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How To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend: 15 Bulletproof Ways

How To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend: 15 Bulletproof Ways

If you’re wondering how to steal someone’s girlfriend, who am I to judge you, right? 😂 But wait, why would you want to do that? (Just being curious.)

I guess you’ve been into that girl for some time now, and you can no longer wait for something to change (read: for her to dump her boyfriend). Levels of attraction toward her are rapidly increasing, and you feel like you’re slowly but surely losing your mind.

You want to be with her. You want to make her happy. You want the girl of your dreams NOW.

Well, that’s why you’ve decided to take things into your own hands. You’ve decided to steal her from her current boyfriend because you’re 100% sure that she would be happier with you. Is that right?

If yes, then you have the green light to proceed with reading the hottest tips & tricks on how to steal someone’s girlfriend! 😄

How To Steal Someone’s Girlfriend

Learning how to steal someone’s girlfriend has never been easier with the following guide. If you follow these steps, the girl you’re crazy about will be yours in no time:

1. Play detective

Congratulations! Now that you know what your final goal is (to steal someone’s girlfriend), the first thing you need to do is collect as much info as possible about their relationship. In other words, you need to play detective.

If she’s with your best friend, then things will be easy for you because you can ask him random things about his relationship without appearing sneaky. However, if she’s with someone you don’t know, your friends in common might help you.

The more you know about their relationship, the easier it will be for you to develop a strategy that will make her choose YOU instead of HIM. Just focus on the things that need improvement because every relationship lacks something.

2. Know the object of your affection

Congrats, here’s some more detective work for you! 😂 If you want this girl to fall for you, you need to know her better than you know yourself (okay, maybe I exaggerated a little bit).

But be careful not to take this to the next level. If you’ve seen the series “You,” then you know what I’m talking about.

In other words, don’t act like a psychopath who follows the girl everywhere she goes, writes creepy notes about her daily rituals, or asks those close to her about her. This will not help you win her over, but it will make her run away from you.

If you want to win a woman’s heart the right way, you need to learn about her dislikes, likes, passions, lifestyle, etc. The more things you know about her, the easier it will be for you to win her over to your side of the bed.

3. Impress her in the most unique ways

Don’t just sit around and wait for the law of attraction “to do all the work.” Instead, roll up your sleeves and make your move. Impress her in the most unique ways her boyfriend would never think of.

No, this doesn’t mean that you should hire a private jet and take her to the Maldives. Usually, the simplest romantic gestures are the ones that are most effective. Why?

Because boyfriends become too casual over time, and they forget to do all those little things they used to in a relationship. That’s where you come into the story!

You need to be the one who will make her daily life exciting. You need to remind her how beautiful inside and out she truly is. (I bet her boyfriend can’t remember the last time he did that.)

4. Give her what she lacks in her current relationship

Every relationship has its own relationship problems. Period. This means that there is no perfect relationship, and, yes, you have a great chance of stealing someone’s girlfriend if you do it right.

First of all, you need to figure out what the number one thing she lacks in her current relationship is. Is it a lack of affection, lack of honest communication, lack of intimacy, or something else?

The easiest way to find out what exactly she lacks in her relationship is by asking her. But don’t do it in a direct way because it will be too obvious. When she starts talking about her relationship, make sure to ask her the right questions. 😉

5. Win her trust

I always say that if you can win a woman’s trust, then you will surely get her phone number (and steal her from her boyfriend).

So, instead of wondering how to get a girl, ask yourself first how to win her trust because this will help you kill two birds with one stone. Tell her your secrets, motivate her to tell you things that bother her, and promise her that you won’t tell anyone.

You can also win her trust by doing things on time or by asking your friend in common to say a few nice words about how trustworthy you are in front of her.

You see, there are multiple ways in which you can impress her with your reliable and loyal features. So, don’t stick to one (especially if it doesn’t bear fruit).

6. Be the person who understands her best

Every woman needs that one person who understands her best. It could be her friend, her boyfriend, or someone else. If her boyfriend isn’t the person who understands her best at the moment, then you have no idea how lucky you are!

Whenever she shares things with you that bother her, listen to her carefully. Tell her that you understand her and that you’ve been through the same.

Not only that. Be the person who knows how to comfort her and say the right words every single time. We women can’t help ourselves but fall for such a man.

