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15 Traits Taurus Woman Likes And Dislikes In A Potential Partner

15 Traits Taurus Woman Likes And Dislikes In A Potential Partner

Dating a Taurus girl is challenging if you don’t know what you’re doing. But, those who discover what a Taurus woman likes and dislikes in a man can knock her off her feet in the blink of an eye.

That’s why I’m here: to help you with all the tips and tricks on how to seduce a Taurus woman and how to get inside her heart and mind. Not only that – you’ll also find out more about her personality traits and compatibility with other zodiac signs – all in one place!

10 Things A Taurus Woman Looks For In A Man

It may look as if she is easy-going and relaxed, but trust me, meeting the Taurus lady’s standards is not a piece of cake. Here are the 10 things she looks for in a man.

1. Trust.

The way to the Taurus female is through earning her trust. You can be the biggest stunt in the world, but this girl will never fall in love with a man she can’t trust.

If she estimates that her potential boyfriend won’t be trustworthy in the future, he’s out of the picture right away.

The last thing she plans on doing is checking his every move in the future to see if he is hiding something from her. She is not the jealous type, and she won’t waste her energy on running after him to see if he’s telling the truth.

Besides, she wants a partner whom she can share her deepest thoughts and darkest secrets with without being scared that he’ll betray her at the first sign of trouble. She wants someone she can trust her life with if it were needed.

2. Stability.

The last thing she wants or needs is an unstable romantic relationship that leads nowhere.

The truth is that nobody can guarantee how long her romance will last. But, she loves living without any unnecessary or unpleasant surprises.

A Taurus girl likes standing with both feet firmly on the ground, and she looks for a compatible man.

I’m talking about consistent guys who stick to their decisions. I’m talking about guys who keep their promises, and whose decisions are always well-thought-of.

Some may say that dating these men is kind of boring because they’re too predictable. Well, this is exactly what women belonging to the Taurus horoscope sign look for.

3. Responsibility.

There is actually something more important than that: her boyfriend’s ability to take responsibility for his life. It’s all about his willingness to own up to his poor choices instead of running away from them.

Look, we all make mistakes every now and then. Therefore, this girl isn’t looking for the perfect match – she just wants someone who has no trouble admitting he’s wrong, and eventually doing everything in his power to fix it.

4. Taking care of her.

If you’re wondering what a Taurus woman likes and dislikes in men, there is another thing to pay attention to. This girl will go crazy for a guy who shows her that he’ll take care of her and her well-being.

Strong women need even stronger men

Don’t get me wrong – this doesn’t mean she needs a man to tell her what to do. She’s definitely not some weak girl who needs a guy’s hand to guide her through life.

On the contrary, she is quite strong. But, what she wants is a man who’ll allow her to be fragile if necessary.

She needs someone even stronger than her… a guy who’ll have no trouble putting her and her needs first.

No, she’s not spoiled. In fact, she probably won’t ask him for much. But, she hopes of getting his attention without having to beg for it.

A Taurus girl is into little things. She appreciates small tokens of attention and proofs of love.

5. An old fashioned gentleman.

This can’t be stated enough: a woman with a Taurus horoscope sign isn’t interested in modern dating practices. She’ll never be fascinated by a player who juggles between her and a couple of other girls.

She falls for good manners. Even though she’ll probably never say it, deep down, she dreams of a fairytale-like romance similar to those she saw in the movies.

And, who can give this to her? Well, nobody but a perfect gentleman.

6. Physical beauty.

If someone asked you about the most shallow horoscope sign, you’ll probably say it’s a Libra. If you’re not that much into astrology, you’ll never guess that the earth sign, Taurus, is so superficial to pay attention to someone’s physical appearance.

Nevertheless, let’s not forget that this zodiac sign is ruled by Venus. Yes, Venus is the planet of love, but it’s also a planet of beauty.

If you have this in mind, then a Taurus’ obsession with good looks shouldn’t come to you as a surprise.

I’ll be dead honest with you: She doesn’t only pay attention to her potential partner’s physical appearance – it’s actually a very important factor for her choice of men.

But, please don’t judge her. This girl is a human being who has her own preferences.

7. Honesty.

Taurean women value honesty over everything. You can be the best boyfriend in the world, but if she catches you lying just once, you’re out – no questions asked or explanation given.

