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Places To Go With Friends: 30 Best Friend Date Ideas

Places To Go With Friends: 30 Best Friend Date Ideas

When you think of the word ‘date’, you automatically connect it with romance and relationships.

Nevertheless, there is something called a friend date—a synonym for a get-together with your besties, which should also be special.

However, after you spend years with the same group of friends, it is natural that you all run out of ideas.

Where to hang out? What to do?

Well, if you’re out of ideas for friend dates, we’re here to assist you because we’re offering you 30 of the best places to go with friends.

20 Fun Places To Go With Your Friends

1. A getaway in nature

I’m pretty damn sure that you and your BFFs are used to meeting indoors.

Most of your get-togethers are all about the nightlife—they happen in noisy clubs and coffee shops.

Well, it’s about time you change that.

Instead of focusing on your nightlife, going to places where you can’t hear the other person talking from all the loud music and where you have to push through the crowd, spend an entire day in nature.

You can take a walk through a forest, go hiking, rafting, or sightseeing or enjoy a picnic at your local park.

Besides the fact that the fresh air will be great for your physical health, this kind of friend date will also help you clear your thoughts and make you relax.

2. Roadtrip

You would like to visit an exotic destination or travel through Europe but you’re low on cash and you and your friends can’t arrange the time off?

We have a solution for you—set up a road trip.

It will be enough to go to the nearest town and spend an entire day sightseeing.

You won’t just spend time there, you’ll also enjoy your best friend’s presence in the car.

And what can be more fun than a few hours of driving around, eating junk food you buy along the way and listening to your favorite music.

Not only that—you’ll also have the chance to see something new.

3. Explore your city

On the other hand, if you don’t have enough time for a getaway or if you’ve already been to all the interesting places within driving distance, why wouldn’t you go sightseeing in your own city?

Even though this sounds boring at first, if you do it with the right people, you can make a real adventure out of this friend date.

Make sure you two go and explore the places you never visited before.

Pretend you’re tourists and ask other people for directions.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve lived in your city; trust me when I tell you that there are some corners of it that you’ve never heard of, let alone visited.

4. The movie theater

Going to the cinema is one of the most common first dates.

However, spending a night at the movies isn’t only reserved for your potential boyfriend or girlfriend and it can be a fun activity you can do with your friends.

During the summer, you can visit an outdoor cinema and make the night even more special.

Just make sure you pick something you would all like to watch.

A great idea is to make this a regular thing and agree on going to the movies at least once a month.

You can always grab a drink afterward and talk about what you’ve watched.

5. The gym

Let’s be real here; you promised yourself ages ago that you’d start exercising.

All of your New Year’s resolutions were partly about losing weight or shaping your body.

However, you keep on procrastinating when it comes to hitting the gym.

Well, the best way to actually start exercising is to get yourself a workout buddy.

And who can be better for that role than your bestie? You two will surely inspire and push each other forward, so you won’t give up after just a few days, like you’ve always done.

Not only that—you can use this time in the gym to catch up and get in shape at the same time.

Therefore, you’ll start seeing it as a fun activity instead of something you must do but don’t want to.

Of course, you don’t have to actually start going to the gym, you can choose some other type of physical activity together, such as running or playing a sport.

6. Theater

Be honest; when was the last time you saw a live play? It’s been ages, right?

This is exactly why going to the theater is a perfect idea if you want to change your routine.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to watch classical plays if that is not something you’re into; you can always choose something more contemporary and watch a play you’ll probably like.

7. Fancy dinner

I bet that most of the time, you and your friends eat together at fast food places.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re going home after a drunken night out or you just want to grab a bite, you’ll probably pull up at the nearest drive-thru and grab some junk food.

Even though there is nothing wrong with this, from time to time, you can make some changes and reserve a table in a real restaurant.

You see, having a meal with your closest friends is not just about eating food, it is also a form of social gathering and an opportunity for you to catch up.

If you consider fancy dinners to be reserved for couples only, think again because it can be a great friend date as well.

You don’t have to wait for a special occasion to suggest something like this; it’s okay to treat yourself just because you feel like it.

Yes, a night spent like this usually costs some money but you won’t go out for an expensive dinner every day.

Every now and then, dress up and let others wait and you!

8. Amusement park

If you’re an adrenaline junkie, the best place you can go with your friends is a theme park. This is also a brilliant best friend’s birthday party idea. 

It’s fun with just the right amount of danger and I assure you that it will be one of your most memorable experiences.

Besides, a day at an amusement park will strengthen the bond between you and your friends.

It has been scientifically proven that the sensation of fear you feel in these theme parks connects people and helps them build mutual trust.

9. Comedy club

Want to take a break from your everyday busy schedule? Tired of the pessimism and negativity you’re surrounded by?

The best idea for you and your friends is to visit a comedy club.

