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When A Scorpio Woman Is Done With You (11 Telltale Signs)

When A Scorpio Woman Is Done With You (11 Telltale Signs)

A Scorpio woman is known for her strength, love, and commitment. This zodiac sign weaves a magnificent web around the men she falls in love with, thanks to their mysterious and seductive character.

They aren’t afraid to experiment and are extremely passionate.

You probably know all the benefits if you are dating a Scorpio woman. But, when a Scorpio lady is done with you, it might be hard to notice all the necessary signs!

Keep reading if you want to find out what signs tell you when a Scorpio woman is done with you.

What Happens When A Scorpio Woman Is Done With You?

There are several signs a Scorpio woman is done with you and trying to pull away from you.

1. There is no texting

One of the possible signs that a Scorpio female is done with you is if you’ve noticed she no longer texts you back.

Just to make it clear, this shouldn’t always be considered a warning sign. Like the rest of us, she may sometimes be really busy or simply not be in the mood for texting. We should respect that and not act controlling.

However, what happens when she never responds to your messages? Is this considered a warning sign?

Actually, it might be. If this is happening for some time, you should be worried. Time is of the essence if you notice this. You should act as soon as possible.

If you ignore this sign, you may lose her forever as she will slowly lose interest in you and probably start dating other people.

But why would you even try if she’s decided she’s done with you? The answer is simple: Scorpio women love sending mixed signals. They appear to have an interest in you before abruptly stopping returning your texts.

For men attempting to approach them, this may be highly frustrating and terrifying. This may be a deal-breaker for some men, but this is just the way they function.

Even her loved ones are no exception. On the contrary, this may also be a sign that she is not into you anymore, and although she had some interest at the beginning of the relationship, she lost it completely over time.

What should you do if this happens?

The first and most important step is not to disturb her. Nothing will convince her to text you if she has already made up her mind not to.

Wait until she contacts you before trying to get in touch with her again. The moment she gets in touch with you, try to calmly and without any judgment ask her what the problem might be and try to come up with a reasonable solution.

If you take any other approach to this, it may only make it worse, as Scorpio females, just like Libra women, are easily defensive.

Instead, gently and without judgment, ask her about your possible issue. Doing this allows her to feel at ease enough to share her feelings for you.

Women are all pretty much the same – the right approach and a few nice words will always fix the problem!

2. No physical intimacy

When texting becomes rare, the usual sequence of events is that there will also be a lack of physical intimacy.

Physical contact is not only important to Sagittarius but also to Scorpio women. So an obvious sign that she doesn’t feel the same about you is a lack of physicality.

This usually doesn’t happen suddenly – you will recognize it through small, subtle changes in her behavior. Not holding your hand in public, no hugging, she will stop kissing you…It’s all said in these little signs.

Scorpio is one of the most sexual and passionate signs of the zodiac. If there is no physical contact, you should definitely be worried.

Additionally, you need to be cautious if she suddenly changes her sexual desires. She’s slowly distancing herself from you if she was always very sexual and outgoing but then abruptly changed her behavior.

So the conclusion is pretty clear: if your Scorpio woman is acting strange, at least regarding physical touch and sex, there is a high probability that she’s moved on and found herself a Pisces, Scorpio, or Taurus man.

These are the 3 zodiac signs that have the biggest sexual compatibility with Scorpio.

3. She makes plans with other people

When a Scorpio woman is done with you, she will start to make plans with other people, her friends, family, or a random acquaintance, but not with you!

This isn’t even the worst part. The worst part is that you’ll have no idea that she’s even made plans with them.

Of course, a sign that you are in a healthy relationship is the fact that you don’t have to notify your partner about every step you take. But don’t be fooled, there is a clear line between being controlling or possessive and hiding something.

So, there are three possible options: you are controlling, she’s hiding something, or she simply doesn’t care about you and is totally done with you.

We will all agree if I say that the third option is the worst. It gets additionally worse if she wasn’t like that in the beginning.

