Taurus traits are very much influenced by their ruling planet, the planet Venus. Venus is a well-known goddess of beauty, love, fertility and prosperity and all of those things are related to Taurus too.

Taureans are famous for their love of good food and comfort and an appreciation of art, beauty and practicality.

They are the second sign of the zodiac, which makes them a fixed sign. This quality gives them great endurance and stability.

They are here to sustain what the cardinal signs started and on top of that, Taureans are earth signs, which only makes these traits even more prominent.

There’s no wonder why this star sign is probably the most stubborn sign in the zodiac. Their corresponding tarot card is the Hierophant, which represents spirituality and tradition.

This astrological sign is (unsurprisingly) represented by the bull; a strong, tough and calm animal, unless you push the wrong buttons and that’s when you don’t stand a chance.

To learn a little bit more about this amazing sign, let’s explore their traits deeper.

Taurus personality traits


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Taurus loves a sense of security and they love to give it to other people too.

As already stated, they are earth signs, which means they are connected to aspects of providing, maintaining and building, which translates into their relationships too.

They are loyal friends and lovers you can always count on. Whenever you feel panicky, talk to your Taurus friend, because they will give you an objective opinion and calm you down.

Reliability is an important trait to have for a chance of a truly happy relationship that will last a lifetime.

Great taste

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It’s no secret that Taureans love the finer things in life.

After all, they are ruled by Venus. Tastefulness is especially one of the best traits of a Taurus woman; whether it’s food, clothes or a hotel they want to stay in, they want the best.

It’s a good thing that they have great taste. Taurus has natural grace and beauty in the way they move and speak and that only adds to their already beautiful taste.


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You probably read this in every daily horoscope you ever read but yes, Taurus is a stubborn sign.

They’re the earthy bull with a fixed quality after all and that screams stubbornness. Stubbornness for them is essentially a strong determination to finish what they started.

That’s an amazing trait to have, even though it can end up in an argument with other people, an argument they’re going to win.

Another trait that kind of emerges from this one is that they’re often traditional. Now that doesn’t have to mean they’re ultra-conservative but it can mean they don’t like changing things they’re used to doing.

They’re likely to stay in the same religion as their parents and you probably won’t see them doing unusual jobs unless they decide on a career in art.


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Taurus possesses great patience for their loved ones and the tasks they do. They take the people they love and their job very seriously.

They see everything they love as a project that needs to be cared for and invested in, in order to progress.

To some people, that might sound odd but in reality, it’s a responsible and down to earth approach to the important things in life.

Patience is a necessary trait to have if you want to build something that lasts, something that will be in use for many years. Even if Taurus doesn’t look that far into the future, they unconsciously help to better it.

Taureans are naturally mindful because they are very present and interested in what’s happening now.

The earth element gives them strength and endurance and Venus blesses them with a gentleness which results in patience.


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This sign loves to enjoy life, there’s no question about that. However, they also know that work comes before play.

Responsibility is one of the best Taurus traits so they’re a trusty and reliable sign. They leave no room for something to ruin their joy afterward.

This is why people trust them and they can quickly progress in anything they do. They naturally awaken a sense of reliability and loyalty.

They can be seen as leaders or at least people in charge, which also means they can be tough bosses because they expect what they give and many people can’t follow their tempo or intensity.

Their sense of responsibility is connected to a deep sense of duty of carrying out what Aries started. It’s like the world is on their shoulders in a way.

They’re expected to make ideas real and tangible and that’s no easy task.


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A beautiful thing about Taurus is their devotion to the people and the things they love.

This particular trait probably comes from their ruling planet Venus which requires but also gives devotion and all other attributes related to love and loving.

Devotion is simply a very present and thoughtful focus on the thing or person we love. It’s a very selfless act and requires all the things Taurus has: loyalty, love and interest, as well as enthusiasm for everything they love.

In other words, Tauruses are some of the biggest lovers in the zodiac.


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Just like their symbol, Taureans are strong like bulls, mentally and often physically too. That’s why strength is one of the most prominent Taurus traits.

They are sturdy in every sense, though that doesn’t make them any less elegant. This helps them in their long and exhausting projects and helps them support the people around them.

They are aware of their strength and that is why they’re rarely scared or anxious in the ways most people are. Their fears go more toward a fear of failure and a fear of sudden change.

Since they love and depend on their routines, sudden change is the stuff that nightmares are made of for them. If you ever plan to tell Taurus about a big change that concerns them, I suggest you do it in time and slowly.


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Yes, Taurus likes to be comfortable in this material world. In a sense, they represent the material aspect of reality and that’s why they’re so in tune with it.

The problem is when they become too dependent on material things and start giving them more value than they actually have.

In other words, the problem is when love turns into nothing more than obsession and possessiveness.

They work hard for what they have and that’s why they can fall into the trap of possessiveness. They are quick to equate their worth with their possessions, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, that mostly happens only with immature Tauruses.


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Since this sign is very down to earth and in tune with the material side of reality, they’re also the ones with common sense when everyone loses it.

