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How To Attract An Aquarius Woman: 11 Simple Ways

How To Attract An Aquarius Woman: 11 Simple Ways

One thing is for sure: the Aquarius sun sign is anything but ordinary. Both Aquarius men and women have their own unique ways of dealing with this world, and that’s why they’re frequently seen as outcasts.

This is especially true for Aquarius girls, who are one of a kind in every aspect of life. So, what do you do when you fall in love with someone like this?

How to attract an Aquarius woman? What are the traits she looks for in a man?

Read on, and you’ll get your answers!

How To Attract An Aquarius Woman In 11 Ways

Follow these tricks, and you won’t only attract this woman; you’ll also keep her interested in you forever:

1. Be her lover and best friend

If you’re wondering how to attract an Aquarius woman, you have to be aware of one thing: she’s not only looking for a lover. To become her boyfriend, you must be her best friend before anything else.

She needs someone she can talk to and a man she can rely on. Don’t worry, she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself – she just wants to know that she can count on you if she needs to.

For her, a romantic relationship is much more than romance. She is looking for “her person” and a partner in crime.

You have to show her that you two are compatible in more ways than one. You two should have similar interests and viewpoints in life.

However, I have to warn you to be careful about this one. Don’t get trapped in the friend zone.

Even though I told you to be her friend, you should still make your intentions clear. Don’t forget to show your interest in her as your potential girlfriend.

2. Flirt with her

But how will you catch her attention? Well, the simplest way possible: flirt with her.

Start with deep eye contact. Stare at her until she stares back (but don’t look like a creep while doing it).

Smile whenever you see her. Give her a head-nod when you greet her, and of course, don’t forget the importance of physical contact.

I’m not telling you to grab her and kiss her out of the blue. Just let her get used to your presence – that’s all. When your closeness becomes comfortable enough, you’re ready for the next step towards your intimacy.

Be careful about your pick-up lines. She won’t fall for the usual, cheesy things most other women will.

If she senses that you’re flirting with her the same way you flirt with every other girl in your surroundings, you’re out of the picture!

3. Stand out from the crowd

Don’t even bother figuring out how to attract an Aquarius woman if you’re too ordinary because you won’t succeed. But don’t get me wrong here – I’m not talking about your appearance or money.

You don’t have to be a fitness model or a filthy rich businessman to get her to notice you. However, you have to find other ways to stand out from the crowd.

Impress her with your viewpoints. Show her that you’re different and that you don’t fit into a box.

Most importantly, show her your individuality. Show her that your intellect and charisma make you better than the average guy in her surroundings.

The thing she will notice about you is your bravery. I’m not talking about you becoming a trouble-maker here.

I’m talking about that you’re courageous enough to be your own person – an original among all the copies.

Please, keep one thing in mind. She is a unique woman as well, and that’s exactly how you must treat her.

If you’re hanging out with a group of friends, always give her special treatment.

4. Give her enough personal space

Hear me out on this one: no matter how much this woman loves you, she’ll always have a life outside of her relationship. Don’t expect her to forget about her friends, hobbies, and interests just because you showed up in the picture.

First of all, her alone time is of crucial importance to an Aquarius woman. So, instead of being a clingy boyfriend, let her do her own thing.

Don’t worry, she won’t go behind your back and be unfaithful. She just doesn’t want to lose herself for anyone’s sake.

In the meantime, build your own life as well. Even when you two become a team, she’ll always cherish your individuality.

Show her that you can be a happy, complete man even without a girlfriend by your side. Once she sees that you’re independent and self-sufficient, she’ll fall for you even harder.

5. Show her your easy-going and adaptable nature

What this woman hates most are rules. She will never be attracted to a rigid guy who does everything by the book.

Instead, she’ll prefer an easy-going man who knows how to go with the flow. This is especially important in the initial stages of courting her: show her how relaxed you are.

And if you’re an adventurous soul on top of all that, I bet she’ll be amazed in no time.

Among other things, you should also be adaptable and spontaneous. Be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone.

Show her that you have what it takes to make some big changes in your life without much prior consideration. Make sure she sees you’re a man who enjoys taking risks.

This is the only way to keep her interested in you forever. Everything else would bore this extraordinary woman sooner or later.

6. Challenge her intellectually

If you know a thing or a two about Aquarius personality traits, you’re familiar with their incredible minds. This woman is highly-intellectual, which is the aspect of her personality that you have to impress if you want to seduce her.

Does this mean that she won’t care about your appearance at all? Absolutely not!

