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17 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend But Is Too Afraid To Admit It

17 Signs He Likes You More Than A Friend But Is Too Afraid To Admit It

There is nothing uncommon for your male BFF to start showing signs he likes you more than a friend. The trick is that you can never be sure whether he is just being more nice than usual or he really is trying to lift your relationship up to a greater level.

This is especially so when you’ve been friends for a while. Deep down, you know he’s changed his behavior. You see that your relationship is more than a friendship.

On the other hand, he hasn’t done anything specific you can hold on to. Naturally, you can’t be sure if you’re imagining things.

Is it possible that you’re seeing what’s not even there? Or this guy really wants something more but is scared to admit it?

Although there doesn’t exist a sure way to tell if your guy friend has romantic feelings for you unless he pursues you or makes a direct move on you, there are some clues that can help you figure out if he sees you only as a friend or something more. Yup, there are some valid signs your male friend has feelings for you.

So, if you have ever found yourself in a situation where you were not certain of the feelings your male friend has for you, here are 17 signs he likes you more than a friend.

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How Do You Know If Your Guy Friend Is Falling For You?

When your friend starts to develop feelings for you, his behavior will suddenly change. All of a sudden, he’ll start looking at you intensely, use every chance he gets to come close to you and he’ll even start flirting.

His body language signs are the first on the list to help you reveal his secret. This man won’t hit on you the way some other guy would. He grew to love you but he can’t ask you on the first date out of the blue.

Therefore, he probably won’t show you some too obvious signs of his affection. Instead, he has to go slowly and see whether you’re into him as well.

Signs He Likes You As More Than A Friend

That’s exactly why you have to pay close attention to the things he’s telling you and especially to those he’s keeping quiet about.

Here are the most important signs a guy sees you more than just a friend.

His body language

If you are wondering whether your guy friend likes you, the first thing you should be paying attention to is his body language.

Sometimes, non-verbal, body language signs can tell us a lot about a person’s intentions and that is definitely something you should focus on.

Let’s not forget that this man still hasn’t plucked up the courage to talk to you about his feelings. That’s exactly you should pay more attention to the things he does without even being aware.

If your male friend is attracted to you, he won’t be able to control his body when he’s around you. He might try to hide this but let’s not forget that we can’t control our subconscious selves. Your friend is not an exception.

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  • Physical touch

He’ll simply have an uncontrollable urge to get closer to you, to lean on you, to touch your waist, and to randomly touch you whenever he’s talking to you. When he talks to you, he’ll attempt to hold your hand, touch your face or rub your shoulder.

Whenever you two hug to greet, he’ll keep you in his arms a bit longer. You’ll even notice that he smells your hair and as if he is inhaling the scent of your perfume. This is one of the rare moments he can keep you close to him and that’s why he’s not ready to let you go that soon.

Although physical contact is nothing unusual if you’re close friends, you’ll just see that this guy never misses an opportunity to touch you and that he is probably doing it without being aware. His body has the urge to be close to yours.

Also, he is doing all of this to test you in a way. He’s checking whether you’ll move his hand off your shoulder or get out of his hug.

If you don’t- for him, it’s a good sign that you also might have a romantic interest in him. It’s clear that you don’t feel uncomfortable with him being near.

But if you withdraw or try to avoid his touch- he’s obviously crossing your boundaries. For him, it’s a surefire sign you’re not interested.

He will probably playfully tease you because that is one of the ways to have any kind of body contact with you.

Whenever you are with a group of people, this guy will make sure to sit next to you, so the two of you could be closer. Let’s not forget that he’ll also always be faced towards you.

  • Eye contact

They don’t say that eyes are the windows to the soul without a reason.

Even though your guy friend is probably hiding his true emotions for you, his eyes will reveal a lot about his feelings, no matter how hard he tries to fight it.

It is perfectly normal for the person who is talking to you to make eye contact while doing so, but this guy will do more than that.

He’ll look at you in a not-so-friendly way which will show all the passion he feels for you and his desire to kiss you.

