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How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous In 30 Clever Ways

How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous In 30 Clever Ways

When you’re trying to figure out how to make your boyfriend jealous, you must do it the smart way. Every woman knows how to hurt a guy’s ego and make him fall head over heels for her for a moment.

But, that’s not the point. You have to learn how to use a controlled amount of jealousy to keep him addicted to you forever.

And, that’s exactly what I’m about to teach you.

How To Make Your Boyfriend Jealous? 26 Tactics

Use these 26 tactics and make him lose his mind over you.

1. Become your best self

I’ll start with the hardest part and spill you the truth: you won’t succeed in making him jealous in the long run if you don’t engage in some serious self-improvement.

Trust me, you turning into the best version of yourself will hurt him the most. This will show him that you don’t actually need him you chose to give him a place in your life.

And, just like that, he’ll start fighting for that place. The moment you see your true worth, he’ll fall in love with you even more. And, that’s when he’ll get scared of losing you.

Put yourself first. Get a new hobby, start going out with friends, dress up more, and I promise that you’ll awaken a green-eyed monster called jealousy in your BF.

2. Dress to impress

The truth is that looks aren’t everything. But, if you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous, your appearance is a good place to start.

Every relationship expert will tell you to always look your best.

Put your make-up on as soon as you get out of bed, be dressed for the occasion, don’t forget to shower regularly, take care of your mouth hygiene, wear perfume, and take care of your hair.

We’re talking about a man here. If he is turned on by the way you look, he knows other guys will be, too. Just like that – he’ll be threatened every time you leave the house.

3. Remember your ex-boyfriend

The last thing your boyfriend wants to hear are your stories about your ex. Therefore, if you want to make him jealous, mention your past love life every now and then.

Make sure you reminisce about a beautiful memory with your ex. Casually mention him and smile as if you like what you’re remembering.

Before you know it, he’ll start wondering if you’ve gotten over this ex-boyfriend. Is he just a rebound? Would you go back to this guy if you had the chance to?

4. Ignore him to get his attention

If you really want to get a guy’s undivided attention, sadly, you’ll have to engage in some toxic mind games. For starters, remember this: It’s in human nature to chase the ones they think they’re about to lose.

So, here is some great relationship advice: ignore your man to make him jealous and to make him love you even more.

Why are you like this? Are you spending time with some new guy? Have you started dating other men? I guess he’ll never know.

5. Flirt with another guy in front of him

Be extra nice with other guys when you’re out with your boyfriend. If there are no men around, start flirting with the waiter. Be friendly and smile every time he passes by.

If you’re too embarrassed to do this, just pretend that you’re checking a guy out. Stare somewhere behind your boyfriend, and I’m sure he’ll turn around to see who you’re making eye contact with. Of course, he can’t be sure who it is.

6. Use social media to your advantage

Using your social media accounts right means making your BF jealous with minimum effort.

Even if you don’t plan on going out; he doesn’t have to know that.

Dress up and post your hot smoking selfie with an intriguing caption, as if you’re ready for a night out. Don’t stop there; continue by responding to all the flirty comments while ignoring his messages.

Set up your profile visibility to “public” and accept all male friend requests. Watch him suffer in agony trying to figure out who all these new guys are in your life.

If you want to take things to a new level, just post a picture with a guy he doesn’t know. Ask your male coworker or a friend to “lend” you their body part that you will “accidentally” catch while making a selfie.

7. Find a new guy best friend

You can’t make your boyfriend jealous of someone he already knows. If he has met your guy friends and knows you see them as brothers, those friendships can’t help you.

But, what you can do is start hanging out with a male coworker or reconnect with your childhood male friend.

Start spending time with him and have him call you whenever you’re with your BF. Ask your guy friend to comment and like all of your posts on social media, and don’t forget to post pictures with him.

I promise you: your boyfriend will feel threatened in no time.

8. Mention another guy hitting on you

I don’t care if you’re in a healthy or toxic relationship: your boyfriend must be aware that you’re still wanted. You can never allow him to forget your qualities, and you must remind him that there are tons of men waiting in line to be with you.

Nothing will make your guy jealous than the fact that other men are hitting on you. If this doesn’t happen in front of him, just casually mention that somebody complimented you on your way to work, or that a cute waiter asked for your number.

You’ll even emphasize that you turned them down. But, it seems that you can’t get rid of all those suitors as much as you try to.

9. Don’t respond to his attempts to make you jealous

Romantic jealousy works both ways. While you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous, he’s probably doing the same thing. He wants to get even and turn the tables in his favor.