Here’s the tricky part.

Don’t let her place you in the friendzone because that’s where you can find lots of “men who understand you best.” Be understanding and friendly, but don’t be too friendly. Otherwise, the land of the friendzone will be your destiny.

7. Don’t forget to spoil her with some THOUGHTFUL gifts

Yes, women LOVE gifts. Now, the biggest mistake lots of men make is thinking that girls only love exclusively expensive gifts. It’s true that some girls do, but the majority of us aren’t so picky.

The most important thing when it comes to gifts is that they are thoughtfully chosen. What does this mean? It means that you should get her something she’s mentioned a few times so that she sees you remembered.

It means that you should make some DIY gifts to show her that you’re a pro at making an effort. Because making an effort is so HOT and always will be.

The more time and effort you put into your gifts, the more impressed she will be, which only means one thing: You’re so close to making her choose you over her current boyfriend.

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8. Have her attention ALL THE TIME

No, you don’t need to learn a bunch of stealth seduction techniques to make her pay attention to you. Just try not to repeat yourself, and always be on the lookout to update your seducing game.

You can catch her attention by changing your outfit, making a few hilarious comebacks, and simply being unpredictable. When a woman doesn’t know what a man will do or say next, you will have her attention all the time.

9. But also give her some space to miss you

Don’t spend too much time with her, and don’t text her 24/7. Give her some space and time to miss you because if you don’t, you will not win her.

You want her to enjoy spending time with you more than she enjoys spending time with her boyfriend. You want to be funnier and more thoughtful than him.

So, when she goes back to her boyfriend, she will notice the difference. Oh yes, she will! In other words, she will start craving your company more than her boyfriend’s.

She’ll miss you, and she will want to spend as much time with you as possible.

This doesn’t mean you should run to her whenever she calls. Let her wait a little bit by telling her you have other plans. This will make her miss you even more, which is exactly what you want, right?

10. If you can make her laugh, she’s already yours

You don’t need to be a stand-up comedian to make someone’s girlfriend laugh. There is plenty of material on social media, so sending her a GIF, funny meme, etc., will do the job.

If you can make a girl laugh, you’re already halfway there to making her yours. This isn’t only about laughing but about making her feel relaxed and comfortable around you.

Here’s a personal confession: I would ALWAYS choose a guy who can make me laugh over a guy who only looks good. I bet other women agree with me on this one.

11. Impressing her with gentlemanly manners is also a must

When I was twenty-one years old, I thought the pinnacle of being a gentleman was when a guy opened the door for me. Today my standards have definitely improved, so I suggest that you do more than open the door for her or give her your hoodie when she’s cold.

Be there for her when she needs you, ask her how her day/week/month was, and let her know that you have her back no matter what and that she can trust you.

This is so much more valuable than simply opening doors for her, but this doesn’t mean you should stop opening doors for her, of course. 🤣

12. Make her feel special and desirable

If you’re a hopeless romantic at heart, then you won’t have a problem “making her feel like she’s the only girl in the world,” like Rihanna says in one of her songs.

This includes paying her thoughtful compliments on both her appearance and personality, accentuating her strengths, and admiring her. Be her biggest fan but don’t overdo it (especially if she’s your friend’s girlfriend).

The thing is, women can never get enough compliments and male attention, but sometimes we’re reluctant to admit it. If her man is not giving her enough attention, this is a perfect opportunity for you to let her know that you’ve got exactly what she wants and needs.

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13. EXPRESS your feelings

No, you shouldn’t express your feelings right from the start. Tease her, flirt with her a little bit and see where things are going. Have a few deep conversations with her before expressing your feelings.

Anything else would be considered TOO FAST. Trust me, you don’t want to scare her off. So, once you feel it’s the right time to say what’s in your heart, don’t forget to maintain eye contact.

Eye contact is EVERYTHING when it comes to effective communication. You want her to see that spark in your eyes, which will tell her how much you adore her.

Honesty and emotions are the main ingredients in this story on how to steal someone’s girlfriend. It’s human nature to value people who are genuinely interested in us. We want to give them a chance because maybe they are “the one” for us.