He could be staring at you for a little bit longer than necessary because he is trying to read the emotions you may be hiding through your eyes. Prolonged eye contact always means there’s something bigger going on.

Another possibility is that he looks away whenever you two have eye contact and that he shifts his eyes anxiously to escape your look.

This means that he is nervous around you and that he is afraid that you’ll read right through them. He is scared that you’ll see right through his intentions if you look deeply into his eyes. And that’s something he’s still not ready for; otherwise, he would talk to you directly.

This is definitely one of the signs he likes you but is afraid of rejection.

  • Lip work

When a man likes you, he has the desire to kiss you– that’s perfectly normal. But when this man is your good friend, he can’t do that, can he?

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that he can suffocate his desires. That is exactly why looking at your lips is a great sign that he would die to get out of the friend zone.

Also, whenever he sees you, he’ll lick his lips. It’s a natural reaction and we all do it when we see something we like.

The moment you look at him, his lips will part. This is another subconscious but an unmistakable sign of this man’s enormous attraction for you.

He makes excuses to be alone with you

If you have a male friend, likely, the two of you usually hang out with a group of people of both genders.

But, if this guy has some not-so-friendly feelings for you, he’ll be frustrated by the fact that he can’t seem to spend any quality time alone with you.

This means that he can’t do anything to stand out of the crowd because he doesn’t have the chance to persuade you into looking at him the same way he looks at you. This is especially true if he’s a shy guy. He is unable to make a great impression and draw your attention when he’s surrounded by all of your mutual friends.

Therefore, he’ll do everything just to spend more time with you because he knows he feels good whenever he is with you.

He’ll make different excuses to talk to you or to see you without anyone else around because he sees that as a chance to make some closer contact with you and maybe even to win you over.

This guy will arrange dates just for the two of you. However, he won’t label those get-togethers as dates but as a friendly gathering.

Therefore, if there is a guy in your group of friends who goes out of his way to spend some one-on-one time with you, it is definitely one of the not-so-subtle signs he likes you more than a friend. Actually, he’s scared of how much he likes you.

He treats you specially

If you are suspicious whether a close friend of yours sees your relationship as more than a friendship and if you think whether he wants to move it to the next level, it won’t be hard to get your answer. It’s enough to compare his behavior to all the other girls around him and his behavior to you. Does he call you ‘babe’? Does he go out of his way to help you with things?

If he is especially kind and polite to you and if he treats you differently than any other girl that is a part of your group, it is a definite sign that he feels something more for you.

Of course, it is also possible that he just appreciates you as a friend more than anyone else, but there is something that can help you figure this dilemma out.

If this guy tells a story or expresses his opinion about some matter, does he always wait for your reaction? If he does, he is definitely in love with you.

For him, your opinion and reaction are the only things that matter because he hopes to have your approval regarding everything he says or does. After all, he hopes of having a romantic relationship with you in the future so he wants to get along with his future girlfriend.

He tries to make you laugh

Most men know that the best way through every girl’s heart is to attract her with humor.

This guy knows it too, so he always puts an extra effort just to make you smile and laugh.

Even when you just giggle at something he said, it lights up his entire face and it is more than enough for him. He probably wants you to always have a good time around him.

He is making sure that you have a smile on your face, whenever you think of him. He wants to be the light at the end of your every tunnel and the one who can brighten even the darkest of your days.

You two have been friends for a long time, and he knows most of the things about you and one of them is your sense of humor.

Therefore, he always goes out of his way just to tell you something he knows you’ll find interesting. The same is when you are talking about something funny.

He is the first one to laugh and you see that everything you say is interesting for him. Basically, you see that all of your words and actions are amusing him more than they really should.

Besides, you’ve noticed that he has this special smile reserved only for you. His entire face- and especially his eyes- start to smile when you say something funny.

He remembers everything about you

No matter how close friends you are with some guy, he will rarely remember little things that are important to you.

That doesn’t mean that he doesn’t think of you as important—it is just part of male nature.