A night spent like this will help you turn off your mind and forget about your worries for a few hours and that is a chance you have to take.

10. Shopping

Who can be a better advisor regarding your new outfits than your best friend?

Nobody likes to go shopping alone so you can use this as a great opportunity to hang out with your BFF and have a blast.

On the other hand, if you’re low on cash, you can’t let that ruin your day either.

Instead, put on a fancy outfit and go window shopping in the most expensive stores you can find.

Make a bucket list of everything you would like to have and combine the outfits in your heads.

Don’t worry—a friend date like this isn’t reserved for girls only because guys can do it too.

If you don’t want to go clothes hunting, you can look for some other things, such as sports gear or video games.

11. Wine tasting

If you need an excuse to get moderately drunk in the middle of the day, the thing for you is wine tasting.

You can combine it with a road trip to a location close to you or you can find a place that offers wine tasting in your own town.

It doesn’t matter if you’re not an expert in wine because from this day on, you’ll certainly become one.

After all, the final goal is to have fun and to get drunk.

12. Museum

Besides going to the theater and art galleries, one of the great places to go with friends are museums.

Spend an entire day visiting the local museums and learn a lot about history and art.

Don’t be discouraged by a lack of money; most museums offer free tickets at least one day a week or have happy hours where there’s no charge.

Choose the type of museum you want to visit according to your preferences.

It doesn’t have to be dedicated to classical things only; it can be a contemporary or themed museum (you can even go to, for example, a museum of ice cream).

13. Food festival

Come on, let’s ditch your diet plan for at least 24 hours. Forget about nutrition and counting calories and give yourself a break for a day.

Yes, you guessed right—this friend date idea is all about eating as much as you can.

I suggest you invite your friends to visit a food festival near you and I promise that they will absolutely love the idea.

While you’re there, stay away from your usual cuisine.

Instead, surprise your taste buds by trying some exotic food you’ve never eaten before; you never know, maybe you’ll find a perfect recipe and make it a part of your everyday menu.

14. Petting zoo

Since hunting and fishing are cruel and a big no-no, if you want to spend a day surrounded by animals, going to a petting zoo is the choice for you.

It is different from an average zoo because here, the animals are docile enough that you can feed and physically interact with them.

This is not good only for the animals who can use all the care they can get—a day spent like this is also beneficial for you and your friends as well.

It has been scientifically proven that being surrounded by animals and, more so, petting them, helps you get rid of stress and improves your emotional and mental health.

15. Concert

How long has it been since you and your friends went to a concert of your favorite musician together? Well, it’s time to change that.

Look for music festivals or concerts around you and find a show you would enjoy watching and listening to.

You can even use this chance for a weekend getaway and spend two days stalking your favorite band together, like real groupies.

16. Play a sport together


If you’re not into exercising but are aware of how important physical activity is for your body and mind, think about organizing a sports tournament with your friends.

You don’t have to be skillful athletes to make this work and it is completely irrelevant who will win and beat whom; your goal is to get rid of negative energy and most importantly, to have as much as fun as possible.

You can start with something simple like bowling and then proceed to, for example, renting a gymnasium to play basketball or even go rafting or trekking.

I assure you that you’ll have a blast and feel like you’re back in high school.

17. Karaoke night

Even though you’re not much of a singer, who doesn’t enjoy dancing and singing to their favorite songs?

Well, going out for a karaoke night with your friends gives you an opportunity to become a star of the podium for one night and to have incredible fun.

I won’t lie to you—you’ll probably embarrass yourself as well. However, please don’t let your anxiety or insecurity ruin this night for you.

Get up, go on that stage and own it! I promise that this will be an experience you’ll remember forever.

18. Bookstore

One of the places to go with friends which is great for culture and education is paying a visit to local bookstores with your friends.

Even though some might think of this friend date as boring or outdated, when you think about it, it is actually an awesome idea and a chance to find out more about your friends and the things they like.

The best part is that you can go hunting for old books in antique shops, where you can buy a bunch of stuff for very little money.

Nevertheless, if you’re low on cash, you always have the option of joining a library and borrowing books.

To make things more interesting, let your friend choose a book for you to read and vice versa or you can play a game in which you randomly pick books, just by their covers or titles, and later talk about what you’ve read.

19. Volunteer

Of all the places you can go with your friends, visiting an animal shelter, a public kitchen or an old people’s home are the most noble ones.

Besides giving you a chance to help out those in need, it will help you become more humble and grateful for the things you have.

Volunteering with your friends is a chance to do good while spending time together, a chance to feel better and to be proud of yourselves.

20. Spa day

It doesn’t matter whether you have a career, are still studying, take care of your household alone or have an entire family—the bottom line is that like the rest of us, you and your friends live a busy life.

