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How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure In 15 Effective Ways

How To Make Him Commit Without Pressure In 15 Effective Ways

At some point in our lives, we’ve all been with a guy who has commitment issues. In that situation, it’s natural for you to wonder how to make him commit without pressure.

You want to know where you stand with this indecisive man and you’re sick and tired of childish games.

You are eager to find out if you two have a future and whether he has the potential to become devoted to your relationship.

On the other hand, the last thing you want is for a man to think: “She is desperate for love”. You don’t want to force a relationship and demand commitment that he is clearly not ready for.

So, how do you achieve the balance? How do you get what you want without pushing the guy of your dreams too hard? How do you make him commit without pressure?

Luckily, you’re not the first or the last woman going through the same dilemmas.

Well, for all of you out there who are trying to figure out how to make him commit without pressure, here are all the answers you need.

How To Make A Man Commit Without Pressure In 15 Proven Ways

If you want him to stop running, you have to stop chasing.

When you’re hooked up on a guy, your first instinct is to go after him, especially if he won’t commit, but won’t let go either . You put all of your power into making him yours, one way or another.

The truth is that it’s easy to lose yourself in this game. Before you know it, you’re chasing after a guy who is clearly running for his life in a completely different direction.

And, the worst part is that you’re doing so without even being aware of it. It all starts so innocently.

You text him, he doesn’t respond. Well, my pride can’t be more important than the love I feel for him, you think to yourself.

So, you double and triple text him. The next thing you know, you show up unannounced at his work carrying lunch.

You initiate most of the contact while he clearly couldn’t care less if you’re next to him or not.

Okay, you don’t have to be doing exactly this, but you know where I’m going.

In a blink of an eye, you turn into a stalker whose only goal in life is to figure out how to make a man commit without pressure.

But, ironically, you’re putting pressure on him all along.

Consequently, you get a counterproductive effect. He feels that you want to tie him up, so he does everything in his power to run away.

This is actually a common human reaction to this kind of behavior. I hate to break it to you, but if you continue doing this, this guy will think of you as some kind of lunatic he needs to save himself from ASAP.

Use reverse psychology

If you want a man to stop running away from you, you shouldn’t go after him faster. Instead, you must stop chasing him.

Yes, you heard it right. I’m not saying that you should disappear from his life for good and go completely “no contact”.

I’m just asking you to lay back down a little. For a change, let him come to you. Turn the tables in your favor by using reverse psychology.

Look, I won’t lie to you. I can’t give you a warranty that he’ll start running after you the moment you try this tactic. But, hey, what exactly do you have to lose?

Either way, at least you’ll know where you stand. If he doesn’t begin chasing you now, he never will, and he’s not the guy for you.

A woman written in mystery is worth a curiosity trip.

In many things, men and women are different. Nevertheless, there are also some aspects that we’re pretty much the same about.

One of them is curiosity. If you want a man to be interested in you, you can’t give him everything right away.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not here to convince you to play hard to get. This is childish and completely unnecessary.

Instead, have in mind that there is absolutely nothing wrong with showing that you know what you want and that you’re not afraid to get it.

So, when I talk about curiosity, I’m not talking about making a guy wonder whether you like him at all or not.

I’m advising you not to show him everything you have to offer right away. Let’s be real: if you get all the toys you want in a blink of an eye, they stop being interesting soon enough.

Instead of being so open about all of your qualities and flaws, try being a little bit secretive. Let him wonder who you really are and if there is something else to discover about you.

Every man enjoys uncovering your personality layer by layer. This is the only way to intrigue him and not let him get bored with you.

But, just because you got his attention doesn’t mean that he will commit to you, does it? Well, that’s the trick of this step.

How does being mysterious help you?

You see, by being mysterious, you’re dragging this man deeper and deeper into your relationship.

He doesn’t have time to think about where this is going nor does he feel pressured into labeling your romance as a committed relationship.

Instead, he is very focused on meeting the real you.

He wants to be the only man in the world who has the capacity to get to the bottom of your personality… the only one who had the privilege to spend time with the magnificent individual you actually are.

Well, this is a process that takes time, doesn’t it? Therefore, in a finger snap, you two will be in a longterm relationship.

He’ll act like a little boy whose toy is right in front of his nose, but he can’t have it just yet. Before he knows it, you’ll drive him wild.

Voila, now he comes to you with the idea of commitment. He likes what he has discovered, and he is fully devoted to your romance.

