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How Does A Taurus Man Test A Woman? 15 Things He Looks For In You

How Does A Taurus Man Test A Woman? 15 Things He Looks For In You

You may have been dating a Taurus man for a few months, days, or maybe even hours, but be sure of one thing – he is already testing you.

This earth sign leaves nothing to chance, most certainly not a relationship. Of course, he also lets his feelings guide him, but until the Taurus guy sees something with his own eyes, he’s unlikely to believe it.

However, don’t worry; testing is just a tactic he uses to determine if you are girlfriend material.

Well, we all sometimes want to check if the people we spend our time with are the right ones for us, don’t we?

So, how does a Taurus man test a woman?

I’ve done my best to gather the answers to all your questions. Stay tuned because what follows is certainly worth reading.

How Does A Taurus Man Test A Woman?

a woman with long black hair sits at a table and quarrels with a man

It all depends on his priorities. The Taurus man is always looking for someone to fit his personality traits.

Taureans will never tell you what you did wrong. What’s worse, if they do not like something about you, they’ll just end the relationship.

SILENCE is the weapon this zodiac sign uses to test a woman. So, he will most certainly observe how you behave in a relationship and your priorities.

He will never force you to be someone you don’t want to be, but remember that he has his principles and rules too.

Fortunately, his test is not demanding at all, and you have probably already met all the requirements.

Anyway, here is how to confirm it! Read on, my dear!

15 Clear Signs A Taurus Man Is Testing You

Here are the 20 most common things every Taurus man looks at to decide if you are the one for him.

Make sure you remember them all!

1. Are you needy?

a man talking to a woman

Being a needy girlfriend is one big NO if you want a Taurean in your life.

But of course, he will not tell you that. Instead, he will pretend to be easygoing and always give you what you want.

But don’t fall into that trap. This only works to find out if you are overly demanding and whether you have any boundaries at all.

The Taurean man likes it when a woman knows what she wants. He appreciates being in the company of a strong and independent woman.

If you constantly call or text him while he’s at work, wasting his time, then be sure that you’re going to fail this test!

2. Are you romantic at heart?

Being ruled by Venus, the goddess of love, it is no wonder that this zodiac sign is considered a hopeless romantic.

He speaks the language of love, so you must know that the Taurus man falls for a woman who can return that love.

Pay attention to his body language and be prepared for touching and kissing.

However, if you are not a fan of sweet and fun couple games, I’ll have to disappoint you that the love path you are on is not promising.

3. Are you financially independent?

This earth sign is one of the most financially stable signs of the zodiac. But he will not let you spend his money how you want.

Taureans are known for their big, generous hearts. Anyway, that doesn’t mean they will not test whether you take advantage of their kindness.

One of the things that the Taurus man will definitely check is how financially stable you are. If you do not have a job, of course, he will go out of his way to help you find one.

But rest assured that this zodiac sign will not spend his life working for the needs of others.

So, he will probably ask you to split the bill or insist on sharing other expenses, just to check how good you are at managing money.

4. How supportive are you?

Taurus males have many strategies to test whether someone is for them or not.

One of these strategies is undoubtedly the level of support you give him.

This zodiac sign is passionate and persistent in his intentions and always strives for the best. He does not like to be distracted from achieving his goals, but he also needs someone to share them with.

This man is looking for a woman who will support him on his journey. Therefore, he will share some of his plans with you and ask for your opinion.

Do not hesitate to show him how supportive you are because your encouraging words mean the world to him!

5. Can he trust you?

a smiling man and woman talking over coffee

Honesty is the best policy, and Taurus men certainly stick to this principle.

I don’t think honesty is much to ask from a partner, is it?

The Taurus man will always be brutally honest with you and is willing to open his heart to you. But of course, he wants the same in return.

You will rarely meet a man of this zodiac sign without him being involved in some shenanigans or makeups.

So, show him that he can always count on you and that there is no reason to doubt your loyalty.

6. Are you patient enough?

So how does a Taurus man in love test a woman?

Another thing (I don’t think you’ll like this one) a Taurus man will test to see if you are the one is your level of patience.

Taureans dislike people who tend to explode within seconds, so he will check if you are one of them.

Most likely, he will suddenly make himself unavailable, or he will ignore your messages and calls.

But do not fall into this trap. Instead, play along, my dear, and show him that this test is a piece of cake for you!

7. How ambitious are you?

Taurus is the most ambitious sign of the zodiac. This man will always fight for his dreams and won’t easily give up on his plans.

Taureans don’t like to waste time and will look for any opportunity to use it to their advantage.

It’s no wonder that he looks for the same in his potential soulmate.

He’ll probably ask you often about your life plans and watch how you are getting on. You may find this annoying at first, but his approach will undoubtedly motivate you.

8. Are you materialistic?

Given that this is a very hard-working zodiac, it is no wonder that the Taurus man has money in abundance.

Therefore, one of the first things he will test is whether you are materialistic.

He’ll probably act like he doesn’t have money to buy you perfume at the moment.