In the beginning, she used to tell you all about her activities and plans with other people, but now…Now you’ve come to a moment of complete silence between you two. Yes, this is Scorpio’s red flag.

So, if you notice she is making plans with other people and hiding them from you, she is done with you.

4. Always on her phone

If you earn Scorpio’s love, you will get an extremely focused person who will dedicate and focus all of her precious time on you.

This means that she will enjoy spending time with you no matter when or where and desire quality time far away from social media and cell phones.

Always checking her phone and never fully enjoying your time together is a sign that she is pretty much done with you.

A Scorpio female is always focused and determined. If you notice anything to the contrary, it is a huge red flag.

You may wonder what it is with all that phone checking. Well, don’t immediately think the worst. This could only mean that she has a lot of things on her mind or that she is helping a friend in need.

However, if you know her very well, you will know when these situations aren’t the case and that she is simply bored of you…Or maybe she’s texting a new Libra man?

Being constantly on the phone is a sign that your partner is most likely cheating. Even if she is not cheating on you, the only other option is that she’s lost interest in you…And both of these options are bad for you.

5. She spends time alone

Scorpio is a water sign, and as such, she is an all-or-nothing kind of person. If she is interested in you, she will try her best to satisfy you. She will be there for you 24/7, no matter the reason.

Of all possible things, she will love spending time with you the most. It will provide her with a feeling of safety and peace.

But, what happens if you notice that she spends more and more time alone? Does she have problems? Why isn’t she talking to you about those problems? Or are you the problem? Is she distancing herself from you?

The most likely answer is that she is done with you, unfortunately. We all know Scorpios – they are extremely social and enjoy spending time with others.

So, if she’s stopped asking you out or making plans for future trips and dates…Yes, she is done with you.

She probably lost interest over time and doesn’t care about you like in the beginning. Problems will occur if she refuses to say what the issue is.

Scorpios can be entirely self-sufficient, which is something to bear in mind. They frequently love spending time alone and prefer having a lot of “me time.”

She may have grown distant from you, though, if she spends much of her time alone. If this has occurred, it is because she is no longer interested in you. She is already gone with the wind.

6. Makes excuses to end the conversation

We probably all share the same opinion – if she makes excuses to end the conversations, she is over you.

At the beginning of every healthy relationship, a Scorpio woman can’t help but always be on her phone, waiting for your texts.

If she, however, suddenly decides to stop talking in the middle of a conversation, congratulations, you’ve spotted a sign that she is done with you.

Again, we shouldn’t jump to conclusions. Maybe she really is going through a difficult time or problems at work or with her friends and family. Maybe she doesn’t have time to chat or talk.

However, if these excuses keep going on and on and become unreasonable…you know what is going on. If she ends a conversation suddenly, makes excuses that she’s tired or sick all the time, or simply doesn’t give you any excuse, she is moving on.

This is her way of saying she is no longer interested. This could be for two reasons: she either found someone or is looking to find someone else.

7. Disappears all of a sudden

Just like a Capricorn, a Scorpio female will do anything to achieve her goal.

With this in mind, she will always be there for you and your relationship. If she sees you as someone she wants to spend her life with, she will do anything for that relationship. What she won’t do is disappear all of a sudden.

At least if she is in love with you. And again, we come to the possibility that she may have a lot of work or issues to deal with and that you should be worried only if she disappears for a long period of time.

This is an obvious sign you are making her annoyed or bored. You should compare your Scorpio lady to how she was at the beginning of the relationship and now. What changed?

Did she use to notify you about everything – family, friends, job? Did she use to spend several hours on her phone just chatting with you?

What happened?

Scorpio females are extremely trustworthy people. If they suddenly start to go missing for a long time, this is a sign she is distancing herself from you.

8. She doesn’t flirt with you anymore

Scorpio ladies can’t help themselves but flirt with people. This is just in their nature and may even become self-destructive at some point. If they are in a relationship, this flirting will be particularly evident.

So if she’s no longer flirting with you, she is also done with you. This is an obvious sign that she’s lost interest and just doesn’t feel the same anymore.

