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How To Make An Introvert Miss You: 15 Bulletproof Ways

How To Make An Introvert Miss You: 15 Bulletproof Ways

If you’ve ever dated an introverted person, you’ve probably wondered how to make an introvert miss you or how to get their attention. From my personal experience, I can confirm that making an introvert miss you is a true art in itself.

Since spending time alone is their favorite method of recharging, you need to know how to respect their comfort zone.

You also need to pay attention to many other things if you want to make them feel like, “Hell yes, someone who finally understands me!”

To be honest, this is not really about making an introvert miss you but about making them know that you understand how they function. If you can do that, then you’ll make them miss you. Pretty simple, right?

So, let’s get to work! Below you’ll find the best ways to make an introvert miss you and think about you A LOT. ?

This Is EXACTLY How To Make An Introvert Miss You

Making an introvert miss you includes respecting their need for alone time, avoiding small talk, embracing the silence, and many other things you should pay attention to. Here’s everything explained in detail.

1. Respect their need to recharge

If there’s one thing introverts need more than the air they breathe, it’s alone time. One of the personality traits of an introvert provided by Healthline suggests that too much socializing drains them.

This is something my ex-introvert boyfriend had a hard time teaching me (no, that’s not the reason why he’s an ex ?).

Introverts value their personal space, so that’s one of the top things introverts want in romantic relationships.

This doesn’t mean that reading books and watching movies are the only activities in their life. However, after spending time with people, they feel the need to recharge in solitude.

If you don’t respect their need to recharge, they will feel like you don’t respect them. This is the best way to make them miss you. So, avoid constant calls, texts, hangouts, and whatnot but allow them to recharge from time to time and contact you when they’re ready.

2. Make them feel comfy in your company

What does it mean to make an introvert feel comfortable in your company? It means being a good listener, respecting their boundaries, and their need for a slow pace when it comes to relationships.

Initiate eye contact and allow them to express themselves. Sometimes they’ll need more time to say what’s in their heart, so don’t force them.

They will share everything with you when they’re ready. If you know how to respect that, they will feel comfy in your company. They will miss you every time you’re not with them because they know you understand them.

3. Don’t act too needy

Sometimes, you might feel like they don’t care about you, but this is not what’s going on in their mind. If you act needy and clingy, they will start to withdraw not because they don’t like you but because they need space to be who they are.

They praise loyal and caring types of people like themselves. So, if you want to learn how to make an introvert miss you, show them that they can count on you, and you’ll respect their need for privacy.

I daresay that introverts are like cats. Neither of them likes it when people are too needy.

There is also some random research I stumbled upon that says cats choose to bond with people who understand them best. The same thing can be applied to introverts.

4. Avoid large social gatherings

It’s universally acknowledged that an introvert feels overwhelmed in large social gatherings. Instead, they enjoy low-key gatherings with no more than 5 people. I’m sure every introvert will find this fact relatable.

Social situations such as parties are not the best choice for spending time with them (I’m sure all my introvert friends are nodding right now).

Keep in mind that cuddling while watching movies is their favorite way of bonding with you. Still, this doesn’t mean that this should be your only way of spending time with them.

There are so many activities that can provide quality bonding, such as spending time in nature, picnics, enjoying the beach, etc. So, whenever they’re not with you, they will reminisce about those fun times you had together. They will miss you like crazy!

NOTE: There are also outgoing introverts, and they are in between extroverts and introverts. Some of them enjoy large social gatherings, and yes, outgoing introverts love differently.

5. Avoid small talk like the plague

This is the number one mistake many extroverts are guilty of. Introverts spend a lot of time self-reflecting, analyzing, and sometimes overthinking.

In other words, they see small talk as the biggest killer of their intellectual tendencies. They simply don’t enjoy it.

So, whenever you can, avoid small talk but focus on having deep, meaningful conversations. Here are more tips regarding communication with introverts:

• Don’t force face-to-face conversation.

• Text messages are preferred to calls or video calls.

• Don’t post every single moment spent with them on social media.

If you can manage all this, then you’ll definitely make them miss you.

6. Ask them thought-provoking questions

We’ve already established that an introvert loves deep and meaningful conversation, so here’s the secret to how you can spice it up: Ask them thought-provoking questions.

Trust me, learning how to make an introvert miss you has never been easier. Asking them questions that make them think will make them think about you. Hilarious, right?

Every time you ask an introvert something interesting, they will think about it a lot. Their analysis doesn’t stop 5 minutes later or an hour later.

They have this tendency to randomly think about the most interesting questions they’ve been asked. So, whenever they think of it, they will think about the person who asked them that – YOU.

7. Earn their trust

Yes, introverts are careful about who they allow into their inner circle. Before they are ready to do that, you need to win their trust. So, how do you do it?

Simple. By being open and honest with them. Trust me, showing you have open and honest intentions is not boring to them but rather refreshing.

They appreciate people who don’t play mind games and are not afraid of expressing themselves in a genuine and sincere way. If you’ve fallen in love with an introvert, winning their trust will come naturally to you.

Once you manage to do that, you will become their person. They will see you as someone they can rely on and share their secrets.

