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30 Surefire Body Language Signs She Likes You

30 Surefire Body Language Signs She Likes You

Women are complicated—we know. Often, they’ll say one thing but think something entirely different.

Then they expect you to read their minds, and they get angry with you if you don’t guess what they want.

A similar thing happens when they are attracted to you. If they really do like you, they will never admit it and approach you out of the blue.

Sometimes, a girl will send you a bunch of subtle body language signs she likes you but probably won’t say a word about her feelings. Of course, you’re supposed to read each one of these clues and act accordingly.

Wouldn’t dating be much simpler if we all just walked to our crushstraightforwardly, without beating around the bush?

All you would need to do is to be brave enough to squeeze a couple of sentences through your teeth: “I like you. Do you like me? Should we give it a try?” It would be as simple as that.

No mind-reading, no wrapping your head around whether she’s interested or not.

But, unfortunately, or luckily, things don’t go that way—I said luckily because maybe dating and chasing girls would be kind of boring if it were so simple.

Living in suspense, waiting for that ‘yes or no’ text brings a certain thrill to the whole thing.

It leaves us with memories, bad and happy ones, funny or embarrassing situations—something that we can remember and think about in the future.

Don’t be down.

It’s not impossible to enter a woman’s mind—you’ll have to do your best, but it’s not impossible.

All you need to learn are a few body language hacks to tell if a girl likes you.

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Body Language Signs That She Likes You

I’ll be honest here: there is no universal pattern that applies to every single woman in the world. Keep in mind that some girls are shy, while others don’t have a problem openly flirting with you.

Also, some enjoy the chase more than others, so they’ll deliberately send you subtle body language cues and hints. That’s their way of keeping you on the hook but at the same time, not sending enough signals for you to be 100% sure they’re into you.

Again, there are girls who just want you to make the first move. They’ll accept your date invitation but they certainly won’t approach you first.

What I’m trying to tell you is that your girl doesn’t have to necessarily display each one of the signs listed below for you to be sure she’s interested. Nevertheless, she’ll send some of these signals for sure- that is, if she’s into you.

So buckle up and take notes- even if there doesn’t exist a girl you want to figure out now, someday, these tricks will come in handy.

Eye contact

Eyes are the mirrors of the soul. If you look into someone’s eyes, you can hack exactly how that person feels and what she thinks. Eyes will never deceive you.

When a girl hides her feelings, she might even be rude to you. She might not text or call you and she definitely won’t tell you she likes you.

Those are the reactions she can easily control. Maybe her brain is telling her that you’re not for her or she just wants you to work harder for her attention- the possibilities are endless.

But the thing she has no control over whatsoever is her eyes. Even if she does her best to hide it, you’ll see that little spark in her eyes every time she looks at you or even when you just enter the room.

Sometimes, she’ll be unaware that she is looking at you. Or maybe she’ll do her best to stare at you when she thinks nobody sees her.

Either way, the point is that her eyes will tell you a lot about this girl’s feelings. This is exactly why they’re the first thing you must pay attention to.

Prolonged eye contact

The first subtle sign of a girl who is into you is the fact that she is desperate to make eye contact. Not only that- but even when you look back at her, she won’t look away.

This is something called prolonged eye contact. For eye contact to be longer, it should last for at least 7 seconds.

Don’t worry, I’m not telling you to count the seconds- I’m sure you’ll understand when a girl is looking at you.

You know that feeling when someone stares at you and you just feel it? You’re not even looking in their direction at the moment but it’s like their eyes are calling your name.

Well, that’s exactly what’s going on here. This girl can’t keep her eyes off you, as much as she tries.

If she looks at you several times, she is definitely into you. Believe me, she really wants you to be aware of the fact someone is watching you.

Also, she is probably analyzing every little detail about you. No, she is not looking for your flaws so don’t feel too self-conscious.

On the contrary, she is probably admiring your looks, your face, your body, your facial expressions, and some other things such as the way you hold your glass.

Besides all of this, every dating coach will tell you the same: girls use their eyes as a weapon to make the first move.

For example, when a guy likes a girl, he’ll probably approach her, get her a drink or just directly ask for her number. But let’s be honest: despite all the modern dating rules, most women are not that straightforward.

Basically, they will just sit there, stare at you until you realize that they’re attracted to you. Yeah, it would be a lot easier if you didn’t have to decode their looks but these are the female body language signs of attraction and you’ll just have to deal with it.

