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This Is How To Make A Guy Jealous And Want You More

This Is How To Make A Guy Jealous And Want You More

How to make a guy jealous? How to make him bottle up his emotions until he explodes and make him want you even more? This is the question all of us women have asked at least once in a lifetime.

So, you’ve tried everything, but somehow your guy is not responding to your actions. You hate to be doing this but he’s left you with no other choice- you have to make him worry about losing you.

He doesn’t give you enough attention, thus making you worry whether something’s wrong in your relationship. Or maybe he is jealous but hiding it?

Or you’ve just met a guy, and he’s been acting distant all of a sudden. You want to redirect his thoughts to you, make him notice you more, and make him want you more.

THIS is how to do exactly that.

Maybe this is your ex-boyfriend we’re talking about. Maybe the reason you can’t have him back since he counts on you always being there, patiently waiting for him.

Men are like that- they start using their heads only when they see competition around. As long as your guy is sure that you’re not going anywhere, it’s unlikely that he’ll stop taking you for granted.

Well, that’s exactly what brought you here. You’re figuring out how to make a guy jealous and I’m about to help you do exactly that.

The Psychology Behind Jealousy

You see, jealousy works like dynamite. The intense emotions of jealousy have the power of making the person literally explode and start looking at things differently.

Summarized, if you figure out how to make a guy jealous, he will start noticing and appreciating you more because you’ll let him know that if he doesn’t, somebody else will, and he will lose you.

Now, making your man jealous is a science in itself. It is not so easy to make your man jealous in ways where he won’t realize you’re doing so.

Learn how to wake his jealousy the right way with Infatuation Scripts.

The most important thing you need to pay attention to is to do it discreetly so that your guy doesn’t think you are playing some games with him (even though in a way you are, but psst, we don’t want him to know that).

How To Make A Guy Jealous In 11 Surefire Ways

Men are from Mars, women are from Venus, right? Having this in mind, you’ll probably think that guys are these extraterrestrial creatures you know nothing about.

Nevertheless, the truth is quite different. Both us and they actually function similarly, especially when it comes to romances.

What does that mean for you? What I’m trying to tell you is that in most cases, your guy will be triggered by the same things that would also bother you.

So, whenever you’re clueless about what to do next, just ask yourself what would make you jealous? What should he do to make you hopping mad?

Well, just do that exact thing.

Nevertheless, I won’t lie to you: making a guy jealous is a delicate matter and to do it properly, you have to be well prepared for it (and that’s why I’m here for).

Especially if you have never done this, don’t worry because I am bringing you some of the most effective tactics to make your man wild with jealousy.

And in the end, you will be satisfied by playing your role in the best possible way. After reading these tips, you will be ready to act it so well that you could easily get an Oscar for best actress. So, let’s get to work!

Relationship experts reveal 10 magic tricks to make every man go crazy jealous. Here they are.

Go out with your friends

Guys feel very insecure when girls go out without them. There is that constant feeling another guy will hit on her and that she will be drunk enough to cheat.

So, if you want to make your man jealous, put on the sexiest dress that you have, apply some heavy make-up, and create a nice hairstyle.

When he sees that you are dressed to kill, he will lose his mind, and he won’t be able to stand that other guys will have a chance to see you like that.

It will turn him into a jealous monster, and he won’t be able to sleep until you come home. You see how a little bit of effort shakes his world, right?

Whenever he thinks about your girls night in the club, the first thing that will come to his mind is a lot of guys approaching you and asking for your numbers. In that kind of situation, it’s inevitable for you to talk to other guys.

And that realization alone is enough to make your guy eat himself alive.

What’s even better is to go out with male best friends. These are not the men you think about hooking up with or anything like that but your guy doesn’t have to know this, does he?

Instead, let him beat himself up about what you’re doing.

‘Accidentally’ touch another man

If you are sitting with your guy friends and your man, try to make him jealous by the way that you touch another man and laugh at his jokes all the time. Turn your flirty mode on and let him see it.

It will make your man feel possessive, but on the other hand, you will get what you want.