They’re practical people with solid knowledge and they don’t have unrealistic expectations.

If you want something done, ask Taurus to do it. They take a while but they’ll do it without errors.


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When it comes to intimacy and sensuality, it’s pretty obvious that Taurus is ruled by the planet of love. They love all kinds of physical pleasures and have great endurance in those things too.

They love to give and receive pleasure and they take their time when it comes to it. They don’t mind when things are going slow and steady; in fact, they prefer it, both the Taurus man and the Taurus woman.

They love to bask in all the little things that make intimacy so great, so they love scents, textures, warmth, touch and kisses…


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Taurus believes in the ‘work hard, play hard’ saying so once they’re done with their hard work, they don’t skimp when it comes to enjoyment.

They’re notorious for indulging in pleasures of all kinds and taking things to the next level when it comes to them.

Sometimes they’re over the to, but luckily, they’re strong enough to not give in even if it looks like they will.

From time to time, they will create some kind of imbalance in their life due to this particular tendency, whether it’s a material or health imbalance, but they will find their way out in most cases.


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Jealousy comes from a strong or unhealthy attachment to things or people.

Since Taureans are very connected to the material plane and they put value on the things they work hard for, including people, it’s understandable that one of their weaknesses is jealousy.

Their jealousy often doesn’t come from insecurities but from anger and the feeling that they’re being disrespected.

When it comes to this, it’s a scary thing to witness, especially because most people see Taurus as calm and collected.

However, the traits of a female Taurus are different from the traits of a male Taurus so they’ll react differently.

Nevertheless, when you cross the line, they turn into the epitome of true anger.

Taurus’ compatibility with other signs


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This combination is not favorable because the two signs have very different energies. Aries is a firestarter but without strong focus, while Taurus isn’t innovative but is focused and hard-working.

One of them will always need to catch up with the other and that’s exhausting in everyday life.

Overall score: Low


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Two Tauruses can be a good match. They will be stubborn in their differences but they will also be stubborn when it comes to their love and that’s why this relationship could work.

Overall score: High


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Gemini is ruled by Mercury which makes them an unstable, airy sign. Taureans can provide them with a sense of stability and Geminis can fascinate Taureans with their knowledge, especially about art and beautiful things.

However, they have A LOT of differences, so if you want this relationship to work out, it’s going to be a long road ahead.

Overall score: Medium


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Earth signs and water signs go well together. Cancer is a home-loving, caring and sensitive sign and Taurus loves that.

They love the ideas of a partner who takes care of the home and who is devoted to them.
This pair is one of the most favorable pairs among zodiac signs.

Overall score: High


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Leo and Taurus can follow each other in their endeavors because they’re both independent and strong.

They both like to enjoy life and party but Taurus is still much more reserved than Leo. Leos like to show off and maintain a social life, while Taureans don’t have a need to impress other people.

Overall score: Medium


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These signs are two of the most practical signs of the zodiac. They’re both hard-working and respect that in each other and they’re also different enough to attract each other.

Taurus is very sensual and Virgo is a little bit reserved. Together, they can learn a lot from each other.

Overall score: High


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These two signs have one thing in common: their ruling planet, Venus. That means they both appreciate things of beauty but other than that, they don’t have that much in common.

Libras are passionate about ideas and Taureans are much more practical.

Nevertheless, it can work out, depending on other aspects in their charts.

Overall score: Medium


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Every astrologer will probably tell you that this is a match made in heaven. Scorpio is just what the bull needs; they’re sensual, loyal and can be hard-working too. That’s everything Taurus needs to be happy.

Overall score: High


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Traditionally fiery Sagittarius isn’t a great match for Taurus. They have a very different approach to life and are not on the same page when it comes to what they want.

One wants to build and conserve, while the other wants to freely explore.

Overall score: Low


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The compatibility between these two signs is high because they share the same life values.

However, there’s a chance of a lack of excitement in this relationship due to both signs being somewhat too practical and hard-working.

Overall score: High


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This pairing is one of the most unusual ones that probably won’t work out. Aquarius is, like other air signs, too concerned about ideas rather than the practical side of things, which doesn’t sit well with Taurus.

Overall score: Low


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Pisces is a sensitive and dreamy sign that seeks to find stability in other people. While that doesn’t sound ideal for a lot of people,

Taurus is happy to provide that stability in exchange for deep love and respect, which only Pisces can give.

Overall score: High

Famous people with the Taurus horoscope sign

Some famous people with this sun sign are Adele, Gigi Hadid, Kelly Clarkson, Jessica Alba, Dwayne Johnson, George Clooney, Audrey Hepburn, William Shakespeare, Mark Zuckerberg, Al Pacino, John Cena, Queen Elizabeth II, Jack Nicholson and Penelope Cruz

Whether Taurus is your zodiac sign or not, it’s great to learn about Taurus traits and see what makes this sign so special.

Without them, the world wouldn’t be possible for them to live or function in the way they know.

They are providers and protectors and we need them to reach our goals and that’s why they deserve our praise and respect.