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Looking away

So, check this out. Sometimes, when a girl doesn’t look at you- she might still be into you.

Of course, I’m not talking about that girl who didn’t give you one single look during the entire evening- I hate to break it to you but that one probably isn’t interested.

I’m talking about those girls who give you a quick glance and then look away. I bet you know exactly the look I’m talking about.

It sounds like rocket science- I know. In fact, most men who are inexperienced in dating will understand this as a sign to back off.

However, when a girl wants to send you a subtle body language signal she likes you- she will look away after taking a brief look at you.

Women wouldn’t be women if they didn’t complicate things, I know.

A sneak peak into her brain

Let me try and simplify things for you: there are two kinds of looks.

One is straightforward—and you’ve hit a home run—while the other is subtle. She looks at you, but she hides the fact that she looks at you.

These girls that are hiding will never ever approach you—either they are shy or they simply don’t have enough confidence to start up a conversation.

Another reason why this happens is that they don’t want to be caught. Sometimes, women think that you’ll think of them as more valuable if they play harder to get.

It doesn’t make much sense- I know. But if a woman is about to fall in love with you and she is aware of that- the last thing she would want is for you to notice it.

She doesn’t want you to “win” this game of cat and mice. If she exposes her feelings, she’s scared that you’ll instantly cool off or that you’ll stop fighting for her attention.

On the other hand, if you don’t like her back, she’ll come out as desperate. At the same time, she knows that her eyes don’t lie.

Of course, you’ll realize a girl is into you if she keeps on checking you out. What else could you possibly think?

Well, to avoid that- she’ll just look away. But sometimes, she has to treat herself with a sneak peek- because the truth is that she can’t take her eyes off you.

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Playing with her hair

Nice, long, shiny hair is a powerful sign of sexuality and femininity—and women are aware of that. Come on, what woman do you know that’s not obsessed with her hair?

Every time something big happens in their life, the first thing they change is their hairstyle, haircut, or hair color. That’s how important hair is in every girl’s life.

It’s what makes girls girls, am I right? Don’t get me wrong- this is not me saying that a woman can’t have short hair.

I’m just referring to the fact that long hair, braids, ponytails, or pigtails make women feel more feminine from a very young age.

Their self-esteem usually depends on the type of hair day they’re having and they invest a lot of time and effort in making it perfect.

What does this tell you? It tells you that girls are super self-conscious about their hair.

Trust me: when her hair is on point, she doesn’t have to be wearing any makeup and can be walking around in old sweatpants- every woman will feel like she’s on fire.

So, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that every girl’s hair has to be absolutely perfect when she is talking to a guy she’s into. This is especially true if we’re talking about long hair- she’ll be touching it every few seconds.

So, if a girl who has an eye on you is playing with her hair while you are around, if she’s tossing it, it’s a body language sign that she likes you. It’s like this girl is telling you: “Look how amazing my hair is.”

Other body language signs she likes you

Also, there are a few more telltale signs she is interested in. She’ll probably tilt her head or stretch out and touch her neck like it’s sore and she is hurting—in translation, “I need a neck massage badly”.

Make sure you are the one who’s going to make the pain go away.

Physical touch

It’s a common fact that women avoid touching people they don’t like. They keep people they don’t like and are not close to away from their personal space.

But if she likes you, she will take advantage of any given opportunity to touch you. Trust me- this is a great sign that she feels strong sexual attraction from you.

She might lightly hit you on the hand if you told a good joke or she might place her hand on our shoulder when she sees you and asks how you’re doing.

Any contact is a good sign, even those ‘accidental’ ones like brushing against you in the hallway just to feel your abs.

Here is another positive sign you shouldn’t ignore: a girl fixing your clothes or removing lints from your clothing. It’s just an excuse to make some physical contact, to feel you up, and to examine your body temperature: does it get up when she comes near you?

Women are teasers when they flirt, and they love the game of chasing more than you think.

The point is that this girl just can’t help herself. She feels this uncontrollable urge to touch you and that’s exactly what she does.

A sneak peek into her mind

She would be the happiest if she could hug or kiss you right on the spot. So, why doesn’t she just do it, you must wonder.

Well, she doesn’t have the courage. Or she thinks it would be inappropriate. Or she waits for you to make the first step.

Or she thinks that you would push her away since you don’t see her like that. Or she is just testing the waters.