Among other things, women with their Sun sign in Taurus are always dead honest no matter what happens. That’s why this girl expects the same thing from her partner.

The guy who loves her will always tell the truth, even if it’s hard or unpleasant. He has to understand that even a white lie is never an option.

A Taurus woman is a tough girl. She can take whatever she hears as long as she’s not being deceived.

Besides, she’ll always find out what really happened, and when she does, hell will break loose.

8. Ambition.

Ever since she was a little girl, a Taurean woman has striven for greatness. This continues today.

She stays away from the average, and invests a lot of hard work, time, energy, and money into self-improvement.

I don’t care how amazing her job is, this girl shoots for the stars, and she always has in mind that she can do better.

Besides, she has no other choice but to work hard to afford her lavish lifestyle. This woman is obsessed with money and luxury. She loves expensive clothes, good food, and fancy jewelry, and she’s used to earning money for all of her desires.

That’s why she wants an equally ambitious boyfriend. She doesn’t want a guy who won’t be able to follow her pace. Instead, she dreams of a man who knows that hard work is the only way to success.

Even though many will accuse her of being too materialistic, I’ll tell you a little secret. She is not that into money – she is more interested in a guy’s ambitions.

She could fall for a college student who has zero dollars in his bank account right now. Why is that so?

Because she recognizes herself in him. She sees that he wants to make something of his life, and that he’s trying hard to become better. That’s all that matters to this girl.

The last thing she wants is a guy who is trapped in some shitty job and isn’t doing anything about it because he lacks ambition. She’ll always say “no” to the men stuck in their comfort zone without having the courage to improve themselves.

9. Affection.

You might assume that the Taurus zodiac sign is only tough. Well, let me tell you a little secret: they’re like this from the outside only. If you dig a little deeper, you’ll see how sensitive they actually are.

The trick is that they don’t open up or show their vulnerable side so easily to just anyone. But, they’re definitely looking for a guy who’ll make them feel safe enough to do so.

A Taurus woman is a big fan of affection. She is into the whole package: kissing, holding hands, hugging, making out, cuddling, spooning… of course, she enjoys under-the-sheet activities with her boyfriend as well.


Another important thing for her is public displays of affection. No, she won’t be all over her man in the middle of a crowded room.

But, she wants to make sure her boyfriend is proud of having her. She doesn’t need a boy who is embarrassed to take her hand in public or someone who hides her from his friends.

10. Romance.

Finally, a Taurus woman is a huge fan of romance. Yes, I mean cheesy, pathetic movies kind of romance. This is an unexpected turn in her character, I know.

If a guy she’s seeing wants to step their relationship up to the next level, throwing a huge romantic gesture is probably the best way to do it.

She adores getting flowers (especially red roses that symbolize love), and candlelight dinners knock her off her feet.

According to her, these romantic gestures are what keep the butterflies in her tummy alive. Writing her an emotional love poem or a cute Valentine’s day card is a way to keep this girl hooked forever.

Gestures to impress her

If a guy wants to really impress her, he must be polite and respectful before anything else. You know how I told you this girl is into little things?

Well, holding doors and buying her flowers are exactly the kind of gestures I was talking about. Kissing her hand and walking her to her doorstep will sweep her off her feet.

A guy she falls in love with has to be kind to elderly people and children. He has to treat all women, especially her, like real ladies.

He has to be nice to the waiting staff, he should have a decent vocabulary, and he should dress for his age. I’m not saying that she could never fall for a guy in sweats, but the truth is that she prefers gentlemen in suits.

This girl wants to feel like a real-life Princess next to her boyfriend. She wants to show him off proudly instead of being embarrassed by the way he looks, walks, talks, and behaves.

So, if any guy out there needs a tutorial on how to win a Taurus woman over, it’ll be enough for him to check out a couple of old, black and white movies.

You know how the men in these movies behave and how they treat their better halves? Well, that’s exactly how this girl expects and deserves to be treated.

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Where to take her out?

Let’s not forget that a Taurus woman is an Earth sign. This means she is very much in touch with nature, so taking her on a walk or on a picnic is an amazing date idea.

Nevertheless, it’s always better to keep things as simple as possible with her. Have in mind that she’s not much into adventures. Don’t suggest something like hiking or skydiving – that would probably be too much for her.