You mustn’t allow him to succeed. Don’t respond to his attempts to make you jealous no matter what.

You’re not threatened by any other girl out there, and you don’t mind when he’s having a fun time with someone besides you.

You’re so focused on your own life that you won’t notice if he breaks up with you!

10. Have a girls night

Dress up, put your favorite perfume on, go to the hairdresser, and head out to the club with your girlfriends. Of course, he is not invited.

Send him a cute selfie with an interesting caption, and turn off your phone. Let him think if there are guys approaching you, and if you’re flirting with someone else.

And, if you want to make him go really insane, don’t text him when you get home. Turn your phone on tomorrow when you wake up, and tell him what a fun time you had last night.

11. Start buying yourself gifts

Your boyfriend doesn’t surprise you with little things anymore? He doesn’t buy you gifts? Well, why wouldn’t a secret admirer do the work for him?

No, you don’t have to actually find someone to do all those things. You’ll become your own secret admirer. Yes, you heard me right.

Just buy yourself something new and act all mysterious when your BF asks you where you got it.

If you want to really spice things up – send yourself flowers, chocolate, or balloons. Don’t write a card; just send the delivery to your home address. Make sure it gets there when he’s home as well.

Be prepared because he’ll ask you who it is from. Act clueless, and pretend to be as surprised as he is.

12. Change your makeup and hairstyle

It’s a well-known fact that people tend to change their style when they fall in or out of love. You know it yourself – when you meet someone new who you want to impress, you begin taking extra care of your appearance.

Well, luckily, your BF knows this as well. Therefore, it’ll be suspicious when you change your entire wardrobe, get yourself a couple of new perfumes, dye or cut your hair, and start putting on makeup differently.

13. Never contact him first

If you’re wondering how to make your boyfriend jealous, don’t call him out on dates, don’t suggest any activities together, and don’t check up on him. Basically, don’t contact him unless he does it first.

That will make him think if you’re giving your attention to some other guy. Trust me, he’ll start reaching out more and more.

14. Ask others to praise you

Does your boyfriend need a reminder that he hit the jackpot when he met you? In that case, the best way to make this guy jealous is to make people compliment you in front of him.

Ask your friends to tell you that you’re incredibly attractive. Tell them to laugh at your jokes and praise your intelligence.

Once your man hears all of this, he’ll know other guys see you this way as well. He’ll remember that you’re a catch, and that he can’t afford to lose you.

15. Laugh at his friends’ jokes

The best way to make your guy jealous is by making him threatened by his friends. No, you don’t have to actually hook up with his best friend – that would really be too much.

It will be enough to check them out and to laugh at their lame jokes. Trust me men are super sensitive when it comes to their sense of humor.

So, if your BF sees that his friend can make you laugh, he’ll get furious and his green-eyed monster called jealousy will eat him alive!

16. Praise other men in front of him

Now is the time to compliment men in his presence. No, you don’t have to say that you like another guy. It will be enough to talk about him with special admiration.

And, you know what would be the best? To praise the personality traits you know your boyfriend doesn’t have.

For example, you’ve criticized him for not being more ambitious in the past. Now is the time to admire your new male co-worker who is allegedly making incredible career progress.

17. Cancel plans

This is quite rude, but canceling plans at the last minute really does the trick. When your boyfriend asks you out the next time, agree on meeting him and then just cancel a few hours beforehand.

Give him a vague excuse or just tell him that suddenly, you’re not in the mood to go out.

After that, just disappear mysteriously. Don’t be online on any social app, and don’t respond to his calls or text messages.

If you do this a couple of times, he’ll start suspecting that you’re dating another guy.

18. Hide your phone

If you don’t have anything to hide, you have no problem with leaving your phone out in the open. But, when you’re scared that you’ll get a text or a call from another guy, you’ll carry it with you to the toilet.

Well, that’s exactly how you should behave as if you have something (or, to be exact, someone) to hide. Change your passwords, lock your screen, and never leave your phone unattended.

When you’re out, always keep your phone’s screen facing downwards. Trust me – that will leave him wondering.

And, if you want to spice things up, ask your friends to blow up your phone whenever you’re with him.

19. Get a celebrity crush

This one might sound childish, but trust me, most men have such a fragile ego that they couldn’t stand their girlfriend talking about another guy, even if that guy is completely unattainable.

If you want to keep things light but still check how jealousy works in your boyfriend, start obsessing over a celebrity crush.

20. Get your friends to make him jealous

Your best friends are your allies on this one! If you don’t want to be too obvious, they can do the dirty work for you.

For example, make them tell you that a hot guy is checking you out; of course, in front of your boyfriend.