The possibilities are endless here. And at the end of the day, you don’t really care why she is doing something- you’re only interested in WHAT she’s doing.

The bottom line is that she is touching you this way or another.


Every woman’s lips are her strongest weapon. Of course, her smile is a trigger and her kisses are the bullets.

But before you get to some real actions, she’ll use her lips to send you some serious physical signs of attraction.

A woman can use her lips so your jaw drops and you want to take her into your arms as soon as possible—in these situations you are helpless.

A lot of women use the situation when they know a guy is watching them make moves with their lips which make your knees shake.

It’s like she’s giving you a little introduction to the things that await you if you two hook up. I know you’ve wanted to kiss her up to now but from the moment she starts teasing you with her lips- you can’t wait to seal this little game with a passionate French kiss.

Biting or licking her lip

They will either bite their lower lip in slow motion pretending they are completely unaware that you are watching them and slobbering like a cartoon character, or they will lick them slowly to moisten them.

Also, putting on lipstick in a sensual way is one of their strongest weapons. No one can stay indifferent watching those pro moves.

Before you know it, you’ll catch yourself staring at her lips that move in slow motion. Actually, you’ll probably be one step away from drooling.

Staring at your lips

What does it mean when a girl looks at your lips? But let’s get one thing straight: she doesn’t just give them a glance- she literally stares.

Well, isn’t it obvious, you fool? She wants you to kiss her so badly. You probably didn’t take all of her other hints so she was forced to proceed with open body language.

Back arching

Back arching is that movement when women push their boobs in front and their bottom back. Basically, they want their main attributes to stand out even more so they often exaggerate their body’s natural curvature.

A woman arches her back to make her breasts more prominent and her physique elegant, thus seductive.

Why does your girl do this? Well, if she starts doing it the moment you walk into the room- she is, without a doubt, trying to get your attention.

I know what you’re about to say: you don’t like her just for her big butt and big boobs– you want to get to know her personality.

I’m sure you’re being honest but come on, we all know physical appearance is the thing that will attract any man, including you, at first.

But beware because back arching can be a tricky one. It is a tool for seduction from a distance.

Why can it be a tricky one? Don’t mistake stretching for seduction. Maybe she was just tired—always double-check the signs on your list.


Blushing is the first sign of nervousness. It’s like that in little children and it remains that way throughout our adulthood.

Let’s face it- we all blush from time to time. But some of us are lousier in this than the others.

This girl is one of those people. She is not immature and it doesn’t have to do a lot with her dating experience- she is just shy.

It means that she needs more time to open up about her feelings and to let you in. It’s not that you need to necessarily make a dirty joke for her to blush- it will be enough to engage in a conversation or start asking her some more personal questions.

Don’t worry- you’re not crossing the line here. It’s just a part of her personality and I hope you find it kind of cute.

Shy girls really don’t know how to hide the fact that they like someone.

Even if they are standing across the room, if you merely glance at her, she will blush.

Of course, there are other reasons for them to blush, but if this happens more than once, then the reason is you.

On a side note, let’s go back a little to the part about eye contact. Remember how I told you about girls who look away after your eyes lock theirs?

Well, I was talking mainly about this type of shy girl. She is terrified that you’ll make fun of her or that she is looking ridiculous looking at you, so she’ll turn her head in the other direction.

Seductive walk

No woman enjoys when some creep who she gave no signals to checks her out, especially if they spice it up with some inappropriate comments or offensive jokes.

But what about a guy they’re into? Well, in that case, checking her out from head to toe is very much welcomed.

So, how can you know if you’re allowed to stare or not? Again rocket science, I know.

Let me reveal to you a little secret: when a girl is sitting down (even if it’s on a barstool), you can’t see her entire body or her outfit, right? Well, she knows that as well.

That’s why she will make excuses just to pass by you. And guess what? It will not be an ordinary walk.

She will walk slowly by you, waving her lovely hips back and forth to make them more prominent. It’s her weapon for capturing your attention.

It’s also likely that she’ll bring a friend with her. Well, first of all, not to be that obvious. Secondly, she wants moral support.

Last but not least- her friend is checking whether you’re looking while the object of your affection can focus on looking her best (and completely uninterested, of course.)

Look over the shoulder

According to all relationship experts, women have a very specific look they will give someone when they’re interested in them.

She will slightly raise her shoulder and look back at you, so you get a side profile. This is one of the body language signs she likes you.