Also, this is a woman of good taste. If you really want to impress her, take her out somewhere expensive – at least for the first date.

5 Relationship Deal-breakers For A Taurus Woman

What are the things she would never tolerate? What does she see as red flags right from the start?

1. An immature boy.

A Taurus woman finds immature boys completely unattractive. Beware that she’s not looking for a baby to raise – she is looking for a real man to share life with.

She is not there to teach her boyfriend how to behave, how to earn money, and especially how to treat her. She doesn’t need a project to work on – she wants a finished product that has the capacity to be her partner.

If she sees that a guy she’s dating tries to play games, doesn’t know what he wants, or needs her guidance – he’s out of the picture right away.

Emotionally immature

Also, she despises men who aren’t emotionally mature. She is turned off by guys who have trouble processing their emotions or owning up to their mistakes.

No, she’s not looking for an overly sensitive man either. Nevertheless, if he cannot talk about his feelings and if he runs away from them all the time, she will show him the door out of her life.

This girl doesn’t plan on teaching anyone how to love her.

2. Unpredictability.

You already know that a Taurus lady is all about stability. Sometimes, she is similar to a Virgo woman who has her entire life planned ahead.

That’s why she can’t stand unpredictable and unreliable guys. Some girls don’t mind not knowing where they stand. Actually, they find it exciting.

But, this one is different. She would never tolerate a guy who loves her one day and then disappears the next day.

She doesn’t find the chase thrilling. She wants to know that she’s always loved and respected with the same intensity without any negative surprises.

The same goes with counting on her boyfriend. This girl is a fixed sign, and she has to know that her man is always there when she needs him.

3. Too extroverted.

Calling the Taurus female an introvert would be too much, but she’s definitely a homebody. And, she likes her boyfriend to be that way, too.

She’ll always prefer a guy who likes to spend time reading a good book or playing chess over the one whose priority is to socialize or go clubbing.

She doesn’t like guys who crave the spotlight. She is not into attention-seekers who ask for society’s approval.

The way to seduce a Taurus woman is through mystery. If she’s at a party, she’ll always be more interested in that quiet guy sitting alone in the back of the room over the one dancing in the middle of the dancefloor expecting everyone else to admire him.

4. Infidelity.

Being faithful is mandatory in every romantic relationship. Nevertheless, a Taurus woman finds fidelity extra important.

She doesn’t tolerate flirting, online dating apps, texting, or even checking out other girls. If a man even thinks of cheating on her, she’s not giving him another chance to repeat his mistake. Instead, he’s out of her life for good.

Is she acting like this because she’s overly jealous? Does she deal with insecurities? The answer to both questions is one big, fat no.

A Taurus woman has a lot of self-respect. She knows what she wants and how much she deserves.

Letting her man make a fool out of her and diminishing her worth is the last thing she plans on doing.

Of course, she is completely faithful in every relationship she gets into. From the moment she upgrades her romance to the next level and makes things official, all other men besides her boyfriend cease to exist.

5. Ego-maniac.

For a Taurus woman, being in a relationship means being a part of the team. I’m not saying that she won’t allow her boyfriend to keep his individuality or to have a life outside of their romance.

The thing is that the relationship’s well-being always comes first. She knows very well that she could never be happy with a selfish ego-maniac who prioritizes himself without ever taking her needs into consideration.

That’s exactly why she cuts these types of guys right away. If she goes on a date with a man who keeps on blabbing about himself and gives her life zero attention, she sees it as a red flag and moves on.

Taurus Woman Compatibility With Other Horoscope Signs

Who are the men she could be interested in? And, who are those she will probably never match with? Let’s check out the Taurus lady’s compatibility with other zodiac signs.

Compatible with: Libra, Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Virgo

Non-compatible with: Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces

To Wrap Up:

It might seem that the Taurus lady has high standards and a lot of deal-breakers. But, let me tell you one thing: she is just a girl who respects herself and knows her worth.

Actually, there is a lot that every girl can learn from a Taurus woman. The truth is that she asks for a lot, but I promise you that she offers even more in return.

Now that you’ve learned everything about a Taurus woman’s likes and dislikes, and her compatibility with other signs, here is a chance to learn more about the Taurus zodiac sign in general. This is a sneak peek into all the signs a Taurus man likes you.