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20 Useful Manifestation Techniques And How They Work

20 Useful Manifestation Techniques And How They Work

I’m sure you’ve already heard of the law of attraction and the law of manifestation. Are they the same thing?

Well, the law of attraction states that we will receive good things if we have positive thoughts, and if we have negative thoughts, we may have outcomes we didn’t hope for.

The law of manifestation, on the other hand, describes how important our thoughts can be and how they affect our lives.

If you want to know more, keep reading to see what the best manifestation techniques are, why people use them, and how they can help you change your life.

The 3-Step Process When Manifesting

Manifestation works differently for everyone. But, if you really want to live a happier and easier life, start by following the next three steps:

Order (Ask) – identifying your goals

Expect (Believe) – identifying and fighting all the things that might stop you from achieving your intention

Achieve (Receive) – taking action and actually manifesting what you wished for

Best Manifestation Techniques To Manifest Your Dreams

Why doesn’t your manifestation work?

Well, maybe you’re just missing a small detail like the right method, so if you want to change that, here are the best manifestation techniques that can help you:

1. Create a vision board

This is one of the easiest and best manifestation techniques. You can be sure that it will help you focus on your goals.

So, grab a piece of paper and write down all the things you want to change in your life. Start from the smaller ones and then move to the bigger ones.

Use this kind of visualization to see all the things you would like to achieve in one place. Use different pictures to create your ideal vision board. You can look for inspiration on Pinterest as well.

2. Two-Cup Method

This method can help you keep the negative energy away. For beginners, it might sound a bit spiritual, but make sure to give it a try.

Take 2 cups and fill them with water. One cup represents your current situation (e.g., you just lost your job), and the other cup represents all the goals you want to achieve (e.g., a new job).

Put labels on each cup and mark the situations on them. Fill the water from the first cup into the second cup and drink it.

Now, you need to focus on all the things you want to achieve, and work towards your goals without thinking of the current situation. You will see that you will start attracting all the good things you wished for.

3. Visualization manifestation technique

A lot of people do this without even realizing. Simply try to visualize all the things you want to achieve and keep them in your mind. This will help you stay motivated.

For example, you want to start a company one day. Try visualizing how it would look, what products you would produce, and what you need to do to achieve this dream.

4. Look into your ambitions

The law of attraction suggests that positive thoughts bring positive outcomes. Make sure you know what the outcomes you want to achieve are.

Write a list of all the things you want to accomplish and see if that’s what you really want. If you are not sure whether you’re on the right path, you can always talk to your family, read a book, or listen to a podcast to get some fresh ideas.

Sometimes, you just need to look back on your goals, especially when it’s hard, and it will help you remember why you started doing these things in the first place.

5. WOOP method

This is a very specific method because it’s not related to the law of attraction. It is actually a scientific method created by Gabriele Oettingen, a psychology professor at the New York University.

She disagrees with the idea of positive thinking alone, and instead, advises us to think about what might stop us from achieving our goals, and how we respond.

It will take only 5 minutes of your time to visualize the next few steps:

W Wish: Be specific about your intentions or wishes when thinking of this.

O Outcome: What is it you would love to achieve? Imagine what you will be like when you successfully fulfill your task.

O Obstacle: Visualize the obstacles along the way, and how they would make you feel.

P Plan: Devise a strategy that will help you overcome those obstacles.

6. Multi-perspective visualization

To make this method work, try to visualize from another person’s perspective. Seeing you from another angle can help you see things clearer.

Moreover, don’t forget to use present tense while manifesting something. You can also make your own dream board that will help you live life to the fullest.

7. 17-second rule

This rule was created by Abraham Hicks. It states that you need to think about your specific goal for 17 seconds in order to create motion to it.

It can work both positively and negatively because it serves as a reminder of your thoughts throughout the day.

8. Fake it till you make it

Don’t think of this one in a materialistic way. You should live as you have already accomplished your intentions in a way that is accurate to your goals.

For example, if you want to have a successful career, you need to get better and take things more seriously in order to stand out.

The point of the method is not to act like you are already rich so you can go around and buy expensive items. Use it to elevate yourself and be as productive as successful people are.