This is a pose you’re most likely to see in magazines. If she looks over her shoulder at you with a smile on her face, that’s a surefire sign that she’s into you.

Let me tell you another secret- all women have the “good side” of their face. This might sound ridiculous to you but I swear, it’s the truth.

Some believe that their left profile is more beautiful while others think the same way about their right face outline.

Why is this important to you? Well, this girl likes you and she wants you to like her back.

That is exactly why you’ll almost always get the famous look over the shoulder from her better side. Pay closer attention and you’ll see how right I am.

If you catch her looking at you more than once, what are you waiting for?

She can’t keep her eyes off of you and obviously, she can’t take the smile off of her face while she’s doing it.

Leg crosses

When a girl crosses her legs near you, there is no doubt that she is attracted to you.

This is something she can’t control because she is either nervous or she wants you to know that you have her undivided attention.

Next time, pay attention to where her knee is pointing. If it’s pointing at you, then go for it because it’s a clear sign she likes you.

First and foremost, this is the way her legs look better. One leg presses the other and her muscle tone immediately looks higher.

Secondly, this position helps with her posture. She looks much more feminine and it reminds her to do the back arch.

Finally, it can also be a sign that she’s thinking about your potential sexual encounter. She is turned on but she can’t help herself at the moment so she just crosses her legs to at least feel something.

But please, be aware that not every woman’s body language is identical. The leg crossing isn’t enough for you to think that a girl wants to sleep with you.

It’s one thing if it’s followed by some other signals. Nevertheless, you still must respect her personal space and boundaries.

Fiddling with the jewelry

Every girl feels better when she looks better. She doesn’t have to follow all the trends- what matters is that she is satisfied with her appearance.

And accessories are one of the things women simply adore. When I say accessories, I mostly think about jewelry.

Psychologically, a woman’s jewelry makes her feel attractive and more confident.

If a girl is playing with her jewelry while she’s talking to you, that’s a sign that she’s into you.

She’s not aware of it—it’s the same as playing with her hair or crossing her legs.

It’s not that she wants you to pay attention to her jewelry. She is just nervous to the point that she finds comfort in playing with it.

She’s so lost in you, in your words, and in nervousness that she can’t control the little movements she does with her legs or hands.

If she’s playing with her necklace, ring, or twisting her earrings, the only thing that’s left for you to see is on which level she’s interested in you.

Her voice pitches around you

This is another thing women can’t control when they’re with someone they like.

Her pitch will get a bit higher once she’s around you, and you can see that she’s interested in you by watching how excited she acts.

On the other hand, if a woman doesn’t like a man, her voice will get deeper.

I know you must think this is a bunch of nonsense but it’s actually been scientifically proven.

If you want to know something interesting: a woman’s voice is one of the things that makes her more attractive to women. This is especially true during a woman’s fertile period of the cycle.

How nature regulates itself perfectly, doesn’t it?

Feet pointed at you

Here is another trick nobody probably told you about. In fact, I bet this is something you pay no attention to whatsoever. Well, it’s time you start.

When a girl is into you, she’ll stand as close as possible to you- we already know that. But what matters, even more, is the position of her feet.

This girl’s feet will be pointed at you at all times.

Basically, we all point our feet towards the direction in which we want to go. So, if you’re standing alone or in a group and this girl’s feet are pointed away from you or from the rest of the group, she wants to go away desperately.

But even that doesn’t have to be a sign that she doesn’t like you. Don’t forget that not every woman’s body language is the same.

Yes, this shows that she wants out. Nevertheless, has it occurred to you that she is actually just uncomfortable talking to you?

Not because she is not interested but because she is just shy and is nervous as hell in your presence.

Mirroring your body language

Mirroring is one of the strongest subconscious languages of affection and empathy. When we mirror someone’s behavior, we usually have a deep connection with that person- or at least, we want to have one.

There is an entire psychology behind mirroring one’s non-verbal language. It happens without either of the people being aware but it actually sends a strong message.

Does this girl laugh when you laugh? Does she imitate the tone of your voice?

Does she copy your hand gestures? Does she make similar facial expressions to yours?

Does she mimic your posture? Do you two walk in synchrony and in lock-step?

How many times has it happened that you two start or stop talking at the exact same moment? Have you ever looked at each other (or looked away) at the same time?

Well, there you have it: these are all the body language signs she likes you. But not only that: this is also a sign that you two are more bonded than you might be aware.

