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Libra And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

Libra And Libra Compatibility In Love And Friendship

People belonging to the Libra horoscope sign are one of a kind. They’re highly intelligent, but also superficial. They’re empaths who have a tendency to judge people. They’re controlling, but hate taking initiative.

A wild combination of traits, I know. But, what about the combination of a Libra man and a Libra woman?

How does that work out? Can they succeed as a couple or are we talking about the worst possible match ever?

Well, I guess you’ll never know unless you read on. Here is everything you need to know about Libra and Libra compatibility in love, the bedroom, marriage, and friendship.

But, that’s not all. You’ll also get the chance to enter the depths of a Libra’s personality.

Pros Of Libra And Libra Relationship

Why does a Libra man and a Libra woman function together? What makes them a match made in heaven ?

1. The same positive traits

The good thing about the Libra and Libra love match is that we’re talking about the same zodiac sign, which means that they have the same positive personality traits. They express each one of these characteristics in their romance.

Mutual understanding

First and foremost, there is this unique mutual understanding that not many zodiac couples can brag about. They don’t judge each other no matter what the other person does.

Don’t get me wrong: this doesn’t mean that they have an endless capacity to forgive. After all, we’re still talking about human beings – not angels.

Nevertheless, Scales will never jump to conclusions and judge their partner at first glance (even though that’s exactly what they do to other people). Instead, they’ll understand their point of view at all times.

This is what happens even if their better half breaks their heart or hurts them in some other way. To be real, they have no other choice since they know that deep down, they would probably act the same way in a given situation.

They have this amazing ability to walk in other people’s shoes. They do their best to look at the world from their loved one’s perspectives before giving their final word.

Sense of justice

Also, let’s not forget that this horoscope sign’s symbol is the Scale. They’re just to the point where this quality even starts to impact them negatively.

Nevertheless, it’s a great thing for a successful relationship.

Let me give you a more practical example. If a Libra is wrong, they’ll be aware of their mistakes.

They won’t adopt some toxic behavioral patterns where they accuse the other person of their own misdeeds. They won’t avoid responsibility for their mistakes either.

This is a great quality, you must admit. Well, just imagine how amazing a relationship with two people like this is.


Being extroverted or introverted is not a positive or a negative trait – it’s just a part of someone’s character. Nevertheless, many problems occur when you have a social butterfly paired up with a mysterious individual who prefers spending time alone.

But, in this case, we have two people who love hanging out and filling their days with other interesting activities. And, that’s another reason that makes Libra and Libra compatibility so powerful.

It’s not that they only share their values – they also have a lot in common. Their ideas of the perfect first date or a great Saturday night later in a relationship are pretty much similar.

If one person suggests a new, fun activity, the other one will welcome it with their open hands. Just like that, you have two people who are more than happy to spend their time together.

2. Endless communication

Libra loves talking. You might not see it right away, but as soon as they get rid of their armor shield, you’ll see that chatting is one of their favorite things to do.

You must think that this sign’s compatibility is almost impossible because let’s face it, what could their relationship look like if they both keep on blabbing all the time.

Well, contrary to all odds, a Scales’ communicative skills are actually one of the most significant advantages of their romantic relationship.

They’re not like your ordinary couple that runs out of topic ideas after some time. You’ll never see these two sharing awkward silence. It’s just that they both always have something to say.

This might sound like too much for the rest of the world. But, trust me, it’s something they both craved in their past relationships.

When Scales begins dating Scales, they can talk about literally everything , starting from casual small talk and ending with nuclear physics.

They’re both aware that if someone would listen to them, they’d probably think of them as boring and annoying.

But, you know what’s the most important thing? They never get bored of each other, and somehow, they always come up with different topics to talk about.

3. Equality in a relationship

You already know that a Scale is everyone’s role model when it comes to balance and fairness. So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that they must have equality in a relationship for it to work.

It doesn’t matter who is the man in the romance, who makes more money, or who is better looking. This is all nonsense for Scales since they only feel comfortable when neither partner requires dominance (or submissiveness).

