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Virgo And Pisces Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Virgo And Pisces Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Being two opposite signs, the relationship between a Virgo and a Pisces is, least to say, intriguing. A Pisces is a dreamy, emotional water sign, while a Virgo is an Earth sign who likes putting everything in the box and living their life under strict regulations.

Are miracles possible? Do these two clash as expected? Or, are they actually one of the most compatible horoscope pairings in the entire zodiac?

If you read on, you won’t only get the answer to these questions, but you’ll also find out everything about these two signs and how they get along in love, friendship, and the bedroom.

Would a Pisces and a Virgo be a good couple?

Yes, the Virgo-Pisces love relationship has a great chance of becoming a fruitful one. Even though these two are on the opposite side of the zodiac wheel, somehow they manage to make each other very happy.

They get along well as a romantic couple, they have a passionate sex life, and they work great as friends. What more could anyone wish for?

Why is a Virgo attracted to a Pisces?

A Virgo sees a Pisces as a lost soul that is in desperate need of their guidance and assistance. They make it their mission to show them the right path and to guide them through life.

At the same time, they’re attracted to the Pisces‘ unique ability to show them the fun side of life. A Piscean teaches a Virgo how to relax, how to let go, and how to be more spontaneous, which are all the things that a Virgo has never tried before.

What is equally important for this love compatibility is the emotional side that a Pisces awakens inside of a Virgo. They discover all the hidden layers of their personality, and eventually teach them how to be more emotionally expressive.

Pros Of Virgo And Pisces Love Compatibility

This relationship has numerous advantages for both signs. Here is what connects them so strongly.

1. Similar personality traits

When you look at these two Sun signs superficially, you’ll only see their differences. A Virgo is practical and always on the ground while a Pisces is dreamy with their head in the clouds.

But, if you dig a little deeper under the surface, you’ll see that this love match actually has a lot more in common than you thought.

Selflessness is the key

First and foremost, they’re both compassionate and full of understanding, which is the foundation of a healthy romantic relationship. At the same time, they don’t mind putting effort into making things work.

Neither of them is selfish when it comes to love affairs. They know that no relationship can succeed if both people aren’t completely devoted to it.

Both of these astrology signs are born givers. They really do give their best to the other person so love is never in question here.

Also, let’s not forget that they’re both caring people who are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their partner’s well-being.

2. Virgo as the motivator

You know a Virgo as being bossy and controlling. But, when it comes to this zodiac compatibility, this is actually a good thing.

A Virgo is much more ambitious than a Piscean. They’re the ones who push their partner forward and who inspire them to do great things.

The trick here is that the Virgo partner sees the potential in their loved one. They know they can become better, and they don’t allow them to give up on becoming the best possible version of themselves.

This might suffocate some other horoscope sign, but it’s exactly what a Pisces needs: someone to guide them through life.

They understand that their SO means well, and that they’re doing everything for their greater good.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that the Pisces horoscope sign is the passive one in the relationship. They keep their free will, and always end up doing what they want. It’s just that they don’t mind taking a Virgo’s advice.

3. Pisces’ clinginess is not an issue

A Piscean has one major problem in most of their romantic relationships. Yes, that’s right… I’m talking about their clinginess.

When they fall in love, they introduce you to emotional depths you never knew existed. They go all the way, and they carry their heart on their sleeve as if there is no tomorrow.

But, the usual issue here is that they tend to become emotionally dependent on their SO. Eventually, that starts to suffocate the other person and the relationship ends.

Nevertheless, a Virgo has no problem with this whatsoever. They enjoy the Pisces’ clingy behavior since it chases away most of the trust issues they’re usually struggling with.

Cons of a Virgo-Pisces Relationship

Is everything really that perfect between these two? People assume they’re not such a good match for a reason, don’t they?

1. Obsessive-compulsive vs careless and chaotic

A Virgo likes to have everything in order. It doesn’t matter if we’re talking about cleaning their house or their career: every single thing in their life must be spotless, figuratively and literally.

They plan every day to the tiniest details, and they leave nothing to chance. This is something they can’t control. Trust me: a Virgo will have a panic attack the moment they are expected to do something spontaneously.