Your task is to figure out what the problem is that stopped her from flirting with you. Once you’ve figured this out, do everything in your power to fix the problem if you truly want to keep her.

No matter the reason, she’s lost interest in you and doesn’t see you as a couple anymore. She thinks that the initial spark is gone and that there is a lack of affection.

Do not lose hope if this occurs. Instead, make an effort to be more considerate of her wants and emotions.

9. As time goes on, she gets oppressive

If she really wanted to, a Scorpio woman in love could work miracles for her lover. When it involves detachment, it becomes really interesting.

A Scorpio female has a difficult time letting go of a loved one. For a fixed sign, she views her partner as a portion of herself, somewhat similar to owning property. She is not objectifying you; instead, she merely thinks you are hers and only hers.

If a Scorpio woman senses that you are determined to end the relationship, she may start to exert control and manipulation. It feels as though she’s going to suffocate you before you can say your vows again.

Her possessiveness will come out to play. Even if she is gradually coming to the realization that you might not be her type, she might want to rekindle your romance.

Whatever happens, a Scorpio lady will grow bitter towards you when you leave. She’ll look for other venues to vent her bad vibes. However, many may harbor bitterness towards their partners when they aren’t as invested in their relationships anymore.

She may mistreat you until she is completely over it – at which point, she will completely vanish from your life as if you never existed in the first place.

10. She starts using sarcasm

Trust me, you don’t want to anger a Scorpio female. This is the moment she’ll activate her sarcasm, and then it’s over for you!

She mimics the behavior of a classic scorpion, so if she feels threatened, she will use her sting.

Be prepared for her to gather all the relevant information, including receipts, to use against you and all your insecurities. She might even publicly make fun of you.

Not only will she make fun of you, but she will also make you feel inferior to her. She won’t respect you, and as Scorpio’s top personality trait is defense, she will go crazy if you do the same.

11. She becomes controlling

Two of the most controlling zodiac signs are Gemini and Scorpio. Scorpio females can be highly controlling by trying to manage everything in their lives and relationship.

She might hesitate to break up with you unless you’ve seriously mistreated her, and this uncertainty will make her stay in a relationship where she’s unhappy. She will have a difficult time deciding what to do.

In all this uncertainty, she will want the relationship to be entirely on her terms, even though this is impossible for you to do.

This is a win-win situation for a Scorpio female. While she is waiting for better times regarding your relationship, she is also leaving you on hold and has no problem ending things with you if she finds her soulmate.

Scorpio Woman In Love

These signs that tell you when a Scorpio woman is done with you are more than enough for you to clarify some things.

However, here are some of the ways a Scorpio woman acts when she’s in love, just so you can compare those signs with your current situation.

Scorpio is one of the signs of the zodiac that will do anything to spend time with you if she holds a romantic interest or has strong feelings even after the first date, especially if you are a Taurus man, Cancer man, Leo man, Aries man, or Scorpio man.

If a mature Scorpion is in love with you, she will open up to you and talk about her deep fears and insecurities. Although she may act cold in the beginning, this is just temporary until she becomes comfortable with you.

As she is very ambitious and dedicated to her success, she will always support you in your goals and dreams. And although she loves to flirt with everyone, if she truly loves you, her eyes will only be focused on you.

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Last But Not Least

When a Scorpio woman is done with you, trust me, you’ll have a hard time figuring this out. Scorpio women love sending mixed signals and crave being the center of attention.

My relationship advice is: never make a Scorpio woman angry. You will regret it for the rest of your life.

Also, if your relationship with a Scorpio woman ended for no particular reason, don’t blame yourself. Scorpio women often favor Aries, Virgo, Taurus, and Scorpio men. This is, unfortunately, not the case with Aquarius. Aquarius and Scorpio are never going to make a good match.

A good thing to do is to keep track of Scorpio’s horoscope. A little help from the outside never killed anyone!

Try to keep and cherish your Scorpio woman – you might not have the opportunity later on!