8. Impress them with your curiosity

A surefire way to impress an introvert and make them miss you is by showing them your curious side. Express your desire to learn about different things (including weird stuff), and learn about your introvert’s likes and dislikes.

As a matter of fact, your introvert man or woman has so many layers that need to be discovered. Don’t let their introverted personality fool you into thinking that they don’t have a lot to offer.

They are indeed colorful, just like extroverts, and the only difference is that they don’t show their colors to everyone but only to a chosen few. If you want to be the chosen one they miss a lot, you need to know how to implement all this.

Trust me, a relationship with an introvert is worth all the effort.

9. Embrace the silence

Here’s the most interesting fact about introverts: Did you know that an introverted partner doesn’t understand awkward silences?

Yup, they don’t feel the need to fill the silence with random words, which means they appreciate those who feel the same way. If you want to make them miss you, learn how to embrace the beauty of silence.

It won’t be easy in the beginning (especially if you’re a hardcore extrovert), but it will be totally worth it. Through time, you’ll see that silence has its own charms, just like words.

Talking shouldn’t be the only way of communicating. You can also connect through silence.

10. A slower pace is your best bet

If you want to make an introvert fall for you, then don’t force things. A slower pace is definitely your best bet.

This means that you shouldn’t force them to hold hands in public if you’ve only been on two dates. Don’t force love-making either.

Introverts need plenty of time to get to know you better before deciding that they want to be exclusive. Allow them to analyze you, test you, and see whether they can trust you.

Once trust is established, everything will start falling into place naturally. The main focus here is on the word “naturally.”

If anything starts feeling forced, they will pull away and leave you confused. If that happens, then they won’t miss you but seek the comfort of their personal space.

11. Constant talking during movies is strictly prohibited

Here are the two things introverts have difficulty tolerating when it comes to people:

• Talking too much.

• Constant talking during movies.

Let’s focus on the second one. Imagine watching a movie with an introvert and commenting on every single scene. Not only will they find it distracting, but they will also think about not watching a movie with you ever again.

It’s okay to throw in a comment here and there only to let them know that you’re still watching (?), but it’s definitely not okay to ruin the entire movie by talking all the time. Keep that in mind, and you’ll be good.

12. Impress them with thoughtful gifts

Another brilliant way of making an introvert miss you is with the help of gifts. Yup, gifts do the trick when you use them the right way.

If you want to learn how to make an introvert miss you, you need to impress them with thoughtful gifts. Avoid buying any chocolate or plush toys but turn on your thoughtfulness button.

You have a wide array of options here. You can do DIY gifts, or you can buy them something they’ve been talking about for a while, surprise them with smart, useful gadgets, you name it.

Remember, a thoughtful gift doesn’t need to be expensive. It needs to show that you made an effort to do something or remember something they said to you. It needs to show that you care. These thoughtful gifts will make them think about you more than you think. ?

13. Allow them to express their passion

If you allow an introvert to express who they truly are, you will be amazed by their colorful personality and passionate nature.

Here’s the thing with introverts. They don’t feel comfortable sharing their passions, fears, likes, or dislikes with just anyone. They do it with selected people who have won their trust.

Once you win their trust, encourage them to express their passion for things they like to do. Getting them to talk about their passions is the pinnacle of bonding with an introvert.

This will also help you understand them better. The more you understand them, the more they’ll want to share things with you, and yes, the more they’ll miss you.

14. Introduce them to how you see the world

Extroverts see the world differently from introverts. Any introvert guy or an introvert girl can confirm this.

However, this doesn’t mean that introverts aren’t interested in how extroverts perceive the world around them. They are more than curious about it, and they will appreciate it if you make an effort to explain it to them.

Truth be told, you don’t have to be an extrovert to tickle their minds. You can also be an introvert, and they’ll still be interested in learning more about your viewpoint. After all, every introvert is unique and has a different personality.

In a nutshell: Impress them with howyou see the world, and they will want more.

15. Be supportive

Be there for them always and especially when they need you. Support their goals, dreams, and passions.

And if you’re an extrovert, don’t see introversion as something bad. Learn to embrace their personality type, and they’ll miss you more than anyone.

When it comes to introverts, trust and support are two main ingredients for deciding to let you enter their world. Do you think you can manage all that? I’m sure you can. ?

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What Makes An Introvert Feel Loved?

Respecting their need for alone time, making an effort to understand them, and expressing your affection in a thoughtful way are three main things that make an introvert feel loved and understood.

Basically, these three things are also the most important things in a relationship with an introvert. To create a healthy relationship with them, you need to learn to respect their need to recharge.

You also need to learn how they function so you can bond on a deeper level. And last but not least, you need to express your affection in a creative and thoughtful way because this screams EFFORT.

Small talk and low-effort/unthoughtful romantic gestures are things you should avoid doing at all costs in a relationship with an introvert if you want to make them feel loved.

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve learned how to make an introvert miss you, it’s time to conclude everything I mentioned. Don’t think that introverts are special creatures that require special treatment 24/7.

They don’t. They just require a different approach to extroverts, and this doesn’t mean you should judge them.

As always, arm yourself with patience, enjoy every moment spent with them, and let things flow naturally. Listen to your gut, and don’t force anything. That’s how you’ll make an introvert miss you.