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Scorpio And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Scorpio And Sagittarius Compatibility In Love And Friendship

There is no doubt about one thing: Scorpio and Sagittarius have a very intense relationship. But every astrologer will also tell you it’s a love/hate kind of a relationship.

These two signs have multiple similarities, but then again, there are also tons of differences that set them apart. So, what wins in this case?

Are Sagittarius and Scorpio compatible in love, sex, and friendship? Can they find the middle ground and have a healthy relationship?

You can never know unless you read on. But one thing is for sure – it’s never boring with these two.

Scorpio And Sagittarius Relationship

Let’s start with this pair’s romantic potential. Are they soulmates or arch enemies? What are the pros and cons of this union?


Here are all the advantages of a Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship. There is actually more than one aspect of their personalities that makes them a great couple.

Strong personalities

The first thing that connects this zodiac love match is definitely their powerful characters. Yes, this may become an issue sometimes since they’re both quite stubborn, but it is also what attracts them to one another.

Neither Scorpio nor Sag wants a weak partner they can easily have. Instead, they both see this relationship as a challenge.

A Scorpio has to try to win over a Sagittarius’ heart and vice versa. This game of cat and mouse they’re playing, makes the Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship so intriguing and interesting from day one.

Honesty and open communication

Another advantage of a romantic relationship between these two horoscope signs is their willingness to fight for their future together.

Yes, they might fight a lot. But, at least, they’re always honest with each other. There is no passive aggression and no hard feelings.

When one of them is hurt by something their partner does, they tackle the issue right away instead of holding grudges for years and allowing the problem to grow even bigger.

These two know that open and honest communication is the key to every healthy romance. They have no trouble declaring their love to each other or speaking about their relationship problems.

Of course, they won’t have the same attitude towards many things in life. Nevertheless, with time, they learn to agree to disagree, which makes them such a powerful couple.

Scorpio vs. Sagittarius

What are the things that make the zodiac compatibility of Scorpio and Sagittarius almost impossible? What drives these two apart?

Control freak vs. independence

Every astrologer will tell you the same: Scorpios are control freaks. On the other hand, Sagittarians adore their freedom and are quite self-sufficient.

Well, that’s exactly where the problem arises. Scorpio tends to be clingy in romances – that’s just a part of their nature and something they have a huge problem controlling.

On the contrary, Sag wouldn’t trade their independence for anything in the world. Even if they love their partner to the moon and back, they always cherish the relationship they have with themselves.

Someone might think that Scorpio is the problem here. They want to tie their Sagittarians and put them in a cage, which is anything but healthy.

Nevertheless, it’s important to understand that no one is to blame for this, and there is no right or wrong in this situation.

The problem is that they have a different opinion on how a perfect relationship should look, that’s all.

Strong emotional connection vs. desire for change

The Scorpio zodiac sign doesn’t fall in love frequently. But when they do, they fall head over heels every time. They get emotionally attached to that person and have a hard time letting go.

Sagittarians are quite different here. The desire for change leads them through life, and they don’t tend to stick in one place very long.

These two horoscope signs have different attachment styles, which often becomes an obstacle to building a long-distance relationship.

But this isn’t anything that can’t be defeated. If they love each other enough, and if they put all their effort into making things work, they can overcome these differences successfully.

Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman

A Scorpio woman and Sagittarius man make an extremely interesting combination. She is a fierce boss lady, while he is a forever child.

This can’t be good, you must think. Well, despite everything, there are things that connect them.

Scorpio’s desire to dominate

Everyone belonging to the Scorpio zodiac sign is a born chief. Their charisma and leadership skills are great when it comes to business and many relationships.

People love having a Scorpio as their friend. They’re always the ones the rest of the group follows, who gets things done, and who will walk through fire for the sake of others if needed.

Nevertheless, this trait also awakens their desire to dominate, and that’s probably the number one problem in a relationship between a Scorpio woman and a Sag man.

With him, she soon becomes one of those nagging women who keep on telling their partner what to do. Yes, she is doing all of this for his own good, but it’s not something a Sag can put up with for long.

Outgoing vs. mysterious

Scorpio is an honest communicator, but at the same time, she is also quite mysterious.

It’s not that she is deliberately hiding anything from her Sagittarius partner – it’s just that no one, including her, knows what to expect from this boss lady.

Just because she opened up to her boyfriend doesn’t mean that she is ready to take off her mask and give up her secretive nature for the rest of the world.

A Sagittarius man has an outgoing personality, likes meeting new people and exploring new places, while she prefers spending time alone with him or with a small group of friends.

Two hopeless romantic souls

But at the end of the day, these two are hopeless romantic souls who really do believe in true love. They surprise each other, cherish their intimacy, and consider each other soulmates.

Even though a Sag male is more likely to jump from one relationship to another, deep down, he also believes in happily ever after. And the hope that they will grow old together connects this love match more than anything.