Guys are really sensitive when it comes to this. When something like this happens, they turn into wild beasts whose territory is endangered.

When someone touches their woman or she touches another man, they instantly get overly protective because they have the urge to eliminate all of the “enemies” around them.

Sadly, the majority of them become overly protective only when they are forced to, so ‘accidentally’ touching another man is a great way to get your man to be envious and make him think twice about mistreating you again.

If you do that, your guy will feel a little bit insecure, and it will make him think that other guys can get you just like he did.

Of course, the last thing you want is for you to make a huge mess out of all of this. It will be enough to be a little flirty but you can’t go any further than that. Don’t make out with a guy in front of him- that would be too much.

Otherwise, these two guys could get in an actual fight and that’s something you don’t want to deal with. Even though this kind of scenario might flatter you, this is not the movie and in real life, you’ll regret it.

Be mysterious

There is a saying that a woman without secrets is like a sky without stars. So in case you want to make your man jealous, be mysterious for some time, and see what his reaction will be.

I am sure that he will bottle up his emotions at first, but then he will explode after some time.

He won’t know why you are acting like that, and he will want to know if you are being mysterious because of another man in your life.

Your mysterious aura will make him see you as a femme fatale. It will make him question your intentions, but he will not ask you anything about it because he doesn’t want to appear jealous. Nice trick, right?

When a guy likes you, he’ll want to know every little thing about you. But giving your entire life on the silver platter might be the worst thing you can do.

Before you know it, he’ll get bored of you. Trust me: he’ll be more interested in you if you leave him wondering about your whereabouts?

So instead of letting him know your every step, intrigue him a bit. If you’re canceling plans at the last minute, don’t tell him that you can’t meet him tonight because your best friend is coming over.

Instead, just say that you forgot you had plans or that you have a guest over and just leave it at that.

When you go out without him, just tell him that you had a great time the next morning, without all the unnecessary details.

If we’re talking about your ex-boyfriend, the mystery should be your number one weapon. Even if you two engage in some kind of communication, don’t answer all of his questions.

Be secretive about whether you date others and what’s been going on in your life.

This behavior will make him think of you. He’ll wonder if you’ve moved on and just like that, you’ll remain stuck in his head forever.

Show him that you don’t need him

Guys really like to help their partners because when they do that, it makes them feel masculine and useful. But for a change, don’t ask your guy for any help.

Get a male friend to give you a hand instead; let him help you to move from one place to another, for example.

And when you finish with that, tell your man that you had a great time with your male friend in your new apartment.

I am sure that he will immediately have an image in his head of a sweaty and muscular guy helping you to move your furniture. That image will make him so jealous, and he will feel sorry for not offering you his help.

Show your man that you’re a strong woman. You don’t have to necessarily hide your emotions but make it clear that you won’t put up with everything just because you love him.

Let him know that you don’t need him- you want him. And it’s up to him whether he’ll deserve a place in your life or not.

Tell him that you have to work late

Your guy probably won’t mind if you don’t come home for dinner when you are working late, but he will definitely change his mind after you tell him that only you and a male co-worker were at the office together.

It will make him think of all those Hollywood movies where two co-workers stay alone in the office in the evening, and in the middle of the work, they start kissing each other.

After that, he will imagine that you and your co-worker had raw sex in the office and that his ‘enemy’ pleased you better than he does. He can never know for sure if this guy is in love with you.

That feeling will eat him alive, and he won’t calm down until he believes that you were just working.

The best part is that he can’t complain about it. A girl’s got to work, right?

You’ll see, his self-struggle will actually be kind of cute. The mere thought of you spending late office hours with a stunt of a male coworker will make him lose his nerves. But on the other hand, he’d look like a possessive lunatic if he complained about it.

Compliment his best male friend

Every relationship expert will tell you the same: men’s ego is the most fragile thing in the world. If you try to break it, it will hurt him more than breaking his heart.

Even though I’m not advising you to shatter his ego completely, I will teach you how to play with it in order to get what you want.

You don’t have to actually be in a committed relationship with a man for him to consider you “his”. This is especially true when it comes to his friends.

