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Virgo And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Virgo And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

One of them is a judgmental perfectionist with serious control issues. The other one is an indecisive peace-maker with ego problems.

Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about Virgo and Libra. At the sounds of it, they appear to be a match made in hell with no chance of ever working out. After all, do they even have anything in common?

Well, you’re here to find out, aren’t you? And that’s exactly what you’re about to learn: whether they’re compatible as lovers, friends, and marital partners. Not only that: you’ll also learn a lot about each sign’s qualities and flaws.

Virgo And Libra Relationship

Libra-Virgo compatibility is not an easy topic to tackle, especially when we’re talking about how they get along as a romantic couple.

Their relationship is challenging from the very first moment for one simple reason: not much connects them.

Observing them separately, you’ll see two completely different individuals. And the worst part is that I’m not talking about those couples where opposites attract and where their differences make everything interesting.

When they’re together, these two spend most of their time arguing. No, I’m not talking about those fights that end up with steamy make-up sessions.

Virgo and Libra have a hard time agreeing on crucial life matters. Sooner or later, they stop tolerating each other, and everything goes to hell.

I’ll be honest with you: this is the most common scenario. But it’s not the only possibility.

If love is enough, they can overcome each one of these obstacles and succeed.

Can Virgo and Libra marry?

If Libra and Virgo do their best to get over their trust issues and their pride, they can have a healthy, ever-lasting marriage full of respect and understanding.

Many people consider them a poor match (which is not too far from the truth), but that doesn’t mean they can’t beat the odds and build a healthy relationship.

If they do end up together, Virgo has to forget about their criticism and set their controlling nature aside.

They do mean well, and they just want the best for their partner but telling someone what to do and treating them like a little child is not the way to go.

Actually, it’s a road to despair and nothing else.

At the same time, Libra needs to grow up and start acting like a mature person ready for marriage. Whether they like to admit it or not, they keep on giving their partner a reason to think they have to be raised all over again.

As you might see, the success of this union requires numerous sacrifices and changes from both parties. Yes, it’s quite difficult to reach a compromise here (despite Libra’s nature), but it can be done if both of them are ready to put in the effort.

Pros Of Virgo And Libra Relationship

For starters, let’s check out the good sides of this union. As hard as it is to believe it, there are plenty of them. Here are the pros of the Virgo and Libra relationship.

1. Loyalty and devotion

The first thing these two Sun signs have in common is their loyalty and devotion. They’re fully committed to their romance, no matter what.

Actually, this is part of their personalities and not just the way they act towards each other. Both Virgo & Libra go all the way in when it comes to their friendships, love, and family relations.

When these two start dating, they focus exclusively on each other. Neither of them is interested in mind games, playing hard to get, or sending mixed signals.

Putting a label on their relationship is never an issue. They don’t test the waters with other people, and they give their entire hearts from the very beginning.

Consequently, there is no chasing around. This relationship is pretty calm from the beginning, thanks to these qualities they both have.

Infidelity rarely happens when these two astrological signs connect. They’re not interested in figuring out whether the grass is greener on the other side. Instead, they’re perfectly content with what they have next to them.

2. Mental connection

Usually, people are drawn to each other because of their looks. I’m not saying that it’s the only thing that keeps them together, but physical attraction is definitely the first thing that makes you like someone.

Well, in the case of Virgo and Libra, things are quite different. It seems that these two are sapiosexuals: they’re strongly attracted to highly intelligent people.

Keep in mind that they’re both incredibly smart and sharp-minded, so it’s no wonder that they connect on a mental level right away.

These two have similar interests in science and art. Their tastes don’t differ much, which helps them click right away.

From the moment they get to know each other, they engage in deep, meaningful conversations. In fact, if you were to see or hear them flirting, you would notice that there aren’t the usual pick-up lines and small talk you normally find in new couples.

3. Healthy communication

Virgo is a mysterious introvert, and Libra is an extrovert and a social butterfly. Knowing this, you might assume that communication is one of the worst problems in a Virgo-Libra relationship.

Well, surprisingly, it’s not. Actually, both Virgo and Libra love and appreciate honesty above everything, and that’s exactly why their communication is open and healthy.

One of Libra’s main personality traits is their avoidance of any kind of conflict . They despise arguments and would rather withdraw from a disagreement than resolve it in a healthy way.

Nevertheless, Virgo clearly has something in them that helps Libra speak out.

Of course, their ability to resolve issues is not the only aspect of this healthy communication I’m talking about. What’s more important is their openness to talk about their feelings and other important stuff.

There are no taboo topics for this love match. They have no trouble speaking their minds and can talk about literally anything in the world: their past, their wildest dreams and hopes, and their darkest secrets.

Even though there numerous things go against this love compatibility, the communication they share is truly unique and difficult to find.

Cons Of Virgo And Libra Relationship

Sadly, it’s time for a reality check. Here are all the reasons this couple isn’t such a good idea after all.

1. Poor emotional bond

This is quite unusual for most couples, but the number one problem with a Virgo and Libra love match is actually the lack of love they feel for each other. So, why do they even get involved with each other, you must wonder?