But it’s a sign he is testing your materialistic side.

9. How well do you cook?

Well, this is certainly not crucial for a relationship with a Taurus man, but it will definitely come in handy.

This zodiac sign believes that “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”

Do not be surprised if your conversations often revolve around food and exotic dishes because this zodiac sign is a great gourmet.

But don’t worry. You do not have to be an expert in cooking to please him.

All you have to do is enjoy food as much as he does, and he will take care of preparing it.

10. Are you ready to commit?

a man and a woman stand embracing by the window

So how does a Taurus man test a woman?

Your maturity level is undoubtedly on the list of things the Taurus man will test.

The Taurus man certainly won’t let anyone play with his feelings. So don’t expect him to be a one-night-stand.

If you want this man in your life, you have to be willing to give yourself to him completely. Long, healthy relationships are what the Taurus man strives for.

Of course, he will not force anything, and he will go with the flow.

But believe me, this zodiac sign reads people incredibly well, so he will know where he stands with you very quickly.

11. Do you get along with his loved ones?

The Taurus man will most certainly test you in this area as well. Family is probably the most important thing in any Taurus’ life.

So, it will matter to him how much you care for his loved ones.

He will probably invite you to a family dinner to see how you communicate with his family and if you feel comfortable in their company.

But don’t worry about it. This will only happen after you get to know each other a little better.

If you accept and love not just him but also his family, there is no doubt that you are the woman of his dreams.

12. Are you ready to accept his true self?

Those born under this zodiac sign work tirelessly to improve themselves and achieve success, so you shouldn’t try to change that.

Sure, we all improve when we are with someone we love because that person boosts our self-esteem.

But what will definitely turn him away from you is if he realizes that you want to completely change his work habits, his style, or anything along those lines.

If you want to be part of this relationship, you should be ready to accept and love him for who he is and not for who you want him to be. Also, you should expect the same in return.

13. Are you confident enough?

The last thing a Taurus man wants is to be with a woman who has zero self-confidence.

He certainly does not want to be around people who do not know what they want or are unsure of their choices.

The Taurus man likes when a woman is strong, confident, and can easily deal with challenging life situations.

It will not only make him happy, but it can make him fall even more in love with you.

So don’t hesitate to show who you really are. Don’t let anyone decide for you. and don’t conform to anyone’s expectations.

Show him that you are a strong, independent, and confident woman, and you will win him over.

14. Are you dramatic?

Well, if that’s the case, don’t even try to get serious with this guy. The words Taurus and drama don’t go together.

This earth sign cannot stand attention seekers and overly dramatic people.

So if you tend to dramatize and bother him with unimportant things, feel free to open the door yourself and get out of this relationship.

A Taurus man will certainly not tolerate anyone overdramatizing petty things.

If your middle name is drama queen, forget about the Taurus man and a romantic relationship with him.

15. Can you handle the most stubborn zodiac?

a man and a woman quarrel on the couch in the living room

I left this as the cherry on top for you.

Yes, Taurus holds the title of the most stubborn horoscope sign.

Do you find this surprising? Or perhaps you have already experienced how stubborn and obstinate this zodiac sign can be?

Well, being stubborn is not necessarily a bad trait, but the thing is that Taureans often find themselves in conflict with people all because of their stubbornness.

So, if he realizes that you are someone who can calm him down and be understanding when he needs it, it’s a good sign that you will be his forever.

How Do You Tell If A Taurus Man Is Playing You?

a man sits in the office and buttons on the phone

If you want to know if a Taurus man is playing you, you need to pay close attention to his behavior. Here are 5 obvious signs that the Taurus man is playing you:

  • He shows up only when he needs you.
  • His promises are often empty.
  • He flirts with others (making eye contact or flirting on social media apps).
  • He avoids talking to you about personal things.
  • You feel bad about yourself.

If you can relate to these 5 signs, know that your relationship is going nowhere.

Sort out your priorities in life, weigh the pros and cons of this relationship, and decide whether or not you want to be just a backup plan for someone.

Taurus Man Compatibility With Other Zodiacs

a smiling woman with long blonde hair in the arms of a man

Taureans are earth signs, which means they’re most compatible with the following water signs and earth signs: the Pisces woman, Taurus woman, Virgo woman, Cancer, Scorpio woman, and Capricorn woman.

Since they share the same interests, desires, and tastes, the Taurus man matches best with the above signs.

However, Taureans are least compatible with fire signs and air signs such as the Aries woman, Gemini woman, Aquarius woman, Libra woman, Leo woman, and Sagittarius woman.

Wrapping It Up

Now you understand all the Taurus man’s secrets about what he looks for in a woman, and we have answered the most important question, “How does a Taurus man test a woman?”

I hope this article has helped you gain a deeper insight into the key Taurus personality traits and needs.

Bear in mind that He will test you only if he likes you!

Of course, it’s up to you if you want to fight for this man. If you do commit to a relationship, all I can tell you is that he will spoil you and give you everything you need.

Just make sure that this is not just one of his mind games.



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