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To The Girl Who Confused Abuse For Love

To The Girl Who Confused Abuse For Love

When you first met this man, you were enchanted by his undying love for you. Or at least, something you saw as love but was never near that.

Let’s be honest—at first, you were more than happy that you finally ran into a man who wanted you all for himself; a man who was ready to do everything in his power to keep you by his side and who wasn’t ready to give up on you just like that.

After all those guys who couldn’t make up their minds about you and refused to put a label on your relationship, you were knocked off your feet by the man who was proud to call you his.

Even when he started treating you like his property, you liked this feeling of belonging you had never experienced before.

After all those guys who didn’t give a damn whether you were seeing other people as long as you were always available to them, you were thrilled to find a man who acted as if he would die if you laid your eyes on another male.

You saw his jealousy as proof of his deep love and as a way of him showing you how scared he was to lose you.

Even when he started asking you to cut all ties with all of your male friends and coworkers, even when he asked you to delete all of your social media profiles and even when he started making scenes when you talked to another man, you didn’t see it as a dangerously possessive behavior.

Instead, deep down, you were actually honored by the fact that he was clearly so crazy over you and that he wouldn’t stand sharing your heart and thoughts with anyone else.

After all those guys who weren’t interested in your life, you didn’t mind him talking trash about your closest friends.

You thought he just wanted to distance you from their bad impact instead of seeing it as his way of isolating you from the rest of the world.

After all those guys who gave you crumbs of their attention, you were delighted to find a man who was completely focused on you.

Even when he started calling you every fifteen minutes, even when he started showing up at your doorstep unannounced, and even when he wasn’t allowing you to spend a second of your free time without him, you didn’t see it as a red flag.

You didn’t see it as his way of caging you and limiting you. Instead, you couldn’t believe that you were so lucky to run into a man who was so in love with you that he didn’t want to spend a moment apart.

After all those guys who were completely indifferent towards you and never cared for the future of your relationship, you were surprised by a man who fought for it, even if it meant fighting with you. 

You didn’t see all the arguments he provoked as a sign of violence—you saw them as his way of improving your relationship, working on your issues.

You didn’t see the insults he kept telling you as his attempts to put you down—you saw them as his way of inspiring you to become better.

After all those guys who never let you into their hearts, it was easy for you to get blinded and mistake abuse for love.

Yes, the truth is that you enjoyed this man’s sick behavior at first—until it became too much for you to handle.

He made you feel special and unique, and instead of running for your life, you were flattered and convinced that you had hit the jackpot. 

Until you realized the awful truth: none of this was ever loveit was emotional abuse all the time.

And somehow, you managed to mix the two up.

It doesn’t matter that he never actually hit youhe was controlling, possessive, and toxic and most importantly, abusive. But he never loved you for real.

Even if you still don’t see it, I promise you that one day, you will. 

Once true love enters your life, you’ll see the difference.

Once you experience a healthy relationship which is based on mutual respect and trust, you’ll see that this man never truly cared for you because this is not the way you treat the people you care for.