Even though you two are not an official couple, believe me, all of his friends know you’re off the table. When it comes to you, he is the alpha male and the only one who is “entitled” to you.

Well, it’s time to shake him a little bit. Let him worry about his position by complimenting his best friend.

You don’t have to anything specific- it’s like you’ll start making out with his BFF. You won’t cross the line but you’ll do enough to make your guy wonder.

If you give more attention to his best male friend or your guy best friend than to him, he will get extremely jealous.

He will want to know why you are acting like that and why he is not enough for you. But don’t bother trying to understand his feelings because he hasn’t done that for you.

Just continue with your mind games and give him a dose of the pain that he deserves.

It will make him think about you more and about what you bring to the table, and he won’t take you for granted anymore.

Talk about your ex

Every guy you meet will be jealous of the love life you had before him. Why is that so? Why do all men feel so threatened by their girl’s ex-boyfriends?

The logic behind this one is actually quite simple. Your guy can never know the details of your previous relationship.

Did you love your ex? Does he still love you? Do you still have feelings for him?

Is this guy better than him? Is he just a rebound? Will you ever love anyone the way you loved your ex?

He doesn’t have to admit it (and he probably never will) but each of these questions is keeping him up at night.

That’s why one of the surefire ways to make a guy jealous is talking about your ex. But, not just talking.

It’s more about speaking highly of your ex so that your guy gets instantly jealous and sweaty.

You see, guys like to compete. It’s in their blood to constantly keep finding ways to be better than other guys, to win more attention, to be praised for their achievements.

And after he hears such good things about your ex, he will see it as a dare to become better than him.

Make him compete for your attention

You’re a good girl and you want to do everything right. If you like a guy, you see no point in playing hard to get. Instead, you would rather tell him how you feel, without some childish mind games.

Sadly, in modern dating, things don’t work out that way. Whether you like it or not, you can’t give your entire self right away.

If you do, your kindness will backfire on you before you know it. Once a man sees that he can have you, he’ll start using your feelings against you.

He won’t appreciate your honesty- he’ll see it as a green light to take you for granted. As much as you fight it, a man who gets everything from you the easy way will eventually start playing with you.

He’ll get the impression that he can have whenever and however he wants and there won’t be anything for you to do to change that.

That is why you have to make him compete for your attention. Instead of giving him all of your love and respect just like that, let him earn them. That’s how he’ll respect and appreciate you more.

Do not answer his calls immediately. Do not text him back immediately. Do not talk to him immediately.

Make him compete for your attention in all the fields possible because that’s the only way to make him feel helpless and wonder what the hell is going on.

By doing that, he will be forced to roll up his sleeves and start winning you because he will not be able to accept the fact that something else or someone else is more important to you than him.

He will not be able to accept the fact that he has become an option.

Post your pictures on social media

It sucks but most of the time, social media seems almost like a third wheel in all relationships today. It’s all about who posted what, who liked whom, who watched whose story the first…

As pointless as it might seem, these are the rules and you’ll have to adjust. But if you’re smart, you’ll turn the tables in your favour.

If you’re figuring out how to make a guy jealous without even getting out of the bed, keep posting selfies of you having fun; going out; doing some crazy, interesting stuff; hanging out with other guys; etc. You don’t have to be doing all of this- I’m sure you have a bunch of old unposted photos you can put on your feed now.

When he sees it, he will lose his mind because he’s not a part of it.

Him not being a part of your awesome life will make him utterly jealous, and he will instantly focus only on your whereabouts and all the fun things that you’re doing with others when he’s not there.

It will make him fight hard to become a part of your exciting life.

This strategy has proven to be especially effective when it comes to getting your ex back. When he sees you having a great time without him, he’ll just lose it. No guy can stand seeing his ex-girlfriend leveling up without him.

If you want to go hardcore, it will be enough to post a selfie with another guy. Don’t write any captions or this guy’s name.

Just let your man wonder who is this new hot dude in your life. Is this your new boyfriend or just a guy friend he knows nothing about?

I guess he’ll have to do some digging to figure this out. Or he’ll have no other choice but to ask you directly. (If this happens, don’t give him any specific answers and be as mysterious as possible).