And, then we have the Pisces who, to be honest, has no idea what they’re doing with their life most of the time. They live in chaos, and the best part is that they don’t mind it that way.

They’re creative and careless. People belonging to the Pisces horoscope sign prefer going with the flow over having everything planned ahead.

They don’t impose rules on themselves while a Virgo’s entire personality is based on strict rules.

So, what do you get when these two characters collide? Hell on Earth, that’s right!

2. Different emotional capacities

Probably, the main problem between these two is the fact that they interpret love in different ways. Yes, they’re both caring and giving, but they don’t have the same emotional capacities.

When a Pisces is in love, they let the feeling consume them completely. It’s safe to say they’re love addicts.

They cease to exist outside of this relationship, and they make it the center of their world.

Also, they’re quite romantic. Telling their partner how much they mean to them, being affectionate, and giving their entire heart on a silver platter is what makes them happy.

On the other hand, there is the Virgo… the sign that is always portrayed as cold and reserved.

Even though this is debatable, the truth is that they’re not quite expressive when it comes to their emotions.

Eventually, the Pisces starts feeling emotionally neglected. They begin questioning their partner’s true feelings, and are generally unhappy due to their different natures.

How can this be resolved?

Of course, if the love between these two astrology signs is strong enough, they manage to overcome this difference. Let’s not forget that the Pisces is ruled by Neptune; the ruler of emotional depth.

Therefore, every expert will tell you that nobody has the ability to awaken a Virgo‘s emotional side the way that a Pisces has. Of course, that can only happen if a Virgo allows it and opens up to their love arrows.

3. Realistic vs dreamy

If you know the slightest thing about people belonging to the Virgo zodiac sign, you know that they’re down to earth before anything else. They’re realistic and logical despite their strong emotional side.

At the same time, a Piscean spends most of his life in a fantasy world. It’s incredibly easy for them to lose touch with reality since they prefer imagination and dreams over the harsh world.

This doesn’t sound like such a big deal at first. Nevertheless, it becomes an issue when these two decide to build a life together.

A Virgo is responsible for things like finances, their children’s education, paperwork… You know… boring adult stuff.

Well, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that they get tired of having to carry all the burden on their back while the Pisces has absolutely no idea why they’re making such a big fuss out of nothing.

Are Virgo and Pisces couples toxic?

A Pisces-Virgo love relationship can either be a true match made in heaven or in hell – it all depends on what they decide to focus on. If they let their differences take over, this can turn into a real toxic relationship where both partners end up miserable.

This happens if people aren’t ready to compromise. If they allow their stubbornness to take charge, and if they fail to see the best way to use their dissimilarities in their favor, things will fall apart quickly.

Virgo Man / Pisces Woman

A Virgo man is probably the only guy in the world that a Pisces woman feels safe around from the very first day. He is obsessed with details and little things so she knows how much attention he pays to her.

The guy is the one who makes the first move here. Even though Virgo men are not so skilled at flirting, they can’t help themselves but to approach a Pisces.

This is probably love at first sight. He is enchanted by her charm and beauty while she is knocked off her feet by his selfless behavior.

Trouble in paradise

The problem with this zodiac match is their different love languages. While he expresses his feelings through acts of service, she needs to hear those three magical words more often.

Let’s not forget that a Pisces has a constant need for attention. Even though she feels secure in the beginning, with time, her fears and insecurities threaten to take over.

… that can be solved

Nevertheless, this is not the unresolvable issue for Pisces-Virgo compatibility. Keep in mind that this girl has a superpower: her intuition.

Deep down, she knows that her SO is crazy for her, even if he doesn’t say a word. She just has to find the strength to silence those voices of doubt and insecurity and follow her gut.

When that happens, everything will fall back in perfect order.

Virgo Woman / Pisces Man

These two zodiac signs have an instant connection. But, is that enough for them to live happily ever after? It’s time to find out.

Bright sides of the relationship

They have incredible communication, and everything seems as if they’ve known each other forever.

From the moment they meet, they get the impression they’ve finally found their soulmate.