14. Don’t force things or creep her out

The last thing you want to do is creep on her because this is a huge turn-off. If she’s not ready for monkey branching (dating you and her boyfriend at the same time), don’t force her to do so.

Give her enough space to figure out what she really wants. Don’t rely too much on your words but instead rely on your actions. Help her realize what kind of a relationship she would have with you.

I’m sure she’ll be comparing you to her boyfriend, especially if you have something that her current boyfriend doesn’t. So, there’s no need to rush her decision to abandon her boyfriend or to cheat on him with you.

Allow this romance to develop naturally because that is the best way for both of you.

15. Let her be the one who chooses you over her boyfriend

Ask a girl out when you think she’s ready and not when you’re ready. If she still has a hard time accepting your invitation, then think of all the possible reasons. Maybe because she still has a boyfriend?

Just kidding. 😅

Perhaps she knows her relationship with him is doomed, but she’s still not ready for a new relationship with you. If that is the case for her, then just give her some time.

Now, I can’t think of any other reasons she wouldn’t go on an official date with you except for the fact that she’s not really into you. That’s one of the things you also need to pay attention to because before asking her out, you want to make sure that she’s also interested.

This brings us to the next important question:

How Will You Know That She Likes You?

Instead of creating a bullet list of things like “She laughs at your jokes” and similar, I’ll try to make this as simple as possible.

• You know a woman likes you if she feels comfortable in your company. You’ll know she’s feeling comfy if she’s relaxed, she laughs, and hmm…touches you subtly while explaining something to you or when emotions overwhelm her.

• Another way to know a woman likes you is if she texts you first and texts you back on a regular basis. Texting is really important to us, so this is a huge indicator that you’ve caught her attention. Now don’t blow things up by doing something silly like sending her nudes. 🤐 Instead, try sending her good morning texts. 😄

• Hmm…and maybe one of the most important signs she likes you is by the way she looks at you. Does she smile when she looks you in the eye? When a woman is into someone, she can’t help but have that look that says, “I really like you, but I’m also scared of how much I like you, so don’t even dare to screw me over.” When you look at her eyes, you’ll notice that veil of vulnerability mixed with a strong desire to get close to you. That’s how you know a woman likes you.

Does She Like You, Or Should You Stop Pursuing Her? 🤔

There’s a huge difference between a woman who is only polite and a woman who is genuinely interested in something more with you.

Some men tend to mistake politeness for a woman liking them, so they find themselves running in circles for months (when they could just enjoy drinking beers with their male friends).

Does she like you, or should you stop pursuing her?

If you followed the above 15 steps on how to steal someone’s girlfriend and you’re still unsure whether she likes you or not, I’m sure you already know the answer.

If nothing changed even after you expressed your feelings, it’s time to stop pursuing her. Why? Because you’re only wasting your time. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Obviously, she’s not interested in doing something behind her boyfriend’s back or breaking up with him. But lucky you, there are plenty of other girls out there waiting to be found and pursued (let’s pray that the next one will be single 😂).

That being said, Psychology Today has some valid points that could be some food for thought: “If you’re always choosing the ‘off-limits’ crush, you need to ask yourself what is keeping you from setting your sights on someone who might actually be available for a genuine relationship.”

How Do You Get Over A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend?

Simple. You realize that she wasn’t “the one” for you, and the sooner you move on and forget about her, the closer you’ll be to meeting another girl who is potentially the right one for you. (And who is potentially single, so you don’t have to multiply your efforts when it comes to winning her.)

Okay, I’ll stop for a moment with my sarcastic endeavors. I understand that getting over someone you like is not easy, let alone getting over someone who is already taken.

However, you shouldn’t take this too personally because it isn’t personal. Some relationships and things work out in life, while others don’t. Why? Because they’re not meant to.

Apply this principle to anything else, and you’ll save yourself plenty of nerves. Let’s summarize: Don’t chase people and things that are not meant for you because the universe and God have other plans for you.


Learning how to steal someone’s girlfriend definitely isn’t an easy task. The casualties of doing so might be severe such as experiencing serious heartbreak and sleepless nights if things don’t go as planned.

“Stealing” a woman who is taken is not impossible, especially if you two are meant to be. In that case, we can’t even call it “stealing” someone’s girlfriend but claiming what’s inherently yours, right? 😁

Good luck, and have fun!