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20 Most Common Traits Of A Red Personality Type

20 Most Common Traits Of A Red Personality Type

Are you determined, perfectionist, and proud of your own personality? Do you make quick decisions and have high energy?

If this sounds familiar, you belong to a red personality type.

With all of these characteristics, your driving core motive is power.

You have some amazing strengths, but that doesn’t make you perfect since you struggle with some negative sides of your personality as well.

Here are all the traits common for a red personality type – the good and the bad!

What is the Color Code?

Simply put, the color code, created by Dr. Taylor Hartman, is the division of different personality types.

Dr. Taylor Hartman divided all personalities into four main personality colors – red, blue, white, and yellow – each representing different personalities.

The idea of these personality profiles is that all people are motivated by four driving core motives that impact all of your personality traits, personal relationships, and emotions.

Each one of these motives is represented by one of the personality colors, which represent their driving core motives.

Therefore, if you belong to a yellow personality type, you’re motivated by fun, if you are a blue personality type, you’re driven by intimacy, and if your core color is white, you’re motivated by peace.

However, you’ve probably already done a personality test and it’s clear that your core color is red. So, here are the most basic characteristics of your own personality.

12 Strengths Of A Red Personality Type

Power-wielder and natural leader

If you belong to this personality type, you’re the alpha male or female. Everywhere you go, all eyes are directed towards you.

You’re simply a power-wielder and a natural leader. It’s not that you do it on purpose; you just don’t know how to be submissive.

When you enter the room, you behave as if you own it. You have no self-esteem problems and are very confident about everything you say or do.

Consequently, some people see you as bossy. You have to be in charge and in control and, to be honest, ordering around is a habit of yours.

You’re a strong leader. People listen to whatever you have to say because they trust you, without even knowing why.

You’re the one everyone goes to in a search of advice and whose judgment making skills people believe in.

This is the case in all of your close relationships, including romantic ones. Your partners look up to you and rely on you to make the right decisions, no matter what happens.

Even though this is something you probably won’t admit easily, the truth is that you enjoy other people’s approval.

You like the fact that you’re the leader of the pack and everyone around you listens to what you have to say.

Social animal

People with this personality profile are extroverts. You’re an outgoing person who likes to try new things and always fits in wherever you go.

You’re a true social animal. You have a lot of friends and acquaintances, and each one of them likes spending time with you.

The truth is that you are fun to be around. You make people laugh, have interesting stories to tell, and are never boring company.

The best part of you being an extrovert is that you can hang out with different profiles of people.

Nobody knows how, but you have the ability to adapt in different situations and hang out with literally every type of person.

Somehow, you find a way to reach even the biggest introverts. You get them to open up to you, and you spread your positive vibe and energy on them as well.

You like to go clubbing, enjoy doing sports, love listening to good music, and are always gung-ho with your friends’ suggestions.

Adventures are your favorite thing since you possess high energy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re invited to go hiking, take a road trip, or go on a wild rollercoaster ride – you’re in, no matter what.

As long as it means meeting new people and having fun, you can’t say no.


Another neutral personality trait of a red color personality is that you can’t stay for long in one place. Otherwise, you feel stuck, trapped, and like someone is suffocating you.

You’re everything but passive. You hate comfort zones and are always prone to change.

Being a “red” person, you’re not one of those people who find one job and try hard to keep it until they retire.

You don’t live by the rules of society and are always looking for ways to improve your lifestyle. This personality trait especially comes in handy when you’re in the middle of a crisis.

While someone would sit down and cry their heart out when they’re in a bad situation, you behave completely the opposite.

You’re very well aware that mourning and grieving can’t help you and won’t bring you anywhere. In fact, it can only make you feel even worse.

So instead of wasting any more of your precious time on crying, you spring in action.

You take matters into your own hands and don’t give up until you resolve them the best way possible.

Basically, your life is always under your control.

You take your existence in this world very seriously and consider it important to use every minute on earth, instead of spending life as a passive bystander.


Out of all things you can be, a procrastinator is not one of them.

I’m sure you know a bunch of people who postpone their duties, can’t seem to concentrate on one thing at a time, leave everything for the last minute, and don’t go anywhere.

Well, that is where you’re different.

When you start doing something, you don’t give up until you’re done and soon enough, it becomes the only thing you can get yourself to think about.

To put things simply, you’re the one who does whatever has to be done. You’re a problem solver and the advice-giver of your group.

You’re very clear about your goals and you work hard to achieve them. For you, there isn’t such a thing as a negative answer.

Even if things don’t go as smoothly as you expect them to, you remain determined and focused until you accomplish what you have originally planned.

For you, nothing is impossible in this world. You remove obstacles along the way with such ease that others don’t even see your battles.