You’re not here to fit into his world – you’re here to make your own.

One of the first mistakes all women make while wondering how to make him commit without pressure is throwing away their entire personality for a man’s sake.

I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. In fact, we’ve all probably been guilty of this felony before.

That’s right: I’m talking about women who suddenly stop being everything else besides someone’s girlfriend. They think that this is the best way to keep a man around.

It’s like these girls cease to exist. They’re no longer women, daughters, sisters, or career women… their only role in life becomes that of a guy’s romantic partner.

If you’re one of these girls, you have disregarded everything in your life in the attempt to fit into your BF’s world. You adapt your time and all your needs to this man.

Even though you’ve never been a people-pleaser, that’s exactly how you’ve been acting lately. You’re always at this man’s service, and you have forgotten about your friends, co-workers, and hobbies.

You have no interests outside of your relationship. All of your social media profiles revolve around your relationship, and it’s like your only goal is for the entire world to know that you have a happy love life.

If your BF is a football fan, suddenly you become one. You start listening to the music he listens to, you adopt his taste in food and movies, and before you know it, you lose yourself completely.

He doesn’t want a clone – he wants a partner

Without even being aware of it, you’ve become nothing but this man’s copy. You’ve actually stolen his personality and nobody likes that.

Look, I’m not here to judge you. Losing your identity when you fall in love happens more often than you think.

Nevertheless, I have to warn you that this is the journey to losing your man as well. He doesn’t need you nodding your head at everything he says.

He won’t go crazy for you if you’re constantly available. He won’t fall madly in love with a woman who has no life of her own.

Theoretically, this might be something that all men want, but in practice, things are different.

What you have to do is show him that you two are equal. Basically, he has to see that you’ll keep on living your life with or without him, and that’s what will make him chase you.

Being desperate for love is not attractive.

The horrible truth nobody told you anything about is that men smell desperation, and it makes them puke.

Look, there is nothing wrong with craving love. After all, you’re not a robot, but a human being made of flesh and blood.

Therefore, it’s completely natural that you feel the need to love and be loved. Whether we like to admit it or not, we all secretly wish for a romantic connection.

Who wouldn’t be happy to meet their lover soulmate and perfect match? Nevertheless, there is a huge difference between wanting true love and being desperate for it.

In the latter case, your desperation becomes your number one priority. You can have everything else sorted out perfectly, but if you don’t have a boyfriend, you feel like a failure.

Wanting a relationship vs. wanting him

Basically, you’re ready to do whatever it takes just to get into a steady relationship. Maybe, most of your friends have boyfriends or have even gotten married.

Maybe, you’re tired of your single life and want to finally have your personal plus one. Maybe, you think it’s time to settle down, and you can’t handle your family pressuring you about finding the one.

Either way, in this case, you don’t want this man in particular.

You want a man and this guy just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Or, should I say, in the wrong place at the wrong time?

The bottom line is that you have to ask yourself if this man is just convenient.

Are you so desperate to find love that you don’t actually have such strong feelings for him: you just see him as the perfect candidate to chase away all of your problems.

You might think that you’re excellent at hiding your true intentions, but trust me – every guy will see right through them.

He will realize that you’re obsessed with the idea of having a serious relationship with anyone, and that is not attractive.

Wanting him vs. needing him

On the other hand, if you want to make a man commit, you have to make sure he understands that you don’t NEED him. Instead, you consciously choose him to be in your life.

Actually, you don’t NEED a boyfriend to be happy. You want one, but ending up single wouldn’t be the end of the world either.

Trust me: this is the only way for him to see that he isn’t pulling all the strings. He doesn’t have you in his pocket and he won’t destroy you if he leaves.

Ironically, that’s exactly what will make him stay next to you for good.

Respect him, but don’t idolize him.

Another thing you mustn’t do if you want to keep a man by your side is idolize him. Sadly, that is something most women do right from the start.

I mean, I get you. You’re head over heels for this guy, so everything he says or does equals perfection.

All of his jokes are funny, you forgive his misdeeds in a blink of an eye, and even the smallest things he does are super romantic.

You see this as appreciating him, which is something you should definitely continue doing.

Nevertheless, don’t let this grow into idolizing him. Don’t allow yourself to start perceiving him as being much more than just a man.

Don’t look at him through your rose-tinted glasses, and don’t idealize your relationship. If you do that, you put the steering wheel of your life directly in his hands.

The moment you start seeing him as being one of a kind, he’ll start to think that he’s irreplaceable, and just like that, you gave this man the keys to your happiness.