Both of them see this romance as a union of two grown people. They see each other as a team that stands together no matter what.

Keep in mind that a Scale is all about balance and harmony vibes. They crave stability, and the only way to achieve it is through equality.

Both of them have the same saying when it comes to everything concerning their relationship. They’re actually partners in crime who go through life shoulder to shoulder without one person following the other one’s lead.

For this kind of romance to work out, both people have to be pretty self-aware, especially the guy. There is no room for toxic masculinity in this kind of setting, and definitely no place for unhealthy ego issues.

Unlike most couples, these two don’t engage in power struggles . For them, it doesn’t matter who is right and who is wrong. The only important thing is for both parties involved to be happy and for their relationship to be healthy.

At first sight, you might think that this is common sense. After all, it’s how things should function in every relationship, especially romantic ones.

But, sadly, in practice, it’s rarely the truth. It takes a great level of maturity for both people to truly embrace equality, and Libras manage to do it.

4. Respect as a pillar of a healthy romance

Of course, nothing could be possible without mutual respect, as this is one of the most significant pillars of this relationship. The thing with most couples is the fact that they think that love is enough for romance not to fail.

Well, let me break your bubble and tell you that this can’t be further from the truth. After all, who could be happy with a person who insults them, puts them down, and shows disrespect in different other ways?

No, this doesn’t mean that Scales don’t love each other or that they’re looking for other ways to keep their relationship alive. Their romance is exciting and passionate, but that doesn’t exclude respect.

The most important thing here is that they truly accept each other. They don’t fall into the same trap that most other couples do; the trap of trying to change their partner.

That’s the thing about similar signs dating. They’re aware of the other person’s flaws from the very beginning, and they put no effort at all into erasing them.

Another reason why this astrological compatibility is so strong is that they also respect each other’s differences (belonging to the same zodiac sign doesn’t make them identical).

There are no unnecessary arguments even when they don’t have the same view on things.

On the contrary, these two agree to disagree.

I’m not saying that they never fight – of course, they do. But, even when it comes to arguing, there exists a line that mustn’t be crossed.

Calling names, humiliating, or devaluing emotions and opinions is out of the question.

A Libra man respects his better half as a human being and as a woman before seeing her as his girlfriend. And, in return, a Libra woman treats him the same.

5. Knowing each other to the core

At the end of the day, mutual understanding is quite impossible if you don’t invest your energy into getting to know the other person.

That’s one of the main reasons why Libra and Libra love compatibility is at such a high level.

Libra knows the other Libra like the palm of their hand. They can practically read their partner’s mind and understand them without actually saying a word.

Yes, this is partially due to a Scale’s emphatic skills . People belonging to this sign are incredibly compassionate.

Even though many will accuse them of being too shallow and only interested in beautiful things, Scales are actually quite different. They’re one of the rare horoscope signs who know how to recognize someone’s true nature.

They dig under the surface of someone’s surface and truly understand their loved ones. This characteristic, combined with the fact that their Libra partner is similar to them, brings them to amazing astrological compatibility.

These two don’t keep any secrets from each other. To be honest, even if they wanted to do so, it would be impossible to lie to someone who knows them to the core.

Sometimes, it’s kind of scary how they know what the other person has in mind before they, themselves, even realize it.

Cons Of A Libra And Libra Relationship

I hate to break it to you, but not everything is so perfect. However, things wouldn’t be interesting if it were, would they?

1. The same negative traits

You know how I told you that these two have the same good qualities, which is a great thing for Libra-Libra love compatibility? Well, sadly, that means they share their negative traits as well.

That is actually one of the first cons of this relationship. I’m not saying that a Libra has more flaws than any other zodiac sign, but at the end of the day, they’re also human beings with their set of imperfections.

This wouldn’t be such a problem if we weren’t talking about the same set of imperfections. The trouble arises when their flaws clash, and that happens more than it should.


