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Leo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Leo And Scorpio Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Leo And Scorpio are both fixed signs. Looking at things from this perspective, they should go well together, and you’d expect them to have matching personalities.

Well, if you’re into astrology at least a little bit, you’ll know that things don’t always go that way. First of all, fire signs (Leo’s element) don’t always get along with water signs (Scorpio’s element).

Yes, one might say that these two signs have similar personalities to one another, but let’s not forget that the energy they both have might often lead to a power struggle that ends in catastrophe.

So, let’s check out an in-depth analysis of Leo and Scorpio compatibility in love, friendship, and sex and see how these two really get along.

Relationship Compatibility: Leo And Scorpio

Let’s start with what interests everyone the most: Leo and Scorpio love compatibility. The truth is that these two have many similarities in character, but there are also a lot of differences between these signs.

They’re both strong and powerful. They both have well-built personalities and won’t let anyone control them.

Sounds like a perfect couple, doesn’t it? Well, sadly, life isn’t always that simple. The truth is that there are often numerous obstacles they have to overcome before reaching their happily ever after.

Let’s find out if they work out well as romantic partners. Can they be a good match, or is it better for these two signs to stay away from each other?

Pros Of The Leo Scorpio Relationship

What are the benefits of this romance? What makes Leo and Scorpio a healthy couple?

Devotion and loyalty

The first thing that works in favor of this zodiac relationship is that they’re both extremely loyal and devoted to their romantic relationships. These signs know how to love and love to be loved.

There is no fooling around with them. When they love another person, there is nothing that could distract them from that relationship. This means that infidelity is never an option.

It’s not their goal to have as many partners as possible throughout life– they search for one partner worthy of their heart.

Mutual trust

That’s when we get to the next point. Even though many couples have problems with trust, astrology says that this is not the case with these two horoscopes.

What makes them a good love match is that they have pretty healthy communication. After some time, they both figure out that the other zodiac sign is loyal and faithful, so they start trusting one another.

In fact, mutual trust represents the pillars of the Leo Scorpio relationship.

Similar values

At the end of the day, these two don’t only share similar energy – behind that are similar values as well. Leo and Scorpio love power, and success is not just an option– it’s a must.

These fixed signs learn a lot from each other and push one another forward, making them a great love match. Even though they often have trouble finding the middle ground in some aspects of life, Leo and Scorpio frequently have mutual goals, and they don’t give up until they achieve them.

The term ‘giving up’ doesn’t exist in their dictionary. Even though one of them is a water sign and the other a fire sign, they’re the same when it comes to this.

Cons Of The Leo Scorpio Relationship

But is everything sugar and spice? Or are there reasons why this romance won’t succeed?


Despite all of the love these zodiac signs share, the truth is that neither of them is ready to change their ways for the sake of their partner. Both Scorpio and Leo can love you the most in the world, and they could date each other for ages, but they’ll always have a hard time adapting.

They’re incredibly stubborn, and this mutual trait could bring the end of their romance, despite the intense emotions that exist between them.

Everything is a power struggle with these two, and finding common ground is often impossible. They’re both quite fiery (even though Scorpio is the only one ruled by fire) and want control over the other person.

Open vs. emotionally unavailable

Another problem with this romance is their emotional dynamic. In short, the Lion is constantly in search of Scorpio’s validation.

Their heart is open, while Scorpio is a mysterious zodiac (even though they’re also very capable of feeling the depth of love). At the end of the day, the Lion has the impression that their partner is emotionally unavailable and doesn’t love them enough.

Once again, we have an example of a power struggle. Leo’s self-esteem can’t stand that their loved one doesn’t give them the attention they crave.

On the other hand, Scorpio is a sign with a unique personality that can’t stand their partner’s possessive nature and their desire for control.

P.s. Every couple’s compatibility depends a lot on how their moon signs match, so make sure you also check that out.

Leo Man And Scorpio Woman

The attraction between these two is instant and indescribable. They’re incredibly drawn to each other from the very first moment they meet.

They’re both loyal and extremely devoted to their romance. He is intrigued by her mysteriousness, while she is knocked off her feet by the effort he puts in to win her over.

So, what could possibly go wrong? Well, sadly, a lot of things.

The first problem is, without a doubt, the Lion’s egocentrism. This man is crazy for attention, and everything has to revolve around him.

Of course, a Scorpio woman is not ready to compliment him the way he wants – it just doesn’t go very well with her ego. At the same time, he fails to see his own flaws and is convinced that he is near perfection.