Being close to you

Other body language signs that she likes you include this girl’s being constantly near you. It’s not that she’s invading your space- she’s letting you inside of hers.

And that’s a big deal for most girls, especially the shy ones. It’s proof that this woman feels safe around you.

Subconsciously, she knows you would never do anything to hurt her. So, she puts her guard down since she is in no danger.

You might find this funny but most women have some kind of radar. They’re constantly in fear (which they’re usually unaware of) of a man who is physically stronger than them (and let’s face it, that’s how things are in most cases) hurting them this way or another.

That’s why they keep their fence up when they’re around men they don’t trust. Nevertheless, this girl feels different around you.

She trusts you enough to open up to you and to let you near her.

Besides, she really enjoys your presence. She feels nice whenever she’s around you, especially when you’re close enough so she can feel your skin on hers.

Another reason why she does this is to seduce you. If you two are with a larger group of friends or in a crowded place, she’ll always lean toward you.

She wants you to feel her breasts and to smell the scent of her perfume. She is doing this on purpose since she knows this will turn you on. And I’m sure you don’t mind at all.

Sweaty palms

I already wrote about some signs of nervousness coming from a girl who likes you. Well, sweaty palms fall under this criteria as well.

This is another female body language sign of attraction she has no control over, similar to blushing. And trust me, she’d be the happiest if she could.

This girl’s heart rate skyrockets every time she’s with you. So, if you try to hold her hand or if you guys still shake hands, you’ll notice that her palms are completely wet.

There is nothing disgusting about this- have in mind that it’s just a body’s perfectly normal reaction. If her hormones go wild, she could even get sweat stains under her armpits.

But we all sweat, don’t we? So please, just don’t make a big deal about it.

Actually, don’t comment on it at all. If you do, you’ll make her self-conscious about something she is not in charge of.

As a result, she’ll start sweating even more and she’ll probably avoid any contact with you in the future, regardless of her feelings.

What you can do is try and make her feel as relaxed as possible. This kind of reaction will probably go away any time soon and she’ll be able to enjoy every moment spent with you without wondering if you noticed her sweat.

Personal boundaries are open

For some time, observe your girl. How does she act around other guys? And how does she act around you?

There is a difference, right? It’s like some of her personal boundaries are open exclusively to you.

But theoretically, you’re nothing more than her friend. You don’t have the title of her boyfriend- at least, not yet.

Well, isn’t it clear that she wants you to become one?

For example, look at the physical contact she has with others and compare it to the contact you two have.

Look at the way she hugs her other male friends and then look at the way she hugs you. I’m sure she lets you keep her in your arms a bit longer.

How would she react if her friend picked her up out of nowhere while you’re all walking? I bet she’d be furious.

And what about you? I’m sure she’d laugh and tease you even more.

This also goes for physical distance between her and other people. You’re the one she sits the closest to, aren’t you?

Here is some pro-bono relationship advice: this girl is probably seeing you as potential boyfriend material and it’s your job not to ruin the image she has.

Dilated pupils

Here is a little more science. This will come especially in handy for those of you out there who are not that great in social interactions and have a problem with reading through the signs.

This is something you can’t possibly go wrong with so let’s check it out.

Remember how we talked about oxytocin? Well, guess what: it’s not the only love hormone in the book. What also counts is dopamine.

Basically, you get both of these in your system whenever you’re infatuated with someone. Even though these hormones affect male and female systems slightly differently, we all get dosed up the moment when we’re attracted to someone.

Well, what you need to know here is that the combination of these hormones gets your pupils dilated.

Therefore, if your girl’s pupils suddenly get bigger than usual the moment she starts talking to you- it’s one of the body language signs she likes you. I’m not the one saying it- science does.

Laughing at all of your jokes

Making people funny is not an easy task. But it’s an important one and sure is a huge part of dating and courting and of the relationship you have with this girl as well.

I hate to break your bubble but dude, you’re not that funny. You can be a professional stand-up comedian but it’s literally impossible for one person to laugh at every single joke you make.

But wait, what’s that? You tell me that all of your ex-girlfriends laughed at your jokes as well?

Exactly my point! What did all of these girls have in common? That’s right: they were all in love with you.

Whenever you tell something remotely funny, this girl bursts into laughter. She doesn’t care if the rest of your friend group doesn’t find you amusing- her eyes literally shine when you turn into a comedian.