After all, your looks are the first thing she sees, and she has to be physically attracted to you before anything else.

However, you can be the most handsome man in the world, but that won’t keep her around. Yes, it might draw her attention, but I assure you that it won’t make her stay.

Instead, she loves men who enjoy reading and are well-informed. Instead of engaging in small talk, don’t be afraid to tackle some serious topics the next time you hear from her.

Spirituality, politics, the Universe… you name it. I promise that she’s interested in each one of these subjects.

And if she’s not? Well, even better. She’ll see you as a chance to learn something new, and this woman is always hungry for knowledge.

7. Make her laugh

You know what they say: if you can make a girl laugh, you can make her do anything. Well, this applies to this horoscope sign!

Let’s get one thing straight: you can never succeed in making her laugh if you two are not on the same intellectual level. She’s not into corny everyday jokes.

However, she is capable of laughing without getting offended if you say something funny about her. Of course, this is where you should be extra careful and make sure not to insult her with your jokes.

Using sexual innuendos will also make her laugh. But that is another situation where it’s important not to cross the line. Tease her a little bit but don’t be vulgar!

8. Romantic surprises

Who would’ve known that an Aquarius female is such a hopeless romantic? When you meet her, she’s all sarcastic, and she gives the impression that she doesn’t even believe in love.

Well, trust me – your first impression is wrong about this one. Deep down, she is a little girl who believes in fairytales and is waiting for her Prince Charming.

Truth be told, that prince is nowhere near the “usual” Prince Charming, but that’s a whole different issue.

The point is that romantic surprises can and will catch her attention.

However, you have to be original when you’re making them.

Trust me – she’ll be happier if you do something that’s only related to her (such as buying her a small gift that shows you remember her taste) than surprising her with the “usual” stuff, such as candlelit dinners or red roses.

The same tactic applies if you’re trying to figure out how to get an Aquarius woman back: romance is your biggest ally!

9. Taming her is a big no

How to attract an Aquarius woman: Well, I can tell you what you should never do if you want to make this happen.

That’s right, I’m talking about your attempts to control her. Never forget one thing: you’re dealing with a wild beast who cannot be tamed. So, it’s better not to even try.

This is a woman who cherishes her independence more than anything else in the world. No matter how much she loves you, she’ll never allow herself to become financially or emotionally dependent on you.

If she lets you into her life, it’s because she chooses to do so. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that she needs you. Trust me, she doesn’t.

Giving her advice vs. controlling her

The moment she sees that you’re trying to control her in any way, she’ll walk away.

This applies to all aspects of her life.

First of all, don’t try to kill her free spirit. Don’t try fitting her into a box, and don’t try ruining her uniqueness.

Don’t interfere in her life choices and viewpoints. Don’t tell her what she should do, where she should work, or who she should hang out with.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that she’ll never take your advice. However, giving her your opinion is one thing; trying to control her is something else.

10. Don’t push her too hard

I hate to break it to you, but Aquarians are commitment-phobes. Therefore, if you push this girl too hard into taking your relationship to the next level, you’ll only chase her away.

No, this doesn’t mean that she’s incapable of committing. When she falls in love, she’ll be completely devoted to your relationship.

Nevertheless, she just needs time before she’s ready for that step. And that time is exactly what you ought to give her if you want to keep her around.

Arm yourself with patience and let her do everything at her own pace. Don’t pressure her into something she’s not comfortable with; otherwise, you’ll only get a counterproductive effect.

11. Rock her world in the bedroom

How to attract an Aquarius woman: Well, if you’ve done everything else on the list, it’s time to show her your bedroom skills.

Physical intimacy is a big deal for her, and she could never stay in a romantic relationship where she’s not pleased in this way.

Forget about being selfish between the sheets because you won’t get away with it. This woman knows what she wants in all aspects of her life, including this one.

Trust me – if you rock her world in the bedroom, she’s all yours forever!

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4 Personality Traits She Likes In A Man

This is what Aquarius loves about her partner:

1. A social butterfly

Are you the life of every party? Are you an extrovert who enjoys hanging out with people? In that case, you have exactly what this woman is looking for in a man.

2. A dash of mystery

However, she won’t find you interesting if you open up to her all the way immediately. It’s always better to keep the mystery alive – this is how to keep her amused.

3. Creative and imaginative

An Aquarius woman is into creative men who’ve never lost touch with the child inside them. I’m not saying you should be immature, but if you have a vivid imagination, she’ll see it as a big advantage.

