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10 Manipulative Sentences: Phrases To Keep An Eye Out For

10 Manipulative Sentences: Phrases To Keep An Eye Out For

The words we say can damage or mend our relationships. Sadly, they’re not always what we want them to be. People might use these words to manipulate us. These sentences and phrases are manipulative sentences.

Listen to their words carefully, and determine whether you believe that “I love you” or if it is one of their narcissistic manipulation tactics.

This article will talk about how manipulative phrases damage our relationships and manipulate our feelings. Manipulation can happen in marriages, friendships, and relationships.

Remember, in the end, words are just words. Everyone needs a loved one of action, not of words. If you don’t see a change in their behavior, you are free to believe you are being manipulated.

Definition Of Manipulative Sentences: Use And Meaning

Manipulation is a process that is done by a manipulator who wants to control or influence another person, regardless of whether we are talking about a romantic or platonic relationship.

The manipulation can be done through manipulative sentences or talking, actions, or, in some cases, even through inaction. Manipulators are often people who have a lot of power and authority over their victims.

The effects of manipulation in relationships vary depending on the situation. For example, when an individual becomes a victim of emotional abuse in a relationship, they may experience feelings such as shame, anger, and depression.

In contrast, if someone is manipulated into doing something they don’t want to by their partner and resist their partner’s request, they may feel guilty and ashamed for not complying with their partner’s wishes.

The use of manipulation methods in manipulative and abusive relationships is common. People use these phrases to get what they want, which is usually to get their partner to do something they want them to do or agree with them.

The goal of these manipulative people is to cause emotional manipulation, gaslighting, low self-esteem, guilt-tripping, blame-shifting, and codependency in their partner. These people can be narcissists and psychopaths.

10 Manipulative Phrases Examples

Here are some common manipulative phrases and the red flags they bear with them.

1. “I’m sorry.”

Sometimes, all it takes is a little empathy and understanding to make an apology work. But only if you mean it. Saying sorry and not meaning it is the most manipulative thing you can do.

In fact, this is the most common manipulation technique people use. They apologize without the intention of changing. So, regardless of whether they’re an emotional psychopath or gaslighter, your manipulator will say this.

2. “Look what you made me do.”

This is a common manipulative sentence and gaslighting phrase. This manipulative phrase is used to blame someone for their own actions and not take responsibility for themselves.

It is a way to blame someone else for something that the speaker did. It is often condescending to make another person feel bad about themselves and shows they do not take responsibility for their own actions.

3. “I didn’t say that.”

Misquoting someone is a common manipulation strategy that people use to make themselves seem better than their victims. It’s also called the “I didn’t say that” phrase. Manipulators use this sentence to break you.

It’s perfect for gaslighting someone. Even though you said what you said, you are willing to manipulate someone into understanding it differently.

4. “You’re overreacting.”

I’ve heard this one too often and thought I wasn’t good enough. It is not that the person is not taking your feelings into account. It is just that they are not feeling what you are feeling.

The phrase “you’re overreacting” is used to manipulate someone in a relationship into thinking their feelings are wrong or irrational.

People use this phrase to manipulate someone into stopping doing something because it makes the manipulator feel out of control.

5. “You shouldn’t feel that way.”

Now they want to control your feelings. You need to escape this emotional abuse as soon as possible. When they say this, they’re implying that there’s something wrong with you for feeling the way you do.

It can make you feel like you’re being told that your feelings are wrong, making you want to stop talking about your problems altogether.

6. “You don’t love me.”

I survived gaslighting, and believe me, telling someone their actions tell you about their feelings is absurd. These manipulative sentences are used to manipulate the partner into doing what the other wants.

They might want their partner to do something for them. The person on the receiving end of this phrase needs to understand that it is not an expression of love but rather a way of manipulating them.

7. “Don’t make a scene.”

Just like “You’re overreacting,” this phrase is there to gaslight you and make you submissive to your narcissist. Remember, you are a strong woman or man. This scheming phrase is often used in an abusive relationship when the abuser wants to control the victim.

People use this phrase to make their victims feel guilty for doing anything that will upset their partners or make them look bad in front of others. The abuser might say things like, “I don’t want you embarrassing me, so just do what I say, and everything will be fine.”

8. “I said I was sorry.”

One of the most popular manipulative sentences is “I said I was sorry,” “What do you want me to do to?” and “I already apologized.” These are a go-to for toxic people.

These phrases are used to make the other person believe that they did something wrong by standing their ground. They also make the other person believe that they have done something bad. They have given you so much already, and they deserve repayment.

9. “You’re too sensitive.”

Stop Googling how to stop being sensitive. It’s not you. It’s their manipulative skills! You’re not sensitive. You are just demanding common decency in your relationship. This phrase is often used to shut down a conversation.

It can be used as a way to blame someone for being too “sensitive” and making a big deal out of something. People who use this phrase may also say that they are not trying to hurt anyone’s feelings but just stating facts.

10. “How can you still be mad at me?”

The speaker uses this phrase to make the other person feel guilty about something so they are more likely to change their behavior. Seriously, you expect this narcissist to understand?

This sentence could also be used in a situation where one partner wants the other partner’s attention but doesn’t know how else to ask for it.

What Is The Effect Of Manipulation?

Manipulation is a type of social influence that aims to change the behavior or beliefs of others through underhanded, deceptive, or even abusive tactics. It can also be defined as the act of controlling someone by using psychological pressure.

Manipulative people are masters at reading body language, manipulating in disguise, and understanding what makes us tick. They use this information to their advantage.

This kind of relationship can also be the worst thing that has ever happened to you. I will talk about manipulation in relationships and how it affects the people involved in them.

Manipulation in relationships is when someone tries to control someone else without their knowledge or consent. This might happen by using guilt trips or making threats.

These are ways of emotionally manipulating someone into doing what they want them to do without any regard for their feelings. In this case, the effects of manipulation include:

playing on insecurities

• messing with your head

negative impact on mental health

• no more mutual respect

destroying set boundaries

• looking for validation

Understanding The Big Box Of Sentence Building

What we subconsciously say reflects our own actions in life. Regardless of whether it’s the silent treatment or using manipulation skills, the phrases I listed above are not there to be taken for granted.

In fact, from my personal experience, these manipulative sentences are the first step in manipulation. So, look at them without a hint of bias.

I hope this list of phrases helps you understand your relationship. And also, hopefully, you will know how to deal with an emotional manipulator. Remember, empaths are drawn to manipulators. Of course, you need to end that relationship as soon as possible.