Sagittarius woman and Scorpio man

What about a Sagittarius woman and a Scorpio man? Does he have what it takes to tame her? At the same time, can she put up with his jealous side?

Emotional attachment

This combination brings a strong emotional connection with it. Yes, they’re very much physically attracted to each other, but that’s not what keeps them together.

There is something much deeper that connects them: their gentle hearts. Even though they have tons of differences, they share strong chemistry, which makes them emotionally compatible.

Trust issues

A Scorpio man trusts no one – not even his romantic partner. As much as he tries to change this, there always remains an inch of doubt that the other person is not being honest.

Let’s not forget how honest and open a Sag girl is. She always speaks her mind and expects everyone else to do the same.

At the same time, she is quite naive and trusts everyone. It’s no wonder she is bothered by her partner’s deep-rooted trust issues that strongly impact every Scorpio-Sagittarius relationship.

Possessiveness and emotional neglect

According to astrologers, when in love, the Scorpio man is one of the most possessive zodiac signs. He wants to keep all of his loved ones near him and is terrified of them leaving him.

This is especially true when it comes to his romantic relationships.

When this clashes with a woman belonging to the Sagittarius zodiac sign who wants to run free to the hills, chaos breaks loose.

While she feels that he is not giving her any personal space, he feels emotionally neglected and is even offended by her lack of jealousy.

Actually, this is one of the biggest issues of Sagittarius-Scorpio compatibility that always influences their relationship.

Are Scorpios And Sagittarius Good In Bed?

These two astrological signs have similar sexual preferences. They avoid routine and are constantly in search of something new in the bedroom.

Besides, let’s not forget how amazing their chemistry is. They communicate through eye contact and with the help of body language.

Neither of them is too concerned with looks or the other person’s bedroom skills. They’re both turned on by their strong emotional bond, and that’s exactly what makes the sex so great.

In fact, even though it’s unhealthy, good sex is what keeps a lot of these couples together. They have a habit of resolving their problems in the bedroom, where all of their differences magically disappear

Scorpio And Sagittarius Friendship

Do Sagittarius and Scorpio get along as friends? The answer is: Yes. In fact, they function way better as friends than as romantic partners.

Why is that so? Well, this kind of relationship leaves enough space for both of them to learn from one another’s differences.

They’re both extremely loyal (which is especially important for Scorpio) and share numerous mutual interests.

In this scenario, Sag won’t mind Scorpio’s bossy nature. Instead, they will gladly follow their lead and allow them to “fix” them.

At the same time, Scorpio will be thrilled to have someone more relaxed and easygoing in their life – someone who will teach them to slow down a bit.

Are Scorpio And Sagittarius Best Friends?

Sagittarius and Scorpio can easily become best friends – ironically enough, especially due to their differences. The moment they start hanging out and spending time together is when they both realize this is a life-long connection.

But of course, nothing is ever perfect. Even when they become best friends, Scorpio’s trust issues and secretive nature continue to bother the Sagittarian. At the same time, Scorpio remains annoyed by Sag’s overly relaxed approach to life (even though this is exactly what every Scorpio needs).

General Characteristics

If you’re not too into astrology, you probably have no idea what these two zodiac sign’s major personality traits are. Here is a short sneak peek into both Sag’s and Scorpio’s characters and general characteristics.


​This is a sign you should probably be scared of, am I right? Well, let me tell you that there is much more to Scorpio than their vengeful nature.

Scorpio love compatibility with other zodiac signs

Compatible with: Pisces, Virgo, Capricorn, Leo, Aries, Cancer, Taurus

Not compatible with: Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


What about the Sagittarius zodiac sign? What makes them so special, and why do so many people simply adore them?

  • Ruled by: Jupiter
  • Modality: Mutable sign
  • Zodiac element: Fire sign
  • Symbol: Archer
  • Sagittarius personality traits: Empathic, loyal, inconsistent, curious, creative

Sagittarius love compatibility with other sun signs

Compatible with: Aries, Leo, Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Gemini,

Not compatible with: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Taurus

Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp

People belonging to a Scorpio-Sagittarius cusp are born between November 18 and 24 (the days when one sign rises and the other one sets).

This is called the cusp of revolution,and people born in this period have some Scorpio and some Sag traits.

Personality traits: Brave, rebellious, bossy, passionate, independent

Are Scorpio And Sagittarius Compatible?

All in all most will say that Scorpio and Sagittarius are not exactly a match made in heaven.

But it’s not impossible for the two of them to work out as romantic partners or even better as friends – if they invest enough energy into their relationship.

Nevertheless, I’m begging you to keep in mind that sometimes, your moon signs are actually more responsible for zodiac compatibility than Sun signs – especially when it comes to love matches.

So if you really want to know if you’re a good match with someone, you have to check both your Sun and Moon sign compatibility to have a complete analysis.

Nevertheless, whatever happens, nobody can argue against one fact: this case of zodiac compatibility is utterly interesting and can bring many surprises.