But, if a guy likes you, he will remember everything about you, including all the smallest details. He will never forget your birthday or other dates important for you.

He will know what your favorite movie, color, or song are and he will notice every little detail you post on social media.

And he will never miss the opportunity to surprise you, using this knowledge.

He may buy you tickets for when your favorite band is playing in town or he will wish you a happy birthday at midnight sharp.

He knows a lot of things regarding your personality, but also things about your physical appearance because he has spent a lot of time observing you (but not in a creepy kind of way).

Therefore, if you change something about your appearance, i.e. if you have a new dress or you got a new hairstyle be sure that this guy will notice it. If this isn’t a telltale sign of his strong emotions for you, I don’t know what is.

He is interested in what you have to say

When your male friend has caught some deeper feelings for you, he’ll pay extra attention to you.

It is perfectly normal for your guy friends to get bored whenever you talk about boys, hair, makeup, and all the other girly stuff. But, not this man.

He will never find you boring and he will be interested in everything you have to say. He will never think of your problems as being foolish and he will always help you with them.

This guy will put an extra effort into getting to meet the real you and sometimes, he will know more about you than all of your female friends. This is not the case because you tell him more than you tell them.

This is so because he actually listens to you and thinks about you and everything that is going on in your life.

He will be the first to notice when you are extra happy or going through a rough period in life.

But there is one topic which will make him react kinda weirdly and that’s your love life.

He is interested in your love life

It is perfectly normal to talk to all of your friends about your love life, including your male friends.

But, if a guy is not interested in you as a woman, he will probably hear you out, give you a piece of his mind regarding the subject and that is it.

He will rarely mention this topic again until you bring it up. But, if you have a male friend that is especially interested in your love and dating life, it can be one of the signs he likes you more than a friend.

He wants to know if there is someone you like, and if you are in a relationship, he wants to know every little detail about it.

On top of everything, he never behaves like that when it comes to other people’s relationships—he only shows extra interest in your love life.

He is probably hurt by the fact that you are seeing other guys, but he can’t help it—he wants to know everything about it.

He does this because he is trying to find out whether he stands a chance.

He wants to know if your heart is already taken or you are just getting involved in casual flings. Also, he wants to know about the type of guys you fall for.

This man wants you to see him as boyfriend material. If you tell him that you’re into guys with a good sense of humor- he’ll do everything to make you laugh.

If you’re into guys who love sports- he’ll invite you to watch a game together. If you’re into romantic guys- he’ll start throwing you little “friendly” romantic gestures.

If you are in a relationship, your male friend will ask you a lot of questions about it because he hopes that it will fall apart sooner or later, and he wants to be there for you when it happens because he sees it as his chance.

He is jealous of your boyfriends

No matter how close of a relationship you have with your male friend, it is unusual for him to be jealous of the guy or guys you’ve been seeing.

Of course, he needs to be realistic and tell you if he doesn’t have a good opinion of them or of the way they’ve been treating you, and that is more than enough.

It’s one thing when your guy friends get all protective if you really are dating a jerk. But if there is nothing wrong with your relationship but your BFF disapproves of it- it’s a clear sign of his romantic feelings.

If you have a friend that is always talking trash about all of your boyfriends and if he thinks none of them deserve to be with you, he is probably in love with you.

Yes, he thinks you’re one of a kind but come on- it’s impossible that no man is good enough for you. Well, no man except him.

If he constantly implies that you deserve better, he is probably trying to tell you that you should try being with him.

This man knows that he doesn’t have any real right to show you his jealousy, but he just can’t hide it, no matter how hard he tries.

He is protective

One of the reasons to have a male best friend is having someone to always look out for you.

But, be careful—his protectiveness can also be one of the big signs he likes you more than a friend.

It is in all men’s natures to protect the women they love and this guy simply feels obligated to protect you and help you through life.

That means that he will always be the first one to take your side whenever you are in the middle of an argument with someone and that he will try his best not to let anyone hurt you in any possible way.

