Common Triggers For Empaths And Ways To Manage Them


Are you sensitive to CROWDS?

Sensing one person’s feelings is complicated, and feeling what many people are feeling can cause distress. Being in a crowd can make an empath feel surrounded.

Are you sensitive to EXHAUSTION?

An empath’s sensitivity to everything going on around them increases when they're exhausted, and it becomes easier to get triggered and more difficult to deal with it.

Are you sensitive to LOW BLOOD SUGAR?

Symptoms of low blood sugar can be the same as symptoms of anxiety – feeling nauseous, irritable and shaky – making an empath even more susceptible to overload.

Are you sensitive to OTHER PEOPLE’S EMOTIONS?

Deep compassion is an empath ability that makes them capable of making other people’s lives better, but makes it hard for them to handle negative feelings.

Are you sensitive to STRESS?

Stress can be the cause of major mental and physical difficulties for anyone. Empaths can become stressed when things that are happening around them become too much.

Are you sensitive to a LACK OF ALONE TIME?

Experiencing other people’s feelings on a profound level saps an empath’s energy. They need to replenish what they’ve spent by being on their own.


Practice mindfulness by being present in the moment and paying attention to what is happening at that moment. This makes it easier to recognize a potential trigger and prepare for it..


Empaths have higher self-care requirements because their emotional load is higher than most people’s. Taking care of their needs is vital for their mental health.

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