4. Free-spirited and disruptive

Forget about rigid social norms. Forget about fitting into this world.

Instead, if you’re wondering how to attract an Aquarius woman, make your own rules. Be a free-spirited man who isn’t affected by other people’s opinions.

4 Personality Traits She Doesn’t Like In A Man

Here is what an Aquarius woman dislikes in a man:

1. Neediness

Forget about being too clingy or needy. You must have your own life outside of your romantic relationship. That’s the only way she’ll respect you as a man.

2. Controlling behavior

Don’t ever try to control this sun sign because you’ll fail. If you’re possessive or overly jealous, you can forget about her as well.

3. Lying and deception

How to attract an Aquarius woman: Forget about any dishonesty.

Trust me, she’ll see right through your lies and cut you off immediately. Instead, always choose the truth, even if it hurts.

4. Too focused on the material needs

An Aquarius female’s soulmate is someone who is more interested in spirituality than money and material possessions. So, if you’re obsessed with material needs and money, think twice before trying to seduce her.

An Aquarius Woman’s Perfect First Date

How to attract an Aquarius woman: Well, you have to start seducing her right from the first date!

If you plan on taking an Aquarius female on a “regular” coffee date, forget about it. In fact, she won’t be impressed by anything traditional, and that includes a movie and dinner.

The way to impress her for real is to surprise her. First of all, don’t tell her where you’re taking her. The anticipation and the suspense will make her think about you even more.

An adrenaline park, a visit to the circus, or a club to go dancing would be perfect for her. Don’t forget that she is a big fan of nature, so a picnic near the river will also do the trick.

Here’s a pro tip: instead of bringing her flowers on your first date, surprise her with a book. Trust me, she’ll never forget this gesture!

Aquarius Woman Compatibility

Compatible with fellow air signs, the Gemini man and a Libra man but also with an Aries man, a Leo man, and a Sagittarius man,

Not compatible with: Taurus male, Cancer male, a Virgo man, a Scorpio man, Capricorn male, Pisces male

How Do I Know If An Aquarius Woman Likes Me?

Here are the signs an Aquarius girl likes you:

1. She spends a lot of time with you

Trust me on this one: Aquarian women are very selective when it comes to the people they share their free time with. And they cherish their alone time more than anything.

So, if she agrees to go on a date with you or even initiates a get-together, she’s definitely into you.

2. She lets you in

When an Aquarius girl likes you, she’ll give you a chance to get to know her. But I mean to get to know the real her. This is a privilege not many get, so if she lets you in, consider yourself pretty damn special.

3. She takes your advice

Let’s not forget that this is an independent woman who makes her own decisions without allowing anyone to interfere. So, if she listens to your advice, it’s a good sign that you mean a lot to her. It’s not just that she is into you – she also respects you.

4. She includes you in her life

Has she allowed you to become part of her life? Does she invite you to tag along in her hobbies? Does she introduce you to her friends? Do you really need a bigger sign that she is into you?

5. She laughs at your jokes

Both Aquarius men and women are sharp-minded, and you have to be extremely clever to impress them with your brains. But here’s a little secret: if an Aquarius woman laughs at your jokes, you’ve knocked her off her feet.

What Are Aquarians Attracted To?

Aquarians are attracted to anything that stands out from the ordinary. They enjoy the company of free-spirited people who don’t care about social norms and standards.

They’re attracted to creativity and imagination. This horoscope sign has a flirtatious nature, so they are easily drawn to people who know how to flirt.

Finally, they’re drawn to people who challenge them intellectually. They don’t pay a lot of attention to physical appearance. Instead, your mind will knock them off their feet before anything else.

How Do You Please An Aquarius Woman In Bed?

Experimenting is the best way to please an Aquarius female in the bedroom. You must always keep her entertained if you want to keep her interested and around.

The best way to accomplish this is by introducing new things (or even people) into your bedroom activities.

Keep in mind that this star sign is ruled by Uranus (according to modern astrology, at least), which means that they despise anything traditional. Instead, they break all the rules and are always in search of something new.

The moment your intimate life falls into a rut is the moment she gets bored.

Instead of allowing prejudices and social pressures to guide you, let your free spirit take the steering wheel.

To Wrap Up:

You’ve learned how to attract an Aquarius woman. But what matters is that you’ve also mastered the art of keeping her around forever.

I never said it was going to be easy, did I? However, I promise that a woman like her is worthy of all the effort you’ve invested.