When there is a guy who is causing you pain and not treating you right, this man will always serve as your protector.

When the two of you are together, he will get angry when someone tries to make a move on you and he’ll always make sure everyone around you treats you with the respect you deserve.

At first, you might assume that he is treating you like a little sister. He doesn’t want to see you get hurt and gives you the first place in his life.

But if you dig a little deeper, you’ll realize the truth: he is behaving this way because he loves you.

In fact, this guy is a bit possessive when it comes to you. No, he’s not some kind of a lunatic who doesn’t let you breathe- he just thinks of you as his person.

He takes care of you

Although this guy is very much aware that he’s been friend-zoned and that it is possible that he doesn’t stand a chance with you, he’ll always make sure to take care of you.

If your friend loves you deeply, he will always make sure your needs are satisfied, without even hoping that the two of you might end up as a couple.

Your well-being means everything to him and he truly wants you to be happy, even if that happiness doesn’t include him.

He’ll go out of his way and do everything he can to make you happy. Truth be told, in most situations, this man puts your needs in front of his own. And that’s what true love is all about.

But, please make sure never to take advantage of his unconditional love for you because that is something priceless.

If you can’t love him back, the least you can do is appreciate everything this man is doing for you.

If you like him too, these are some ways you could tell him that.

He initiates contact

Don’t you find it unusual to get a good morning and a good night text every day from your friend, especially if we’re talking about a guy? I don’t care how attentive he is- you know it very well how men are.

In most cases, they’re not like us women and messaging bothers them. But it’s not like that with your friend.

He initiates most of your contact and there doesn’t go a day that you don’t hear from him. It doesn’t have to be anything important.

If he doesn’t hear from you for a while, he’ll at least text you to see what’s going on in your life. He might send you a funny meme or an emoji- the important thing is that you two have some kind of contact.

He is the one who always calls you to hang out and proposes different activities you can do together. If there is an event he has to attend, you’re the first one he invites.

At first, you thought he was just bored. Or maybe he couldn’t find a date to accompany him to that concert or wedding.

Nevertheless, the truth is different. You’re never his backup plan. Instead. whenever he calls you, you’re his first choice- even though he’ll never tell you so.

He is never too busy

One of the surefire signs he likes you more than a friend is a fact that this guy always has time for you. He is working full time and has million other things to do every day but he always makes space for you in his tight schedule.

Come on, be honest: when was the last time he turned you down? Actually, did it ever happen? Did this guy ever tell you that he is too tired to talk to you or to hang out?

That’s right- somehow, he’s always available. Well, the truth is that he makes room for you because he sees you as a priority.

He is the person you can call in the middle of the night just to hear you out. Even then, he won’t turn you down and ask you to call him again in the morning.

He has no trouble cancelling other plans when you invite him somewhere. On the other hand, he never stood you up for someone else.

If he makes you a promise, come hell or high water, he’ll go through with it. Nothing and nobody could stop him from giving you his undivided attention.

He flirts with you

How many times have you asked yourself if this man was really flirting with you or you’re imagining everything? Well, newsflash: you’re not. He really is trying to seduce you- he is just doing it in the most subtle way possible.

You see, there are a bunch of differences between flirting and being friendly. The thing you should rely on here is your guts.

Do you sense a “romantic” vibe in the air? Do you see that this guy is checking you out every time he looks at you?

Does he tilt his head when he’s talking to you? Does he have a habit of making ambiguous comments? Are his statements on the thin line between flirting and friendly talk?

In that case, follow your instinct because it’s not fooling you.

He gets all nervous in your presence

It doesn’t have to mean that this guy has low self-esteem. He might be this macho man around everyone but he is different when it comes to you.

The moment you walk into the room, all of his confidence fades away. That’s when he becomes shy and self-conscious.

  • Insecurity signals

Well, the good news (for you) is that there are some insecurity signals he’ll display whenever you’re around.

The first thing you should pay attention to is his hands. He’s so anxious that he can’t keep them calm.