Trust me: sooner or later, he’ll start using this against you. After all, when you started idolizing him, you automatically put him above yourself, and that’s the mistake you should never make.

Disrespect doesn’t motivate a man

Nevertheless, you should never forget to give your man the respect he deserves. Humiliating him and treating him like an inferior is not the way to go either.

Real men demand respect and never negotiate about it. They will never commit to a woman who tries to put them down or who patronizes them.

First and foremost, you have to show your BF that you respect his attitudes and moral values, even if you don’t agree with them.

He is a grown man, and it’s not up to you to raise him or show him that his way of life is wrong.

The same goes for this man’s judgment-making skills. It’s perfectly fine to have an opinion of your own, but a man will never stick next to a woman who doubts everything he does.

Finally, remember that guys have a fragile ego. Therefore, if you disgrace him in any way in public, he’ll never forget about it.

No, none of this means that you should nod your head at everything he says or does. But, whatever you do, don’t criticize him in front of others.

Make it your mission to always look your best.

Whoever told you that looks are completely irrelevant is simply lying. I’m not here to claim that it’s the only thing that matters or that a man will commit to you just because you’re pretty, but it certainly is important.

After all, how can you expect a man to fall in love with your personality right on the first date?

He knows nothing about you, so your looks and body language are basically the only weapon you have to capture his attention.

You can be the most attractive girl in the world and every guy will look at you. But, if you have a nasty personality, your looks won’t keep them around for long.

Nevertheless, many women take this literally. When you see that a man is all yours, you forget that your mission is to always look your best.

You disregard your appearance, expecting him to love you no matter how you look. Well, that’s a mistake. I’m not saying that you need to have your full makeup on every time your BF sees you.

After all, what will you do if you two move in together? You’ll wake up next to this person every day, so it’s theoretically impossible to be flawless at all times.

But, that doesn’t mean that it’s acceptable to stop brushing your teeth or hair.

This doesn’t mean that you should stop using that perfume he was so crazy about or that you can forget all about that seductive underwear you used to wear.

Men are visual creatures. So, if you want to prevent your guy from staring at every attractive female who passes by him – do your best to look your best!

Dress to impress

Let’s take a closer look at your wardrobe. The first rule is to always be dressed for a specific occasion.

You won’t wear high heels and a little black dress if he invites you on a hiking date. But, you won’t let him forget how you look all dressed up either just because you two have been dating for a couple of months.

It’s never safe to start wearing your sweatsuit and sneakers all the time. Yes, he’ll probably be telling you how he loves it when you’re all-natural. Don’t listen to him!

Of course, you won’t wear something that reveals too much either. Instead, wear clothes that subtly put the focus on your attributes.

The best thing is to find your personal style and stick to it. Don’t go around looking like a parrot just to draw your guy’s attention, but try not to blend into the masses either.

Grace in women has more effect than beauty

Whatever you wear, wear it with grace. Always remember that you’re a lady and your appearance and body language have to state that.

Be polite and never lose your good manners. Watch your way of moving, talking, eating, and laughing. Show your boyfriend that you have class that is everlasting and never goes out of style.

A man must feel your absence to appreciate your presence.

Being at a man’s hand reach won’t get you anywhere. In fact, if you’re too available, he’ll just start taking you for granted.

This is simply how we humans work. When we’re sure we can always have something or someone, we don’t appreciate it enough.

When you’re constantly around your guy, he will not only get tired of you – he’ll also get the impression that he can have you whenever he feels like it.

And, do you know what’s the worst part about it all? He’ll be completely right.

So, answer me this: why would a man bother putting any effort into a relationship with a woman like you? I don’t mean to sound cruel, but the bitter truth is that he can be with you this way or another.

Will he choose to be faithful and devoted to your relationship? In that case, he’ll lose all the benefits of his bachelor life.

On the other hand, he can literally have his cake and eat it, too. He is in the position to be with you whenever he wants without any responsibilities whatsoever.

You’re there to catch him when he falls and to welcome him openhandedly whenever all those other girls turn their backs on him. You’re his safety net and you’re not going anywhere no matter what he does.

Basically, he can have all of the relationship privileges with you without having to give you any promises. Sounds perfect, right?

Well, it’s up to you not to allow him to think this way. It’s up to you to show your man that you won’t stay around despite the way he treats you.

Most importantly: it’s up to you to show him that your presence in his life is not unconditional. You won’t be there for him always and forever unless he makes some crucial changes in your relationship.