9. Meditation method

Meditation is a great way to calm down, relax, and dig deep into yourself. Depending on your manifestation, it can really help you out, and have a great impact on your life.

There are lots of guided meditations nowadays that you can find online, so choose one that suits your intentions best and follow the process.

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Best Writing Manifestation Methods

Think of all the limiting beliefs people around you project, and the world we would create if there were no such things. Stop running away from problems, but rather, focus on yourself and your strategy.

Try writing down all your affirmations and visualizing them.

If you prefer this way of manifesting, here are some amazing writing methods:

1. The 55×5 Method

This one is quite easy to do. It’s about writing what you want to manifest and turning it into affirmations. You need to write down your affirmations 55 times every day for 5 consecutive days.

This method actually helps your subconscious mind to focus on your goals because if you have positive thoughts, you can create a positive experience.

Always remember that you need to stay focused on the final outcome because that’s the only way affirmations can work.

2. Positive affirmations

This is one of the most popular manifestation techniques. You can write down your positive affirmations on sticky notes and put them around the house.

This can help you create a positive body image, be more productive, and have an overall positive mindset.

3. Gratitude journal

I advise you to try this powerful manifestation technique because it’s essential if you want to live life in harmony and learn how to be grateful every day, even for things that seem small and insignificant.

Sometimes, we are hard on ourselves, and we might think we are not working hard enough. Try to get rid of such negative thoughts.

I know that on some days, even getting out of bed is a big deal, and on others, we are more productive. And, that’s okay, but remember to enjoy the little things in life.

4. Scripting manifestation technique

This is another awesome method that will help you reach your goals. We definitely recommend it if you like writing stories.

Think of everything you want to manifest. Grab a piece of paper and write them down. Make sure to do it in the first person and like it has already happened.

5. Future self Q&A

This method is based on writing a list of Q&As for your future self. Write it as if you have already achieved what you desire.

This is a great exercise for your subconscious mind to make it believe you can turn all your dreams into reality.

6. Letter from future self

Write a letter to yourself from the future. Discuss your accomplishments and how you gained the things you have.

Give some advice to your present self, and be very detailed while explaining all the steps you have taken along the way.

7. “How did I?” technique

Through this manifestation process, you will picture your future self. Imagine everything you went through the good and the bad. Write about the ways you accomplished your biggest goals.

This should give you some ideas on how to work on yourself and what to do on the upward way.

8. The 77×7 method

This method is very similar to the 55×5 method. First of all, choose a goal you want to manifest.

Repeat your affirmation to yourself for 7 consecutive days, 7 times in the morning and 7 times in the evening.

This will make your subconscious mind focus on the goal during the day, and you will feel more motivated to do your chores.

9. The pillow method

To do this incredibly easy method, just grab a small piece of paper and a pen. Write your intentions on the paper, tuck it under your pillow, and think about your goals as you’re falling asleep.

This one definitely takes less time than the 77×7 method, but it sure has the same benefits. Spread the word to your friends and try it together.

10. Focus wheel

This manifestation technique became popular because of the law of attraction documentary, The Secret.

Abraham Hicks is a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension. It is brought to people through the physical being of Esther Hicks. They use her body to share their wisdom.

There are 5 phases of manifestation according to Abraham:

1. Emotion.

2. Thoughts/ideas.

3. Rendezvous with nature.

4. Helpful people/situations.

5. Physical manifestation.

There is a specific template that you can fill out to proceed with this method. You can start by writing your goal or desire at the center of the wheel.

On the outside of the wheel, add emotions and ideas that you get by thinking of that specific desire. You should have 12 positive intentions that relate to your goal by the end of this exercise.

11. 369 manifestation method

Last, but not least, this method became very popular because of TikTok videos. It’s quite simple, so all you need to do is write down what you want to manifest.

You should write it 3 times in the morning, 6 times during the day, and 9 times in the evening. Make sure to fight for what you want because manifestation methods don’t work like magic.