Instead, his hands will be shaking all the time. He might try and hide it but if you look closely, you’ll notice his nervous handwork.

Also, his palms will sweat all the time. It’s not that hot in the room- you got his pulse racing.

Another insecurity signal is the way he constantly fixes his hair, tucks his shirt in, or plays with his glass. He’ll twirl his fingers and touch his face more than usual. He’ll fidget all the time.

Your man might be chatty by nature but when you’re around, he gets tongue-twisted. It’s like you paralyze him.

He compliments you

Your best friends should be your number one fans. They’re there to make you feel better and to boost your confidence.

Therefore, getting an occasional compliment from a friend shouldn’t come to you as a surprise- especially when you get all dressed up or when you make a huge accomplishment.

Nevertheless, with this guy, everything is different. He uses every opportunity he gets to praise you.

And you can easily understand that he means everything he tells you. He is not giving you compliments just like that- he really considers you beautiful, smart and interesting.

Of course, he never steps out of the line. He is always a perfect gentleman and never makes any rude comments.

Every time he sees you, he’ll compliment your appearance or hairstyle. He’ll notice the slightest change in your makeup or he’ll just tell you that you look astonishing in that new dress you just bought.

If you come to think of it, this guy makes you feel like a Princess, no matter how you look or behave at the moment.

The best part is that he doesn’t put full focus on your physical appearance only. This guy thinks that you’re the most beautiful woman in the world even when you’re wearing your old, washed up jeans and have absolutely no make-up on.

He is more fascinated with your intellect. He keeps on giving you compliments regarding your life attitudes, your personality and the strength of your character.

He respects you

Let’s get one thing straight: this man doesn’t only love you. He also has enormous respect for you. For him, these two things go hand in hand and he couldn’t be more right.

The last thing he has on his mind is getting inside your pants and never calling you again. You’re not some random girl he picked up in the bar.

Yes, he sees you as his potential girlfriend. But let’s not forget that this man cared for you even before he wanted a romantic relationship with you.

Therefore, it’s pretty clear that he loves you as a person above everything else. That is why he has great respect for you and everything you do.

First and foremost, he respects you as a person. He’d never try controlling or changing you because he loves you just the way you are.

This is the guy who never insults you or puts you down in any way possible.

Also, he would never do anything that might end with your heartbreak. Yes, the truth is that he hopes to become your lover. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t remain your friend, as well.

Others say so

There are times when you can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, things are so obvious to everyone else besides you, even though you’re the main role.

That’s exactly what’s happening to you. Everyone sees the sparks and the tension between you two.

Your mutual friends keep telling you that you should hook up and that you two are perfect together. People always mistake you for a couple and there were millions of awkward situations where you had to explain to others that you’re just friends.

Your BFFs are always on your back, asking you how come you don’t give this great guy a chance. They can’t believe that you don’t see how crazy he is about you.

If these are some of the things you can relate to, everything is pretty clear. I’m not saying that other people’s opinions should lead you through life but come on: is it really possible that everyone is so wrong?

It’s more likely that you both refuse to admit the truth. Who knows, maybe even he is not aware of his feelings.

Either way, the bottom line is the same: there is something more going on between you two. And it’s up to you to decide what you’re going to do about it.

How Do You Tell If A Guy Likes You More Than A Friend?

When you’re wondering if your friend is in love with you, the most important thing to observe is the way he treats you in comparison to the way he treats his other female friends. No matter what, he always lets others know that you’re special.

Also, he won’t be able to hide his jealousy. He is not your boyfriend but he wants to become one in future so he despises every other guy that could be his competition.

At the end of the day, never ignore your intuition. If your gut is telling you that there is something more going on between you two- it probably is.

How Do You Know If You Like Someone More Than A Friend?

You’re kind of jealous of every woman who comes near him. His name on your phone screen puts a smile on your face. He is pretty much the only man in the world you can’t seem to get enough of. Not talking to him is the end of the world. Spending time with him makes you feel alive.