The bottom line is that a man has to feel your absence because that’s the only way for him to truly appreciate your presence.

Hot and cold games: Yes or no?

Does this mean that you should play hot and cold games? No. Does it mean that you should turn this into an on-and-off relationship just to teach him a lesson? Again, no.

If you start behaving like this, he’ll adopt your behavioral patterns. He’ll see you as an immature girl he can play with.

Trust me: mind games won’t bring you anything good. Instead, you just need to show this man that you know where to go if he doesn’t change your ways. From time to time, you have to make him crave you.

What does this mean in practice? Well, for example, don’t run every time he calls to see you.

There is nothing wrong with going out with him on a date if you really don’t have anything else scheduled, but please don’t rearrange your plans just to fit his.

Most importantly: don’t let him treat you like a second choice. If you notice he wants to see you just because his friends bailed out on him, tell him that you are too busy now.

You’re not this man’s call girl and don’t let him treat you like one.

He can’t hurt you without your permission.

One of the most common misconceptions is that we have no saying about people hurting us. Well, the truth is different. In fact, you’re the one who sets the terms: the one who determines how others will treat you.

This is so in every relationship in your life, and it is especially applicable to your romantic relationships. Remember: a guy can’t hurt you without your permission.

So, if you’re wondering how to make him commit without pressure, the answer is actually pretty simple: make him appreciate you.

And, the best (and probably the only healthy) way to accomplish this is by not allowing him to treat you poorly.

When you take this kind of a stand, a man will see that you’re more than his puppy. Suddenly, he’ll respect you.

Get him to admire you

Most importantly: when you stop giving him the green light to keep on breaking your heart, every man will start admiring you.

Let’s be real: this guy knows very well that you have feelings for him, and that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

But, despite those feelings, he’ll see that you can never lose your sense of self-respect no matter how crazy you are for someone.

You have your dignity and he can’t ruin it no matter how hard he tries.

This man now sees that you have healthy boundaries. He sees that you won’t put up with his crap and that he has to get it together if he wants to keep you by his side.

And, if that’s not worthy of admiration, I don’t know what is.

Second chances

This especially goes for endless second chances. We’re all human beings and we all make mistakes. Your BF is not an exception.

So, there is nothing wrong with giving him another chance once if you see that he has really repented of his misconduct and that he’s changed.

But, all second-chance relationship advice will tell you the same: if you keep on forgiving him and believing in his lame excuses, he’ll never commit to you.

He’ll have no respect for you whatsoever and he’ll continue behaving in this manner for as long as you let him.

Don’t be a petty drama queen.

When you watch teen high school romantic comedies, the main drama queen usually gets the boy everyone is crazy about. Nevertheless, things in reality don’t work that way.

When you reach a certain age, attention-seeking drama queens are a huge turn off for all guys.

Blowing things out of proportion and overreacting about every little issue won’t inspire a real, mature man to put more effort into winning you over.

Instead, he will just see you as petty and immature. Every man will run for his life from this kind of energy.

So, if you’re wondering how to make him commit without pressure, one of the answers is: “Don’t be a drama queen”.

Agree to disagree

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to rebel against the things you don’t like about your relationship. In fact, you should call your man out on his actions every time he does something that bothers you instead of keeping quiet.

Nevertheless, the key is in finding the right way to do it. Don’t yell, don’t give him ultimatums, and don’t make a show every time things don’t go your way.

Instead, if you want a healthy relationship, then explain to him in detail why you’re hurt or brokenhearted by his words and actions.

Set boundaries and don’t let him cross them, but do it as calmly as possible.

Trust me: this way, every man will be more serious about you. He will do his best to understand your point of view instead of seeing your protest and craving for attention.

After all, sometimes, it’s okay to agree not to disagree. Just because you two are in a relationship doesn’t mean that you must have identical attitudes regarding everything in life.

Have in mind that shouting and tears won’t get you what you want when you’re arguing. You’re not a little cry baby – you’re a grown woman who can state her opinion without a big fuss.

Give him a chance to get emotionally naked with you.

What every man wants is a person he can be real with. You see, most guys have an extremely fragile ego.

After all, who can blame them? The truth is that sometimes, they’re expected to embrace the patterns of toxic masculinity.

They’re not allowed to show their emotional side or get vulnerable. If a man falls in love with you too quickly, he’ll probably be written off as being too weak.

