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A Lonely Wife’s Letter To Husband (I Wish You Still Wanted Me)

A Lonely Wife’s Letter To Husband (I Wish You Still Wanted Me)

Every married couple has their trials and tribulations. That’s a normal part of marriage. But, when you come to the point when you feel lonely all the time, that becomes a problem.

You probably feel like you can’t fix it, like you’re going to be stuck in this phase forever. And, you will… unless you do something about it.

And, what’s better than writing a lonely wife’s letter to husband?

I know it sounds like hard work, especially since it involves being completely vulnerable, but if you read on, you’ll see how it’s done.

After this, you will undoubtedly be inspired to create the perfect letter of your own.

A Lonely Wife’s Letter To Husband

Dear husband,

We have been married for so many years, and have known each other so well. So, why do you still feel like a stranger to me?

I look at your face and don’t see the man I love.

I touch you and it feels more like a marital obligation than enjoyment.

Besides, ithas been a while since we’ve last been together. You don’t seem to want me anymore… not my body or my soul. I am no longer a priority to you.

What has changed? Is it because I’m no longer a young woman you can be attracted to? Is that it? Or, is it something much deeper?

I feel like it is because we don’t even talk…

Do you remember when we used to spend hours having intellectual debates? We shared incredible chemistry.

You would always tell me I’m so much smarter than you. You always were the type of person who couldn’t see their own worth.

You couldn’t see the glow in your eyes when you saw the happiness in someone else. You couldn’t see how you looked when you talked passionately about the things you loved.

You said I was smarter, but you were the one who knew how to love.

I was never quite capable… of expressing my feelings properly. Did that drive you away?

I am sorry if I ever made you feel unloved. That was the last thing in the world I wanted to do. I am just not sure how to tell you… I guess I am trying that now.

I do love you, you know? Please stop pushing me away… Don’t run away from me anymore. Heal my broken heart.

You told me we were soulmates, remember? Well, aren’t soulmates supposed to be together forever?

I may be married to you, but I still feel so lonely… I feel like I lost myself because of love.

The partnership we created long ago has disappeared… vanished into thin air. Come and be my darling again! Be my best friend!

I don’t want us to be strangers…

Do you know what it’s like to come home after a long day and hear you say nothing more than ”Hey, what’s up?” You don’t even look up. You keep staring at your social media.

It hurts… more than you will ever know. It hurts wanting to tell you all about my day, but something in me stops me… The distance between us is too great.

But, you aren’t doing anything about it! You make me think like I’m hard to love.

It’s not just that we don’t communicate… but you don’t even smile at me. You never tell me jokes like you used to. We don’t even fight, for God’s sake!

How can I know what I did wrong if we stay stuck in one place unable to be who we really are?

Please, tell me… Are you still the same person I married? Because I am… I just keep her hidden because I’m afraid you don’t want her anymore… I’ve been let down too many times.

Are married couples usually like this? Is this inevitable? Why hasn’t anyone told me it was going to be this way?

Then again, they probably did… I just didn’t listen.

I loved you too much… To be honest, I still do. That’s why I’m writing you all this… because I want to fix this. What better way is there than a lonely wife’s letter to husband?

Yes, I am indeed lonely. Words fail to describe how I feel every time you go out with your buddies instead of spending quality time with me. You abandoned me when I needed you the most.

But, the worst of all is when you’re there with me, but I don’t feel your presence. In your mind, you’re always elsewhere… far, far away from me.

Oh, won’t you come back?! Won’t you love me again like the first time?!

My dear hubby, you have no idea how much I need your love. You have no idea how much I miss you.

The truth is… I’ve been missing you for years, I just wasn’t aware. That’s silly, huh? How is that even possible? Well, I don’t know…

I just know that one day, last year, I woke up and I was hit by a bolt of lightning! I AM LONELY! I HAVE NO ONE!

The children are grown up, leading their own lives… I can’t expect them to devote more time to me. They’re young. They ought to have fun and experience things.. But you…

You swore an oath to me. You promised me forever, and now I’m crying because I have to remind you of it.

Why couldn’t you remember it yourself? How could you forget me while being right there beside me?


I don’t have superpowers. I am a human being capable of bearing only a certain amount of pain. I’m tired of being strong all the time.

In fact, most of the time, my strength is a facade. You probably have no clue as to how I feel. But, I’m at my breaking point! I’m burning! I’m aching! I can’t bear the loneliness anymore!

I can no longer be the lonely wife seeking her husband’s long lost warmth.

I think there is more love between partners in a long distance relationship. That’s because distance doesn’t mean anything.

If two people love each other, nothing can keep them apart.

But, if they don’t… they could die by each other’s side and still be as distant as ever! Please, don’t let that be us. I will write you emotional love letters every day if I could prevent that from happening!

You are the love of my life, darling. And, you will be for as long as I can breathe.

I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but don’t let it be without love! Don’t let us just be roommates who know nothing about each other.

Please… talk to me. Tell me what’s wrong. I feel so unloved. Do you feel the same way? Where did we go wrong? I don’t understand…

I just know that I will do whatever is necessary to fix things.

I will devote a lot of time to loving you the way you deserve. But, I expect the same. I want things to be as they were at the very beginning.

Do you remember when we talked about love languages?

Even though you were never a fan of cuddling, as soon as you found out that touch is my love language, you took me in your arms and took care of me as if I were a baby.

From that moment on, you never complained about it because making me happy made you happy. Oh, please tell me that you remember! I don’t want to be the only one who does!