On the other hand, there is the Scorpio woman’s controlling character. She means well and wants only what’s best for her partner, but rarely can any man handle her uncontrollable urge to be in charge of every aspect of his existence.

Scorpio Man And Leo Woman

These two have a lot more similarities than anyone would think. They’re both passionate, sharp-minded, and goal-oriented.

Once they figure out they want to be together, nothing and nobody can stop them. While I’m not saying that their romance will necessarily be healthy or successful, they most certainly won’t give up on it.

At the end of the day, it all depends on them. If they put their stubbornness aside, they can have a loving union.

But if they keep on prioritizing their egos, all hell will break loose, and they will turn into a terribly toxic couple.

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Scorpio And Leo In Sex

This relationship is basically passion at first sight. These two enjoy keeping each other’s sheets warm at night.

They’re both obsessed with sex (especially Scorpio) and know that a healthy relationship can’t function without passion. Bearing all of this in mind, it doesn’t come as a surprise to hear how intense their sexual relationship is.

But what about their power struggle and the desire to control? Well, it turns out to be a good thing in the bedroom since it takes them to different games and experiments.

Nevertheless, the best part about their sexual connection is the emotional bond that comes afterward. They’re both sensual and erotic. So, they don’t make love only with their bodies only – they do it with their minds and hearts as well.

Leo Scorpio Friendship

You already know that these two seem to have great communication, despite all of their differences. They don’t have any issue taking care of other’s well-being either.

All of that combined means that Leo and Scorpio tend to be good friends. In fact, they’re much better as friends than as lovers.

Their friendship is filled with loyalty, mutual trust, and respect. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that this relationship is warm.

Let’s not forget that their differences are still present. They’re both hot-headed, and both want control, which can be an obstacle to their bond.

Leo General Characteristics

Leo season: July 22–August 22

Ruling planet: Ruled by the Sun

Element: Fire sign

Modality: Fixed sign

Symbol: Lion

Leo Personality Traits

Leo is self-centered and egotistical – at least, that’s what everyone accuses them of being. But don’t forget that they’re also compassionate and have huge hearts.

These people are generous and possess unique leadership skills. They’re charismatic and self-confident.

Leo Compatibility With Other Signs

Gets along with: Gemini, Cancer, Virgo, Aries, Libra, Sagittarius, Aquarius

Not compatible with: Pisces, Capricorn, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn

Scorpio General Characteristics

Scorpio season: October 23–November 21

Element: Water sign

Modality: Fixed sign

Symbol: Scorpion

Ruling planets: Mars and Pluto (Scorpio is ruled by two planets)

Scorpio Personality Traits

We all know that revenge is always on the menu with Scorpio. But be certain that there are other specialties on the menu as well – you just have to dig a little deeper to see what’s behind.

Yes, people who belong to this zodiac sign are fiery (as well as all other fire signs), mysterious, and sometimes even toxic. Nevertheless, they’re also devoted, passionate, and always think of other’s well-being.

Scorpio Compatibility With Other Signs

Compatible with: Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn, Pisces, Virgo

Not compatible with: Sagittarius, Aries, Aquarius, Gemini, Libra


Can Leo and Scorpio Be Soulmates?

If you’re wondering if these two signs can be soulmates and whether Scorpio can spend the rest of their life with Leo, the answer is pretty simple: Yes, it is possible. It’s not that common, but it happens.

Are Scorpios and Leos A Bad Match?

This pair is considered to be a bad match, and their love compatibility is not that high. Nevertheless, if these two horoscopes manage to surpass their toxic relationship dynamic and get past their stubborn nature, they can beat the odds.

Why Are Scorpios Bad For Leos?

Scorpio can’t give Leo the attention they need. At the end of the day, Leos feel emotionally neglected, while Scorpio is drained by their partner’s possessive nature and constant need for admiration.

That’s why this romantic relationship frequently turns into a toxic one: Leo keeps on chasing Scorpio’s attention but, ironically, ends up chasing them away.

Are Scorpios And Leos Good In Bed?

This pair often has an interesting and exciting sex life. Both Leo and Scorpio love sex and are passionate about it, and that fact alone makes them a great sexual match.

Their sexual drive is intense, and let’s not forget about the chemistry and immense attraction they feel for one another.

To Wrap Up

Leo and Scorpio are not the best-matched couple – that’s pretty clear from everything written above. The point is that they either adore or hate each other – there is no in-between. Either way, their bond is always a true roller coaster of emotions.

So, can they work things out? Is it possible for them to succeed? Most certainly yes – if they just try hard enough.