Ask them to text you or to send you flowers. Make them tell stories about your ex-boyfriend and the way he was crazy about you.

And, here is the best idea ever: tell him that you’re spending the night at your friend’s, but turn off your phone. If everything goes as planned, he’ll call her.

And, what will she tell him? Well, that you’re not there and that she has no idea what’s going on.

21. Let him catch you lying

Even when you’re telling the truth about where you’ve been last night, act as if you were lying. Display the body signs of a liar: look away, be nervous, and play with your hair.

Also, make sure your stories don’t add up. Let him catch you lying, and sit back and relax while he tries to find the real truth.

22. Don’t be so available

One of the ways to make your man want you more is by showing him that he can lose you anytime. If a man sees that you’re always there, he’ll start taking you for granted.

But, if you stop being so available and stop running to him every time he calls, he’ll start to wonder if there’s another guy getting your attention. Where did you redirect the energy you’ve been giving to him?

23. Act emotionally detached

Emotional affairs hurt more than physical ones. So, if you really want to break this guy’s heart, don’t make him think you’re dating someone else – let him believe that you’re in love with another man.

Act emotionally detached. Act like you couldn’t care less about your relationship because your mind and heart are somewhere else.

24. Don’t include him in your future plans

What’s a better way to show a guy that he’s just a stop along the way than making future plans without him? If you keep saying “I” instead of “we” when talking about the future, your boyfriend will wonder if you picture another guy next to you.

Are you with him just because he’s convenient? Do you plan on getting rid of him any time soon?

25. Leave your phone out in the open

You know how I told you to hide your phone? Well, you can either do that or you can leave it somewhere where your boyfriend can see it.

You can either go to the toilet and start texting yourself at that exact time or you can agree with your friend to do it for you. Either way, he must see some suspicious activity on your phone if you want to make him jealous.

26. Act mysteriously

Finally, act as mysterious as possible. Don’t talk about your plans or how you spent the day. Instead of giving clear answers, change the subject when he asks you about your whereabouts.

This will challenge him to think about you. He has no proof that you’re being unfaithful, but something simply doesn’t add up.

Before you know it, he will start to overthink your every move. But, he can’t find anything because there is nothing to find.

Just like that, he goes crazy about you without even realizing it.

How can I make my boyfriend jealous over text? 4 Ways To Do It

Here are the most efficient ways to make your guy jealous without even seeing him in person. Use these texting techniques to get his attention!

1. Ignore his texts and calls

This is especially effective if you’ve been replying to his text messages and phone calls right away up until now. But, all of a sudden, things changed: you’ve started ignoring him.

It’s obvious that he’s no longer your priority. Did another guy take his place?

When he asks you about it, you just tell him that you didn’t see his texts. At the same time, spend all of your time on your phone when he’s around.

That will show him that you’re always on your phone, so it’s impossible that you missed his calls and texts – you just didn’t find them important enough.

2. Stop replying out of the blue

Everything is going great. You two are texting for hours, the sexual chemistry is amazing, and then boom – you stop replying. You don’t say goodbye, and nothing points to your disappearance.

Don’t get back to him before tomorrow no matter how hard he tries to contact you. And, when you do, just casually apologize and tell him that you fell asleep or had an errand to finish.

3. Reply with one-word texts

Just send an emoji back, especially when he sends you an essay-long paragraph. This is especially efficient when you two are arguing.

Show him that you don’t plan on wasting your precious energy on him. Someone is clearly more important than him, and it’s up to him to figure out who that might be.

4. Send him the “wrong” text

The best for the end! If you’re really badass, you’ll “accidentally” send your boyfriend the wrong text.

For example, you can text him something like: “I had a great time last night. When are we doing it again”, even though you haven’t seen him in a few days.

Or, “Good night, honey. Love you, too. Looking forward to our breakfast together”, even though you don’t have plans for breakfast, and he didn’t tell you he loved you.

Just send: “Oops, sorry, wrong text” a few minutes after. When he confronts you about it, tell him that you wanted to text your BFF or give him some other vague excuse he won’t buy.

To Wrap Up:

Every relationship coach will tell you the same: you wouldn’t wonder how to make your boyfriend jealous if you had a healthy relationship. But, things aren’t always as perfect as we want them to be.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that using these techniques in the long run will turn your romance into a toxic relationship. Please, don’t turn them into your usual dating patterns.

However, if you think that your boyfriend just needs a little push to start treating you better – these tactics work like a charm. He’ll realize he could easily lose you, you’ll get the validation you needed in the first place, and your relationship will be better than ever.