Does any of this sound familiar? Well, I’ve got news for you: you want this man to become more than just a friend, even though you refuse to admit it.

You’ve seen all the signs a guy likes you more than a friend. But what about you? Are your feelings for him romantic or friendly?

There is just one way to find out: if you can relate to most of these signs, one thing is for sure: you’re in love with this guy!

He brightens your day

No matter how horrible your day was, this guy’s text or a phone call can make everything much better. Just thinking about him puts a smile on your face.

He doesn’t have to do anything special to brighten your day- him being there is more than enough.

You could be loaded with problems but him telling you that everything will be okay gives you optimism and strength.

You show signs of jealousy

It’s not like you make a scene every time he goes out with a girl. Actually, you never told anyone how you feel whenever this guy mentions another woman, let alone when you see him with someone else.

You play it cool and pretend to be happy every time he is involved with someone new. But deep down, your stomach hurts when you imagine him next to another girl.

You keep telling yourself that these girls are not good enough for him. You’re only trying to protect your friend from poor choices.

Well, keep fooling yourself but we both know that these are big, fat lies. The only girl you see next to him is you. And the only reason for that is your feelings.

You compare other guys to him

Whenever you go out on a date with a new guy, you only notice his imperfections. Lately, you’ve turned down a bunch of nice guys. You’ve refused to give them a chance even though neither of them had some big flaw you couldn’t handle.

But neither of them was him, am I right? And that’s the only thing that pushed you away.

Whether you like to admit it or not, you compare every other guy to your friend. No matter what they do, he always turns out to be better than the rest.

Do you really think he’s all that perfect? Trust me: he’s not– you just see him that way.

Let’s try a short test. Try picturing your Mr. Perfect. Who is the person that shows in your head? Whose qualities do you want for your future boyfriend? Exactly!

You feel “weird” when he’s around

You two have been hanging out for some time now (maybe even years). But lately, something changed.

Every time you look at him, you get this tingling sensation you can’t seem to explain. You get all clumsy whenever he gets near you. Your puls goes up and you can feel your cheeks blushing.

You can’t put this feeling into words but you do feel weird when this guy is around. Well, that, my dear, are butterflies.

You’re head over heels for this guy and you can’t even hide it.

You’re territorial

You know that he’s not your boyfriend. And seemingly, you don’t have a problem with that- as long as he’s single but not ready to mingle.

But the moment his relationship status changes (or is about to change), you get all territorial. What matters the most is that you keep the first place in his life, no matter who he might be dating.

You get all possessive when you think that some other girl might “steal” him from you. Even though your relationship hasn’t moved up to the next level, you think of this man as “yours” and you don’t think of allowing anyone to change that.

You stalk his social media

When you post a selfie, you anticipate his like or comment. You send him indirect messages through your stories.

You get mad when he doesn’t respond to your texts right away, especially when he leaves you with a seen. Also, you get mad if he never texts you first.

Not only that: you dissect all of his followers, looking for girls that might pose a threat to you.

All in all, you spend more time on his social media profiles than on yours.

Do you check all of your friends’ online status? Do you stare at the phone, waiting for them to reply? Do you zoom in their photos, trying to see every single detail?

I bet you don’t. But anyhow, that’s exactly what you’re doing when it comes to this friend. Does that tell you something?

To Wrap Up:

Seeing the signs he likes you more than a friend is not always easy – even if you feel the same way. You’re scared that you’ll ruin your friendship for the sake of something temporary.

If you two break up, you’ll lose both your friend and the man you have feelings for. Tricky, I know.

But please, don’t look at things so negatively. Yes, there is a chance of everything failing.

On the other hand, every relationship expert will tell you that the relationships born out of friendship are the healthiest ones. This is the person who knows the real you and loves you despite all of your flaws. What else a girl could expect?

So please, chase away all of your doubts and listen to your heart. You’re no longer second-guessing this man’s feelings and finally, you know where you stand. Soon, you’ll be more than ready to call him by those cute boyfriend contact names.

All the cards are in your hands. Make sure you play them right!