When you have a goal, nothing and nobody can distract you from reaching it.

You’re one of the rare people who has the best possible chance of turning dreams into reality.

This will happen exactly due to your focused nature.

You can have the best plan in the world, but if you’re not focused enough on making it real, you can never be successful.


Red personality types are born visionaries. Sometimes, you feel like you have the ability to predict the future, which of course scares you.

You’re everything but an old soul. It’s not that you don’t care about traditions. You are just ahead of your time and always look forward instead of turning back.

It’s not uncommon for people belonging to this type of personality to become scientists and inventors who come up with life-changing ideas that become of significant importance for the entire human race.

You see what others are not capable of seeing and have goals that might seem impossible for someone else.

You’re always a few steps ahead of everyone surrounding you. People can’t trick you easily since, in most cases, you can predict their next move.

The best part about your personality is that you don’t sit peacefully and wait for things to get sorted out by themselves.

You don’t expect anything to magically fall into place.

Instead, you work hard to create the kind of future you desire. You follow up on your dreams and aspirations. You know exactly what you want and aren’t afraid to chase it.

Being a visionary also includes being open-minded. You’re not someone who judges other people’s choices, especially if they don’t impact you personally.

Your attitude is contemporary and modern. You are tolerant and accept differences.


Even though people might assume that making the right choice is a piece of cake for you and that you make quick decisions, things are actually quite different behind the scenes.

Yes, you’re an excellent decision-maker, but you didn’t acquire these skills overnight.

The fact nobody can argue against is that, in most cases, you turn out to be right.

However, almost nobody sees the process you go through before coming up with a conclusion and making up your mind.

You make sure to always look at things from all angles. You observe the situation carefully, you read people and weigh all possible risks.

And then, when you do make a decision, you stick to it, no matter what. You stand behind your words and put all strength possible into defending your choices.

You see, your decisiveness actually has to do a lot with bravery.

Once you make up your mind about something or someone, you don’t go back, thinking of all the could’ve and should’ve-beens.

You analyze things yet don’t engage in overthinking, since you’re aware it won’t do you any good. You’re committed to your decisions and aren’t scared to set a bold goal.

This is especially beneficial when you’re a part of a team that can’t reach a compromise.

Every time you find yourself in this situation, you’re the one who has the courage to rule and tell them how things will roll.


The phrase “beating around the bush” doesn’t exist in your dictionary. You’re very honest and direct.

You’re not afraid to speak your mind, even if your opinion contradicts someone else’s.

You’re ready to stand for what you believe in, to the point where you’ll even fight with others around you just to defend your viewpoint.

You’re straightforward and don’t have a problem with pointing out other people’s mistakes and mentioning their flaws.

It doesn’t matter if we’re talking your parent, teacher, or boss – you’ll call them out on their actions.

When it comes to friendships, you’re that one brutally honest friend who always spills the harsh truth directly in everyone’s faces, whether they like it or not.

The one who will tell your best friend that they need to break free from that toxic relationship that’s been destroying them. The one who will tell your closest friend that her date is not that into her.

You’re won’t stay quiet if you notice signs of infidelity in your friends’ spouses.

You despise lies, including those meant to save the other person from getting hurt. In fact, you think that the worst truth is always better than the most beautiful lie.


Another thing you’re not fond of is hiding your emotions. In fact, you’re everything but subtle and people don’t have a hard time knowing what you think of them.

In fact, everything you feel can be noticed on your face and body language signals, even before you even pronounce a single word.

You’re actually pretty simple when it comes to this: When you’re happy, you’ll smile and laugh, and when you’re sad, crying is your natural reaction.

You feel everything very intensely and you’re rarely indifferent towards people.

You don’t have a habit of repressing your feelings and running away from them. You’re smarter than assuming that your negative emotions will magically go away if you ignore them.

Instead, you process all of your feelings the healthiest way possible. Even if you’re in some emotional pain, you acknowledge it, without allowing it to define you.

When you’re a person like this, you don’t have trouble verbally expressing your feelings, thoughts, and desires either.

Some might even call you overly emotional, but you don’t see this as your weakness. Instead, you consider this characteristic to be one of your biggest strengths.

This is especially important when it comes to romantic relationships.

You’re not prone to playing mind games and you don’t have any problem telling the other party all about your intentions and feelings.

You’re brave enough to make the first move and to ask the person you like out, without the fear of being rejected.

Even if you get a negative response, you’re proud of yourself for trying.


However, despite all these intense emotions you feel, this doesn’t mean that you allow your feelings to dictate your entire life.

In fact, you’re very logical and most of your decisions are actually governed by your reason.