Let me tell you, man- this girl is your number one fan. Do you know what the best part is?

She’s not even pretending to like your sense of humor. She’s not doing it to get under your skin.

No, she’s not one of those pick me, choose me girls. She’s not doing it to be the center of attention either.

This woman really does find you hilarious. Each one of your lines knocks her out of her feet and there is not much logic behind that.

What other proof do you actually need?

Well, if you insist…


When you’re in a long-term relationship, it becomes impossible to look your best in front of your partner at all times- especially if you’re living together.

Nevertheless, in the beginning, when we just start dating or more so, when we just started flirting, we all want to make the fairytale come alive.

Women are always perfectly waxed and brushed, have full make-up on, and wear the most seducing perfume you’ve ever smelled.

This is not false pretenses. It’s just girls’ way of arousing interest in boys.

Well, that’s exactly what the object of your infatuation is doing. She is making sure you always catch her at her best and that’s why she’s adjusting herself and preening all the time.

Of course, let’s not forget that she’s also doing it because she is nervous as hell. It’s an efficient way to keep her hands busy (so you don’t see them shaking and her palms sweating).

Tilting her head

If we listen to science, we’ll say that a head tilt is a submissive body language signal. It’s what animals do when they expose their neck and throat and surrender to the enemy, which is another animal

But when we humans are concerned, it’s one of the female body language signs of attraction.

It’s the movement a woman performs when she is listening to you carefully, when she is sympathetic to your problems and issues, and when she’s interested in what you have to say.

This signal alone is not enough to conclude a girl is into you. Maybe she is just being nice and polite and really does want to hear what you have to say.

Nevertheless, if she displays it together with some (or most) of the other hints from this list- the case is closed.

Open body posture

Open body posture means that the vulnerable part of your body- the trunk is exposed to another person. In flirting, this usually refers to the woman’s torso because it’s nothing unusual for her to have her legs crossed.

Arms crossed at the chest is a fighting pose and it means the person is not ready to open up.

On the other hand, if your girl has an open body posture, you’re one step closer to ending up in her arms.

Personality change

Not every girl will admit this but in most cases, their personality drastically changes the moment their crush enters the room. Of course, I’m not saying that she’ll suddenly change her attitudes and moral values just to become more likable to you.

I’m just talking about the way her posture, tone of voice, and non-verbal language changes whenever you’re around. Suddenly, she becomes more girly in order to reveal her feminine side.

Some women become louder (sometimes, even without being aware) to draw your attention. On the other hand, some become quieter because they want to leave an impression of girls with good manners.

At the end of the day, the point is the same: whenever you’re around, she becomes a whole different person.

But you can’t know this for sure, can you? You have no way of knowing how she acted while you weren’t around.

Well, in that case, follow her friends’ reactions. If they ask her what happened out of the blue or start accusing her of not being herself- that’s your proof.

Non-verbal signs of jealousy

So this girl isn’t your actual girlfriend. Therefore, theoretically, she has no right to be jealous. You’re a single man and can do whatever the hell you want.

But in practice, things don’t work that simple. It’s not like she can order herself not to be jealous just because she doesn’t have a label.

When you like someone, you want them for yourself only. And you’re jealous of everyone near them, whether you have the right to feel that way or not.

Nevertheless, you can’t hide body language cues of jealousy.

Whenever you mention another woman in this girl’s presence, she makes that face. Yes, the one with the sad eyes, looking at you like a little puppy whose ships have sailed.

If you happen to dare to introduce her to a girl you’re dating or she knows you are in some kind of a relationship with, you’ll understand the real meaning of the phrase “If looks could kill”.

She probably won’t have a real jealous outburst but she could storm out of the room or make nasty comments about the third girl.

Following your reaction

She won’t be only laughing at your jokes (even when they’re awful), she’ll also do her best to show you that she also has an outstanding sense of humor (she probably doesn’t but don’t tell her that).

Let’s picture it: you two are with a bunch of friends. She tells a joke. It doesn’t matter what kind of a joke it is or whether it’s really funny or not.

Everybody can die laughing but she doesn’t care. She is not interested in making a good impression on them.

She is only observing your reaction. She is not being too obvious about it but if you pay attention, you’ll see that what I’m telling is true.

If you don’t laugh as much as she hoped you would, you can literally see the sadness in her eyes. On the other hand, if you burst out of laughter, suddenly, she’s the happiest girl in the world (even if everyone else gave her a cold shoulder.)

