good match. These two people simply want different things and have a hard time reaching a compromise.

Capricorn woman

A Capricorn woman and a Taurus man are perfect soulmates. They complete each other and are able to fulfill each other’s emotional and physical needs without much trouble.

Aquarius woman

If you’re an Aquarius, I suggest you look your match elsewhere because a Taurus won’t give you what you’re looking for. It actually goes the same both ways- you two are simply incompatible.

Pisces woman

Again, a match made in heaven. They provide each other with the stability they both crave so this relationship has a great chance of being a long-lasting one.

Taurus Man In Relationships

couple in love having pillow fight on the bedIf you want to form a stable, romantic relationship with a Taurus man, you will have to learn some tricks to make him feel good and desirable. Those things are not difficult, but they will pay off, that is for sure. Here is what every Taurus guy is looking for in a relationship:


I won’t lie to you: you must have the patience of a saint with a Taurus. He’s a slow mower which means it takes him forever to make a decision regarding anything. You’ll simply have to give him time and restrain yourself from rushing him into anything.

Spoiling him

This guy enjoys being pampered. He is lazy and in most cases, wants to be taken care of. But hey, if you love him, this won’t be the problem.


Taurean is loyal to the fault. And he expects the same from his romantic partner. If you want him to love you, he has to know that he can count on you, no matter what.

You have to be his friend besides his lover. Despite being self-sufficient, he needs to know you’re reliable and trustworthy, just in case.


The thing all people belonging to this sign despise is lying. Being honest and always telling the truth is the way to this man’s heart. Trust me: if he catches you being dishonest, he’ll lose all respect he had for you.

Sense of humor

woman complimenting man in bedYou might not see it at first but a Taurus man loves being with a woman who gives him a good laugh. Your sense of humor is your trump card!

But let’s never forget that he is also a perfect gentleman. So, no overly vulgar or offensive jokes!


You’re looking at a hopeless romantic. I don’t care how long you two have been together, a romantic gesture every now and then will knock a Taurus out of his feet.

It doesn’t have to be anything too fancy- even the little things will put a smile on his face. What matters is that you’ve put an effort into throwing him a surprise.

Cooking skills

A way to a Taurus’s heart is through his stomach. You’re dealing with a gourmand and the best way to make him happy is by cooking him a homemade meal.

Don’t try impressing him with a sandwich- he has to see that you worked hard to please all of his senses. Remember to include a fancier wine along with the dinner and he’s yours forever.


You should be faithful in every relationship but with a Taurus, you have to go the extra mile. He expects you to have eyes for him only because you won’t catch him looking at other girls either.

This means no flirting, no dating apps, no texting other guys. For a Taurus, this is an exceptionally strict rule so make sure not to break it!


If you want to chase this guy away, embarrassing him in public is the way to go. A Taurus demands respect and this is non-negotiable.

I’m not saying that you have to nod your head at everything he says. But making a fool out of him in front of others is something he’ll never forgive you for.


Finally, another thing this guy despises is drama- especially if it’s absolutely unnecessary. What attracts a Taurus man is tranquility. He wants a safe harbor and if you’re one- he’s yours for life.

To Wrap Up:

happy couple teasing each other and enjoying in bedFiguring out how to please a Taurus man in bed and how to keep him around after sleeping together is not a piece of cake. Nevertheless, having this gentleman next to you is worth all the trouble.

He is actually quite a simple man and you’ll realize this once you get to know him.

Even though he might look like a self-centered guy, when he grows to love you, he’ll show you his generous side. You’ll see that he is actually one of the most selfless men you’ll ever be with, both in the bedroom and outside of it.

Taurus Man In Bed: 14 Naughty Things To Do To Turn Him On

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