Your biggest power is that you are aware of your feelings but don’t allow them to rule you completely.

Instead, you find a way of striking the balance between what your mind says and what your heart desires.

You’re one of the rare people who can reach a compromise between what you want and what you should do.

You have an amazing ability to be in complete control of your emotions, not the other way around.

Every decision you make, including those seemingly irrelevant, is well thought out.

Some people might even see you as insensitive for being able to disregard your emotions and doing the right thing.

Nevertheless, none of them is present inside of your head.

Most of them don’t have the capacity to put all the pieces of the puzzle together and consequently, they don’t have your perspective on things.

No, it’s not that you’re incapable of making a mistake. You can be wrong just like the next person, but the difference is that you always have a way of making things right.


Knowing all of this, it’s pretty obvious that you’re a highly intelligent person as well.

For as long as you can remember, you’ve stood out of your generation and to put things honestly, were smarter than a lot of your peers.

Most of the people with a red personality type are well educated and achieve great things in life. They’re extremely successful and earn more than the average person.

Nevertheless, there are also examples of those who dropped out of school or didn’t invest their minds the right way.

However, despite this, it doesn’t mean they’re not intelligent or wise.


One thing you can’t stand is being told what to do.

It doesn’t matter what circumstances we’re talking about, whether it’s a romantic relationship, job, or family environment, you simply must have at least a certain amount of independence.

Your idea of a nightmare is having to rely on someone emotionally, financially, or in any other way.

You despise possessive and jealous people and this is a big dealbreaker for you when it comes to romances.

Despite having loads of friends and always being surrounded by people, you’re in fact a very self-sufficient person.

The trick is that you consciously choose these people to be a part of your life, although you don’t actually need them around.

You never look for safety in someone else besides yourself. As much as you love another person, you know very well that, if it’s necessary, you could live without them.

You feel suffocated whenever someone tries to curb your independence. The second you feel trapped, you run from that relationship as fast and far as you can.

One of your biggest fears is that another person will gain control over you because that would spiritually kill you.

You need your freedom as much as you need air to breathe and the moment you see someone is trying to interfere with it, they’re out of your life as soon as possible.


When someone mentions a red personality type, the first word connected to it is “confidence.” As opposed to many people, you rarely deal with insecurities.

You never think that you’re not good enough or that you don’t deserve someone’s presence in your life.

You’re very much aware of your value as a human being and nobody can make you question your own worth.

You know who you are and nobody can change your perception of yourself. Consequently, you know how much you deserve and are never prepared to settle for less or lower your standards.

This doesn’t mean that you’re egotistical (although people often do perceive you as such.)

In fact, you see your imperfections very well. Nevertheless, you don’t allow them to minimize the good sides of your character.

You know that nobody is perfect and you accept all of your flaws.

Of course, you work on correcting the things that can be changed, but the fact that you don’t like literally everything about yourself doesn’t make you anxious or depressed.

The best part is that you have enormous faith in your abilities. You believe in yourself and in everything you can make of your life.

Finally, your confidence makes you love yourself the most. There are numerous people you care about in your life but you always put yourself in first place.

You’re one of the people who cherish the relationship they have with themselves, and your self-love and self-confidence can never be taken away from you.

8 Limitations Of A Red Personality Type


One of the first things that can be seen as a negative trait is definitely your impatience.

When you want something or someone, you want them to appear right in front of your nose, at the exact moment of your desire.

It seems like you have a hard time realizing that big things need time. You can’t have everything you wish for in a blink of an eye.

This impatience of yours often brings unnecessary tension in your life. It makes you nervous and it robs your peace.

Also, it makes it easier for you to make mistakes. You usually run to achieve something, which causes you to miss important parts of your journey.

The same happens with all of your close relationships. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying that you should put your life on hold until another person makes up their mind about you.

However, you have to be aware that not everyone has the ability to make decisions as fast as you.

People need time and those who are worthy of your patience should be given that time, without you constantly rushing them.

So, the next time you catch yourself being impatient, make yourself wait. Take a deep breath and for a change, relax.

Life won’t run away from you and you don’t have to chase it in order to catch it.


If you ask everyone around you about the things they would like to change about your personality, your overly demanding nature will probably be the first on the list.

We’ve already discussed the fact that you have high standards and how you don’t lower them for anyone.

However, there is a crucial difference between knowing what you’re looking for and putting unrealistic expectations on people.

You’re allowed to be as ambitious as you want. After all, maybe this is what pushes you forward.

However, that doesn’t mean that you have the right to expect from others what you expect from yourself.

This is especially the case when it comes to people who are subordinate to you, such as your children or employees.