First of all, they’re both quite indifferent and indecisive. Neither of them is motivated enough to take the initiative at the beginning of their relationship, so some seemingly simple things, such as making the first move or organizing the first date, become a nightmare.

Let’s not forget that they believe in complete relationship equality. According to that, it’s not a man’s job to approach the girl, to kiss her first, or to be the one to express his feelings.

For them, everything goes spontaneously. That is great and extra cute, but it becomes tiring and pointless after some time.

Control issues and possessiveness

A relationship has trouble succeeding when one of the partners has control issues and is possessive. But, what about when they’re both like this? That’s right, it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Libra is not jealous in a typical way . They’re not so obsessed with the other person potentially being unfaithful.

As in everything else in life, Libra is unique in their controlling nature as well. They simply love being in charge, and they want to have power over everything their other half does.

They’re possessive in a way that they want undivided attention, but they find it humiliating to ask for it. So, they end up offended if they don’t get exactly what they want, even though they never specifically demand it.

Crazy, I know. Well, just imagine two people with similar characteristics.

Desire for revenge

Scorpio is the champion of revenge , but Libra doesn’t stay behind much either. Actually, they’re probably more dangerous because nobody expects revenge from Libra.

Nevertheless, that’s exactly what you’ll get if you do them wrong. Even though these two have pretty healthy communication, sometimes they also have a habit of staying quiet about what bothers them.

Libra will act as if they’ve forgiven their partner, but they can keep a grudge forever. They never forget the pain they’ve been through, and they will find the opportunity for revenge sooner or later.

2. Slow relationship progress

Libras are marriage material . Not only that: most of them also have the desire to eventually get married and start a family.
But, that’s when we come to their lack of initiative. Do they do anything about it? No.

In fact, the Libra-Libra relationship progresses at an incredibly slow pace. They don’t have a crucial problem with commitment or with labeling their relationship.

Despite that, it seems that nothing is happening. Nobody moves from the dead spot, and they have a hard time upgrading their relationship to the next level.

I’m not talking about marriage or engagement here only. I’m talking about all kinds of progress towards a more serious romantic relationship.

These two could be dating for ages without any idea where they stand. Also, it’s like nobody will remember to pop the question or to make the suggestion towards moving in together.

It’s like they expect someone to magically knock on their door, give them guidance, and tell them what to do.

On one hand, there is nothing wrong with doing everything spontaneously. After all, who says that every relationship has to be put in a certain box and move forward at the same speed?

Nevertheless, the problem is that they both actually want something to change. They just lack the courage and motivation to make the actual change.

As a result, we have two secretly unsatisfied people trapped in their comfort zones.

3. Lack of arguments

When two people can’t agree on literally anything, they’re definitely not relationship material . At least, not together.
But, Libra and Libra don’t have this problem. On the contrary, they rarely ever fight.

So, you must think that this is good. After all, fights are not good, so the absence of fights must be the greatest thing for a romantic relationship.

Well, let me tell you that it’s not. It’s unnatural for two people who co-exist or even live together never to engage in an argument.

Just for a while, let’s forget the fact that we’re talking about the same zodiacs. Even if they are identical twins, they can’t always have the same opinion about everything.

Therefore, it’s completely normal that their attitudes will clash at one point. So, how come they never argue?

We already know that they are capable of having endless conversations, so neither of them has a problem with expressing themselves.

Conflict avoidance

Well, the thing with Libra is their avoidance of conflict. In fact, that’s probably one of their key traits. You see, Librans will do everything in their power to avoid arguments.

They’ll be silent about whatever is bothering them, they won’t speak their mind, or else they will seemingly agree on something just to make peace.

They’re people pleasers , and at the core of their personality, they’re scared of conflict. So, most of the time, they keep their displeases to themselves, which is never healthy.

What happens next? Well, sooner or later, they both burst like a bubble.

Instead of handling their anger and dissatisfaction right away, they bury it deep inside, expecting it to go away. Of course, it doesn’t.

Actually, it keeps on growing over time, and finally, it explodes and hell breaks loose.