Not only that: she also memorized the type of humor you prefer so that’s the only kind she is into as well now.

This girl wants to make you happy- at least, for a while. She loves it when you’re laughing, especially when she knows she’s the one who caused it.

She wants you to connect that feeling of joy with her. She wants to be the source of your positive energy and joy.

Eyebrow flash

This might be one of the strongest nonverbal cues of a girl who is into you.

A signature move for all infatuated women is a seductive look over her shoulder, exposing the other side of her neck.

Bare skin shows vulnerability—she is showing she is a delicate flower that needs to be nurtured.

If she wears glasses, she’ll just give you the look over them- you know what kind of a look I’m talking about. Or if she has a drink in front of her, she’ll look at you while taking a sip or while putting a straw in her mouth.

She is seducing you with her look. Believe me, no one does it better. They just have those things in them.

Smiling a lot

We’re all happy when in the presence of the people we’re attracted to, especially if we’re falling in love. I’m sure you’ve heard of oxytocin, frequently called the love hormone.

Well, simply said, it’s the neurotransmitter that makes us happy. The point is that it is, among other times, released when we fall in love.

There you have it: the answer to why this girl has a huge smile on her face whenever she sees you- she most likely has feelings for you.

A true and honest smile is the best thing that you can see. Seeing someone genuinely happy to be in your company.

That is most surely one of the strongest body language signs she likes you.

But be careful, don’t misinterpret her smiling at you—maybe she is a person who smiles a lot.

Check if she’s smiling to others as often as she is to you. If she’s not, you got it in the bag!

Deep breaths

Here is another good sign this girl is nervous as hell whenever you’re around: taking deep breaths. You know how they say: “You take my breath away“.

Well, with you and her, this is much more than a phrase- it’s what you literally do. She gets so excited when she sees you or talks to you that she forgets how to breathe.

That’s why she has to take so many deep breaths- to restore the level of oxygen in her system.

It’s a well-known fact that deep breaths have a good impact on you. They lower your blood pressure, slow down your racing heartbeat and consequently, remove the stress out of the equation.

So, if you notice your girl doing this, don’t comment on anything because you’ll only make her even more anxious. Ignore it and let her go back on the track.


What bigger sign of nervousness do you need besides fidgeting? Isn’t it obvious that this girl’s entire body is trembling in your presence?

Her hands shake, her feet shake- a common coping mechanism for stress. But don’t worry- you’re not a bad kind of stress for her.

Facing you

The same way this girl’s feet are pointed towards you, so is her face. Well, that is, if she is not too shy to keep looking.

When you have yourself a more confident girl, she’ll be looking you directly in the eyes (or occasionally glance over your mouth) and she’ll always face you.

Even if you two are not sitting next to one another, she’ll face you across the room. It’s just that she wants to see what you’re doing and who you’re looking at.

Hand gestures

Hand gestures are an important part of our non-verbal signs of attraction and communication in general. One of the body language signs she likes you is her hands on her hips. It’s a flirtatious move most girls use to emphasize their curves.

Also, let’s not forget that her hands will be all over you most of the time- we already talked about pricking pieces of lint and physical contact.

The bottom line is that you’ll almost always see her hands- that’s the hint you should pay attention to. She won’t hide them under the table or under her armpits.

How Do You Know If A Girl Likes You Secretly?

If a girl is into you but is hiding her true feelings, she’ll display most of the body signs she likes you, such as being close to you, looking you directly in the eyes and lips, smiling at you all the time, laughing at your jokes… She’ll also be your number one social media fan but the moment you see her in person, she’ll get all nervous around you.

This is a tricky situation, I must confess. On one side, you have all the signs right in front of you but on the other, you can’t be sure about her reasons to keep her feelings a secret and you certainly can’t force her into tearing down her walls.

In that case, I’ll give you some relationship advice. Make a move on her but don’t be too pushy- just so she knows you like her as well.

If she turns you down, wait until she’s ready (if that’s something you’re willing to do). If she goes for it, live happily ever after and thank me later!

To Wrap Up:

Here you are guys—thirty proven body language signs she likes you. Check how many you have gotten from the list and make a move—it will be worth it!

But before you proceed, here is a little disclaimer: pay attention to her behavior and always double-check all the signs.

Some women are simply natural flirts and their behavior has nothing to do with her liking you.