… followed by darkness

Nevertheless, not everything is sunshine and roses between these two. They have their share of differences that swim out on the surface sooner or later.

The first problem is the Virgo woman‘s urge to criticize. It doesn’t take her long to show her true colors and turn into a naggy wife that nobody enjoys spending time with.

Of course, she thinks she is doing her Pisces man a favor by pointing out his mistakes. However, he doesn’t see it that way, and he gets tired of her approach soon enough.

At the same time, a Pisces man starts hiding secrets from his partner. Even though the two have incredibly healthy communication, he can’t stand her judgmental comments so he starts telling her what she wants to hear.

The moment a Virgo woman realizes this, her trust issues reappear and she starts criticizing him even more. Before you know it, they’re back at square one without a solution in sight.

Virgo And Pisces In Bed

These two have strong sexual chemistry. They’re the best example of the saying that opposites attract.

They challenge each other, and they awaken the passion that neither of them knew even existed.

The key to their great sex life is the fact that they feel comfortable next to each other. Even though a Virgo is known for not trusting anyone, they let their guard down once they see how open their Piscean partner is.

Even though they feel intense physical attraction from the very first moment they meet, sex usually doesn’t happen right away. After all, we’re talking about two shy zodiacs who need time to relax.

Also, a Virgo has the ability to control everything in their life, which includes their sex drive. They postpone sex until they’re sure it’s the right thing to do.

Is a Pisces and a Virgo good in bed?

Yes, these two get along pretty well under the sheets. When the action takes place, the passion between them explodes. They’re both into exploring and trying new things, but they always have in mind to respect the other person’s boundaries.

More than physical intimacy

What makes the sexual union between these two zodiac signs so special is the emotional intimacy they have. They’re able to talk to each other about everything, and that includes their sexual desires, likes, dislikes, and preferences.

Besides, they never forget the intensity of their feelings. They know that they have a spiritual and intellectual bond that deepens in the bedroom.

That’s exactly what makes their sex so great and unique… it’s much more than physical pleasure.

Virgo And Pisces Friendship Compatibility

Despite them being opposite signs, a Virgo and a Pisces have extremely high friendship compatibility. In fact, some say that they function even better as friends than they do as a love match. Here are all of the pros and cons of this union.

Cons of this friendship

Yes, they have their clashes. Sometimes, a Piscean is annoyed by a Virgo‘s pettiness and attention to detail.

At the same time, a Virgo can’t believe that someone can be so careless as a Pisces. In fact, they frequently accuse them of being immature and childish.

Pros of this friendship

Luckily, for both of them, not everything is so dark and negative. The truth is that the Virgo is the parent in this friendship. They guide their BFF through thick and thin, and motivate them to be better in all life aspects.

Also, let’s remember all of their similarities. They’re both devoted and committed to the extremes.

These two are always there for each other, through good and bad days. A Virgo doesn’t abandon their friends when they’re in trouble. Instead, this is when they step up the most.

The Pisces’s personality is not much different. They’re empaths, and they give their Virgo friend the understanding they desperately need.

Do a Pisces and a Virgo get along?

At the end of the day, these two manage to surpass their differences and find the middle way. The key to their friendship lies in the fact that they have a lot more in common than people think.

Actually, these two balance each other perfectly well. A Virgo gives a Pisces the stability they don’t really want, but actually need, while a Pisces teaches a Virgo how to take a break.

Is a Virgo and a Pisces compatible?

A Virgo is a grounded Earth sign, while a Pisces is a textbook example of a Water sign. The Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet, and the Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Jupiter.

They represent the axis of Venus’ fall and exaltation since they’re on the opposite sides of the zodiac wheel. But, these two horoscope signs have something in common: they’re both mutable signs.

Well, despite everything that stands between them, astrology says that these two are quite compatible.

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To Wrap Up:

Taking everything into consideration, it seems that a Virgo and a Pisces have the potential of getting along just fine. So, if your zodiac sign is a Virgo and you wonder if you’d make a good match with a Pisces (or vice versa), I suggest you give it a go.

But, don’t forget to check your moon sign compatibility as well since it’s extremely important for your emotions and love relations. Good luck!