Either way, the point is the same: you’ll be stuck in his head. And that’s exactly what you wanted all along.

Look your best

Whatever you’re doing, the important thing is to look your best while you’re doing it. If you grieve over the loss of your ex-boyfriend, I know that you’re depressed, and dressing up is the last thing on your mind.

But that’s exactly what you must do if you’re wondering how to make a boy jealous. He has to see what he’s lost if you want to get some reaction.

Whether we admit it or not, the truth is that guys are visual creatures. I don’t care how much he loves you- the important thing is for him to drool every time he sees you.

This doesn’t only go for making your ex-boyfriend jealous- this is the tactic you should use when it comes to all men.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should reveal too much. Don’t dress too vulgarly but put focus on your attributes.

Be your best self

But always have in mind that looks are not everything. The point is to be the best possible version of yourself in order to make this guy crazy over you.

Instead of thinking about how you’ll date other guys (even though that’s not off the table either if you and your guy are not in a relationship), put yourself in the first place. I know that making this man jealous is your primary goal but that doesn’t mean that you’re allowed to disregard your own progress for the sake of achieving it.

Instead, use this period for some serious self-improvement. Educate yourself, get a new hobby, work on your interest and become the woman every man wants.

Once he realizes that you’re a high-quality woman and once he understands that he can’t afford to lose you forever, you’ll make this guy want you.

Besides, what’s even more important is that you’ll really become your best self, regardless of whether you get the guy or not! And at the end of the day, that’s what really counts.

How Do You Make A Guy Jealous Over Text?

Remember what we talked about social media and the role they have in every relationship? Well, it’s pretty much the same with text messages.

In fact, making a guy jealous over text is actually a piece of cake in comparison to doing it in person. This way, you have a lower risk of being blown.

You’re not looking at him directly in the eyes and he can never figure out if you’re lying or not.

You could be wearing your pajamas and crying yourself to sleep (because of him, to make the matter even worse) while texting your ex that you’re in the club, having the best time of your life.

Or you could be literally looking at your phone beeping without the intention of replying, while he is beating himself up, wondering what’s (or who is) keeping you from texting him back.

The choice is all yours- you just have to play your cards right and turn this entire texting game in your favour.

I know that all of this is a huge pain in the ass. You would rather skip these immature mind games and solve your issues like a grown-up.

But sadly, some people refuse to change until they get a taste of their own medicine. Don’t worry- you won’t have to keep with this charade for much longer.

Before you know it, he’ll fix his behavior and you won’t have to count the minutes (or hours) before your next reply ever again.

Ignore his texts and calls

Usually, when this man texts you, you send him a message back immediately. But he doesn’t reply in hours.

Even though you should do the same, you just can’t help it. You hit that reply button faster than ever just to end up waiting for his response for an entire eternity- again.

It’s about time to change that- that is, if you want results. The last thing you want this guy to think is that you’ve spent your entire day staring at your phone, praying to get his text.

(Well, the truth is that this is exactly what you’ve been doing but he doesn’t have to know it, does he?)

You see, he’ll keep on acting this way as long as you keep on replying as quick as a lighting. For a change, why wouldn’t you try playing his game? Not only that: why wouldn’t you show him that you can beat him in it?

When he texts you, don’t text him back immediately. The same goes for phone calls.

Show him that you won’t be available to him whenever he wants you. Show him that you have your own life and that you enjoy spending time with a small circle of people.

Also, if you really want to piss him off, let him see that you are online and that you are posting stuff on social media sites, but you are not reaching out to him. What more proof does he need that he’s not your number one priority?

This will be particularly effective if you two haven’t made anything official or if we’re talking about your ex. You’re not this man’s girlfriend and you’re in no obligation to text him back as soon as you get his message.

It will make him think twice about his behavior and acting all distant when he is with you. The bottom line here is that your mission will be completed!

Airplane mode

Believe me when I tell you that flight mode is one of the best things mobile companies invented. Like ever.

It doesn’t serve you to get your rest from all those annoying people in your textbook- it can also be a great tool for making a guy insanely jealous.