Well, things aren’t like this from the start. When they meet, they click on different levels – intellectual being the most important one.

Nevertheless, they skip the part where an emotional connection occurs. They may be attracted to each other physically, mentally, and spiritually. They might even fall in love with each other at first.

But they rarely grow to actually love each other. And the problem is that neither of them sees it as a red flag right away.

Instead, they frequently stay together, regardless of the lack of feelings. The worst part is that nobody does anything to change the condition of their relationship.

Even though I hate to point fingers, the truth is that Virgo is more guilty here. They’re reserved and distant. Even when they develop strong feelings for their partner, they won’t do anything to express them.

There are no romantic surprises and love declarations here, no fighting for their relationship against the world, and no rollercoaster of emotions.

Naturally, before you know it, one of them (mostly Libra) starts feeling emotionally neglected. At the same time, the other person doesn’t do anything to change their partner’s mind.

2. Introvert and shy vs. extrovert and friendly

We’ve finally come to the greatest difference between these two astrological signs: their different personalities.

Virgo is a shy introvert who prefers keeping things to themselves. They spend all of their time with a small, chosen group of people.

They feel the best while in their comfort zone. They are people of routine and are not interested in adventures and excitement.

On the other hand, Libra is quite different. They’re a social butterfly who enjoys meeting new people. Unlike their partners, they love being in the spotlight.

Not only that: they’re also into taking risks. They take everything that life hands them and are incredibly spontaneous. It’s is no wonder that a person like this has trouble understanding Virgo’s practicality and perfectionism.

At first, they manage to put their differences aside and see eye-to-eye. But with time, it becomes obvious that these dissimilarities are actually crucial and too important for them to function as a couple.

Of course, two people who are completely alike don’t exist. Actually, even if you find someone identical to you, you probably wouldn’t find them interesting.

That’s why they say that opposites attract. In many cases, dissimilar partners complement each other, and that’s what makes their relationships possible.

But this is not the case with Virgos and Libras. Their differences end up destroying them since they simply can’t see eye-to-eye when it comes to this matter.

3. Lack of trust

Here’s something you probably didn’t expect to hear: one of the problems for this zodiac compatibility is trust issues. Yes, you heard it right.

They’re both devoted, committed, and infidelity is not even an option. At the same time, they have healthy communication and can trust each other with their secrets.

But somehow, lack of trust often ends up killing this relationship.

Virgo is annoyed by Libra’s openness. They despise that their partner talks to a lot of people and accuse them of flirting all the time.

After a while, Libra’s wide social circle starts to bother them, and they begin questioning their commitment and fidelity.

At the same time, as the relationship grows, Libra becomes more and more concerned about Virgo’s shyness and secretive nature.

They can’t seem to accept that their partner’s introverted nature doesn’t necessarily mean they’re hiding something.

Virgo Man And Libra Woman

The thing that bonds these two from the very start is their approach to romance. They share similar relationship values and despise modern dating practices.

Instead of rushing things, they take everything extremely slow. In fact, this is something they could probably never do with people belonging to other zodiac signs.

Both a Libra woman and a Virgo man need time before relaxing in front of their potential partner. They have trouble opening up to new people and often seem distant and emotionally closed.

That’s where they’re similar, and that’s where they understand each other to the fullest.

Virgo is often accused of being possessive, and that’s not far from the truth. Nevertheless, it’s important to keep in mind that he’s not possessive in a typical way.

It’s not like he demands his girlfriend to spend all of her free time with him. Instead, he’ll push her forward on her career path and understand her need for independence.

This is something she appreciates more than anything. Let’s not forget that Libras are all about symmetry, so they need a certain amount of balance between work, friends, family, and romantic partners to be happy.

What seems to be the problem here? Well, it’s definitely Virgo’s controlling nature that ends up suffocating the Libra girl.

Libra Man Virgo Woman

​You might not think this, but trust me when I tell you that both a Libra man and a Virgo woman are extremely sensitive and emotional – they just don’t show their weaknesses to the entire world.

Even though they’re the champions of repressing their emotions in front of others, they actually have a huge problem with channeling and controlling their emotions in front of themselves and their partner.

This is especially true for the Libra man in love. When he really starts to love his partner, he gets this incredible courage to take down his mask and show his true colors to whoever he believes is his soulmate.

He needs a strong woman, and that’s exactly what a Virgo female is.

But the big problem in this relationship is actually about the little things.

The male partner is a romantic type and appreciates little gestures. If the woman wants to make him obsessed with her, she’ll have to awaken her tender side.

That often means stepping out of her comfort zone, which is sometimes impossible for a Virgo girl.

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Libra And Virgo Sexually

You know I told you that a Virgo-Libra relationship frequently lacks emotional connection? You must have concluded that the two end up living like roommates and that the passion fades sooner or later.

Well, that’s where you’re wrong. Even though their love compatibility is not so high, their sexual compatibility is, against all odds, pretty intense.

In fact, it usually remains the only thing that keeps them together, despite all of their differences and issues.