In fact, if you look at things closely, you’ll see that you don’t talk to people. Instead, most of the time, you only present them with a list of things that should be done as soon as possible.

The worst part is that you judge those who don’t accomplish everything you thought they would and aren’t perfectionists as you are.

You consider them underachievers and without intending to do so, make them feel insecure and less worthy.


The next negative trait of most people belonging to a red personality type is selfishness. Of course, you don’t see this, but the sad truth is that your dearest ones consider you to be self-centered.

It’s not that you don’t show them enough love. It’s just that everything has to always revolve around you.

You’re the center of attention, your problems are the worst, your heartbreaks are the most painful.

Not only that, you expect everyone else to sympathize with you and share your struggles, even though you never directly ask for help.

On the other hand, you rarely return the favor. You think of other people’s issues as irrelevant, since you could resolve them in a second.

You worry too much about your own well-being and it looks like you’re ready to do whatever it takes to reach your own success, even if that includes walking over dead bodies.

Well, I hate to be the one to break your bubble but guess what: the world doesn’t revolve around you.

You’re not the center of the universe and you’re in no way more important than the rest of the human race.


You’re always right, aren’t you? Nobody can change your mind and convince you that you’ve made a mistake.

In fact, every time someone tries to point out your errors, you see them as enemies. You don’t accept criticism well.

Instead of being grateful when another person tries to warn you that you’re making poor choices, you take their words too personally. You assume that their intention is to attack you.

Even when someone else presents you with an idea, you concentrate on all the ways it can go wrong. You can’t accept that another person came up with something before you.

Everything has to always be your way or you won’t participate.

Even though you enjoy being surrounded by people, the truth is that you don’t know how to be a part of a team, unless you’re the strong leader or boss.

The worst part is that you refuse to admit that you were wrong, even once you become aware of your mistakes.

You have a hard time taking responsibility for your bad moves and don’t know how to accept defeat.

Well, this is another case where you have to understand that not everything is about you. Don’t allow yourself to have such a fragile ego and don’t see every mistake as your personal failure.


As it was already said, one of your most amazing traits is your honesty and directness.

However, the truth is that there are situations in which you cross the line and become tactless in your attempts to help others.

Let me break it to you: Your coworker doesn’t need to hear that their new shirt looks awful on them.

Your friends don’t need to know that their wedding party was a disaster and your sibling shouldn’t know that you consider them a failure.

Being honest is something you should keep on doing. Nevertheless, it’s okay to keep your opinion to yourself from time to time.

This is especially true when it comes to a situation where nobody asked you about what you think. Otherwise, you’ll just be perceived as rude.

Also, when you’re telling people the harsh truth, keep in mind that it will probably cause them a great deal of pain.

Choose your words wisely because they can save someone from unnecessary heartbreak.

I’m not saying to change the truth, just asking to be careful about the way you present it.


Whether you like to admit it or not, one fact nobody can deny is that you’re a control freak. It’s ironic, right?

After all, you’re the one who loves your independence more than anything, but at the same time have the desire to control others.

The point is that you consider yourself more intelligent and more capable than the rest of the world.

You think that you know what’s best for your loved ones and would like them to put their lives in your hands.

Even though you’re tolerant when it comes to differences, you’re not tolerant when it comes to choices your loved ones make.

When you see they’re about to make an awful mistake, you can’t just sit back idly and watch them doing something you think will ruin their life.

Another thing you do wrong is to ignore other people’s personal boundaries. You can’t accept that your children or younger siblings are grown-ups and you refuse them to right to rule their own lives.

The best way to change this is to imagine yourself in their place. You know how you feel when someone tries to control your decisions and life.

So, that is exactly how your controlling nature makes them feel. Therefore, it’s time to change that about yourself unless you want to chase your loved ones away.

Poor listener

Being as selfish as you are, it is not surprising that you’re also a poor listener. In fact, you seem incapable of having healthy communication that goes both ways.

For you, a conversation is actually a monologue in which you are the one who does all the talking while the other person nods their head to everything you have to say.

While someone else is trying to speak their mind, you’re just waiting for an opportunity to continue talking and reply to them, without actually hearing them out.

This is something you probably don’t even notice doing. However, it is a great flaw and it can be a huge problem in your social relations.

So please, the next time you engage in a conversation with someone, keep track of what you’re doing. Make yourself stop talking and pay attention to the other person.


As someone with a red personality type, people wouldn’t expect you to be cheap. However, that is the harsh reality of a red personality.

The truth is that you’re obsessed with money more than you should be. It’s great that you think about the future and save money for later, but please, don’t exaggerate.

I’m not saying that you should become financially irresponsible and spend everything you have in one day. If you have enough money, please afford yourself a better lifestyle.