4. Deeply rooted trust issues

People belonging to the Libra zodiac sign don’t trust anyone. To be honest, most of the time, they have a hard time trusting even themselves.

They’re perfectly aware of how much of their personality they keep hidden inside. Normally, they expect everyone to be like that.

Also, they’re quite vengeful, so most of the time, they expect revenge from those they’ve done harm to. It’s their human nature to look at things from their own perspective, and that’s exactly why they have deeply rooted trust issues.

Libra and Libra love connection is all sunshine and roses until these issues come to the surface.

These people don’t believe a single word anyone says. But, they won’t be honest about it.

Instead, they’ll stack all of their problems up and keep them to themselves. At the same time, they’ll both check all the facts, and overthink everything the other person claims as true.

Can a situation like this last for long? Definitely, no.

Can it be worked on? Definitely, yes – if both partners are willing to work on their inner issues before anything else.

5. Too much selflessness

Being a kind and selfless person is one of the greatest qualities in the world. But, is it possible to be too kind and too selfless?

Well, in the case of Librans, it certainly is. Let’s not forget that they’re ruled by Venus; the planet of love. Consequently, they have a huge heart with the capacity to care for everyone who crosses their path.

Nevertheless, there are times when their selflessness costs them a lot. This is especially true when we’re talking about a relationship in which both people involved are like that.

What seems to be the problem? Well, Librans want to help literally everyone who needs it.

They’re their entire family and friends’ emergency contact. They don’t leave anyone hanging.

If their BFF needs a lift home in the middle of the night or if their cousin’s babysitter canceled at the last moment, Libra is more than ready to step in.

But, when you have a Libra pair, you have two people who’re overwhelmed with someone else’s problems, run everyone’s errands, and have no energy left for each other or for their relationship.

They’re people pleasers who don’t know how to say “no”. After some time, this becomes a problem.

They start suffering from self-neglect. Not only that: they also start neglecting their romance because they’re too tired of dealing with other people’s problems.

Libra And Libra Sexual Compatibility

Before we start discussing Libra and Libra sexual compatibility, let’s get one thing clear: Libras are sensitive and emotional creatures, even though they don’t show their vulnerable side that much.

Love as an aphrodisiac

Why am I saying this? Because I want you to know that sex itself means nothing to them. It’s the emotional connection that interests them before anything.

Basically, they can’t enjoy having sex if they don’t love each other. Call them old-fashioned, but that’s how they roll.

For them, romantic love is kind of an aphrodisiac, and that’s why physical attraction doesn’t come first.

If they sense the energy they like, they will sleep with the other person, no questions asked. On the other hand, they’re capable of saying “no” to a top model if they don’t have the vibe that suits them.

For this pair, intimacy is more than just having sex. They pay a lot of attention to eye contact, holding hands, kissing, hugging, cuddling, and just sleeping together.

Playing it safe

Libras are quite moderate in the bedroom. They’re not into trying new things and experimenting much.

Instead, they prefer keeping it safe. If Libras could choose between wild sex and tender lovemaking, they would always pick the latter one.

They’re tender creatures and gentle lovers whose sex drive isn’t that high .

This might be annoying for other people, but when it comes to Libra love compatibility, there is nothing to worry about because they’re both like that.

What’s funny is that they would secretly (or even openly) judge their Libra partner if they try to introduce new things.

They love beautiful things and people, so one of their favorite sexual activities is looking at their partner and admiring their looks and energy.

Lack of initiative

The only problem here is, once again, a lack of initiative. Their sex sometimes looks quite passive because nobody takes charge.

But, that’s not the only problem. What’s even worse is that many relationships between these signs suffer from a lack of sex.

They could be dating for ages, but it’s likely that nobody will make the first move and actually do something real.

Libra And Libra In Marriage

Now that we’ve covered all the aspects of their romantic relationship, it’s time for a bigger steak: marriage. Can a Libra and Libra match last a lifetime? More importantly, can they be happy growing old together?