Let’s get one thing straight, though: I’m not saying that this is a healthy way to save a broken relationship, but it is something these horoscope signs tend to do regardless.

Libra is the zodiac sign who initiates most of the sexual encounters here. After all, they’re the cardinal sign, and making the first move is what they do best.

On the other hand, Virgo, being a mutable sign, has no trouble following their partner’s lead in the bedroom.

When you see a Virgo, you assume that they’re uptight and that relaxation is not a word in their vocabulary. All of this is true in the real world.

Nevertheless, trust me when I tell you that they’re quite different between the sheets. They have a naughty, wild side they keep from everyone and sometimes even from themselves.

The trick is that they must have an emotional bond with someone before they feel comfortable exposing themselves completely.

And let’s not forget the part about the trust issues – it takes time before Virgo trusts you enough to show you the naughty part of their personality.

That’s why it’s crucial for Libra to take the lead and show initiative. They’re the ones who have to be patient enough to help their partner relax.

But when that finally happens, nothing can stop this couple from rocking each other’s worlds.

Virgo And Libra Friendship Compatibility

​One thing is for sure: these two don’t have the same opinion on what an ideal friendship should look like.

Libra is all about having a good time with their friends. They’re one of the most social signs of the entire zodiac. They enjoy meeting new people, hanging out with them, and going through new experiences.

The scales are the life of the party, and being under the spotlight is their dream come true. On the other hand, Virgo prefers being backstage, where it is more peaceful.

But does this mean the two can’t be friends? Absolutely not!

The truth is that things won’t go smoothly between them from the beginning. While Libra wants to go partying in the club,

Virgo’s idea of the perfect Saturday night is a quiet evening followed by a deep conversation.

Nevertheless, these two don’t have to spend all of their time together to become real friends. What bonds them are their shared values.

Their intellectual capacities match. Therefore, Libra can have dozens of friends to party with and have a good time, but when they need to talk about something more serious, they’ll come to Virgo. The same happens when they need rational advice.

After some time, Virgo allows Libra to take them out of their comfort zone. Once they start feeling safe around them, they let them take a little bit of excitement into their programmed life.

Another thing that connects the two is their devotion and loyalty. They’re “all or nothing” kind of friends who’ll never leave each other hanging.

These two are always there for one another, no matter what happens. Even though they encounter a lot of trust issues as a romantic couple, this is not a problem when it comes to their friendship.

Virgo General Characteristics

Virgo season: August 23–September 22

Ruling planet: Planet Mercury

Element: Earth sign

Modality: Mutable sign

Symbol: Maiden

Virgo personality traits

This is probably the most dreaded sign of the entire zodiac. Everyone is scared of Virgos! Check out their most common traits and see for yourself if there’s a reason for it.

• Practical

• Perfectionist

• Controlling

• Loyal

• Reliable

• Uptight

Virgo compatibility with other horoscope signs

Which signs go well with Virgo? And which signs should they avoid?

Compatible with: Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn,

Not compatible with: Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

Libra General Characteristics

Libra season: September 23–October 23

Element: Air sign

Modality: Cardinal sign

Symbol: Scales

Ruling planet: Venus

Libra personality traits

Libra is charming and outgoing. They put everything on a scale and avoid conflict at all costs. But is there anything else interesting about this sign’s traits?

• Indecisive

• Friendly

• Diplomatic

• Vain

• Unreliable

Libra Compatibility with other zodiac signs

​You might think that this zodiac gets along with literally everyone. But that’s not actually the truth. Here are the signs they’re not compatible with (and the ones that match them well).

Compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus

Not compatible with: Aries, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

​Virgo Libra Cusp

If you are born September 15–September 25, you belong to the Virgo Libra cusp (days before zodiac signs change). In that case, you have some of Virgo’s and some of Libra’s characteristics.

But of course, you also have some of your own unique traits. Here are the biggest advantages and disadvantages of your personality:

• Desire for balance

• Sense for aesthetics

• Sharp-minded

• Emphatic and giving

• Overthinker

Are Virgo and Libra a good match?

With everything in mind, one might say that they’re not the best match in the world. But they’re not the worst either.

Their zodiac compatibility is not at the highest level – that’s pretty clear to everyone. Virgo can’t stand most of Libra’s behavior patterns, while Libra is bothered by Virgo’s judgmental nature.

But at the end of the day, no astrologer or tarot reader will claim that they can’t work out and get over their differences. The question is: “Do they want to?”

And that’s actually the biggest problem. Even though they’re both committed to this relationship, what’s lacking is an actual effort from both sides.

In most cases, neither of them is ready to tone their personality down or meet the other person halfway. It’s not that they’re stubborn – it’s just that they don’t connect on an emotional level that much.

Practically, they end up not caring for each other. And there is nothing wrong with that – it’s always better than ending things with two broken hearts.

But please don’t forget that knowing someone’s Sun sign is not enough to analyze their personality in detail.

If you’re wondering if two people are really compatible (especially if we’re talking about love), you have to look into other aspects of their birth charts, especially into their moon sign compatibility.

Trust me – it affects your emotions more than you could ever imagine.