How To Manifest The Goals From Your Manifestation Journal

Now that you’ve learned all the best methods of manifesting goals from your manifestation box, we can move to the next 10 pro tips that will help you do them even faster.

Here they are:

1. The right methods

This is crucial, so take a good look at the manifestation techniques we described earlier. Use any that you believe suits you best (visualization, positive affirmations, meditation, etc.).

2. Set clear goals

Ask yourself what you are doing with your life, what your goals are, and when you want to achieve them.

This will help you feel so much lighter and like you already got half of the job done.

3. Clear out any resistance

Destroy any abundance blocks. Abundance blocks can represent your feelings, beliefs, environment, or people around you.

You want to have optimal conditions for your growth in every field possible.

4. Get rid of the fear

Fear is the number one abundance block. It can stop you from doing great things with your life. Always remember that fear is only in your head, even though it is perfectly understandable that you’re afraid sometimes.

If your dreams don’t scare you, you’re not dreaming big enough.

5. Be grateful and generous

In order to send the right signals to the Universe, it is crucial to be grateful for the things you already have no matter how big or small they might seem to you.

When you are happy with the things you have, only then can you receive more.

It is equally important to be kind and generous, and to help others. You can help your friend get groceries or donate to a charity.

6. Strive to become the best version of yourself

If there are certain goals you want to achieve, you must have the right tools to do it.

For example, you can become better at your job by learning new things or have a healthier relationship by being kinder to your partner.

7. Live in the moment

The actions you do today are the things that will help you achieve your dreams. Don’t obsess over the goal because worrying too much does you no good. Try to think positively while working towards it.

8. Find your reason

It is important to know what you want to do, but it is necessary to know why. Ask yourself why you want to do something, what things you need to do along the way, and if they are worth it.

9. Think positively

Remember that even when you are manifesting something good, bad things can happen.

It’s not easy to be positive all the time, but being negative is not going to help you either. Believe in yourself if you want to find true happiness.

10. Be ready to receive

If things are not going the way you planned, try thinking why. Of course, you should never settle for less, but are you actually ready for everything you manifested?

The Universe will send you everything you need when you are ready for it, so don’t give up on your dream too soon!

“Ask for what you want and be prepared to get it.” Maya Angelou

10 Best Affirmations For Manifestation

Affirmations represent your dreams, wishes, and goals you want to manifest. If you want to accomplish what’s on your mind, here are some affirmations you can repeat to yourself on a daily basis:

1. I am ready to live my dream life.

2. I am healthy and I have gained inner peace.

3. I can achieve everything I wish for, and I don’t take no for an answer.

4. I am in control of my life.

5. I am beautiful and successful.

6. I am passionate and capable of achieving my goals.

7. There is no place for negativity in my life.

8. I am not afraid of failure because it only makes me stronger.

9. Everything in my life comes at the right time.

10. I am patient and humble. Great things take time.

Does Manifesting Work?

The answer is yes.

I have tried creating a vision board, and for me, it was such a fun and creative process. It definitely motivated me and helped me find the courage to get what I want in life.

Sharing it with my friends was also quite successful, as they manifested some amazing things into their lives!

You might think you have unsolvable problems, and they all seem big until they’re not problems anymore…

Take a look at all the options you can use to manifest someone or something, and choose the one you think would be the best for you.

Why Do People Use Manifestation Methods?

It’s because they want to get what they want.

Most people have a clear idea of their dream life. You can get overwhelmed at work, have problems in a relationship, or just be tired of the way you live.

But, your subconscious beliefs have a large impact on your life. They can either stop you from attempting to live your dreams because they seem too scary, or they can push you to do everything you can to get out of the current situation in your life.

You need to make promises to yourself and honor them, but also make sure to surround yourself with people who support you on your way.


Even though manifestation techniques are not a magic wand that will fulfill all your wishes, they are definitely worth a try. Many of my friends have tried these and ended up happy!

Choose the technique you think will suit you and your lifestyle. Work towards accomplishing everything you have ever wanted, but remember not to lose yourself along the way.

Always stay grateful, and be kind to everyone. Work on becoming a better version of yourself every single day. Your future self will be proud and happy.