You’re in the middle of texting and things are starting to heat up. It’s the perfect moment to turn your phone off and disappear just like that.

He’ll try writing to you or even calling you but soon enough, he’ll realize that you don’t want to be disturbed. You didn’t tell him “good night” or something like that.

If it happens once, your guy will just assume that you’ve run out of battery. But if it keeps on happening, he’ll realize that something is off- just like your phone.

Are you trying to get rid of him? Are you going out with some other guy and don’t want him to see your texts? What the hell is going on?

It would be great if you could be off for an entire day or even for the whole weekend. Are you on a romantic getaway? Who knows.

I have to warn you: he’ll probably ask you what happened and that’s your moment to shine. Just give him a vague response or lie that you don’t remember.

He won’t buy it- of course. But that’s exactly what will make his suspicious grow even bigger.

Ask your friends to text you when you’re with him

This one is not exactly the response to the question of how to make a guy jealous over text because it requires you two to be physically next to each other. Nevertheless, it does include text messages.

When you’re with your guy, ask your friends to blow up your phone. If necessary, change your girl friend’s name and contact photo.

At first, you’ll make sure that your phone screen is directed to him so he can clearly see that a man is writing to you. You’ll just look at your phone and put it away or write a short reply.

The trick is not to comment on the text you just got. Ignore it and act as nothing happened and he’ll be sure that you’re hiding something.

From that moment on, put your phone with the screen facing down but don’t turn the sound off. Again, you’re clearly doing your best to hide something. At the same time, your friends will keep on blowing your phone!

Voila, there you have it- an insanely jealous man!

Never double text him

One of the most important texting rules: matter what happens, never double or triple text a guy. That alone makes you look overly interested and needy.

I don’t care if there is something you’ve been dying to tell him- it can wait until you get a text back.

Also, don’t write paragraph-long messages, especially if he’s replying with one-word texts (or what’s even worse- with an emoji).

Never be the one who is trying harder. Don’t be the one who is investing more of her time, effort or even words.

Always let him think that there is something (or someone) more interesting you’d be doing right now. That’s the way to keep any guy hooked!

Send him the “wrong” text message

Have you ever accidentally sent a guy a text which was originally aimed at your friend? Maybe you were talking about some other men which made the situation super awkward.

Well, this time, you’ll do it on purpose. Of course, in the end, you’ll apologize and tell him that you made a huge mistake.

Imagine that you’re talking to your best friend. You two could be gossiping about your celebrity crush, commenting on your ex or on that cute guy you have a crush on.

You’d probably write something like:

Oh my God, did you see Josh checking me out today?


Do you really think I should go back together with him? I believe that he loves me and I kind of still have feelings for him!

The options are endless but you get the point: this is the kind of a text your guy should get. The moment you see that he’s read it, just write something like:

OMG, how awkward, you shouldn’t have gotten that!


Yikes, sorry, hope you didn’t read it- it was for my BFF.

Of course, there doesn’t exist any Josh nor your ex wants to get back together. But I assure you that you put a worm of doubt.

To Wrap Up:

I’ll be dead honest with you: you wouldn’t wonder how to make a guy jealous if you were in a healthy relationship. But desperate times seek desperate measures.

There is no need to do any of these things if you’re in a committed relationship that’s been going great. Please, don’t use any of this relationship advice for making your boyfriend jealous just to blow your ego because that is the road to hell.

But for now, this is the only way to go.

I promise you one thing: jealousy will shake your man up. He’ll realize that you have no intention of spending the rest of your life waiting for him to get to his senses.

Once he understands that he could lose you in a blink of an eye, he’ll do everything to prevent that from happening.

And one last piece of advice: never, in a million years, should you admit that you were trying to make him jealous. I don’t care if you two end up riding into the sunshine together, growing old next to each other and getting your happily ever after.

No matter what happens, you do not tell the truth- not even on your deathbed. It won’t be funny or cute; it will just make you lose your credibility and your guy will start seeing you as a lunatic.

And you don’t want that to happen, do you? Not after putting all of this effort and finally having him right where you wanted him all along!