Every day, you run from one obligation to the next and by the end of the week, you feel exhausted and drained.

Sounds familiar, right? Well, if that is the case, the best present you can give yourself is to arrange a spa day (or if it’s possible, a spa weekend) for you and your friends.

Forget about your exams, chores and all the other duties waiting for you on a Monday morning.

It would be best if you could leave your phone behind, so you don’t get disrupted and can enjoy the massages, saunas and baths the entire day.

10 Fun Things To Do At Home With Friends

All of us love to hang out outdoors with our crowd. However, sometimes, you’re just too tired to go outside or you’re all low on cash.

If that is something you can relate to, worry not because staying at home has its benefits as well.

Here are 10 fun things you can do with your friends without leaving the house.

1. Dinner party

Even though this is not one of the places to go with friends, if you don’t like fancy restaurants or prefer a more intimate atmosphere to talk to your closest friends, you can always throw a dinner party in the privacy of your own home.

Besides being a more affordable option, it also gives you a chance to relax in a nice, cozy environment.

A good idea is for everyone to participate in this party, in a way, so the host doesn’t have all the burden.

For example, one person can bring a side dish, another the main course, the third will take care of the dessert, while someone else can bring soft drinks and someone else the wine.

Or you can make this a regular thing and switch house every week and put the entire organization in the hands of one person; the choice is all yours.

2. Netflix and chill

How many weekends and days off have you spent binge-watching all the seasons of a TV show for hours on end? Well, why wouldn’t you change your routine and ask your friends over for some Netflix and chill?

You can throw a movie marathon or just watch your favorite TV show. Make some popcorn, darken the room and you’re good to go.

For even greater enjoyment, you can rent a movie projector, lie down and have your content displayed on the wall.

Sounds better than going to an actual movie theater, right?

3. DIY party

If you are looking for creative ways to spend a day at home with friends, throwing a DIY party is the solution for you.

This way, you have a chance to test your art skills, give each other handmade presents and hang out.

Before doing anything, agree about your main focus; will you be making party decorations, little gifts, home supplies (such as soap, wood decorations or small furniture), will you be fixing some broken items or repairing old ones?

After you decide, it’s time to make a plan and buy everything you need for your project.

4. Yard sale

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a night at home but it’s pretty close, since it happens in your backyard.

Even though this idea would probably never go through your mind, a yard sale is one of the most fun and useful friend dates you can think of.

Invite your friends over and ask them to bring along the stuff they don’t use and would like to get rid of.

Go around your house and find the things you think might sell well—old furniture, souvenirs, books, musical instruments, sports equipment—anything and everything.

Besides having a blast, this one is worth trying because it is not just that you don’t spend any money while doing it, you’re actually getting cash you can all spend together afterward.

5. Board games night

There is no better way to test your patience than a board game night with your friends.

Just be careful because many friendships and relationships fall apart during tabletop games.

You can choose between chess, Lost Cities, Guess Who, Monopoly, Eclipse, Battleship, Ludo King and so on and if you want to spice things up, make this a drinking game.

Even if you lose, remember that most of these games don’t require wit or some special set of skills; they are all pure chance and luck.

6. Book club night

Another fun thing you can turn into a regular weekly activity is a book night with your friends.

You don’t need to join any book clubs for this; your little group of friends is more than enough.

I’m sure you already know the drill—you agree to read a certain book every week and then when you meet, you talk about it.

Of course, you can switch between houses and you each can host and you can always talk about what you read with some drinks and snacks.

7. A sleepover

Let’s get one thing straight—sleepovers with your besties are not reserved for high school only. In fact, they can be an awesome friend dates with zero effort invested.

If you want to make things even more special, have a themed slumber party.

Watch movies, talk about how you miss your exes, dress up (if you’re girls, do each other’s make-up) or get wasted—the choice is all yours.

8. Questions night

The questions game is the best possible activity for your new friends when you’re just trying to find out more about them for the first time ever.

However, I bet you’d be surprised by the things you had no idea about regarding your lifelong friends.

So, see this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond, to reveal one another’s secrets and to get to know each other on a deeper level.

There is more than one option here. You can start with some truth or dare questions, play a ‘would you rather’ or ‘never have I ever’ game and so on.

9. Cocktail night

Want to get drunk but are low on cash?

Besides, you want to relax as much as possible and avoid the possibility of embarrassing yourself in front of strangers if you get too wasted?

Well, in that case, a fancy cocktail night in the privacy of your own home is just the thing for you.

Buy all the ingredients, get those fancy glasses and umbrellas and pretend to be a bartender for a few hours.

10. Dance session

You don’t have to hit the clubs if you’re up for dancing—your home environment will be more than enough.

Prepare your favorite music and turn your house into a dance club!

Tango, waltz, salsa or hip-hop dancing—the choice is yours. Set that floor on fire!