If he cries or shows a girl that he has feelings, he falls under the risk of being ridiculed.

Most men play the role of a tough guy. They think it’s the only way to be accepted and respected in society.

They’re like this even with their closest ones, including their family members or best friends. At the end of the day, most of them actually don’t have an emotional support system.

Instead, they’re left to deal with their demons without anyone giving them a hand. That’s exactly why every guy wants a girl he can get emotionally naked in front of.

I’m talking about a girl who will understand his dilemmas and troubles… about a girl who won’t make fun of his fears and dreams… about a girl who will listen to him… about a girl who will be his shoulder to cry on and who won’t see him as any less of a man for showing his weaknesses.

I can guarantee you one thing: if you become this girl for your BF, he’ll never let you go. Instead, he’ll cherish the fact that he finally found a person he can be his true self in front of.

Break his shield, but don’t force anything

You can’t force any man into letting you in all the way.

You can put all of your effort into convincing him that you’re the one he can tell his deepest secrets to, but if a man doesn’t sense that he can trust you, he’ll never confide in you about anything.

On the other hand, you have to show him that you have what it takes to break down his shield.

Make him realize that you’ll be there to glue him back together even if he shatters into a million pieces in front of you.

Show him that you would never violate his trust. Even if you two break-up, his secrets will always be safe with you.

Never get too attached.

When you’re figuring out how to make him commit without pressure, the crucial thing is not to become emotionally dependent on him in the process.

Getting too attached to a man you’re in an uncertain relationship with is like signing your own death sentence.

He doesn’t have to suffer from commitment issues: if he sees that you love him more than he loves you, he will never make the next step.

Why? Because then, he will know that he has you in his hands. He thinks that you’ll accept everything he does and you won’t lose him.

Needy vs. having needs

Getting too attached in a romantic relationship almost always goes hand in hand with neediness, and who likes a needy girlfriend?

When you become emotionally dependent on your partner, you think you need him like you need air to breathe.

You’re certain that you would lose your mind if he left you, and you can’t picture your life without him present.

Consequently, he becomes your only concern. You forget about your own life you had before this romantic relationship.

The fears of losing this man overwhelm you to the point that you refuse to leave him out of sight.

Just like that, you become one of those clingy girlfriends who think that the key to preventing a guy from walking away from you is holding him as tightly as possible.

Well, honey, that’s actually the way to chase him away. If you feel like this, you’ll have a hard time understanding it, but trust me: giving your man space in a relationship is the right thing to do.

After all, you know what they say: “If you love a man, let him go. If he doesn’t come back, he was never yours in the first place”.

Nevertheless, there is a difference between being needy and having needs. You’re allowed to have standards for a serious relationship and you’re certainly allowed to protest if they’re not met.

If you feel emotionally neglected, speak up. If you want more attention or time, those are not the signs you’re a clingy girlfriend.

Give it time.

As much as we’d like it to be different, the fact is that changes don’t happen overnight.

Therefore, you can’t expect a man with commitment issues to get himself involved in a serious relationship with you just like that.

You have to understand that this is a process. That is, if you want a healthy relationship that has the potential of lasting your whole life.

On the other hand, if you want to hear him labeling things between you two without actually making any real changes, you can have that in a blink of an eye.

Have in mind that we’re all different, which means that you and your BF don’t have to necessarily be ready to take things to the next level at the exact same moment.

If he is not ready for this step, give him some time. Take things slowly and don’t manipulate him into something he doesn’t want before he starts wanting it.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is to let time do its magic. Whatever happens, you’ll know it’s meant to be.

… but don’t wait around forever

Nevertheless, don’t let your own life slide next to you while you’re waiting for a miracle to happen. Don’t wait around forever.

Instead, give this man a deadline. Don’t talk to him about it – this will be something like your personal mental deadline.

If he doesn’t choose you until that day or doesn’t change his ways, then everything is crystal clear: he never will.

Don’t give him credit he hasn’t earned.

Is there anything worse than having relationship problems with someone you’re not in a relationship with. This is exactly what’s going on with you and your BF.

You’re not exclusive, so you don’t have the right to be jealous. You have no influence over his life whatsoever because he has made it clear that he doesn’t want a girlfriend.

Nevertheless, he gets all the benefits of a relationship without actually committing. Isn’t that great? For him, that is.

If you want a man to change his ways, you can’t give him credit he hasn’t earned. I’m not saying that you should torture him, but he has to make an effort in order to get something from you.