I miss the way you used to hug me. I miss our cuddling during cold winter nights. I miss the way you’d touch my face when you woke up before me. I would always pretend to be asleep because I knew it would make you uncomfortable.

I am sorry I could never adopt your love language… I am sorry I could never tell you how much you mean to me in words.

I have a feeling that’s the very thing that ruined us. But, I suppose we are both to blame. Nobody was doing anything to stop it, right?

That’s why I’m writing you this open letter… because I want things to be different.

I don’t want to wake up one day only to hear you say that you want a divorce. That’s my biggest fear, actually… being totally separate from you.

I know that things are hard now, but it’ll be okay as soon as we acknowledge the hardships!

The main problem is always the silence. Nothing can ever be solved that way.

But, some time ago, silence was even enjoyable. We would talk for hours and then just sit by each other without saying a word.

You would look at me, and your look would pierce my very soul. You knew me so well. You were the man who SAVED me!

How could you not care about the woman you once loved so much? Oh, if I could only turn back the time, so you could love me again!

Could a lonely wife’s letter to husband really make that happen again?

After all, I have always lacked words, but I’ve been too strong for too long. Now, I am pouring my soul out for you to consume it whole.

I’m not afraid to be emotionally vulnerable anymore because being afraid now means losing you. And, I just couldn’t bear that.

I can’t tell you to your face how I feel. It’s just too hard. This was the only way. But, as long as they are my words, it doesn’t matter, does it?

I am choosing to be honest. I am choosing to fight for you. You might think that it’s over, but I’m not willing to accept that.

I mean… I don’t even know how you feel. It’s strange, isn’t it? I am here just assuming things. I guess I thought I could read the mind of the man whom I have loved for so long. But, I can’t, and I feel disappointed

Nobody can read anyone’s mind. That’s what words are for. But, oh the irony! This time, it’s me who’s expressing my emotions, and not you! Won’t you be surprised?

Perhaps surprised enough to have me back?

I know I sound like some housewife, but I’m far from that. These aren’t the cries of a desperate woman.

These are the cries of a woman who is ready to be loved the way she deserves… of a woman who is ready to show you I love you the way you always should’ve been loved!

I don’t want you just because you’re my husband. I don’t want you out of loneliness. I want you because you’re the love of my life and I don’t know what to do without you!

Yes, I am a strong and independent woman, but I am also a human being, and all human beings crave love. What kind of a world would this be if there were no love in it?

I know your feelings haven’t disappeared. I refuse to believe otherwise. Your love for me is far too great to die out. As is mine.

My darling, I want us to be proper partners to each other. And, by that, I don’t mean sharing the same bed or household chores.

Waking up in the same bed with you isn’t enough because it feels like waking up with a stranger.

Each of us gets up and prepares for the day without saying a word. If you only knew how much I miss your words! Your sweet smile!

My friends keep telling me that it’s so obvious things are over. But, they don’t know…

They haven’t lived our life. They don’t know what a loving husband you have been or that I am the woman who loves unconditionally.

Nothing was able to tear us apart, not even a cruel mother-in-law (if you’ll forgive me for saying it this way), not even sickness, not even a year-long lockdown!

The only thing that ever stood in our way was our inability to just… say the words.

I love you! I love you! I love you! I’ll say it a million times over!

I want you to know that you have my heart. It’s yours as long as I’m alive on this Earth. Will you have me again?

Let’s swear new oaths and make new promises. And, let’s do it right this time. What do you say?

I’ll take you to the new pizza place. You can cuddle me, and I’ll whisper sweet words into your ears. I’ll love you, and you’ll love me… The way it always should have been.

Let’s make this new year good.

Yours forever,

Your wife.

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Is It Normal To Feel Alone In A Marriage?

Not quite.

Feeling alone is never normal. If you think that your spouse is neglecting you, you should talk to them about it.

You married them so you could be a team. You ought to be there for each other.

Loneliness was never a part of the deal. Don’t ever think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

If you feel that something is missing, that’s because it is. Communicate. Or, of course, write the perfect lonely wife’s letter to husband.

How Do I Deal With Loneliness In My Marriage?

You deal with it by expressing your emotions.

There’s no cure except honest communication. Tell your spouse all about it and see how they will react.

If they love you, they will care about your feelings enough to do something about it.

But, if they don’t love you, nothing will change. In this case, the only thing left to do is leave them. I know it’s easier said than done, but you only have one life.

Do you really want to spend it in the company of someone who makes you feel lonely?

How Do I Write A Letter To My Husband About My Feelings?

You do it by letting your emotions take you over.

That’s why it’s best to do it when you’re at your lowest. You will be consumed by what you feel, and it’ll be much easier to let it out.

Don’t think too much. Don’t try to find the right words. Whatever comes to mind, write it down.

The goal of writing a lonely wife’s letter to husband is to convey your real thoughts, isn’t it?

Then, be completely emotionally vulnerable. Don’t suppress any part of yourself. There’s really nothing to be afraid of. Honesty is the best policy.

Final Thoughts

You know what to do now, right?

I hope you will make use of this lonely wife’s letter to husband, but trust me, the right words are already within you. You just have to reach out and find them.

Don’t be hard on yourself in these trying times. You aren’t to blame, and if you feel that you are, then be out with it.

Tell your husband how you feel and fix the situation. Of course, it’s not all up to you, but try making the first move. A man deserving of you will reciprocate your efforts.