Can a Libra marry a Libra?

Even though they’re not the best union in the world, the Libra and Libra match can end in a successful marriage if both partners work on their personalities.

Of course, the first problem that has to be resolved is trust issues that prevent them from having a healthy romance.

Another important issue is their possessiveness and controlling natures. Nevertheless, this is also something they can overcome if they handle the problem with trust on time.

The reason why this marriage can work out lies in their similarities and mutual understanding, as well as the fact that they don’t run away from commitment.

Who should a Libra marry?

Ideally, a Libra should marry a Gemini. Yes, they probably won’t understand their obsession with their appearance or their love for expensive, finer things.

Even though their spending habits can be a problem, a Libra’s energy goes the best with this sign. Of course, under the condition that a Gemini overcomes their commitment issues before saying “I do”.

Libra And Libra In Friendship

If you want to see true Libra and Libra compatibility, you should observe these two as friends. They have so many similar personality traits that it’s practically impossible for them not to click right away after meeting.

The first things that connect them are their signature signs: compassion and generosity.

Who wouldn’t like having a friend who understands them, gives them their time and energy, and is always there to help them go through life?

Yes, that’s right; this is exactly what a Libra is. But, sadly, most other zodiacs take advantage of them.

Once they see how kind they are, they see it as a green light to use their tender heart. They call them only when they need a favor, and assume that they’ll always be there whenever they need them.

Keep in mind that a Libra is highly intelligent . Therefore, they see their fake friends’ intentions and walk away on time.

When this happens a few times in a row, a Libra’s insecurities appear, and they get the impression that they’ll never find a true friend who’ll give them back their efforts.

Until they meet another Libra. This is when they get everything they’ve been giving to others, and that reciprocity is what makes this friendship so strong.

If you add their great communication and contagious sense of humor to all of this, it’s obvious why these two go great together.

Libra General Characteristics

Libra season: September 23 – October 23

Element: Air sign

Modality: Cardinal sign

Symbol: Scale

Ruling planet: Planet Venus (planet of love)

Libra Personality Traits

Just like any other human being, Scales have their good and bad sides. It’s up to every person as to which part will prevail.

Positive Traits:

• Well-balanced

• Charming

• Compassionate

• Intelligent

• Good taste for finer things

Negative Traits:

• Indecisive

• Lacking initiative

• Vain

• Unreliable

Libra Compatibility With Other Signs

Libra gets along the best with their fellow air signs. On the contrary, their vibes are in conflict with most earth signs.

Compatible with: Gemini, Aquarius, Leo, Sagittarius, Taurus

Non-compatible with: Aries, Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Are Libras most compatible with other Libras?

Even though their compatibility is debatable, one thing is for sure: a Libra is definitely not a Libra’s best match. The signs that go best with Scales are Gemini and Aquarius.

Gemini and Libra are two fellow air signs who have much in common. Their energies match in an incredible way, and they have many similar character traits.

They’re both easy-going and friendly, but the thing that connects them the most is their intelligence.

Libra and Aquarius get along well primarily because of Aquarius’ adaptability. They’re both sharp-minded social butterflies who enjoy life.

Tips For A Libra-Libra Relationship

Every relationship has room for improvement, and this one is no different. That’s why I bring you some life-saving tips for this romance:

• Trust more

• Overthink less

• Speak your mind

• Make the first move

• Don’t judge

• Prioritize your relationship

• Make a decision

To Wrap Up:

What have we learned about Libra and Libra compatibility? First of all, they function better as friends than as lovers.

Are they a match made in hell in love? Certainly not. Despite all of their similarities, they’ll have their clashes, but that’s not something that cannot be fixed – if the effort is mutual.

But, please be aware that it’s never enough to be familiar with someone’s Sun sign compatibility in order to reach a conclusion as to whether two people are a match or not.

Therefore, if you want to find out more about Libra and Libra compatibility, try finding out what their moon signs are – that’s how you’ll learn more about their emotions and their love life.