The worst thing you can do is give him everything on a silver plate without him moving a finger. This way, he’ll never be motivated to do something about your relationship and bring it to the next level.

Show this man that he needs to earn your respect, love, and time – he can’t get it by just sitting around and doing nothing.

Match his level of effort and commitment

Another common mistake is giving a man a lot more than you’re receiving. In a serious relationship, everything is about reciprocity.

I’m not saying that you should count the number of times he has reached out first so you can make sure not to be the one who sends one ‘good morning’ text more.

Don’t do any hairsplitting, but don’t invest more than you’re getting back.

Make it clear to him that you’re ready to put in the same effort as he gives you… nothing more and nothing less.

Remember who you are and the game will change.

Currently, you’re in a situation where you are wondering how to make him commit without pressure. Nevertheless, just because you’re kind of chasing him at the moment doesn’t make you any less worthy.

Acting like you’re beneath a man in any way will be the mistake of your life. It’s actually plain and simple: if you don’t see your worth, neither will he. If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t expect a man to.

Basically, the most important thing here is to work on your self-confidence. You must never forget who you really are and how valuable you are.

If you know how to be confident around guys, you’ll show this man that you have a lot to offer, but you’ll never beg him to choose you. Make it clear that your life won’t lose its meaning if he is not around.

Have faith in yourself and in your capacities. You were born to shine bright like a diamond and that’s exactly what you’re about to do.

If you want to keep a man, first, you have to become the best version of yourself with or without him. The best relationship advice you’ll ever get is actually not so much connected with your love life.

Instead, it’s about your own life without a man present. It’s about making yourself happy and achieving inner peace, single or taken.

Your worth is not defined by your relationship status. If this man decides he wants a long-term relationship with you – great. But, if he chooses not to be real with you – it’s his loss.

You need to understand that you’re in charge of this game, even though it might not look like it right now. You’re a woman and you have all the power in your hands.

At the end of the day, once you see all of this for yourself, you’ll start loving yourself more even before a man falls in love with you. And, that’s the whole point.

Be yourself – everyone else is already taken

The most important thing here is not to change yourself for the sake of a man. I know you think you’ll get under his skin faster if you fit to his standards, but that’s not true.

A proven fact is that real men like authentic women. I’m not saying that you should be an outcast just to draw someone’s attention.

It will be enough to be the real you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not – just be the best version of the person you already are.

Trust me: sooner or later, your masks will fall off. Do you really want your boyfriend to realize that he’s been in a long-term relationship with a girl he actually knows nothing about when that happens?

Instead of deceiving him, show your true colors. Nobody expects you to be perfect, but a real, strong man won’t love you despite your imperfections – he will love you for them.

Let him be your Prince Charming.

Real life is not a fairytale. Nevertheless, there is some truth in all those ancient love stories. I don’t care what century it is – every piece of relationship advice will tell you the same: men have a hero instinct.

No, you don’t have to be a submissive wife in order to impress a man. But, it would be good to let him be the man in some little things.

A man will run after you the moment he sees you as a helpless princess who needs rescuing. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that you should forget all about your independence.

It’s up to you to form a balance between knowing when to show your strength and when it’s okay to be vulnerable.

A Hero’s Instinct

Here is a little secret: men have something called a hero’s instinct.

In short terms, this means that one of your guy’s primal instincts is to be a hero – just like the name says. This is a part of their biology and something they can’t control.

We’re no longer in ancient times when it was the man’s duty to provide for his wife and family. He doesn’t have to take care of you financially nor does he have a responsibility to fight against the enemy.

But, despite that, there are other ways to trigger a man’s hero instinct. Make him feel wanted and needed.
Start by asking for his help regarding some little things.

Admire him when he does something for you, and appreciate his efforts. This way, you’ll encourage his self-esteem and boost his ego.

When a man feels that he can be his best self in your presence, he’ll never want to leave you, and he’ll see you as wife material.

To Wrap Up:

When you’re trying to figure out how to make him commit without pressure, the key is the words “without pressure”. Have you heard the fable about the frog in boiling water?

It goes something like this: if you suddenly put a frog into boiling water, it will immediately jump right out of it and run for its life. Why? Because it sensed danger.

Nevertheless, if you put it in tepid water, it will remain there and it will boil slowly.

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not saying that a serious relationship is to a man what is death to a frog. But, truth be told, they do see it as danger ahead.

Therefore, the trick is not to force anything because in that case, you won’t achieve anything. Be patient and play your cards right!